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Signs of the Times #136 (from godlikeproduction Message Boards)
While out doing errands today [July 24] I encountered an astronomer. To make a long story short, who just happens to be looking for something coming in from the direction of the Sun and has had knowledge of it for some time. [He is] an amateur astronomer from Michigan who claims to be tracking a ‘serpentine-like’ reddish object heading in from the sun. He did not seem to want to identify the ‘what’ however. [and from another poster] My friend contacted a number of people in the US who she was told were building domes for many of the military and NASA folk. She and another friend of mine acting as an independent witness, personally met with one dome builder, on his own front porch, and were told that the US military and NASA are certainly expecting an object and they call it PX.
Signs of the Times #135 (via email to Nancy)
I've been printing the USGS Seismic Monitor regularly for several weeks now; it was offline from 7/18-24. Today [July 24] I counted 18 clearly deleted quakes - the figure is certainly higher due to the extreme frequency of tremors in the Indonesian archipelago. I first noticed the deletions and downgradings began in earnest 7/3 and have increased in number since that date.
Signs of the Times #134 (via email to Nancy)
I get my sun data from the Complete Sun & Moon site and I noticed today [July 23] on Weather Bug the stated sunrise time was for 06:17AM which is a difference of eight minutes from what the Navy site (CS&M) stated. Also, previously the diff between PC and battery clock was 9 minutes and today it's 10 minutes difference (the battery clock was set to the atomic clock approximately April and began to show differences within days of being set to the atomic clock)
Signs of the Times #133 (via email to Nancy)
Whyalla News, Australia - July 21, 2003 ‘An investigation is underway into the red dust that stained Whyalla's eastern beach on Thursday afternoon.’ [Note: a false alarm as site further quotes:] 'OneSteel's ship loading operations were halted twice at the start of last week when it became evident the strong winds were whipping iron ore dust into the water.']
Signs of the Times #132 (via email to Nancy)
Asheville, NC: In the last 2 weeks [July 22] I have also definitely noticed an unusual brilliance of the Sun, to the extent that you cannot look at it. Also, the clouds and sky has taken on a reddish tint. Also, the last full moon here was 1 or 2 days out of phase - not to mention that the moon appear to be further away from the earth. And last, my binoculars have finally paid for themselves! - i.e., I clearly saw Planet X and its slew of moons silhouetted within the sun proper!
Signs of the Times #131 (via email to Nancy)
'In the rolling hills of rural Dodge County, people might expect to see farm fields filled with corn and other crops, but if they look a little closer, there is something very different in one barley field. ... From the safety of his work shed during a violent morning storm on the Fourth of July, he saw target="_top">crop circles form.' [Note: the clear relationship to Planet X size and rise to the Ecliptic and the ZetaTalk target="_top">triangle can be seen. Lamb's Quarters weed stalks took a smooth 90 degree turn at ground level so the stalk laid along the ground. Similar weed stalks stomped on refused to lay along the ground but rose back up to stand straight. A genuine circle, per Nancy who visited the site.]
Signs of the Times #130 (via email to Nancy)
Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press This is a two-page summary of fascinating accounts by 18 award-winning journalists from the book Into the Buzzsaw. ‘After our struggle to air an honest report, Fox fired the general manager [of our station]. The new GM said that if we didn’t agree to changes that the lawyers were insisting upon, we’d be fired for insubordination in 48 hours. We pleaded with [him] to look at the facts we’d uncovered. His reply: “We paid $3 billion dollars for these TV stations. We’ll tell you what the news is. The news is what we say it is!” ... [There has been a] striking consolidation of the media from hundreds of firms to an industry dominated by less than ten enormous transnational conglomerates. The largest ten media firms own all US TV networks, most TV stations, all major film studios, all major music companies, nearly all cable TV channels, much of the book and magazine publishing [industry], and much, much more.’
Signs of the Times #129 (from godlikeproduction and shifthitsthefan Message Boards)
Well, the Weather Channel [July 21] just showed an image of a sun from New York City with a clearly visible smaller white orb at 7 o'clock position to the Sun. They have showed several live shots of this Sun image today. [and from another poster] I was watching CNN and BBC and what immediately caught my attention was the sudden shift of news topics, especially with BBC. BBC is now reporting more news on the weather, including the heatwave in Europe, and the super storms in the Pacific and other weather phenomena. BBC is also running reports on the China EQ, whereas a few months ago I did not see them running main news stories on the weather and quakes. The news article run by CNN about the earth´s rotation not being consistent, so clocks in Greenwich and other important clocks are ´adjusted´ by a few units. [and from email] Weather man forcasted a high of 94 degrees, we hit 104. Anchor man on local news made a couple comments about problems with their electronics that they can't explain.