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Signs of the Times #995
The moonrise times according to environment Canada and the Navy site don´t match for our are area, compare. U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department [Jul 18] Environment Canada Calgary Moonrise can´t be at 5:30 AND 7:43. Moonset can´t be at 22:00 AND 23:18. Something isn´t right is the Understatement of the year. [and from another source] Slovenia is finding the Sun moving northward, increasingly, on July 19. ‘For the past few days, I find it increasingly that I have to put [the Sun-shield] to the left even at some parts of the road in first and last part of the way [when driving East].’ ... Austin, TX noted, on July 15, the Sunrise in their North facing window. ‘The Sun now rises through the North facing window!’ ... Kansas City, MO found the Noon, tracked for over a year as a time keeper, suddenly as of July 20 coming earlier. Per the Navy, Sun transit was at 1:25 PM for July 20 and at 1:24 PM on July 13. ‘Noon changed. I had not gotten to see it for a week. Usually it is 30 minutes late, coming at 1:30 PM. But when checked at 1:30 [Jul 20] it was well past Noon by the shadow. So I don't yet know how much it changed or when in the past 7 days or so.’ ... Dallas, TX finds the afternoon sun now from the North, just within the past few days. ‘The plants on the north side of my house never get direct sun. For the last 3-5 days [Jul 21], these plants are now getting full afternoon sun.’ [and from another source] This webcam on the Aeolian Islands looks out over a lava flow dropping into the water, out over the crater area noted, pointing at a 45° angle NW to the webcam. Note the ridges to the right and left, on the topo map, of the webcam, showing the angle. Per Skymap, for this date and time of day, at 5:11 PM on July 18, the Sun should be sighted almost due West, at 275°. However, the actual angle shown is an Azi of 315°, a full 45° too far to the North at sunset!
Signs of the Times #994
A Four in the new Sweep set occurred this time, accompanied by Connecticut explosiong. [and from another source] Hartford power Outage could last up to 32 Hours [Jul 21] 'CL&P says it could take anywhere between 18 and 32 hours to repair the damage that has knocked out power to a portion of downtown Hartford. They are first trying to make the area safe, then they will fix the problem, and finally they will try to determine what caused the underground fire. The outages are centered around the central business district of the city where an underground fire destroyed some feeders. Crews on the scene trying to determine the cause of the outages and the extent of the damage.' [Note: estimate given because cause unknown.]
Signs of the Times #993
Lakes Drained In Medford After Dams Burst [July 14] ‘Aerial images taken from Chopper 10 on Wednesday show that a chain of private lakes in the Medford Lakes NJ area were entirely drained after Monday's series of dam bursts. The footage, which airs Wednesday on NBC 10 News, reveals pictures of houses without waterfronts, twisted and damaged docks, and debris-laden lake beds. The water in the lakes drained into the surrounding homes and streets.’ [and from another source] Residents Brace For More Rain [July 14] ‘Residents in the Northeast are bracing for more heavy rain and flooding Wednesday after some towns were hit with what meteorologists called once-in-a-lifetime storms Monday night. Severe storms with the potential for more heavy downpours were forecast in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland on Wednesday. The storm dumped over 13 inches of rain in a 12-hour period in Burlington County, located in southern New Jersey. It was classified as a 1,000 year storm, the National Weather Service said.’
Signs of the Times #992
Ontario, Quebec clean up after flood disaster [Jul 15] ‘Peterborough Mayor Sylvia Sutherland said those living downstream who rely on well water should boil their water before consumption. Streets have been washed out and most were impassable, with the water almost one-metre deep and lapping at car windows. Earlier in the morning, the current of water was moving so fast down the roads, people would not have been able to stand in it. Hundreds of basements have been flooded. Residents were told not to pump the water out of their basements because they would be removing clean water with raw sewage. Further heavy rains were expected across much of Ontario, with specific warnings for Belleville, Haliburton, Algonquin, Pembroke, Smiths Falls and Lanark.’
