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Signs of the Times #730
Dam burst destroys MS homes [Mar 18] ‘The Big Bay Lake Dam broke Friday afternoon, sending a devastating 8-foot wall of water through several communities in Lamar and Marion counties. According to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), Big Bay Lake drained its 3.5 billion gallons of water in three hours. MEMA's Stokes said this type of disaster, a dam bursting and flooding many communities, is the first of its kind in Mississippi.’ [Note: no cause mentioned.]
Signs of the Times #729
The 10th Planet [Mar 16] ‘Why do the Planets in the Solar System have ellipsoide orbits? Breaking news coclusions by Vladimir Phadeev (Fadeev) & Grigory Pavlov: Either the Sun has its own rotary orbit, or... the Solar System is visited periodically by a giant body that has influence on the 9 Planets. Phadeev & Pavlov worked for a long time in the military sector, in practical investigations (astrophysics, quantic mechanics, thermodynamics), having access to a good deal of updated astronomical data. It occured to them that the Solar System can be looked at as an autonomous mechanical circuit. The resulting conclusions are striking. The planetary orbits indicate by themselves that either the Sun has its own orbit (which hasn't been demonstrated yet), or periodically another, the 10th Planet, a giant, comes here to influence the others.’ [Note: the real reason for the hoopla surrounding Sedna. The Russians
are about to break the coverup and NASA and the IAU are being forced to go along!]
Signs of the Times #728
Interview Brian Masden of IAU re Sedna [Mar 16] ‘Scientists can't figure out how Sedna, which is about three-fourths as big as Pluto, came to have such a strange orbit around the Sun. Brian Marsden suggests another sort of Earth might have had something to do with putting Sedna on its current, odd course. Marsden heads the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Mass., where newfound solar system bodies are catalogued. "Perhaps there's more than one planet out there," Marsden said. "Who knows? But let's suppose it is something of an Earth mass, maybe even a few Earth masses. A close approach could throw this object [Sedna] from something more circular into something more eccentric." His team's calculations put it at about 70 AU. [Note: an object out past Pluto was violently debunked by NASA for over two decades, after the 1983 discovery, and now it is all possible again? What has changed? Their need to save face?]
Signs of the Times #727
Interview Brian Masden of IAU re Sedna [Mar 16] There is one unexplored region of space left, amounting to about 20 percent of the sky, that hasn't been searched for an Earth-sized object that would be orbiting at 70 AU and presumably in the main plane of the solar system. If Marsden's idea is on track, and there is an Earth-sized planet several hundred AU away, it would easily have escaped detection by current surveys. [Note: it has been claimed by debunkers during the sci.astro debates that all the sky had been surveyed and catalogued. Now this is suddenly not so?]
Signs of the Times #726
Four days ago the orbit period was at 10,500 years and this was with 4 months of observation, today [Mar 20] it is at 12,795 years. That´s because of continued observations. The more observations that are taken, the more refined the orbital elements become. But if the orbit period using current mechanics (assuming they are correct) has changed from 10,500 years to 12,795 years then Sedna must be slowing which is contradicting considering it is at its perapsis where it should be speeding up not slowing. [Note: the need to have an Ice Age connection during the Sedna announcements is no longer present.]
Signs of the Times #725
‘The U.S. Labor Department´s March 5 report on unemployment in February, though shocking in its major announcement of the complete lack of job creation in the economy, was much worse for its small print. Nearly 3 million Americans have dropped out of the labor force since March 2001, and almost 400,000 abandoned the labor force in February 2004 alone—in addition to the 8.2 million unemployed and 5 million forced to work only part-time—making real unemployment well over 10%. ... The February report also revealed that the average American employee´s wage had grown only 1.6% in a year, while his or her household´s average debt had grown by 10.4%, and home prices were inflating at a 15% annual rate. ...Then on March 10 came the worst-ever trade deficit report from the U.S. Commerce Department’
Signs of the Times #724
Voting Paper Trail Advocate Dies In ´Tragic Accident´ [Mar 20] ‘Gibbs, an accountant for more than 30 years and the inventor of the TruVote system, died when his vehicle collided with an 18-wheeled truck which rolled his Chevy Blazer several times and forced it over the highway retaining wall where it came to rest on its roof. "I´ve been an accountant, an auditor, for more than 30 years. Electronic voting machines that don´t supply a paper trail go against every principle of accounting and auditing that´s being taught in American business schools," Gibbs insisted. "Diebold and ES&S are all Republicans.” [Note: if the death of democracy did not happen in Florida in the 2000 presidential elections, Diebold will finish the job.]
