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Signs of the Times #106 (via email to Nancy)
The satellite that my DirecPC two way high speed internet dish is aimed at, has been malfunctioning terribly over the past several days [July 12], just during the daytime. Very strange error messages, relating to the satellite are displayed, malfunctions never before seen in the 2 years I have had the system. DirecPC tech support says many, many (perhaps all) subscribers are affected. The weather here in Arizona is completely clear. I have been trying for over six hours to send this e-mail to you. DirecPC has a recorded message at their 800 number that will verify this satellite malfunction situation. They say Hughes engineers are working on the problem. [and from another email] I live on the East Coast of US. I have a Verizon cell phone that's about a year old. It's worked flawlessly all this time. Yesterday, July 15, 2003 it said ‘Searching’ for several hours (from about 11AM to 3 PM). It's never done this. Later on it was fine again.
Signs of the Times #105 (from alternative Message Board)
I live in the Seattle Area. My cat has been howling each night [July 12] for two weeks now and my little dog of 12 years barks as his own shadow. This all began about a month ago with her. [and from another poster] My Cat has developed a manic look in her eyes - as if she's terrified. Past 2 days.[and from another poster]We can attest to changes in canine behavior at the ranch. Our dogs love to be outside, well they used to enjoy it. Now, they can't wait to get inside. They exhibit stressed behavior. [and from another poster]My dog is all over me lately, and really frets when I leave. He doesn't seem to get much comfort when he's in my lap, either. His heart beats fast, he shakes, and he still whines.
Signs of the Times #104 (via email to Nancy)
Last night [July 12], when I was doing my meditation at about 11:30, I noticed the couch was vibrating slightly, I looked at the candle flame, and it too, was slightly shaking. I haven't seen any notice of any seismic activity in Missouri. [and from another email] Today I was driving and I was noticing the sun in the rear view window and on metal on people's cars and at first I thought I was imagining things but I definantly noticed a double sun reflection. Something that has never happened before. And at one point I actually saw a round orb like object to the right of the sun at the 3 o'clock position. Later I actually saw the companion star in the reflection of my BBQ lid. It would be quite funny if it weren't so serious.
Signs of the Times #103 (via email to Nancy)
There´s a public service announcement running (over and over) on TV here in Florida [July 12] - Jeb Bush is telling us to get prepared. He doesn´t say for what but makes a vague reference to ‘disasters, either man-made or natural’ and says we should all be in a ‘state of preparedness’ now. He´s prepared a booklet which outlines what steps to take and says it will be included in our newspapers, tomorrow, Sunday July 13. Every year we get a Hurrican Guide which lists what supplies you should have on hand in case of a hurricane, but this is something above and beyond a mere hurricane guide. Someone went to a lot of expense to prepare these booklets.
Signs of the Times #102 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
[Note: this is a joke posting, due the what has become a joke where the debunkers call any sighting of Planet X a lens flare in the photo.] Associated Press, 7/10/03, After careful spectrographic analysis, researchers from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration today announced that the mysterious Planet X is actually a lens flare. ‘We studied countless thousands of photographic and spectrographic images of the anomalous object, and the inbound planet appears to be lens flare, alright,’ stated one official speaking on the condition of anonymity. “What’s really weird about it, however, is that we can see this Planet X lens flare with naked eye, too,’ another official remarked, ‘and it’s getting closer!’ It has not yet been determined precisely how much damage the lens flare is likely to cause when it passes the earth at its closest point.
Signs of the Times #101 (via email to Nancy)
Today, July 10th, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg intiated a campaign aimed at all New Yorkers to encourage them to acquire a personal emergency Go-Bag. These bags, the contents of which were described by the Mayor, would have first-aid kits, bottled water, foods that do not need to be cooked and small scale emergency equipment. A city-wide advertising campaign is about to begin, with the enlistment of TV and movie stars to pursuade the populace to be prepared for the worst with these bags.
Signs of the Times #100 (via email to Nancy)
To all who may doubt, put on 4 to 5 pairs of sunglasses and look through binocculars at the Sun for a few seconds. You will clearly see a large planet below the Sun. Also, tonight [July 10] as the Sun set, several people and I witnessed a massive object in the sky that seemed to have a tail behind it. It was out in the open right after sunset. [and from anther email] It is 7:15 PM here in Ohio [July 10]. Through cloud cover and using sunglasses I saw PX and another distinguishable moon at the exact 5 o’clock position with very vivid moons and debris from 4 o’clock position trailing back towards the sun. Along the outside of the sun I see nothing. No cloud cover. It all seems to be contained within the five to four area trailing backwards towards the sun and definately more visible. [Note this caution from tt-watch please!] Anyone stupid enough to do this will most definitely damage their eyesight. The only safe way to look at the sun with binoculars is to use a solar filter - sunglasses will not protect your eyes! 'Baader Planetarium also produces a relatively inexpensive solar filter material for use with telescopes and binoculars - premade filters are available from Celestron and those with a little mechanical ability can manufacture their own from sheet solar filter material.'
Signs of the Times #99 (via email to Nancy)
Why does this odd bright star show up on the target="_top">C3 but not the target="_top">C2, for the same day [July 7], same time? [Also see Sign of the Times #88] and 20030707_1125_c2.gif
[and from another email] It does show up on the C2 as well as the C3 in MPEG movie format. In fact it shows up larger and pulsating with what looks like several tiny craft dodging about around it, little white dots. Meteors appear as streaks, comets outgas, these were meandering dots. Some moved in a semicircle. [and from another email] I have found the archive from NASA for the same time last year when Mercury was in this position relative the earth. This is mercury you see on the lasco C2 and C3 shots. and [and from another email] This is just Mercury. Here you can see it for the last 3 years. and 010806_c2.mpg and and 020720_c3.mpg [and from another email] C2 has a field of view of a bit more than 4 degrees while C3 has a field more than 4 times bigger (about 18 degrees). Mercury was seen in C2 images from about 2003/07/04 1200 until 2003/07/06 16:54.
Signs of the Times #98 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Look at the difference in continuity between [July 9] 2003/07/09 01:14:16 and 2003/07/09 01:51:41. Do you see what I see? SOHO is busted again. Every flare manages to change in just 36 minutes like magic after showing consistancy for the previous several hours. (Beside the major over exposure shots). SOHO busted big time! [Note: this is referring to the Burnout of SOHO images taken on July 8 by the dust cloud of Planet X, and the Zeta statement that few images would be secured from now on because the dust cloud was too enveloping. They are putting up old images from their archives, instead, to fool the public.]