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Signs of the Times #78 (via email to Nancy)
The clocks are off for the TV stations. It is mostly NBC. It started last week. But again, last night ‘For Love or Money’ was suppose to end at 9PM. It didn't end until 9:12PM. [from another email] I have been charting the stars now for a few weeks to watch for possible rotation slow down. I do this using technical surveying equipment, a transit to be exact. This particular device is accurate to a few seconds degrees of angle on June 25. Right now I am just comparing data from June 25-July 1. The Earth has slowed nine minutes. This is no joke.
Signs of the Times #77 (via email to Nancy)
I have seen PX with nine moons (thus far that I can count) along with dust clouds in the center trailing each other in the shape of a snake. I rigged up four pairs of sunglasses, then saw the black object in the Sun, then fetched the telescope and whoa did I get an incredible view!
Signs of the Times #76 (via email to Nancy)
My home electricity is produced using solar panels mounted on an adjustable rack. I have never had to adjust the panels to the flatest position until about three weeks ago. My power generation was lower than normal and when evaluated, found the sun was facing the panels at a much higher angle than ever before. Panels were move flatter and the power generation jumped 12 %. After 6/21 the sun has started to go down in the sky and will have to readjust to normal position in about three weeks.
Signs of the Times #75 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I have noticed the that the sun is huge. Does the sun grow in size? I have pics. Taken on different days same approx. time. Big differnce in size. The sky seems white washed [June 30]. I have worked outside in Florida for eighteen years, and Iam telling you something is up with the sun. [and from another poster] I´m in northern Virgina. No rainbow here, but the sky has that bright-white hard, hazy glare that makes your eyes water to look at. Can´t tell how many suns are there, but it´s bright - whatever it is.
Signs of the Times #74 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Mass shut down of Interior Web Sites ordered, June 30, 2003 'To prevent hackers from reaching $1 billion in American Indian money, which is managed by the department. ... judge Royce Lamberth ordered an Interior Department web shut down, the first being in December 2001. Back in December, nearly all of the Interior Department's PCs were disconnected, and all of it's sites forced to be shut down. One of these sites was the National Earthquake Information Center, which couldn't issue its regular seismic activities report, due to the shut down.'
Signs of the Times #73
The Daily Telegraph, June 29, 2003, ‘Sabotage against Baghdad´s power grids has blacked out much of the city for days on end, forcing residents to sleep on roofs and study by candlelight. The power outages are also fuelling anti-US sentiment at a time when occupation forces are seeking to quell a worsening insurgency that has seen a sharp rise in attacks on US troops. ... An explosion on Sunday rocked Iraq´s largest gas pipeline near the town of Hit, west of Baghdad, and several other attacks have followed. ... The pipeline carries gas from Kirkuk to various parts of Iraq to fuel power stations, and the power situation in Baghdad has worsened since the attack.’
Signs of the Times #72 (via email to Nancy)
Last night on June 28th at about 10:00PM, I viewed the sky over here in Glasgow, Scotland. There was no clouds in the sky. When I looked out to the horizon the sky was red, gradually turning to orange as I looked up into the sky, from the horizon line. This is happening more frequently now! Some of my friends and family have commented on how the sun is unusually bright and how the skies at night are strangely red. These never-before seen things can't be ignored.
Signs of the Times #71
We were sitting on our poarch this morning [Jun29], which faces east, just ahead of noon and noticed that the railing was showing two different shadows on the poarch floor. This is a spot we watch daily, measuring a few minutes of slowing rotation and looking for the big jump to start. When the Sun went behind a cloud, a second shadow from some sun-like object would appear, bright enough to cast a shadow almost as dense as the Sun's shadow! This second sun-like object had to be both smaller, higher, and to the right of the Sun, as the shadow it cast was within the Sun's shadow as though the Sun itself had suddenly moved higher in the sky.
Signs of the Times #70
NASA to Launch Glowing Night Clouds 'If you see weird glowing clouds expanding in a clear sky over the US Eastern Seaboard on Saturday night or one of the next following nights, relax. They're not UFO exhaust or a terrorist plot. They are a luminous chemical released by NASA as part of an experiment to trace winds in the Earth's ionosphere. If conditions for the experiment are poor Saturday night, June 28th (as they have been for the last several nights in a row), the launches will be rescheduled for the following night, or the next, up to as late as July 10th.' [later] NASA launched the glowing night clouds last night - June 30.