Signs of the Times #723
How the Earth became a Snowball [Mar 18] ‘How these brutally protracted Ice Ages unfolded had always been a puzzle. ... Some scientists speculate that the Sun abruptly cooled for a while or that the Earth tilted on its axis or experienced an orbital blip that dramatically reduced solar warmth. ... Tectonic changes could have triggered a progressive transition from a greenhouse to an icehouse climate during the neo-Proterozoic Era, the authors said.’ [Note: precursors to the pole shift include Orbit halt, Earth tilt, and during the pole shift will include crust shift with massive quakes, all mentioned as reasons for the Ice Ages of the past.]
Signs of the Times #722
Locusts swarm across Australia [Mar 18] ‘A plague of locusts that has devastated crops in the Australian outback has begun migrating south. Heavy rains that ended a long drought in north-eastern Australia has provided ideal breeding conditions for the bugs. More than 200,000 hectares (494,000 acres) have been sprayed in a bid to contain the plague. But the heavy rainfalls that ended the drought last month rendered the insecticides virtually useless. In a few days, we will see locusts that will just black the sun out. There won't be a green thing, they'll even eat the clothes off the washing line.’
Signs of the Times #721
Blasts Shake Fla. Gas Distribution Plant [Mar 17] ‘A series of explosions shook a gas distribution plant in suburban Miami on Wednesday, sending plumes of smoke into the air and forcing evacuations in the surrounding area as fire threatened scores of gas storage tanks. Fire officials said they did not know what caused the explosions.’ [and from another source] Suspected Russia Gas Blast Kills [Mar 16] ‘A suspected gas blast flattened part of a large apartment block in northern Russia early on Tuesday, killing at least 21 people, including two children, and trapping about 20 more beneath the rubble. Officials said the blast was almost certainly caused by a gas leak, common in the decrepit, crumbling apartment blocks that house millions of Russians. A gas explosion last month in a Siberian cafe killed 18 and Sunday the historic Manege building, next to the Moscow Kremlin, burned down after a suspected electrical fault.’
Signs of the Times #720
There are continued alerts and warnings coming from the National Weather Service for the southern delta region. For many days they have been warnings of rising waters along the Missisippi. Indicating that on a specific date of March 24,25 all access roads will be inundated and that the evacuation of all river islands Must be complete. Why are they so concerned about these dates? And why have they been issuing these warnings for better then a week now? This doesn't sound like the typical river flood warning as a result of the northern spring thaw, or runoff from heavy rains. [Note: the next major Sweeping Arm of the Sun is anticipated to strike on this date.]
Signs of the Times #719
Sinking islands battle for climate aid cash [Dec 14] ‘A group of 40 small islands, many in the Pacific and under imminent threat of disappearing beneath the waves, last night blocked attempts by big nations to delay climate talks for 18 months. Enele Soponga, chairman of the small islands´ alliance and ambassador to the UN of Tuvalu, said his country and its 12,000 people would be the first to go under. The main island had been inundated three times this year. Vegetable plots had been washed away and there was no drinking water. Some families had moved to New Zealand, but older people wanted to stay.’ [and from another source] Islands do not sink. The water rises. The poles are melting, Argentina just two days ago lost the largest glacier it had to melt. It broke up and melted. Poles and glaciers melt, the sea level rises, and the island does not sink.
Signs of the Times #718
In Independent measurements over several days [Mar 13-15], from Texas and Wisconsin, of the Sun at rising, noon, and late afternoon, it was found consistently that the Sun rose too far North, assumed a high arc in the sky, cut over to the West too quickly at mid-day and set to far South. This is indicative of a tilt in toward the Sun and a lean to the East. [and from another source] In a recent Description of the planets as viewed by someone just reporting what they see, not checking the expected positions of the planets in a planetarium program such as SkyMap, the planets are out of place. Venus is found in the NW when it should be in the West, Jupiter found overhead when it should be toward the East, Saturn found South when it should be in the West, and Mars is missing. This is because Mars has moved along rapidly in its orbit, while Earth stalled, and Mars thus rises too late, as it did for the Conjunction on Feb 25.
Signs of the Times #717
So far this month, all the moon phases have been at least three day ahead of their posted days on my calender. I saw the moon 4:00 AM this morning [Mar 14] and it was just a sliver. It’s not supposed to be a new moon until the 20th. [Note: per SkyMap, the Moon from is indeed supposed to be a half moon on the 14th and a sliver on the 20th.] Thus it was in anticipation of a literal day difference between viewing Full Moons, with the Full Moon seeming to arrive that much early, that the chart data was pre-set. ZetaTalk: Trend Data [and from another source] Today in El Paso, I noted a 5° West drift of magnetic N from my old mark. Also, I noticed that when magnetic N/S sun shadow N is 0/360 the S is at 175°. At 13:15 the Azi and Mag S were 165° and N at 340°. I am unable to explain the variation over 75 minutes. [Note: this matches the short bow of a magnet noted by Italy on February 16 in Italy, the Earth’s core as a magnet literally being bent toward Planet X.]