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Signs of the Times #882
Kolbrin ‘Men forget the days of the Destroyer. Only the wise know where it went and that it will return in its appointed hour. It raged across the Heavens in the days of wrath, and this was is likeness. It was a billowing cloud of smoke enwrapped in a a ruddy glow, not distinguishable in joint or limb. Its mouth was an abyss from which came flame, smoke and hot cinders. When ages pass, certain laws operate upon the stars in the Heavens. Their ways change, there is movement and restlessness, they are no longer constant and a great light appears redly in the skies. When blood drops upon the Earth, the Destroyer will appear and mountains will open up and belch forth fire and ashes. Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed. Waters will be swallowed up by the land and seas will boil. The Heavens will burn brightly and redly, there will be a copper hue over the face of the land, followed by a day of darkness. A new moon will appear and break up and fall. The people will scatter in madness.’ [Note: the Kolbrin one of many Prophecy Sources.]
Signs of the Times #881
One month plots comparing current to last year shows similar activity within the Trimesters. Recent crop circles have implied these Trimesters, which the HAARP documentation shows. The presence of Planet X is apparent in that the year from May 2003 to the present, when it was in the inner solar system, the HAARP charts show a Stronger Spread than the prior year, consistently. The strongest Trimester is Jul-Aug, and during this time in 2003, when the Earth experienced power outage disruptions (St. Lawrence Seaway, Aug 14, 2003). [and from another source] What will happen during the coming weeks, when the Summer Trimester continues during a time when Planet X is rising to the Ecliptic such that it will suddenly align with the Sun rather than skew along a magnetic flow line, and when Earth is pressed into Planet X by the crowd of inner solar system planets behind and to either side of it - the Dark Twin, Venus, and Mars. None are magnetic to the degree that Earth is, but add their influence to the distressed Earth by creating Whiplash scenarios. Like a magnetic cloud enveloping this grouping of planets and the interloper, Planet X, it will make any magnetic alignment more intense. This is the message these crop circles are relaying. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Magnetic Trimesters.]
Signs of the Times #880
Venus is there 2004/06/03 23:18, Venus is missing 2004/06/03 23:42, Big Gap missing til 2004/06/04 4:18, Venus is missing 2004/06/04 4:18, Venus is back 2004/06/04 6:18, They are Airbrushing Venus in. [and from another] I´ll be damned! You´re right, it´s not there in two frames, yet the bright star Albederan is right where it´s suppose to be. Everything else is there, stars and all in sequence from the surrounding pics. Venus is NOT there! How could something that BIG just up and disappear when everything else in the image is right where it´s suppose to be? Whoa! [and from another] Just as Nancy Lieder has already said NASA will doctor images associated with Venus and it´s upcoming transit. The idiots got caught moving Venus around probably to see if anyone noticed. They got caught here and now we know they have already started doctoring the images. The Venus transit will not happen but now we all know they will say it did and give us their corrupted proof. NASA and the CIA gets caught here with their pants right down. [Note: Venus Transit doctors, exhuasted and making mistakes or perhaps rebellious.]
Signs of the Times #879
SOHO Lasco C3 appears to have stopped. Last picture was June 6 at 18.42, normally you get a fresh image every 30 minutes. What are they up to? First time I have seen SOHO go down for this long. Especially disappointing since so many are tuning in to see the Venus transit approaching. [and from another] There is a daily period of about 8 hours where nothing is posted because everyone goes home. It´s not a 24/7 operation. If it stopped at 18.42 and its now 2.02 we should get resumed uploads in about an hour from now. [and from another] It is not common practice to have no updates all night long. Yes, sometimes there´s breaks, but we don´t get 8 hours of no updates every night. I can remember an extended outage just about a year ago, but that was announced in advance and due to some kind of unusual solar activity. As a casual SOHO observer, I cannot recall it being offline for this long in the recent past, and without any announcements from the SOHO group. [and from another] SOHO is down since 6.Jun.2004 18:54 UT until now these are 22 hours, we lost contact to the SOHO. [Note: one solution, take the SOHO Offline during the much hyped Transit time.]
Signs of the Times #878
Army Guard on Food if Fuel Crisis Flares [Jun 6],6903,1232432,00.html ‘Hundreds of troops will be deployed to defend vital supermarket depots in the event of fresh fuel protests in the autumn. Supermarkets have been told by Home Office officials to expect military assistance as part of draconian government plans to protect Britain´s economy from a repeat of the events of 2000 when protesters brought the country to a standstill. The secret plans have been agreed between the Home Office and the Food Chain Emergency Group, set up after the 2000 fuel protests and incorporating Britain´s biggest supermarkets and food manufacturers. Members of the emergency group include all major supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury along with global brands and manufacturers including Heinz, Kraft, Nestlé and Unilever as well the the main water companies.’ [Note: a fuel protest would cause a food shortage? Seems they are worried about something else.]
