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Signs of the Times #710
On Feb 6-7, the anticipated Sweeping Arm of the Sun came early, with Dark Side quakes. On Feb 8, a sharp Face Side quake occurred. On Feb 19, live seismos went down for 5 days, the activity on Feb 24 showing why! On Mar 10, the next Sweeping Arm with the Earth orbit halted shows a pattern of Face/Dark and 12 Hour Wobble continuing. [Note: a halted orbit bouncing back and forth between Planet X impact and the sweeping arms has shown an approximate two week pattern for Global Quakes when bumping into Sweeping Arm. These occurred on Feb 8, + 16 days to Feb 24, + 15 days to Mar 10. Next anticipated thus, Mar 25/26.]
Signs of the Times #709
Just noticed the eight sweeping arms in the Southfield Circle contain four balls in each arm - thirty-two balls - thirty-two sweeps. Same number as in the perimeter of Hackpen Hill. [Note: on Mar 10, this observation was made for the Southfield Circle, the basis of the Sweeping Arms analysis. 8 arms * 4 balls = 32 sweeps. This is an additional confirmation for the Feb 24 observation, below, on the Hackpen Hill circle meaning.] Though not recognized at the time, the 32 balls around the outer circle, with an average of 11 balls for each span between Ying-Yang symbols, is Significant for a revesed orbit of Earth. The Sweeping Arms affect Earth 8 times as it moves forward in its orbit, but there are for this orbital period an additional 8 Earth has chased in front of, 16. In a reversed orbit, the Earth would encounter 32 sweeps, as it backs into these arms. Divide 365 days in the year by 32 sweeps and the average period is 11.3 days between sweeps. The disproportionate size of the balls in the outer circle would indicate not all sweeps are the same size or time span.
Signs of the Times #708
The Case Of The Missing Wyoming Earthquake [Mar 8] ‘The largest one at 5.3. It was being picked up by a Seismograph in South Dakota nearly every other day at the same general timeslot. [Mar 5] at nearly exactly the same time as the original quake at 19:03 UTC. 5.3 EQ had indeed been read by the USGS and the European site had actually linked to that very USGS report. 2004/02/06 19:03:33.3 43.5N 105.1W 264 mb5.3 A NEIA WYOMING There is now a great coverup underway to presume this did not happen. (The quake has since been deleted from the official European seismologicial site.) The 5.3M was not officially recorded in this country except as a “mine blast". That would have been stronger than the Hiroshima Nuclear bomb.’ [Note: regular stress on parts of the globe has been noted elsewhere, the Midway 12 Hour Wobble, for instance.]
Signs of the Times #707
NATO-Russia Council Theatre Missile Defence Command Post Exercise ‘Under the aegis of the NATO-Russia Council (NRC), the Theatre Missile Defence Ad Hoc Working Group will conduct the first joint NATO-Russia TMD Command Post Exercise from 8-12 March 2004 at the United States Joint National Integration Center (JNIC) (1) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Over sixty participants from ten NATO nations and the Russian Federation are expected to participate. Additional support and participation will be provided by the NATO Military Authorities (NMAs) and the tri-national (2) Extended Air Defence Task Force (EADTF). This is an important step in the practical cooperation between NATO and the Russian Federation as foreseen in the Rome Declaration of 2002.’ [and from another source] A disaster drill is now scheduled for Yellowstone County. It is scheduled to occur in two weeks, on Sunday March 21st. The drill will involve, besides Kraft´s department, police and fire departments from Billings and Laurel, the Lockwood Volunteer Fire Department, all three refineries, American Medical Response, the Yellowstone County Sheriff´s Office, Montana Highway Patrol, both hospitals, the Red Cross, the City-County Health Department, the FBI, the dispatch center, West and Laurel high schools and Rimrock Mall. [Note: apparently terrified of something anticipated around the Equinox, Mar 21.]
Signs of the Times #706
Did Ufo Bring Down Beagle? [Mar 8] ‘European scientists are examining an image of the Beagle 2 Mars lander, taken moments after it was spun off from its mother ship, that also shows an unidentified object. The mysterious blot on the photograph is being scrutinised as one of several potential reasons for the failure of the mission – Europe’s first attempt to land a probe on the Red Planet. The 143 pound probe gave no answering signal to scheduled attempts to contact it on Christmas Day and has remained stubbornly silent ever since.’ [Note: in that Dec 25 was the date of Earth’s orbit halting, at a Sweeping Arm point, this would seem to be a well timed reminder that escape from Earth will not be allowed.]
Signs of the Times #705
California Bakes in Record Heat [Mar 8] ‘Winter doesn't even give way to spring until March 20, but California baked in summerlike heat Monday as temperatures soared to record highs. [and from another source] I have lived outside of Tonasket WA for 12 years and have watched the Northern Lights every summer. Some times we see them as early as the last week of May. But that is a rare happening. Most of the time they are very weak and do not cover the entire northern horizon. Tonight [Mar 9] I stepped out on to our deck and was suprised to see a very large and bright Northern Light show going on. It is now 9:00 pm PST and the light have been going on for more than an hour. I think due to the tilt of the earth that this is why we are seeing them. We have already had May type weather. Tempatures in the Mid 60's and lows in the 40's. We should still have snow on the ground. [and from another source] NASA Warns of Coming Climate Change [Mar 8] ‘The idea that global warming could send North America and Western Europe into an ice age within a few decades can no longer be called a conspiracy theory by skeptics, now that NASA is taking it seriously. Some scientists believe this shift in ocean currents could come surprisingly soon—within as little as 20 years.’
