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Signs of the Times #954
Sinkhole Swallows Giraffe and Ostrich at zoo; Animals Drown [Jul 4] ‘A giraffe and ostrich at Louisiana Purchase Gardens Zoo apparently tumbled into a 15-foot-deep sinkhole caused by a burst water main and drowned. He believes the 17-foot-tall, 3,000-pound, Rothschild giraffe was getting a drink when the 9-foot-wide sinkhole collapsed under his weight, causing the animal to tumble in head first. The ostrich, one of four female ostriches at the zoo the past four years, likely was standing beside the giraffe, Thomas said. Hoof stock supervisor Gene Fitch discovered the giraffe and ostrich were missing during the mandatory head count at 8 a.m. Saturday. He knew something was wrong. A 17-foot giraffe doesn't just disappear.’
Signs of the Times #953
The full moon set this morning, July 2, at 210° of compass here in Washington State. For those not familiar with these sorts of things, that heading is a mere 30° away from magnetic south! And just a scant few hours earlier, the full moon made it's daily appearance at 128° east, southeast. During the entire course of it's transit across the southern sky, it never rose more than 30° from the horizon. [Note: 15° too far SOUTH, for Moonset in Washington State] We must be changing directions with our wobble again. On Saturday night (July 3) at its orbital peak the moon was really low, not more than 35° above the southern horizon. Sunday night (July 4) it had swung back some, to about 45° above the southern horizon. And last night (July 5) it was about 50° above the horizon here in Mississippi. [Note: 15° too HIGH at orbital peak on July 5 in Mississippi.] Twirling? What does that mean? Why is the cold spot to the west of Hudson Bay the coldest spot on Earth? That’s not the N Pole. What point is pointing away from the Sun most of the day? Are we going to develop a wobble? Are we going to suddenly lurch about so that the Sun is rising and setting in a place way off from where the public would expect? This is in your future, folks, but we will not give you the date. [Note: ZetaTalk: Twirling Wobble predicted by the Zetas on May 25. Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #952
I´m currently in Melbourne, Australia. At 7AM there´s an amazingly bright object about ENE, approx 30 degrees vertical. [too HIGH/EARLY in Australia, should be 20° above the horizon] For the Washington State view, it should have been at 24° inclination. This bright object was 35° easy from the horizon, once again too high per the applets. [too HIGH/EARLY for Washington State, by 10° again] I am in Western Pennsylvania and have been watching this object in the morning sky for about a week now. It appears around 5:30 AM in a SE position. [too HIGH/EARLY for Pittsburg, by 15° andfurther along on the Ecliptic than expected] Here are a series of 5 pictures this morning taken from the live cam at the Haelakala Crater. Finally, the object starts to fade at 5:25. From this location it is visible for 2 hours prior to sunrise! [too HIGH/EARLY for Honolulu, visible an hour before expected.] Did Venus transit? What does the word ‘transit’ mean? It means a concluded and completed passage, in one side, entirely out the other, and nothing half way about it. Venus went half way, and is not proceeding past the Sun on its orbit. How do we know? We and others pushed it there, into position despite its reluctance, and properly so as to be viewed from Earth. [Note: in ZetaTalk: Bait and Switch an incomplete transit was predicted. Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #951
Putin Adviser says Russian Banks in Crisis [Jul 8] ‘Russia’s largest private bank acted to stop a run on deposits on Thursday as President Vladimir Putin’s economic adviser said the country’s banking industry was in crisis and blamed the government. Alfa-Bank imposed a 10 percent commission on depositors who want to withdraw cash early as authorities fought to prevent a run on banks and bring calm to the sector. The government and central bank tried to assure depositors with painful memories of a banking collapse six years ago that there was not about to be a repeat. The banking sector’s problems started in May when a small bank lost its license for money laundering. The following month, another small bank shut shop and then a medium-sized bank, Dialog-Optim, stopped taking deposits. The events hit confidence, triggering a liquidity crunch as major banks stopped lending to smaller ones. Early this week, one of the top 20 banks, Guta bank, had to shut its doors to depositors. It is about to be taken over by state-owned Vneshtorgbank.’
Signs of the Times #950
Lay Indicted in Enron´s Collapse ‘Former Enron Corp. chairman and CEO Kenneth Lay has been indicted on criminal charges related to the energy company´s collapse. Enron, once No. 7 on the Fortune 500, had more than 20,000 employees worldwide before the company imploded nearly three years ago amid revelations of hidden debt, inflated profits and accounting tricks. The charges against Lay come 2 1/2 years after the federal government launched its painstaking investigation.’ [and from another source]‘As Bush assumed the presidency, Enron had unusual access to the new administration´s deliberations about energy policy and appointments to important posts. Lay served on the Bush transition team and helped interview candidates for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which oversees the gas pipelines and electricity grids that are key to Enron´s business.’
