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Signs of the Times #1562
Creamy Pink Snow Covers Russian Region [Mar 13] 'Creamy pink snow has covered the northern regions of Russia's Maritime territory, news agencies reported Monday. Experts at the local meteorology centre said sand from neighboring Mongolia was to blame for this unusual natural phenomenon. February's yellow snowfall with a strong odor and an oily texture was observed on Russia's Far East island of Sakhalin. The color, odor and texture of the snow may have been a result of environmental pollution caused by the island's oil and natural gas industry. However, experts do not rule out this could be caused by volcanic activity.' [and from another] Storm Drops Hail, Snow - and Mud [Mar 13] 'The Midlands got more than just rain and snow from the skies Sunday. Some also saw falling mud. Soil from Texas, Oklahoma or the desert Southwest was scooped up by a large storm system and dropped in raindrops on eastern Nebraska. If you notice dried reddish-brown drops on your windshield this morning, you can guess that the dirt came from Oklahoma.' [Note: red dust from the tail of Planet X will be increasing as the tail turns toward us.]
Signs of the Times #1561
I just read this article It's about forecast of scientist for future sun storms. But just look at the picture! [and from another] Every 11 years the sun undergoes a period of activity called the "solar maximum", followed by a period of quiet called the "solar minimum". During the solar maximum there are many sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections, all of which can affect communications and weather here on Earth. The most recent (and ongoing) Solar Max crested in mid-2000. [and from another] Do the math! 11 years added to 2000 is 2011, NOT 2012. So why is NASA trying to bring in 2012, the famous Mayan Calendar date for the End Times? And why did a Russian website show an obvious Planet X next to the Sun as an adjunct to this article? And in particular, why is NASA trying to say the solar max could come as soon as late 2006, 5 years early! Because Planet X is expected to become more visible! As the Zetas said, blaming the Sun will be one of the excuses used. [and from another] So where does that leave the lying establishment, when the dragon's claws start to reach down to Earth and rip aside the cover-up? If the adage that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is true, then the fury of the common man when they realize they have been lied to about what it coming will be without bounds. The dragon's claws will claw more than the Earth, her lands and peoples. It will rip to shred those in the establishment who have participated in the cover-up, leaving them with no where to run, and no resources to hide behind. Those in NASA who are cooking up absurd explanations will be fair game when the dragon's claw starts to tear aside the falsehood and reveal the truth. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Dragon's Claw.]
Signs of the Times #1560 Huge Solar Storms Could Zap Earth, Scientists Warn. Next Sunspot Cycle May Disrupt Power, Communications. [Mar 7] 'An 11-year epoch of increasingly severe solar storms that could fry power grids, disrupt cell-phone calls, knock satellites back to Earth, endanger astronauts in space, and force commercial airliners to change their routes to protect their radio communications and to avoid deadly solar radiation could begin as soon as this fall. When the solar cycle reaches its peak in 2012, it will hurl at Earth mammoth solar storms with intense radiation and clouds of high-speed subatomic particles millions of miles across. There is disagreement on exactly when the new cycle will begin -- one key researcher predicted the cycle will start in late 2007 or early 2008, and another said it could begin either late this year or in early 2007. But they did agree that the most severe storms won't begin popping on the solar surface for several years, but when they do, they'll be huge. Solar storms can happen at any time during an 11-year solar cycle. However, by far the worst storms are likeliest to occur during the period known as "solar maximum," or solar max for short. The last solar max was in 2001.' [Note: solar max 5 years early, when 2 years seems to be the norm? Something is funky about this NASA article!]
Signs of the Times #1559
These photos were taken in Fort Lauderdale, FL on March 4, 2006. She used a Kodak digital camera CX7530 5.0MP. [and from another] Using always my digital cam REVIA KD-220Z in Italy on March 7, 2006. The corpus seems smaller than the previous image and on the left side of the Sun. [and from another] I wonder if these are moon swirls in the tail? [and from another] When far away from the Earth, the tail appears as an adjunct to the corpus, wafting off to one side or surrounding and somewhat behind the corpus. But as Planet X comes closer to the Earth, and the tail is blown more toward Earth than away, the view of the tail from Earth changes. The tail, as we have mentioned many times, is charged, and this is the reason it clings to and follows Planet X, which is an immense planetary magnet. The tail blows away from the N Pole of Planet X, which is the outbound port of the magnetic particle flow that is the magnetic field of a planet. But being charged, due to the iron oxide dust that is the primary component of the tail, it wants to stay aligned with the magnetic field of Planet X. Thus, the tail wraps around toward the S Pole of Planet X, along the magnetic field lines surrounding Planet X. In the past, when Planet X was at a distance, it and the tail could be seen on this or that side of the Sun. But when Planet X is coming close, as it is now, and standing between the Earth and the Sun, as it is now, with the tail flowing along the magnetic field lines of Planet X, it can appear on both sides of the Sun. Does this mean that mankind will shortly have more of the tail effects, here on Earth? The Earth cannot escape this, and folklore speaks to this, but just what the timing of these assaults will be, we will not say, as the establishment is still not sharing what they know about this monster and its certain passage with the common man. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Tail Wafting.]
