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Signs of the Times #1616 I bought my house last spring and worked on it all summer. All summer long the sun beat down directly into our greenhouse - on the south side of the house. This year, the sun doesn't even hit the greenhouse. [and from another] I live in north east Texas ,about 30 degrees north latitude. As I understand basic astronomy , the Sun should NEVER be north of my position at noon since I live north of the tropics. My house is oriented east to west precisely, so it is easy for me to see the sunlight shining in the northern facing flower beds [Jun 29], which are under an 18" eve. This translates in my mind to the Sun "tracking" too far north, since the tropic of cancer and capricorn no longer apply. [and from another] London [Jun 26] For the record Civil Twilight was supposed to begin at 3.57 AM on June 23rd in London. I observed it with my own eyes at 3.03 AM. [and from another] Romania June 26 'Around here, in summer days, we used to have the twilight ending 9:00-9.30 pm and up again at about 4.30-4:45. Now that changed. This year, we have the twilight until 10.30.-11 pm, and already up again at 3.30-3.45 am. [and from another] In Wisconsin on June 11 sunrise was 12° too far North, on June 30 it was 11° too far North, per Skymap. [and from another] Sweden [Jun 10] I use a sundial. The 3:15 mark is 20 minutes early. [and from another] Nancy has asked for an update on simulating the seasons since the clues have changed somewhat. To effect more daylight, as June 21 is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, we continued to pull Earth off its axis as we did in May but also dropped the Earth below the Ecliptic. Thus, as with the polar regions which find their skies lit 24 hours a day during their Summer seasons, even when not seeing the sunball, those areas close to the polar circle are seeing their civil twilight extended, earlier and later, by a considerable period. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, on July 1.]
Signs of the Times #1615
Where the magnetic N Pole was pointing 18° too far West last month, today [Jun 7], it shows almost 20° East of North. [and from another] New Avebury crop circle looks like two magnetic fields, clashing! [and from another] The compass anomaly, swinging to the East, is indicative of the Earth adjusting to the approach of Planet X and the clash of their magnetic fields. The change is indicative of a clash in magnetic fields as Planet X comes ever closer to the Earth, their fields touching. It is the combined field that Earth must adjust to, and continue to adjust to, not the exact position of the N Pole of Planet X within these fields, and the Sun's magnetic field enters into the equation too. These adjustments are temporary, and change about, as magnets can make dramatic and swift changes in their alignment with each other. Put a number of small magnets on a glass, with iron ore dust, and move a large magnet about under them, and watch the jerking about they do. Are we saying the Earth's magnetic field is going to get more erratic in the future, dramatically so? There is no question that this will be one of the signs that will come, yet another not covered by the Global Warming excuse. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, on July 1.]
Signs of the Times #1614
Plankton blooms linked to quakes. [May 9] 'Concentrations of the natural pigment chlorophyll in coastal waters have been shown to rise prior to earthquakes. A joint US-Indian team of researchers analysed satellite data on ocean coastal areas lying near the epicentres of four recent quakes. Details of the research appear in the journal Advances in Space Research. They say that monitoring peaks in chlorophyll could provide early information on an impending earthquake. The grinding of plate tectonics essentially couples the temperature of the land with that of the ocean, creating the conditions for plankton to thrive.' [and from another]
Massive algae bloom swirls off coast [Jun 29] 'At the Institute of Ocean Sciences in North Saanich, researchers are tracking the swirling mass that runs the length of the Island's west coast. They believe it consists mainly of coccolithophore, a naturally occurring, single-cell phytoplankton.' [and from another] 'Readers are also watching the huge algae bloom off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Not long after the Boxing Day 2004 Indonesia earthquake/tsunami I recall having read in some obscure source that a large algae bloom had appeared just before the event and it was aligned more or less along the fault line where the earthquake occurred. This morning's Victoria Times Colonist has a front page feature with a satelite photo of a huge algae bloom extending the full length of the west coast of Vancouver Island and some distance down the US west coast.'
Signs of the Times #1613
Supreme Court rules against Bush over Guantanamo tribunals [Jun 29] 'The Court has ruled that U.S. detainees--classified by the Bush Administration as "enemy combatants"--cannot be considered exempt from the Geneva Convention. The administration had attempted to argue that the "combatants" had no rights under U.S. or international law. The 5-3 decision overturns a lower court ruling in the government's favor by Chief Justice and Bush appointee John Roberts. Roberts did not participate in the decision. A complete overhaul of the system for Guantanamo Bay detainee trails is now expected.' [and from another] Supreme Court Decision on Gitmo Undermines Bush's Legal Case For Warrantless Wiretapping [Jun 29] 'The impact of today's Supreme Court decision on military commissions goes well beyond Guantanamo. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Authorization for the Use of Military Force - issued by Congress in the days after 9/11 - is not a blank check for the administration. It does not authorize activity that was not specifically contemplated in the text or legislative history. This is incredibly significant. The administration is relying on this to justify its warrantless wiretapping program. The administration argues that it is implied as part of a broad authorization to "use all necessary and appropriate force." The Supreme Court has rejected that expansive interpretation. It's a huge blow to the administration's legal rationale for warrantless wiretapping.'