Signs of the Times #991
Flood toll climbs to 18 in Japan [Jul 18] ‘Since last Monday, more than 20 inches of rain had fallen in Niigata prefecture, nearly one-fifth the annual average. Local authorities maintained an evacuation order for more than 12,000 households in the prefecture. More rain was forecast to fall in the region on Monday. Authorities advised about 40,000 households along the Asuwa River to seek refuge in shelters. Train services were halted and bridges spanning the river were washed away.’
Signs of the Times #990
Floods, Earthquakes Strike Auckland [Jul 19] ‘Parts of New Zealand´s central north island remain under water after once-in-a-century flooding and more than 100 minor earthquakes hit the region, killing two people. Authorities said the main danger from serious flooding in the eastern Bay of Plenty appeared to have passed and the swarm of earthquakes was tailing off. About 1000 people were still unable to return to their homes.’ [and from another source] The rivers are still rising, and all those little earthquakes are causing landslides. They are forecasting more rain for tomorrow night. Not good down there. ... My daughter was involved in the Civil Defense. She says that the flood was 125% of the 100 year level which was what the flood protection was designed for.
Signs of the Times #989
Where's summer in Europe? [Jul 16] ‘Snowball fights in July. Mulled wine instead of wine coolers. Thermostats set on high. Spring has come and gone, fall approaches, and Europeans from Oslo to Budapest are still waiting for the summer. Much of Europe woke up to yet another day of chilly temperatures and rain on Thursday, adding to the weeks of miserable weather gripping Europe from Scandinavia down to parts of the Balkans. And this, in a continent that had feared a recurrence of last summer's heat wave, which killed thousands.’
Signs of the Times #988
Climate fears for rising waters [Jul 14] ‘London could be among the first cities to go if global warming causes the planet's ice to melt, the UK government's chief scientific adviser has warned. He said ice was melting faster and, if the trend continued, floods could wipe out London, New York and New Orleans. On current trends, cities like London, New York and New Orleans will be among the first to go. Sir David said the sea would rise six or seven metres if the Greenland ice cap melted and a further 110 metres if Antarctica melted.’ [and from another source] England: Minister urges public to stock up for terror attack [Jul 19],1320,1264384,00.html ‘The government is to advise households across Britain to stock up on supplies of tinned food, bottled water and medical kits to help them through a terrorist attack. The largest simulated terrorist attack in Britain took place More than 2,000 firefighters, police, ambulance crews and army volunteers participated in a chemical gas attack in Birmingham yesterday in an exercise designed to test the country´s preparedness for a big terrorist attack. Police officers in gas masks controlled the situation as some of the victims tried to escape the containment area. ‘ [Note: as in the USA, terror attacks are the only reason given for being prepared, and a shelter-in-place, despite the danger, is the imposed.]
Signs of the Times #987
First US Weapon to be Sent into Space in July ‘This July, the human race will pass a sinister milestone. A test satellite called the Near Field Infrared Experiment (NFIRE)-set for launch by a Minotaur missile from a NASA base in Virginia. NFIRE is part of the Bush regime’s multibillion-dollar, crony-feeding boon-doggle known as Missile Defense. But NFIRE is itself weaponised, carrying a projectile-packed kill vehicle that can destroy. This marks the first time in history that any nation has put a weapon into space, despite America’s still-official policy against such a practice. And as Pentagon officials made clear in an eye-opening presentation to Congress in February, NFIRE’s test is just the first spark of a conflagration that will soon set the heavens ablaze with American weaponry capable of striking— and destroying—any spot on Earth. NFIRE is already operational. It began in August 2002 and has moved steadily toward its long-established summer 2004 launch date, according to NASA and press releases from the private contractors involved.’ [Note: the importance of being able to dominate the world, during this time.]
