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Signs of the Times #128 (via email to Nancy)
Another meteror fell [July 20] (at 11 PM) near Halkidiki (north Greece near Thessaloniki). There were many witnesses again, from the nearby cities. It was big burning sphere and either it vanished in the air over the sea or it fell in the sea. Some reports said they heard its noise and they felt the ground shaking. A man said that it looked like an incoming comet to him. A teacher of astronomy from the Uni of Thessaloniki who spoke to the media, said that he finds it strange that we have 2 cases in north Greece in 16 days and that the same phenomenon appears lately all around the world (he mentioned 3 recent cases in the USA). He also said that it is strange that from the observations of the withnesses he get that the orbit of the meteors seem to be right-turn and not left-turn as usual. [Note: Planet X and the debris in its tail is inbound in a retrograde, right turn, orbit whereas the the other objects in the solar system - asteroid belt, planets, and comets - orbit left turn.]
Signs of the Times #127 (via email to Nancy)
I moved a recliner in front of the picture window so I could be comfortable and extra steady. I then put on one pair of sunglasses, a welding helmet and bent my legs up to hold my telescope on my knees. I guess you could say I'm driven, compelled to keep up with my own observations. I was not disappointed. For what I saw today, viewing from Ohio, was massive. I observed [July 20] two very large clusters of Planet X, moons and dust clouds. One close to 6 o'clock area, the other cluster not to far above (or behind ) that one with drawn out moons across from left to right around center. The visibility is incredible. It's also unbelievable (but the eye doesn't lie) how much more has come in to view. One week ago I couldn't view all that I did today. In fact, I did see a black dot coming over the top and thought ‘Whoa, there's more!’ That was a week ago and today this. Seems to have picked up speed.
Signs of the Times #126 (from shifthitsthefan Message Board)
Last year was the year I began questioning illness/death around here/by me. While I was in the hospital, on July 20th, there were 24 people brought in with ‘full blown septicemia’ (infection in blood and organs). three died that day. They were 30-60yrs old. The community is a small farming/rural community, so to have that many sick in that short a time is a bit uncalled for. Many nurses and some doctors said it was very unusual and they didn't understand what was happening, but blamed the wetter weather for the occurrence of so many sick and dying. They also blamed the fires out west for the increase in asthma's. This summer [July 20] so far there have been many children with a ‘rash’ all over arms/legs/faces. So far the doc's have said it's ‘fifths disease’ or else they've said it's ‘heat rash’. I don't know what it is, but pneumonia is also going along with this with the little ones. People notice, they just don't know what the heck it is and what's going on.
Signs of the Times #125 (via email to Nancy)
BBC: ‘Roof of a row of terraced shops and a restaurant collapsed [July 19] on a busy shopping street. ... Structural engineers would be carrying out an investigation to find out why the roof of the building collapsed. ... A steel beam had been inserted in the structure about eight or nine years ago. ... Fencing now surrounds the corner of High Street and Bull Street where the incident happened and more than five tons of debris have been cleared away.’ [and from another site],,30100-12379759,00.html ‘There were piles of rubble and huge slabs of brickwork littering the street outside the Shalimar restaurant and neighbouring shops. ... People described hearing a rumbling and a crashing which was originally thought to have been an explosion. ... There is nothing to indicate anything other than some structural failings.’[Note: the UK is in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #124 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Mt. Rainier and Glacier Peak (another in the Cascade range) have been experiencing hundreds of micro quakes for a couple of months now. These quakes [July 20] are occuring near the summit and are an indication of magma being pushed toward the surface. Question is, why isn´t the USGS reporting this? [and from another poster] Today I noticed something from the cone on top that struck my attention immediately. What I saw is what appeared to be an ash spew across the snow on the upper cone. I know what an ash spew looks like. I remember vividly what the cone of Mount Saint Helens looked like when it began spitting up. The top of Mount Rainier looks just like that to me. [and from another poster] Yellowstone is seen from space with infrared as a glowing cauldron. [and from another poster] I’ve been watching supervolcano Yellowstone for about a decade now. There is much evidence that it is waking up once again. There are extensive reports about extremely regular geysers in the park altering their schedules over the past few years. Other geysers that used to erupt once every few years have started to release pressure annually or even more often.
Signs of the Times #123 (via email to Nancy)
I caught them at the time switches! Just a few minutes ago [July 20] I went through the kitchen, glancing at the clocks on both the stove and microwave 6:05. Went into laundry room, placed clothes into washer, walked back through. I again glanced at the clocks, within seconds they had gone, both of them, from 6:05 to 6:12! Before this I had glanced at the battery clock on the living room wall. There had been an 8 minute time difference! Stood in the kitchen and watched those clocks go from 6:12 to 6:15 in 15 to 20 seconds! The stove and microwaveare barely a year old. [Note: see Sign #114 for more, those trying to keep the official time in synch are having problems doing so!]