Signs of the Times #1558
Argentina: Policeman Inexplicably Vanishes for 20 Hours [Mar 4] EL DIARIO: An officer of the cattle-theft division "vanished" for nearly twenty hours. Found in a fetal position: Officer Pucheta escaped Thursday night after having come across "two small, red-eyed creatures that chased him and gave him telepathic commands." He was found yesterday afternoon some 20 kilometers away from the site in a fetal position. On Thursday night the young officer, having some five years' experience with the force, was driving a Honda 125cc motorcycle along the rural roads of Dorila. Amid this activity, Pucheta "requested backup over his cell phone" at 21:20 hours from a site near the La Barrancosa ranch. When a squad car arrived from General Pico, police only found Pucheta's motorcycle and some of his belongings, including his firearm (broken in three parts), his helmet, a "handy" and the cell phone with which he had previously requested assistance. It was reported that Pucheta had experienced a UFO episode near La Barrancosa, and that he had in recent weeks been involved with the recording of "strange lights" in the company of others. Pucheta's trail reached some 2700 meters away from the site where the episode occurred and the young man has no idea how he arrived at the location where he was rescued. (translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero,Planeta UFO) [and from another source] Each level of acceptance, within a culture or country, or worldwide, allows another level of exposure in the general populace to ensue. Where are first sightings were deniable, passing quickly and seen by few and most often a single individual, this moved in late 1997 into a phase where sightings are seen by many, are vivid and undeniable, and even recorded on video or film. Still, they are being under reported by the media, and denied by many in authority. Those in authority that realize the inevitable are seeking ways to give in gracefully, while those who are rigid in resisting what they deem a takeover by outsiders are still shrill and becoming increasingly ridiculous in their denials. The next stage will be glimpses of alien bodies, fleeting at first, and then increasingly solid views. Watch for cries of "demon" from the religious elite, and "insanity" from those clinging to the status quo. [Note: from Next Phase, written Feb 15, 1998.]
Signs of the Times #1557
Taken with a digital cam REVIO KD-220Z today Feb 26 at about 11.30 am in Italy. [Note: once again, Planet X with dust cloud found to the right of the Sun, as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere. The leading edge of the closely shrouding dust cloud can be seem within the broader dust cloud trailing. Not a sundog as the Sun halo is seem far right. The vertical line is a common light overload effect in Sun shots.]
Signs of the Times #1556
Iran-USA, Beginning of a Major World Crisis [Feb 25] 'An Alarm based on 2 verifiable events. On the one hand there is the Iranian decision of opening the first oil bourse priced in Euros on March 20th, 2006 in Teheran, available to all oil producers of the region. On the other hand, there is the decision of the American Federal Reserve to stop publishing M3 figures (the most reliable indicator on the amount of dollars circulating in the world) from March 23, 2006 onward. Iran's opening of an Oil Bourse priced in Euros at the end of March 2006 will be the end of the monopoly of the Dollar on the global oil market. The immediate result is likely to upset the international currency market as producing countries will be able to charge their production in Euros also. A strong fall of the Dollar would probably result in a massive sale of the US Treasury Bonds held in Asia, in Europe and in the oil-producing countries. For some months already, M3 has significantly increased, indicating that money printing has already speeded up in Washington, knowing that the new President of the US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, is a self-acknowledged fan of money printing.' [and from another source] The only way for the US to incite war with Iran is for the chaos in Iraq to spill over the borders. This would include the border with Saudi Arabia, who would require US forces to defend their oil reserves, so the story would go, and thus an occupation there would result. Will this play out as Bush hopes, forcing the US Military to support an increased presence in the Middle East, an increased scope in the operation? This would be placed in the context of a need to have a victory, to stay the course. Should this meet opposition, America's dependence on oil from the region would be emphasized. Will these desperate measures go as planned? [Note: new ZetaTalk: Iraq Civil War.]
Signs of the Times #1555
Gates of Hell are Open [Feb 25] 'When the giant dome of the Golden Mosque in Samarra, the holiest Shia shrine in the country, fell, the inter-Islamic battles in Iraq reached a new nadir. When the dictator Saddam strode the land, the Sunni minority walked with him, enjoying power and spoils that far outweighed their numbers. Iraq's new constitution provides for a federal system to rule over three distinct ethnic minorities that would prefer not to co-exist. Partitioning would confine the Shias to their homelands in the south and the Kurds to the north. Neither group would have cause to complain because they would then be sitting atop the vast subterranean oil reserves at either end of the country. An entrenched civil war is precisely what US military planners wanted to avoid. If, as expected, ethnic cleansing takes further hold, it will be very difficult for the 160,000 troops to stick to the mooted wind-back later this year. Capitol Hill legislators face elections in November and some have already publicly said a protracted campaign is an increasingly difficult sell to voters.' [and from another source] Saudi oil facility evades attack [Feb 25] 'Suicide bombers tried to blow up the world's largest oil-processing plant in Saudi Arabia on Friday. A Saudi statement said the attack caused only a minor fire, which was immediately extinguished and didn't disrupt oil or gas production. But the assault on the Abqaiq compound near the Persian Gulf, through which two-thirds of Saudi oil exports pass, was the first on a significant Saudi oil facility. Oil experts warned that other attacks are likely.'
Signs of the Times #1554
Building structure collapses in Manila [Feb 23] 'The metal foundations of a building under construction in Manila collapsed following ground movement along Adriatico Street in Manila. The gap created by the shifting of the street virtually swallowed two parked vehicles by the roadside. No one was hurt as the vehicles were left parked without passengers. Initial reports said the metal beams supporting the Adriatico Towers near Robinson's Place Manila gave way after a tremor shook the area. The gap created a six-foot road slip that sank the vehicles. Police were immediately dispatched to the area to prevent onlookers from straying into the road gap, which has been continued to sink from ground level.' [Note: Philippines have been very wobbly for the past couple months, a stress point, adjusting.]