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Signs of the Times #1001
Homing Pigeons Vanish During Race [Jul 22] ‘ Of the 2000 pigeons let loose last week, only about 500 have returned to their lofts after the 150km flight between the cities of Ljungby and Malmoe in southern Sweden, said Lars-Aake Nilsson of the Malmoe Homing Pigeon Club. In past races, the birds, all of which sport electronic identification tags around their feet, made the journey in about two hours. But at Sunday´s race, something went wrong. The pigeons have a natural homing instinct and are believed to navigate by the sun and the magnetic waves of the earth, Nilsson said. He said there have been no reported sightings of the missing birds anywhere in southern Sweden. He declined to say how much the birds were worth.’ [and from another source] Satellites in low-Earth orbit over Southern Africa showing radiation damage [Jul 18] 'Satellites in low-Earth orbit over Southern Africa are already showing signs of radiation damage suffered as a result of the Earth's magnetic field weakening above our part of the planet. The field forms the magnetosphere, which, like the Earth's ozone layer, protects the planet from the sun's harmful radiation.'
Signs of the Times #1000
Satellites Observe Giant Rogue Waves At Sea [Jul 22] ‘European satellites have given confirmation to terrified mariners who describe seeing freak waves as tall as 10-storey buildings, the European Space Agency (ESA) said. Rogue waves have been the anecdotal cause behind scores of sinkings of vessels as large as container ships and supertankers over the past two decades. But evidence to support this has been sketchy, and many marine scientists have clung to statistical models that say monstrous deviations from the normal sea state only occur once every thousand years. Testing this promise, ESA tasked two of its Earth-scanning satellites, ERS-1 and ERS-2, to monitor the oceans with their radar. Even though the research period was brief, the satellites identified more than 10 individual giant waves around the globe that measured more than 25 metres (81.25 feet) in height, ESA said in a press release. Ironically, the research coincided with two "rogue wave" incidents in which two tourist cruisers, the Bremen and the Caledonian Star, had their bridge windows smashed by 30-metre (100-feet) monsters in the South Atlantic.’ [Note: ships out to sea to avoid calamity during the pole shift, not necessarily all that safe!]
Signs of the Times #999
A One in a new Sweep set was accompanied by Turkey derailment and an imploding Manila and Worldwide heat/drough/flooding, the Two preceeded by 12 Hour wobbles and accompanied by Asian quakes and sweep related Magnetic spikes. [and from another source] On July 25, Asian quakes primarily off shore: 7.2 Nicobar Islands, India 6.4 Gulf of Thailand 8.1 South China Sea 7.5 Sumatera, Indonesia 7.4 Java Sea 6.7 Western Australia [and from another source] Note the spikes on July 23 and July 25, sweep dates
Signs of the Times #998
Train Derailment in Turkey [Jul 22] ‘Investigators in Turkey are trying to establish why a high-speed train came off the rails between Istanbul and Ankara, killing at least 36 people. The head of Turkey's railway network, Suleyman Karaman, says sabotage was not to blame for Thursday's disaster. Officials have rejected some reports that the train, with 230 people on board, was going too fast. The packed express derailed near the town of Pamukova, in north-west Turkey, at 1945 local time (1645GMT). The government crisis centre initially put the death toll at 139 - but later revised the figures downwards.’
Signs of the Times #997
Divisoria Building Crumbles [Jul 23] ‘Heavy rains and strong winds triggered the collapse of a building in Manila's Divisoria district Friday that earlier showed signs of wobbling on its foundation. No injuries were reported as of posting time. Authorities have evacuated all occupants of the building Friday morning on fears that it may collapse anytime. The eight-storey SAI building located on the corner of Padre Rada and Juan Luna streets has caved in. At past 10 AM Friday, tenants heard a loud explosion inside the building and felt the structure was sinking into the ground. Authorities has advised tenants of nearby buildings to leave. The building owner, a businessman named Ajit Mansukhani, blamed a nearby construction site for the incident. He said the huge pit near his property was turning the soil loose around the building's foundations.’
Signs of the Times #996
Shanghai Heatwave [Jul 23] ‘Meteorologists in China's economic hub Shanghai plan to seed clouds this weekend to try to create rain and cool scorching temperatures’ [and from another source] China Flood Death Toll Nears 400 [Jul 22] ‘The north of China has suffered severe droughts, while heavy rains have caused flooding in southern and central areas. Already, more than 350,000 people are thought to have been left stranded by rising rivers and lakes in Hunan province.’ [and from another source] Tokyo Temperature Hits Record High as Heat Wave Continues [Jul 20] ‘The temperature in central Tokyo hit a record 39.5 degrees Celsius (103.1 Fahrenheit) Tuesday as a heat wave continued to scorch many parts of Japan, the Meteorological Agency said.’ [and from another source] In JAPAN, [Jul 24] Fukui county, heavy rain flood, while in 4 hours, this 4 hours rain amount is equal 1 year! 42,500 homes took refuge in. [and from another source] Indian Monsoon Shows no Signs of Recovery [Jul 23] ‘India's southwest monsoon rains continue to be tardy and there are no signs of a rapid recovery in the remaining days of July, a crucial month for the flowering of most crops.’ [and from another source] Death toll in Bangladesh floods rises to 185, more than 19 million affected [Jul 23] ‘The number of people affected had risen from 11 million to more than 19 million out of a total population of 140 million.’ [and from another source] Italy Breaks its Electricity Consumption Records during Hot Weather [Jul 23] ‘A heat wave caused Italy to break its electricity consumption record Friday, after seasonal records were broken on Thursday, breaking the previous record of 53,400 megawatts, which was registered in December 2003 and caused by a cold snap.’ [and from another source] Dangerous Drinking Water Quality after Flooding in Sweden [Jul 23] ‘Heavy rain and flooding in recent weeks have greatly diminished the quality of drinking water in some parts of Sweden ... Contamination on sewage that had seeped into wells swamped by all the excess water.’