Signs of the Times #949
Why is 23° the key? It is not by accident that a 23° tilt of the Earth occurred during the swift pole shift during the Last Passage. If Planet X was exiting at that angle, might this be the angle it assumes, along the magnetic flow lines of the Sun, as it approaches the Earth in her orbit? Asymmetrical Crop Circles are relaying the degree of distress, in crowded particle flows, in conflicting forces, that the passage causes. This is not a happy time for man, a wild ride, with many surprises, that explanations such as Global Warming or asteroid swarms scarcely cover. [and from another] We have explained that Planet X aligns with the magnetic flow lines of the Sun as it rounds the Sun just beside the S. Pole, and heads on out toward the hapless Earth halted in her orbit. We stated on June 18, 2004 that Planet X was at that time leaning at a 45° Angle, N. Pole to the Sun's S. Pole, in accommodation. A close look at the most recent circle laid in Coventry, Britain, shows the placement of Planet X poised for a potential 270° Roll. The Earth, already leaning toward her brother, will surely notice. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Asymmetrical Affair and ZetaTalk: Ready to Tip.]
Signs of the Times #948
Looming Venus [Jul 4] If Venus is indeed the culprit here, then the planet is obviously being affected in some way that makes it brighter, much brighter than normal. At 4:50 this morning, Venus must have just taken her steroids. [and from another] Over here in Israel [Jul 4] it was by far the largest, brightest object I or anyone else that I shown this to in the past month, have ever seen! [and from another] For the Washington State view, it should have been at 24 degrees inclination. This bright object was 35 degrees, easy from the horizon, once again too high. [and from another] From Switzerland. What I saw, no binoculars, was a very bright ball to the right of the rising sun. The sun has been rising further northeast for this past week. [and from another] I live in Melbourne, Australia. It was indeed huge, as you describe, with a smaller star also. [and from another] I am in Texas. It was around 5:20 AM you could see it until the sun came up. I have nver seen anything in the sky like it, it was huge! Relative to a normal star you see in the sky it looked 100x larger. [and from another] Here in Indonesia 5:27 AM [Jul 6], Venus is huge. I am not an astronomer but I never seen Venus that big. [and from another] I live in New Zealand. I compared the size and brightness to some street lamps a couple of blocks away, and it was about the same. I´ve been working these hours for years, and I have never seen Venus look like that. [Note: Venus is swinging round to reverse orbit again, pushed toward Earth by Planet X, as the Zetas said, Not Making a transit at all.]
Signs of the Times #947
I´m in Florida, and I took these pics between approximately 5:30 - 6:00 AM. Rising above the eastern horizon. I took the photos with my digital camera (Gateway 4.0 Megapixels). Yes, you can see this with the naked eye - it is very bright in the pre-dawn sky. The photos were taken over the course of about a half-an-hour. One pic was taken just as the sun was rising and the sky is very grainy (probably because I had the camera on the night sky setting), but you can see the bright star. To the naked eye, the object (Venus) appears to be a very large blazing star. [and from another] I threw one in of the Moon as a reference as well as a non-zoomed shot. I used a Panasonic Lumix, max Zoom is 12x optical & 3x digital, all images [Jul 7] except the one with the palm trees is 36x. I really must admit that Venus is probably the brightest I´ve ever seen it as well as being slightly orange in color as opposed the stark white I´m used to.
Signs of the Times #946
It was a difficult catch , the time is 23:00 (22:00 real) and there is yet the sun glare and the star's position is too low (about 30 minutes) in the horizon. But Dark Twin is going to Jupiter , I think that will reach it at the end of the month. [and from another source] On June 4th I not only was the moon out of position but that it appeared, relative to some photos, to be rotated slightly, about 12 degrees clockwise. This morning [Jul 4], as I was tracking the moon's descent a finally clear, dark sky gave me an incredibly good view of the near full Moon about thirty degrees off the horizon. To my surprise the moon had rotated another 10-12 degrees clockwise on its axis. [and from another source] The Earth is probably in some sort of tilting mode [Jul 2]. I use tilting instead of wobble so as not to confuse it with the Chandler wobble. We are presently in Australia and I have on a couple occassions over the past 2 months observed the Southern Cross compressed northwards, into the zodiac, so to speak. My estimate based on hand-spanning off the horizon was a good 5-10 degrees out of position. [and from another source] Today, Thursday, July 1, 2004, the Sun rose at 06:07 hrs, Azi 45°. Very red sky at horizon. A bright round area of brilliant light preceded the actual Sunrise by 2-3 minutes. Skymap has the Sun rising at Azi 63°, a full 18° too far NORTH! [Note: Orbit aberations continue apace. As the Book of Enoch says 'And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order (prescribed). And these shall alter their orbits and tasks, And not appear at the seasons prescribed to them.' ]