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Signs of the Times #97 (via email to Nancy)
Check this target="_top">Comic out from Sunday July 6, 2003 Los Angeles Times, plus the date says July 13!
Signs of the Times #96 (via email to Nancy)
Saturday [July 5] issue of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune here in Southern California, in the Our World section, there is a picture of two US soldiers jogging in Bagdad as the Sun rises. In this newspaper Photo it clearly shows the Sun and a Planet X below it! [and from another email] I was at yesterday and saw a very red sunset photo sent in. Today I went back to the site to show my son. The photo is gone, and it's not in their archives, either!. [and from another email] A sabotaged pipeline burns near the Iraqi town of Hit, June 23, 2003. target="_top">Sabotage against Iraq’s oil and electric power grids is increasing an official of the U.S.-led reconstruction effort there said on July 7, 2003 and he appealed to Iraqi citizens to turn in saboteurs. Reuters [Note the photo shows Planet X White Persona nicely at the 3 o’clock position!]
Signs of the Times #95 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Total unemployed, plus all marginally attached workers, plus total unemployed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civiianian labor force plus all marginally attached workers. 9.8%, 9.7%, 10.6% Straight from the horses mouth: The Government. You don´t hear the news or financial media talking about these figures do ya? [and from another poster] It´s for certain that the unemployment is higher than 6.4. Friends I know who have been unemployed for over 6 months are no longer receiving unemployment benefits. Once you reach the 26-week mark, you are dropped off the rolls and no longer counted - even though you are unemployed.
Signs of the Times #94 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
The stock market is rigged. The large brokerage firms are trading blocks of shares back and forth between themselves. If you could keep buying your own shares, and ramping up the price without paying brokerage, wouldn´t you be doing this yourself ? [and from another poster] All the buying action was part of a colossal plan to jam the equity indexes higher. The lack of trading volume in the underlying shares that make up the index proves that the index gains pulled the shares up and nothing else. And it´s all being executed by the Exchange Stabilization fund with credit from the Federal Reserve to the commercial banking system and via International investment banking firms. The intent of course is to prevent a total meltdown of an artificial economy. We live in a world of manipulation that knows no bounds and is presented in the media as reality.
Signs of the Times #93 (via email to Nancy)
Associated Press: An earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale shook northeast Iran on Thursday [July 3] evening. The quake was felt across the Torbat-e Jam region, in Khorassan province, damaging or destroying 170 homes in 15 villages. ... Mild Earthquake Jolts Island of Bali [July 5] The 5.1-magnitude quake struck ... A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.3 shook western Turkey on Sunday [July 5], the Istanbul-based Kandilli observatory said. In Canakkale, the nearest city, residents rushed out in the street in panic. The quake could be felt in nearby cities as well in Istanbul and as far away as the northwestern city of Edirne. [Note: it takes a quake 6+ to 7+ to level villages and be felt through a wide range. Quake Richter under reporting.]
Signs of the Times #92 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
My PC clock is very accurate. Why is it suddenly [July 6] out of sync with the time stamp on posts from the glodlikeproduction site? [from another poster] PC and cell phone 5 minutes faster than windup wrist watch, battery alarm clock and grandfather clock. [from another poster] I noticed several days ago that my kitchen clocks (mircrowave, ovens, etc) and wrist watch were four minutes behind as well. I´ve not corrected them. [from another poster] In just the past few days I have noticed all of my clocks at home are a few minutes fast. First time this has happened to me.
Signs of the Times #91 (via email to Nancy)
40 Years ago an Old African Sharman was shown visions of things he could not comprehend. Here is a quote from his story: ‘Strange visions flooded my head, visions of cities, some of which I recognized from my travels-but, cities which were half-destroyed, the buildings having their tops blown away, with windows like empty eye-sockets in a human skull. I saw these visions again and again. All the buildings that I saw were half-drowned in a reddish, muddish water. It was as if there had been a flood and the buildings were sticking up out of this great flood, partly destroyed by a disaster of some kind, and it was a terrible sight.’