Signs of the Times #704
We have mentioned that particle flows that humans are aware of are less than 1% of those we, the Zetas, are aware of, and our knowledge is limited. Jupiter, being gaseous, shows us what is going on in its core more readily, as the rotation and swirling within its core expresses on its surface, a type of sunspot or solar flare. Non-gaseous planets have a crust that stops such expression, so volcanic activity or earthquake uptick is the only symptom. Jupiter is just expressing a reaction to the presence in the inner solar system of Planet X, which by being near the Sun is disrupting a particle flow Jupiter is sensitive to, thus its swirling changes, and you are noticing this! [Note: Jupiter is indeed behind the Earth and Planet X at this time, so particle flow from the Sun would indeed be blocked! New ZetaTalk: Jupiter's Blue Ring.]
Signs of the Times #703
Since the Dec 25, 2003 time frame, when the rotating Earth halted in her orbit, deflecting any impact like a gymnast slamming onto the mat on his back but deflecting the impact by rolling forward to bounce to his feet, the Earth has been attempting to maintain a distance from Planet X. This distance, as we have mentioned, equates to the now famous ZetaTalk Triangle. For the Earth, this means a 23° angle from Planet X, which she maintains by pushing back in her orbit between sweeping arms of the Sun pushing her into the arms of her brute brother. For those who say the orbit of Earth has not stopped, we point to the many observations from astute humans not blind to what is going on around them. If Planet X were at a 23° angle from the Earth, and the N Pole gripped such that it is tilting toward the S Pole of Planet X, as we have maintained in Recent ZetaTalk, then the N Pole would be tilting and leaning at this 23°. Is it? [Note: per observations from Norway, Italy, Spokane, Wisconsin, Biloxi, and El Paso, this is the case for the location of the Ecliptic, the Sun, the Moon's orbit and the Moon's face! New ZetaTalk: 23° is the Key.]
Signs of the Times #702
Discovered unprecedented of a frog transfering to three heads [Mar 3] ‘Scientists wondered Friday about the discovery, according to them "without precedent", of a mutant frog with three heads and six legs in the garden of a crêche of the south-west of England, indicated the BBC on its Internet site.’ [and from another source] ‘Biologists are trying to determine what is causing the biggest elk die-off anyone in Wyoming can remember [Mar 4]. The elk started falling nearly a month ago and the death count has topped 280 over a 15-square-mile area in south-central Wyoming. But that figure is probably low because officials have stopped counting to focus on the cause. It has been a process of elimination, with no solid theories yet.’ [Note: an increase in deformed frogs was predicted by the Zetas some years ago, ZetaTalk: Deformed Frogs, and in ZetaTalk: Take Sick that annimals as well as humans would be beset by unusual illnesses.]
Signs of the Times #701
Biblical locust plague threatens Mideast Ahead of Passover, U.N. agency warns of potential devastation [Mar 2] ‘With the Passover celebration just weeks away, a locust plague of biblical proportions could threaten parts of the Middle East and Africa, according to a United Nations agency. An outbreak that potentially could darken the sky and consume everything in its path is "in progress on the Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia where swarms are forming," the Rome-based U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said. According to the book of Exodus, a locust outbreak was one of the 10 plagues inflicted on the Egyptians prior to Israel's flight from captivity, commemorated by Jews and many Christians in the Passover celebration.’
Signs of the Times #700
I just went out and bought a #10 welders lens. I put on the Ray-Bans and took a good, hard look [Mar 5]. Twice I saw a fairly well-defined, darker disc occulting the sun. It seemed to take up about 85-90% of the sun´s disc. So the nickle/dime analogy fit. [and from another source] When I tried to look around the sun, I saw a slightly brighter area at approximately 5 o´clock position to the Sun, and I suddenly got a brief glimse of what looked like a moon, a really thin moon, with the curving pointing towards the Sun. Made this observation in Oslo, Norway, today at 0830 am. [and from another source] There definitely is a disk in the sun [Mar 4], only I see it through either welders lens #10 and a pair of sunglasses behind that or three pair of sunglasses on top of each other. I have been seeing this for at least 2 weeks now here in Toronto. These are not lense reflections as I move the lens and sunglasses around and the disk doesn´t move in tandem. [and from another source] I have seen this too. No sunglasses or nothing. The Sun was setting and there was another smaller globe just like the nickle and dime scenerio. The sun was extremely orange that day and the other globe was a different dark pink color. [Note: this size disc in front of the Sun was implied in the Wisconsin July 7 crop circle which included the ZetaTalk Triangle.]