Signs of the Times #1612
Texans Part Of Possible Noah's Ark Discovery [Jun 26] 'A group of men, including several north Texans, believes it has found the remains of Noah's Ark, but it's not where most think. The group made the discovery in Iran. That may come as a surprise, because Christians have always believed Noah's Ark was in Mount Ararat, in eastern Turkey. 13,300 feet above sea level, after a seven hour hike, their pilgrimage concluded with a 400-foot long object. According to Bonnema, in biblical times, Ararat was in the region which is today northern Iran. The businessman says the petrified wood clearly bears a resemblance to a ship. A Houston lab used by the Smithsonian tested the alleged ark. Bonnema says they found that it was petrified wood, and that fossilized sea animals were buried inside it.' [Note: proof not only of the Biblical story, but of pole shifts in the past!.]
Signs of the Times #1611
In the past, crop circles have been laid down over immense areas and with great complexity, involving hundreds of items. This presented challenges to the hoaxers, claiming to have laid them by boards and string. In the past, we resisted explaining the meaning of crop circles, encouraging the public to come to their own conclusions and listen to their subconscious while gazing at the circles. But in 2004, this changed, and we did a series of analyses on their meaning. By late 2004, a different kind of hoax emerged, to mute the threat that crop circles represent to the establishment. Rather than try to duplicate circles while hoaxing, they would violate original circles, distorting their meaning! In 2005, the circle makers reacted to this disinformation technique by returning to extreme simplicity, returning to complexity only late in the season with designs that would be difficult to deface. In that Earth changes have intensified, and thus the threat circles represent have likewise intensified, the circle makers have once again returned to extreme simplicity for the 2006 season. [Note: new ZetaTalk: 2006 Season.]

Signs of the Times #1610
Airing now once a week on Wednesdays on the Blog radio, and in the Archives thereafter for free listening, The Connection featuring Nancy has broadcast or recorded the following information packed shows for the month of March. For those unable to listen to audio on their PC's, the scripts for the various shows become available as links from the ZetaTalk Media page as soon as the show airs. Currently available for the shows for June 7, June 14, June 21, June 28.
June 7 - Point of Passage, Earth vs Planet X What point is Planet X closest to Earth? Where the trajectory of Planet X places it in relationship to Earth. Rapid approach into the inner solar system, and why the creep past the Sun occurs. How gravity attraction and repulsion works, mankind's mistaken impressions, and what effect this has on the sling orbit of Planet X. Magnetic alignment of the planets in the solar system, and what part the Sun's magnetic field plays. What gyrations Planet X makes as it traverses the Sun's magnetic flow lines, and what this does to the poor Earth in the vicinity. The 270° roll of Planet X and where we are in this process today. 3 days of darkness in Catholic lore, 6 days of sunrise West in Islamic lore, and what Plato had to say about it. Why the ZetaTalk triangle describing the Point of Passage has recently come to make perfect sense. Why the days before the pole shift are hot, and how close the Earth is drawn toward the Sun before being flung back into her orbit.
June 14 - The Passage, a Short Story, Signs and Theories (Part 1) The Passage is a story about several different groups as they experience a pole shift. The Passage was first writen as a script, then later as a short story. It is the short story that is being presented here, with character descriptions from the script. The passage has not yet appeared in a publication nor on the screen, though repeated interest has been shown by those in the business. Part 1 of the story follows Danny, a young journalist, who encounters the cover-up when he tries to publish a theory held by a local East Coast professor. In this first segment of the story, Danny is discouraged at being dismissed by his editor, Mr. Maya. He goes on a camping trip to the West with his girl friend Daisy. Hitting it off with another couple, Frank and Jane, up in the Rockies, they discuss professor Issac's theories and the congruence of prophecy and folklore and geographic evidence. The campers, finding satellite interference with phone calls, red dust powdering their cars, and a late dawn, take refuge at a local ranch when the pole shift hits.
June 21 - The Passage, a Short Story, the Aftermath (Part 2) The Passage is a story about several different groups as they experience a pole shift. The Passage was first writen as a script, then later as a short story. It is the short story that is being presented here, with character descriptions from the script. Part 2 of The Passage, a short story, continues. Danny's East Coast editor is furious at having cooperated with the cover-up when he finds he has been lied to about the ultimate impact on Earth. The group at the ranch has established a tent city and has begun supplementing their diet as their supplies run out. Netty, the lone survivor during a looting massacre at a nearby resort, is pursued by the Groggin Brothers, who are dealt in vigilante style justice. Survivors of a small plane crash arrive to share their stories, as do some local townsfolk. Two survivors begin to show signs of insanity, unable to deal with the changes the pole shift wrought. Seeking help from a secret military camp, the group gets a rude awakening as the military has gone rogue. Forced to leave the ranch, they are on the run.
June 28 - The Passage, a Short Story, Survivor Groups (Part 3) The Passage is a story about several different groups as they experience a pole shift. The Passage was first writen as a script, then later as a short story. It is the short story that is being presented here, with character descriptions from the script. Part 3 of The Passage, a short story, continues. The group from the ranch discover evidence of canibalism. The ranch survivors reach the river, encountering another survival group which welcomes them, but the rogue military group and the cannibals are both pursuing them. They are followed by the rogue military unit whose general is enraged by some of his unit deserting to help the survivors. On the run again, the survivors must deal with wild dog packs until they arrive at a Dome City in the woods, under the protection of Zetas and including hybrid children among the residents. The survivors of the small plane crash have split from the group to rig an air balloon and return to the East Coast, passing over horrific sights along the way. A Colonel, who has deserted the rogue military unit to help the survivors, sets out to retrieve his family and bring them back to the safety of the Dome City.