Signs of the Times #877
Urban Survival ‘Something else fishy has been happening in the options markets. I follow the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) put/call ratio on a daily basis. I´ve seen something in the CBOE put/call ratio over the past month that I´ve never seen before in nearly 10 years of following the markets. Someone somewhere is buying a HECK of alot of bearish options contracts, and they have been loading up on them for the past month. ... The Federal Reserve has confirmed our Stock Market Crash forecast by raising the Money Supply (M-3) by crisis proportions, up another 46.8 billion this past week. What awful calamity do they see? Something is up. There must be a crisis of historic proportions coming, and the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is making sure that there is enough liquidity in place to protect our nation's fragile financial system. The amazing thing is, the Fed's actions mean they know what is about to happen. They are aware of a terrible, horrific imminent event. What could it be?’ [Note: a Stock Market crash, long predicted for the overbloated DOW, or other nervous news, could create a run on banks, thus the liquidity requirement.]
Signs of the Times #876
I read with a grain of salt unless I can find confirmation. There have been two major highway bridges collapse and two train derailments in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area in the past month. Other odd things of note are that there was a food drive through the post office (never heard of that), a blood drive at our local Wal-Mart, survival pamplets in Wal-Mart, a new city wide weather alert system in Ft.Worth, and a national test of the emergency broadcast system. This has all happened in the past month. Here it seems the sun is rising in the northeast and setting in the southwest, strange. [and from another source] What is causing the erratic lunar orbit and strange movement of the Sun across the ecliptic? Why are the constellations not in their normal place according to astrological charts?Why do the Seasons seem out of their normal cycle? Most importantly, Why are we witnessing such horrendous and unpredictable weather patterns worldwide? After all it is a recognizable fact that most of Nancy’s predictions have become reality in the nine years since first presenting her case. So take with a grain of salt those things which are difficult to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, but keep your mind open to all things, especially things that our eyes and ears know to be factual.
Signs of the Times #875
Iran Begins Naval War Games [May 22] ‘Iran announced it has begun a major regional naval exercise in the Persian Gulf and other nearby waters, Middle East Newsline reported Saturday.’ [and from another] Largest war games in Asia-Pacific underway in Thailand [May 13] ‘Almost 20,000 military personnel from the United States and other ally nations are taking part in the largest war games in the Asia-Pacific, in Thailand. Cobra Gold exercises include Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Mongolia. Ten other nations will observe this year´s drills, including Australia, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.’ [and from another] ‘Maritime units of nine international navies, including the US, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Kuwait and Bahrain, participated in the exercise’ [Note: every country in the world getting their navies out to sea? This is to protect them, expecting sloshing along the coastlines which would dash the boats.]
Signs of the Times #874
Royal Navy ties up ahead of Seven-Nation War Games ‘Called Exercise Blinding Storm by the United States – and less grandly, Exercise Rapid Alliance by the U.K. – the training will involve upward of 30,000 troops from seven nations in exercises off and on the coast of North Carolina. Dutch marines and French soldiers will take part, as well as a Peruvian submarine and contingents from Germany and Canada.’ [and from another] Major Russian Armed Forces Exercises to be held in June [May 17]‘The Russian Armed Forces will hold major exercises in June 2004, acting Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov told President Vladimir Putin.’ [and from another] U.S. Troops Play War Games [May 18] ‘The Russian and U.S. military launched an unprecedented six-day command post exercise in Moscow on Monday to train for conducting joint operations in a third country.’ [Note: and the big guys coordinating, for what event?]
Signs of the Times #873
Al-Qaeda agents dropped in for Meal, says Denny's Manager [May 28],1413,36~53~2177173,00.html ‘Samuel Mac, manager of the Denny's in Avon, isn't happy with the response he got from the FBI when he reported that two of them ate at his restaurant Wednesday. When he called the FBI in Washington, D.C., Mac said the man who answered the telephone said he had to call the Denver office and declined to take down any of the information. When he called the Denver office, he was shuttled to voice mail because the agents were busy, Mac said. It was five hours before a seemingly uninterested agent called back. Mac said two men - he subsequently identified them from their photographs as Adnan G. El Shukrijumah and Abderraouf Jdey - came into Denny's, which is just off Interstate 70, about 8 PM. They said they were from Iran and were driving from New York to the West Coast.’ [Note: this demonstrates that the Ascroft warning about terrorism, flashing the photos of the 7 wanted men, was not about terrorism but so that Martial Law could be invoked, when needed.]
Signs of the Times #872
Driving home from the night shift at 3:27 AM [Jun 2] I saw the Moon over the roofs, direction SW, and first thought it were an illuminated orange-red ballon. But it was the Moon, covered in reddish veil. [and from another] In the Midwest, it´s wierd, has a reddish hint very late at night. [and from another] Central Maryland here, had the reddest sunrise this AM I can remember (photo at right).