Signs of the Times #90 (via email to Nancy)
Last night [July 4], I observed the most incredible setting of two Suns! I watched a brilliant white light setting Sun for almost an hour. I thought the Sun was gone, but I looked back to see a bright red Sun appear at the exact same location. The first had been Planet X, because now I was looking at a perfectly round red ball following in the footsteps of the first red ball! I watched two suns sets! [and from another email] Yesterday in the French West Indies before sunset time, the clouds were already very red. I've never seen it before, and now I'm a little afraid. [and from another email] July 7 Sunrise was 44 minutes late. But at the correct time, the clouds in the South were red. 44 minutes later, the red globe raised in the SW, But by then the clouds were no longer red in the South. They were white and normal colour. This was in Missouri. [and from another email] In Montreal, I was going to watch sunset [July 6] with a friend. According to stats, the sun was suppose to set at 8:44 P.M. At 8:40 we watched the sun setting, and the sky was awesome: red, orange, very bright light. Then the light faded somehow, but aroung 9:00 it became again very orange, very very bright, reddish color, and it was like the sun was setting again
Signs of the Times #89 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I was in #politics and this guy comes in and spams a Swastika, IMSG him and this is the conversation I had with him. I dont know if he´s BS´n, or legit ... <Canada> Are you mad with the USA occupation? <Baghdad> Of course Tomorrow I will kill for sure an American. Today I missed with my gun. But tommorow I will shoot one for sure. <Canada> Is there lots of battles going on? <Baghdad> Yes. My uncle shoot an American in the arm 2 weeks ago. It was so cool. He bleed alot. <Canada> Are you civilians? Why are the Americans shooting at civilians? <Baghdad> Yes. They want to kill us all but they can´t. <Canada> Why not? Is there lots of you? <Baghdad> Of course. We here are eating dead ppl. We don´t have what to eat, and we are eating what we can find. I know a person who ate his dead daughter. It´s very hard the life here. It´s hard not to have what to eat. <Canada> Why dont you flee the country? <Baghdad> I can´t I will be skinned alive. They will cut my arm, and then they will eat it. <Canada> I don't believe American troops are eating arms. <Baghdad> No the Iraqis are. Americans not. <Canada> How are you getting on the internet? <Baghdad>I have a PC with coin. <Canada> Coin? <Baghdad> I have to enter a coin to start it. <Canada> At a Cafe? <Baghdad> Yes
Signs of the Times #88 (via email to Nancy and godlikeproductions Message Board)
Apparent UFO on SOHO C3 image, as it has been determined to not be a planet or star, and is Moving. Note the motion is retrograde, the direction of Planet X. Another Sign to Mankind that Planet X has arrived with an Element of Doubt?Note there is a difference of opinion on whether this is Mercury. [from godlikeproductions Message Board] This object is located right where Mercury is shown on the astronomy programs. Lasco has this wierd phenomenon where exposure to a very bright object (i.e. a planet behind the sun and therefore very bright) will cause these long horizontal lines to appear on either side of the object (called a bloom). The ccd imager on lasco was designed to be very sensitive to dim light -- planets near and behind the sun cause the bloom.' [but from another poster] How do you expect a CCD to bloom when there´s nothing to overexpose it? The sun is blocked by an occulting disk, so there is no bloom on the Sun. The Sun isn´t even imaged, just the corona. And there´s images of Mercury passing LASCO for years going back in the archives. [and from an email] This object is Mercury, no doubt. You can check it (as I did) with any sky simulator software : the object has the exact position and movement of Mercury.
Signs of the Times #87 (via email to Nancy)
Here in western Canada, in the midday sun [July 4] I could clearly make out Planet X, and other little things that could have been moons. It's exciting and scary at the same time, but i'm now a true believer. [and from another email] My wife and I watched the sun set on July 1. There were some clouds but not many. What we saw, very clearly, was a smaller sun just below the sun. The size relationship would have been something like Sun = dinner plate size, smaller sun = baseball size) This was at 7:50 pm (MDT). It seemed to disappear as the sun moved down to the horizon. [and from another email] My friend insists he could see a second disc of some sort this morning at about the seven o'clock position in relation to the Sun, about 8:30 on the morning of July 4th.
Signs of the Times #86
BBC News Online science reporter [July 4] ‘A US space agency (NASA) mission to map the world´s ice sheets is in trouble. A laser in the satellite´s sole scientific instrument is not working and operations have been put on hold for the time being. The flagship US mission was launched six months ago to track changes in the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. The satellite uses a laser beam to measure distance The Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite (Icesat) was sending back promising data before the problem arose. A review panel has been set up to decide how to proceed’