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Signs of the Times #751
Indiana: An extremely HIGH arc of the Sun was noted, a 9:30 AM position by 7:30 AM due to the TILT. Wisconsin: Sun too HIGH in the sky by an average of 12-13°. This was observed at sunset also, definitely too HIGH in the sky by an average of 8-10°. Venus or the bright planet seen just after sundown was WNW, but should have been directly West, too far NORTH by about 22°. These are all indications of a TILT of the N Pole toward the Sun. Australia: A TILT so that the Sun is too far NORTH was noted in Australia. Missouri found a move to the NORTH happened suddently, just after the Mar 26 Sweep. Italy: Here the HIGH arc of the Sun has been charted, with the HIGHEST point noted. It is not at high noon! [Note: Continuing Reports on the Earth tilt and lean and the Italian Transit point]
Signs of the Times #750
Prophet Mohammad has mentioned Planet X and called it the Planet with the big tail. He also stated that it's appearance will be shortly prior to the appearance of the king of jews. [and from another source] Warnings from Islam's 'messianic whirlpool' [Mar 29] ‘Predictions about world events pointing to "The coming of the Mahdi" – a messianic figure Muslims expect to come and lead them in victory against the infidels in the last days. The Hadith, a collection of Islamic holy writings that supplement the Quran, predicts the messianic figure will arise in the last days of history. This "Mahdi," along with the "Prophet Jesus," will lead the believers to victory over the infidels. The Mahdi is supposed to come, according to Islamic clerics, just before the advent of the day of judgment – when believers are severely oppressed in every corner of the world.’
Signs of the Times #749
Remnants of fireball may have landed in province [Mar 28] ‘A brilliant fireball streaked across the central Saskatchewan sky Sunday night around 8:30 PM, providing a colourful spectacle and rattling windows and walls with its pressure wave. There are witness reports as far south as North Dakota and north as La Ronge, as east as Winnipeg and west to Edmonton. The smell, akin to sulfur, is actually the smell of ozone. As the meteor reached the lower atmosphere, it ionized the oxygen, which created ozone at a low-lying level. But it will stay in the memory of Ronalda and Ben Kleinsasser, who farm near Kerrobert. "I was watching TV when I saw this ball of fire dropping out of the sky with a tail of flames," said Ben, who described the rock as larger than a half-ton truck.’
Signs of the Times #748
Strong windstorm hits Inner Mongolia [Mar 28] ‘An unusual strong sandstorm began sweeping Inner Mongolia Saturday afternoon. "When the wind came Saturday noon, the sky turned from blue into red and then black in the afternoon, said a local resident. ‘ [and from another source] With the last Sweeping Arm of the Sun impact on Mar 26, red dust from the tail of Planet X was noted on the increase in photos from New York, Louisiana, and Australia.
Signs of the Times #747
Something at this exact moment [Mar 28] is to the left of the Sun, another sphere-like object. I noticed how bright the Sun was but as I glanced up and I saw 2 spheres, and I covered the Sun up with my finger and there was still something peeking to the left of my finger, an illuminated sphere. I do see it, and its clearly visible here in Pittsburgh, PA. [and from another source] This afternoon, at sunset, I tried to look to see if I can spot any anomalies. I did not see anything, but what freaked me out a bit was that the light was red. The setting sun shines through our bathroom window into the livingroom, onto the wall. A white wall. Usually the lightpatch on the wall is bright yellow. Today it was dark pink turning red. [and from another source] Get a #10 welders lens from Home Depot or Lowes, and throw on 1 or 2 pairs of sunglasses and then look at the sun. You will definitely see even better what you already see. I went out at 3:00 PM today [Mar 28] and saw it too. [and from another source] I tried the #10 welders lens and two sunglasses way of viewing the Sun and was able to use it today. I saw a disc in front of the Sun. It is there, and I´ve been so amazed I´ve been looking at the Sun all day.
Signs of the Times #746
Civil twilight and sunrise occurs at Mt Wilson observatory in LA at least 30 minutes before "standard" for more than a year now. I document that fact with US Navy Sun & Moon data for Pasadena for Monday Mar 29 shows civil twilight to start at 5:18 AM and sunrise at 5:43 AM. Note how light it is at 5:11 AM. This "situation" is called Stray Light. [Note: this light is noted before sunrise and after sunset and lighting the Moon at angles not from the Sun. This is light from Planet X and light scattered through its tail components.]
Signs of the Times #745
Beijing [Mar 29] ‘China Daily said dust storm complicating relief efforts after an earthquake last week in Inner Mongolia. Thus far, 80 per cent of the 1,500 tents put up after the earthquake have been destroyed, leaving some 10,000 earthquake victims in the open air waiting once again for help. An earthquake registering 5.9 on the Richter scale rocked the north on Wednesday, but no immediate casualties were reported.’ [and from another source] 2004/03/24 01:54:03.9 Mag 4.6 MONGOLIA, 2004/03/24 01:54:00.5 Mag 5.7 MONGOLIA [Note: 10,000 quake victims living in tents would put this quake at greater than a 5.9, or the 5.7 the USGS is willing to admit to.]