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Signs of the Times #699
That sinking feeling in Attica [Mar 2] ‘Engineers are still not certain what is causing two homes in Attica, NY to collapse. It could be water logged soil. But the homes also sit along the fault of an earthquake that hit the area in 1920's.’ [and from another source] No toxic chemicals in derailed train [Mar 4] ‘A train believed to be leaking toxic material after it derailed near a small town in Alberta Thursday morning turned out to be no threat to the community, officials say. Fire crews and a hazardous materials team from Red Deer Emergency Services rushed to the scene of the derailment near Springbrook, south of Red Deer. Nineteen of 70 cars went off the tracks.’
Signs of the Times #698
Explosion Rocks Moscow Apartment Building [Mar 7] ‘An explosion tore through a Moscow apartment building before dawn Sunday, injuring five people and forcing police to evacuate the rest of the 12-story building, Russian news media reported. Authorities said the blast may have been caused by a gas leak. The cause of the blast was not immediately determined, although authorities said initial indications were that it was caused by gas.’ [and from another source] Moscow to Experience More Tragedies? At about 10:50 a.m. last Saturday [Feb 27], the roof of a parking lot belonging to the Moscow "Metro" store in Dmitrovskoye Shosse collapsed. Another incident occurred at about 1:30 p.m. Sunday [Feb 28]. People were surprised to see fountains of dirty cold water spurt out from under the ground in Shabolovskaya Street near Danilovskaya Square; soon water flooded the roadway and the pavements. The incident occurred because of a break in a pipeline with the diameter of 900 millimeters.’
Signs of the Times #697
We had storms all day and I went outside tonight [Mar 4] and the clouds were beginning to break up. I looked to the west and saw a bright object low in the western horizon, big, very bright, it caught my attention. This was about 9:00 CST. [and from another source] I just went for a drive [Mar 4] and Just got back in from seeing a Giant of an Orange Light up in the sky on the horizon in the west. I am in Idaho. [and from another source] My girlfriend came in tonite [Mar 4] and started going off about the huge bright star in the sky. [Note in the ZetaTalk: Comets Come Early a diagram showing that T7 follows Q4 by a month. We were seeing Q4, early, starting Feb 3, and now are seeing T7, early, starting Mar 4, again a month!. We are halted in our orbit, thus the comets catch up to us early, and are brighter than expected because we are halted in that spot where they cross over the Earth´s orbit, thus are closer.]
Signs of the Times #696
Look at the sun today. It is unmatched in its fury! It is white and burning brilliant. So bright and powerful that you cannot even glance in its direction or gaze at its reflection on clouds. [and from another source] It fried me yesterday after 30 minutes. This time of the year it should not be so intense. [and from another source] The Sun burns my face on 45 degree days. Also makes me very tired when I spend time outdoors. Wednesday [Mar 3] I went hiking and stretched out on a bench, it was 60 degrees but my face started burning up in just a few minutes from the Sun. [Note: per the Zetas, the Earth will be drawn in toward the Sun due to both the gravity draw of Planet X and the magnetic grip. Also, the Nebra Disc and Eastfield crop circle implied this.]
Signs of the Times #695
Oops, we've tilted again [Mar 2]. The sun was way too high at noon. My noon shadow hit its mark where my July marks were. The moon, on the other hand is way too far north; just about where it belongs in July, maybe even farther north than that. Planets don't flip around on their own. Basic physics says bodies in motion want to stay in motion. Some massive force is changing the moving body called Earth. It's not doing it by itself. [and from another source] The moon appears to have rotated counter clockwise by about 45 degrees. The reading I've done on the Internet this evening shows that my view from the Northern Hemisphere, here in Spokane Wa. seems to be the view that I would see from somewhere near the Equator. The folks in the Southern Hemisphere have an upside-down view from ours. The feature that makes up the man in the moons left eye, on the right side of the moon, is now on the top of the moon [Mar 7]. In the past when I've looked at the Man in the Moon, the moons left eye almost looks like a figure of a man with a body and two legs sticking down. It doesn't look like that anymore and that's an undeniable fact. The appearance of the full Moon is is known by everyone. This change in the Moons face can be checked by anyone with access to a computer or a library card. [Note: viewing the Moon from a different angle would indeed occur in a tilted Earth, as the Moon did not tilt.]