Signs of the Times #986
Secret Film Shows Iraq Prisoners Sodomised [Jul 16] ‘Young male prisoners were filmed being sodomised by American soldiers at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad, according to the journalist who first revealed the abuses there. Seymour Hersh, who reported on the torture of the prisoners in New Yorker magazine in May, told an audience in San Francisco that it´s worse. The boys were sodomised with the cameras rolling, and the worst part is the soundtrack, of the boys shrieking. He accused the US administration, and all but accused President George Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney of complicity in covering up what he called war crimes.’ [Note: the importance of controlling the worlds oil supply, during this time.]
Signs of the Times #985
The Three in the new Sweep set occurred closer together, on Jul 19, a day earlier than expected. [and from another source] Major Earthquake Reported North of Vancouver in Canada [Jul 19] ‘A major earthquake, measuring 6.2 points on the Richter scale, hit Vancouver Island off the Pacific coast of Canada, early Monday, a French seismological institute reported. The epicentre of the earthquake was at 49.69 degrees North and 126.90 degrees West, about 300 kilometres (190 miles) northwest of Vancouver city, the Strasbourg-based Observatory of Science and the Earth said in a statement.’ [and from another source] Dolomite Rock Crumbles Down 300 Metres [Jul 19] ‘The first to crumble was the Gran Zebru' peak at Solda, then the Trephor Tower, one of the 5 towers in the Cortina d'Ampezzo area, and finally a Dolomite mountain yesterday. An 80-meters wide triangular rock collapsed. The rock crumbled down over 300 metres landing on the Dolomite's Alta Via path. Experts say that the crumbles are the result of both climate changes, with sudden switches from cold to warm weather and minor eartquakes.’
Signs of the Times #984
Some narrations that are not highly authenticated to prophet Muhammad tell about a cataclysm that will occur as a sign to the end-times. When the 15th of Ramadhan (month of fasting) matches a Friday (this happens every couple years), People all over will hear a very strong wobble that will force anyone standing to fall and will awaken the sleep etc. While another narration points to a year that will be the start of the end, to be two hundred and four, a man asked the narrator "What do you mean 204?" he answered "Not according to our calendar but non-Arabs!" This year is 2004 and the 15th of Ramadhan (Oct 29th) will be a Friday. [Note: relationship to Time Line Clues below.]
Signs of the Times #983
With 60% supplanted by Jul 15 in Southfield, based on the same rate, this would be supplanting by another 10% by Aug 28, Oct 10, to 90% by Nov 23. ... Per the time line in Pegsdon, all three planets go horizontal before Planet X goes side-by-side. For Mercury to do this, it must be transiting in front of the Sun at the Dec 25 position where Earth is stalled. Mercury Was seen to transit in front of the Sun on May 7, 2003 and by increments of 87 days, the orbit period of Mercury, it would be between the Earth and Sun on about Nov 8. ... The Milk Hill diagram shows a pattern of 4, then 5, then 5, then 5, then 5 in a cycle where all are crowded to arrive at the Ecliptic point where the impact is magnified horizonatally. Major sweeps doubles to every 3.2 weeks as the Earth is not chasing in front of the sweeping arms. Windmill Hill was laid down on July 17, in a sweep cycle that began on July 15. Counting forward by 3.2 week increments, we arrive at Nov 12. [Note: Nancy's analysis of the Time Line Clues given by the Zetas.]
Signs of the Times #982
From the time the diagram in Italy was laid, until Southfield, this supplanting of influence has increased from approximately 50% to 60%, for the observant, a timeline to be watched. The circle makers conveniently placed their diagram along field lines to highlight this percentage. ... What then is to be made of the diagram at Pegsdon, where the 23° angle of exit of Planet X is clearly indicated as it approaches the Sun at a 32° angle from beneath the Ecliptic? Here again a time line clue is given for the astute, as there are three magnetic planets in the inner solar system now, Mercury, Earth, and Planet X. Pegsdon shows three horizontal end-to-end alignments. ... As Planet X exits, its rotation alignment assumes a 23° tilt to the Ecliptic, and as Beckhampton explains, this particle flow is assuming increasing importance as the point of passage approaches. ... For those watching the sweeps, and the patterns they present, this again is a clue to the timeline. [Note: New ZetaTalk: Time Line Clues.]
