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Signs of the Times #849
I purchased a #10 welders glass as suggested in the Zeta site postings for searching for Planet X myself. On two separate days, now respectively five and four days ago I believe that I saw the incoming planet through my lens with the naked eye. I had to tilt the lens on an angle to take away the fuzzy glare surrounding the sun to where there only remained a perfect view of the sun through the tilted welders lens. This sighting was being made from northern Canada, central Yukon Territory, close to Alaska. On the first day [May 15] it was just off mid center to the right and slighted above the mid center in the evening (6:30 PM Pacific time). The second day [May 16] (in late morning, 11:00ish, afternoon and evening) the black dot was again right of mid center but this time it was below the mid center location. Three days ago [May 17] I tried again to see the black dot, to see where it was. I do think that I was able to make it out down at the extreme lower right. 14 plus million miles away from earth would probably make Planet X appear to be the size of the heavy pencil dot mark as I have described.
Signs of the Times #848
Revealed: London's plans for the 'very worst' [May 14] ‘The Government today issued orders to councils across London on how to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people in the event of a Doomsday strike by terrorists. The contingency plans cater for a mass exodus of people from whichever area of the capital is targeted. Local councils will use transport including trains and buses to get people away from threatened areas. And they have been instructed to post officials at stations to shepherd fleeing Londoners to the designated shelters. In the event of a large scale attack the Army would inevitably be called in to quell mass panic among those heading for the shelters. Other plans for a mass evacuation of London are believed to include moving the seat of Government to a secure nuclear bunker in the countryside. Sites for temporary mortuaries are also being identified. It is not thought there will be any mass leafleting of the public in the event of an attack. Instead, authorities would rely on radio and television broadcasts to keep the public informed of any danger as it arose. Ministers are keen that such broadcasts do not "over-dramatise" the scale of the crisis thereby contributing to mass hysteria.’
Signs of the Times #847
Underwater Volcano Discovered off Antarctica [May 21] ‘A previously unknown underwater volcano has been discovered off the coast of Antarctica, the National Science Foundation said Thursday. Domack said the volcano stands 2,300 feet above the seafloor and extends to within roughly 900 feet of the ocean surface. The volcano is in an area known as Antarctic Sound, at the northernmost tip of Antarctica. There is no previous scientific record of active volcanoes in the region where the new peak was discovered. The volcano is located on the continental shelf, in the vicinity of a deep trough carved out by glaciers passing across the seafloor.’
Signs of the Times #846
Climate Change Rises on Global Agenda [May 23] ‘The rising sea is eating at the shores of low-slung Funafuti, a spit of coral and coconut palms in the remote Pacific. Unseen fingers of ocean even reach beneath the sands, surfacing inland in startling places, among nervous islanders. Far to the north in the Marshall Islands, 1,250 miles away, trees are toppling before aquamarine waves.’ [and from another source] Scientists say Chicago sinking a millimeter a year [May 20] ‘Shifting land caused by the melting of Canadian glaciers causes Chicago to sink at the rate of about a millimeter a year, a Northwestern University study has found. The shift also causes water in the Great Lakes to slosh from the upper Great Lakes into their lower reaches. All of Canada's going up, the US is going down.’ [Note: the trend is correct, the reason ascribed incorrect.]
Signs of the Times #845
Hurricane season predicted to be above average ‘As many as four major hurricanes and 15 tropical storms could rise out of the Atlantic Ocean in 2004 to threaten the United States, the Caribbean and Central American nations, according to the annual forecast issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1, and continues through Nov. 30. In the central Pacific, forecasters are predicting four to five tropical cyclones, which is typical for that area. The central Pacific hurricane season also runs from June 1 to Nov. 30.’ [and from another source] I raise horses near the Mexican border area. Last spring I bred four mares all to the same stallion, and all within a month of one another. All mares are under 5 years, and in excellent health. The mares and stud are kept in totally different areas so no mistakes happened, firm breeding dates! But something very strange happened early this year. All the foals stopped growing, are still alive inside the mares, and are now [May 18] nearly two months late. The vet said they are all fine, mares and foals, just months behind! [Note: natures way of keeping the young safe during uncertain times, perhaps.]
Signs of the Times #844
I have been following the Earth view from the sun via satellite and the current latitude as of 11:15 PM Pacific time is 20° 16' north. At the current rate the sun will be at the Tropic of Cancer (23° 50') around June 1st - three weeks ahead of time. It will be really hard to hide the fact that the sun is beyond the tropic. I'm afraid that if the government spots this they may tamper or shut down access to the satellites. [and from another source] The Earth view from the sun via satellite shows by Snowcover what the maps show, that Siberia, equivalent to northern Canada and Norway in latitude, is too warm, the cold offset around the N Pole. [and from another source] The summer came way too early this year, but the last days it suddenly turned to cold winter with up to 30 centimeters of snow in western Norway. Local farmers says that it has never been snow this late and the snow has already done severe damage on the crops.