Signs of the Times #694
At 19:30 [Feb 16], I went out to visually check the sky. When I built my house nearly 20 years ago, we placed it so that it was more or less exactly aligned with magnetic North, with the front facing East. The magnetic deviation was at the time about 5º West. Every viewing session later has verified this deviation, in that Polaris has been about 5º East of the N/S axis of my house. Yesterday, Polaris' position seemed to have moved to the West, so that my house now pointed directly towards Polaris. [Note: Polaris viewed 5° West just after sundown shows tilt toward the Sun of N Pole, a Polaris Wobble.] On Saturday [Feb 21], it seemed to be a clear night, so I brought out my equipment at about 19:00 UTC. I was initially a little baffled by Polaris seemingly being not only back where I would expect it to be, but further East than normal, maybe > 5º off position. I pointed my LX200 guiding scope directly onto Polaris and left it there while I started playing with my new toy, an ETX-70. I never turned on the LX200, so there should be absolutely no movement. After about one hour, I checked the guiding scope, and Polaris had moved out of the crosshair by about 10 mm left. I centered it again by manually adjusting the scope, and left it for another hour. As the clouds were moving in, I checked it again, and found a similar movement. Please note that there were no indications whatsoever of a circular movement, only a straight movement westward. [Note: Polaris 5° East drifting West, repeatedly shows increased tilt/lean in a week]
Signs of the Times #693
In our response to the query about Mercury transiting the Sun, as shown in the SOHO images provided for this date, we posed rhetorical questions. Such as ‘What do these SOHO images present?’ and followed with the statement ‘A clockwise orbit of Venus, without a doubt!‘ and again with a rhetorical question ‘But look how the SOHO evidence stands up in our argument, that the Earth has halted and it moving back and forth more or less in a December posture.’ And everyone looked, and found Mercury transiting the Sun as it is expected to do on Mar 4, 2004. Now that we have your attention. Did we lie, again, another White Lie? If you examine those SOHO images, they are not exactly what would be expected for the date posted. Recall last summer, when SOHO burnout was a frequent problem, and often images from the archives, with a cut and past date to appear current, were provided. SOHO suffered from burnout on May 27, extreme packet loss on June 1, obvious date pasting on July 14 and careless image flip-flop of images on July 17. Did all of those problem just go away, as Planet X approached? Hardly, and after many downtimes, the decision was made by the end of the year to simply post from the Archives, which is the mode today. In that these images for Mar 4, 2004 are not current, due to the halted orbits of both Earth and Venus, they do show Venus moving in a clockwise orbit, in effect. [Note: New ZetaTalk: Jerking Nancy Around.]
Signs of the Times #692
For those who say that the Earth did not halt on Dec 25, 2003, we would point to the expected position of Earth and Venus at this date. Shorly after Feb 25, 2004 Venus is expected to be far from transiting in front of the Sun, as it was claimed to be in proper position just recently by NASA for a Feb 23 conjunction. But most telling, both Earth and Venus are normally going round the Sun in a counterclockwise motion, as are all the planets in the solar system. What do these SOHO images present? A clockwise orbit of Venus, without a doubt! For those who would argue that somehow this is correct, and that Earth and Venus are in their normal obits, we point to the expected position of Earth and Venus. Both moving counterclockwise, Venus not expected to transit in front of the Sun until June, 2004. Venus likewise moves faster than the Earth in her orbit, and would for a normal position be seen moving counterclockwise in a transit. But look how the SOHO evidence stands up in our argument, that the Earth has halted and it moving back and forth more or less in a December posture. Venus arrives to play chicken with Planet X, in her orbital path, in late February, 2004. Where the Earth is caught in an unshakable magnetic grip, and is tilting her N Pole toward the S Pole of Planet X at this time, Venus is not so trapped by magnetism. She halts, puts her gears into reverse, and guns it! Going clockwise, as the SOHO images show, past Earth in an unexpected transit of Venus in front of the Sun! [Note: New ZetaTalk: Venus, Playing Chicken, with SOHO images included.]
Signs of the Times #691
I have a friend who is well-versed in astronomical science who lives on Leavenworth St. here in Omaha. Leavenworth is one of the main Streets running East and West. She was explaining to me not long ago how she used to see the sun rise and set (for several years) in the same places according to season, etc. Now she says things are ‘all over the place’, not very predictable as if they are all being pulled ‘every which way.’ Her descriptions tally perfectly with information on your site! [and from another source] I can’t understand it. Per printed news Local Rising time for Feb 25 here in Cordoba, Argentina is 7:02AM, acording to the Almanac, a year ago, the sun was rising at 6:32AM. Today the Sun raised at 7:20 AM. Somebody is very wrong!
Signs of the Times #690
As we have stated recently, there is strong evidence of the Earth rising up or as has recently occurred, down in the Ecliptic, as many note the sun too high or low in the sky. Tilts are also in evidence due to a different arch in the sky painted by the Sun, different rising and setting points for the Sun, and weather and cold patterns. But what does this do to the view from Earth of the constellations? A tilt will cause them to be presumed to be too far south, if the tilt of the Earth is toward the Sun, or too far north if the tilt is away from the Sun. Imagine a rowboat on rough seas, where the prow of the boat is pointed up along a wave crest, the boatsman surprised to find his view of the shore below him. A tilt will also change the direction of east and west. Imagine this same boatsman finding his boat rocking to and fro, such that his left shoulder is much above his right, due to the restless waves beneath him. He glances to his left, expecting to find the shore line, and finds he is missing the shore, as his left and right shoulders are not level. Were the Earth merely Tilting, computations would be simple, but it is currently also leaning and Dropping below the Ecliptic. All this changes the view of constellations, as N/S and E/W has changed somewhat, and the degree to which the viewer must look over the curvature of the Earth to view the constellations has changed. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Tilting, Leaning, and Dropping]