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Signs of the Times #122 (via email to Nancy)
A gas explosion occured today at the AirGas company in Sacramento. The news casters explained that one of the causes was due to the heat. It has been hot like this before and no explosions occured. This was reported by KCRA, 'Temperatures in the Central Valley were expected to top 100 for a third straight day Friday. Sacramento hit 106 on Thursday and the same high temperature was forecasted for Friday.' If you look at you will see a picture of the sun. Guess what, you can clearly see Planet X at 11 o’clock. [Nancy’s Note] I find the distinct White Persona at 7 o’clock, and the brighter and larger splash of the Red Persona at 11 o’clock.
Signs of the Times #121 (via email to Nancy)
KTRH news this morning [July 17] said on the air that "Brown Dust" from the Sahara Desert was blowing into Houston, TX and people should ‘stay indoors’ if they were allergic to dust. ‘The same winds that in the summer whip up tropical storms and hurricanes -- including Claudette -- also stir up dust in the Sahara. ... the cloud could generate a brownish-red film that would be visible on white cars and other light-colored objects.’ [and from a poster] I believe the Houston Chronicle is owned by some oil corporation, so I wouldnt believe anything they are telling us about this dust that is beginning to show up in many places. [and from another poster] I lived in Houston for 5 years and the paper is owned by an oil conglomerate, so they surely are trying to mislead the public in order to keep what is happening under wraps. In the years I lived there we never had any brown dust from the Sahara.
Signs of the Times #120 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Pennsylvania Emergency preparedness guide was distributed in newspapers across the state on Sunday [July 13] The site states ‘In addition to being distributed in more than three million home-delivered newspapers, copies of the guide can be obtained form local health departments, emergency management agencies or regional EMS councils. For more information about or to request a copy of the Pennsylvania Emergency Preparedness Guide, contact[and from another poster] To show just how involved this thing is, in Florida it´s brought to us by: State of FL, FL Dept of Health. FL division of Emergency Management, American Red Cross, FEMA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric, National Weather Service, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, CDC, etc. All will have links at State of Florida, [and from another poster] A Tom Ridge commercial warns us ‘to be prepared, with at least 3 days worth of water and food’? At the end of it is a small disclaimer that reads ‘remember - you have been warned!’ [and from another poster] You can view the 101 page emergency preparation manual through the New Jersey site.
Signs of the Times #119 (via email to Nancy)
This image [July 17] looks like a target="_top">Mothership at Ngauruhoe, New Zealand. [Nancy's Note] as with the Greece sighting, it was at ground level. Photos from Ngauruhoe are taken every hour. The hour target="_top">Before and the hour target="_top">After no such lights appear. Also, the target="_top">Site is rugged. Are they telling us they will be landing and among us soon? Oops! The fence posts break up the headlights, as can be seen from the following.[and from another email] The mother ship lights are just car headlights. See which is at dusk. You can see two cars going behind the fence row. The right most car shows the same streak of light with interruptions.
Signs of the Times #118 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
UFO sighted tonight in Northern Greece [July 3]. People in many cities (Larissa, Kavala, Corfu) said that a burning object landed near the rural area of zagorochoria (this is a complex of many small villages - near the greek-albanian border). Even our navy confirmed the sighting. [and from another poster] There was no explosion or boom! It looked like it was on fire but it wasn´t really on fire. The reporter said it vanished before it hit the ground, just disappeared. [and from another poster] Thousands of people saw it. [and from another poster] The UFO that I saw looked like fire, but not flaming, edges smooth. Maybe they go close to the ground to do this for a reason? [and from another poster] The people who saw it said the light was pulsating and changing between green and blue range. The speed wasn´t as a comets, it was much slower. It was huge! It was visible from half of Greece! It didn´t hit the ground. No fire anywhere. No explanation from anyone yet. The TV is calling it a UFO.
Signs of the Times #117 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
‘Hundreds of worried people rang the police today after a huge bang shook the city [July 16]. Offices and homes in the city centre trembled under the weight of the mystery blast, which was heard at about 10.15AM. Many residents left their homes and went out into the street to see what was going on. Some even feared Peterborough was under attack.’ ‘A loud sound shook houses in [Rochester, NY] Sunday [July 14] morning and sent some residents scurrying into the street. However, area fire departments reported that there was nothing wrong on the ground. Several area residents in the Ridgewood Road and Benjamin Avenue area said they heard a house-rocking sound about 10:47 AM Sunday.’