Signs of the Times #981
At a time when the Sun is supposedly at solar minimum, activity is at an all-time high. These solar burps are insignificant, however, no more significant than tree branches moving under a gentle breeze, and merely reflect a change in the particle flow distribution due to the presence of Planet X. This was true when Planet X zoomed at high speed into the inner Solar System in the early days of 2003, creating a disruption due to its speed and then the sudden braking action taken as the Repulsion Force kicked in, both actions a change for the existing particle flow distribution. The reverse is true now, with Planet X picking up speed as it has passed the S. Pole of the Sun, and propelled by the Repulsion Force, is preparing to punch through the Ecliptic and rapidly exit the inner Solar System. For those humans anxiously watching the Sun's burps and wondering if their Sun is going nuclear, it is not. The most recent Woodbridge crop circle is clearly reassuring mankind, by using the universal symbol for radiation warning, within the circle, within the Sun, bounded by many layers of protection. [Note: New ZetaTalk: Not Nuclear.]
Signs of the Times #980
The Two in a new Sweep set occurred right on schedule! The pattern, 8 days apart, the One followed by the Two within two days, and the Three on average three days after that. Predictable! [and from another source] Quarter-mile-long fissure opens north of Willcox [Jul 16] 'Authorities today are investigating the cause of a fissure north of Willcox that spans a quarter mile and is up to five feet wide at some points. The fissure was discovered Wednesday morning by a resident who told Cochise County Sheriff's deputies that he awoke to loud rumbling and crackling overnight. He found a fissure near his home, that officials say appears to be expanding. Authorities do not know how deep the fissure is, but Carol Capas, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Department said it's too deep to see the bottom. Only two homes are in the immediate area and no property is in imminent danger. Roads in the area have been closed. Willcox is about 80 miles east of Tucson. Officials with various utility companies, including Southwest Gas and Tucson Electric Power, have been called to the site along with officials from the University of Arizona to help determine what caused the fissure and how to deal with it.'
Signs of the Times #979
The key to the Earth wobble many are now beginning to Notice, and the odd cold spot that lingers over Hudson Bay and in the waters off Nova Scotia, lies in the shape of the Atlantic Rift. Why has an Earth wobble developed? 1. Due to the S shape of the rift, leading with its southern edge more toward the East, this gives Europe to Ontario a sunrise with a northern tilt, the increasing motion NORTH of the Sun after the Solstice tha has been noted. 2. This gives the Western Half of the United States a sunrise location more in keeping with what is expected shortly after the Solstice, the Sun seeming to move South. This also moves the Hudson Bay and waters off Nova Scotia away from direct sunlight, thus the odd cold these regions are experiencing during their Summer. 3. Thus Siberia does not find itself with the lack of sunlight the Hudson Bay region does during its daylight hours. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Earth Wobble.]
Signs of the Times #978
Kitab al Irshad, The Twelfth Imam ‘The star will appear in the east giving light just like the moon gives light ... a colour will appear in the sky and spread to its horizons ... a fire will appear for a long time in the east remaining in the air for three or seven days ... the rising of the sun from the west one of the things which must happen ... Between the decline of the sun (at noon) and the time of the afternoon prayer, the sun will remain still ... the Euphrates will flood so that the water goes into the alleys of Kufa ... the people will be chided for their acts of disobedience by a fire which will appear in the sky and a redness which will cover the sky. ‘ [and from another source] The Age of Aquarius and Hercolubus by Samael Aun Weor [Mar 4] ‘Earth, in these moments, is moaning, it is agonizing; all of this indicates disaster and in the long run, it will end in a frightful cataclysm. When we see the sun coming out more and more towards the north, we will know that the times of the end are near and that we march towards a catastrophe’