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Signs of the Times #1318
Meteorite Hits Cambodia, Sparks Fires and Prayers [Jan 26] ‘A 10 pound meteorite which landed in a former Khmer Rouge zone of northwest Cambodia started fires across rice fields. The black lump of celestial rock sent villagers scurrying for cover when it thumped into the ground in the war-scarred southeast Asian nation on Monday morning. It made a noise like a bomb exploding.’ [and from another source] Meteor Seen Falling In Madrid [Jan 28] ‘A spectacular fireball meteor was seen falling in the neighbourhood of two Madrid airports. We had three calls and are aware of other calls reporting a huge fireball before midnight, said Luis Serrano of the emergency telephone service in Madrid. Spanish press agency EFE also received calls reporting the falling object which was seen descending nearly vertically near the airports.’ [and from another source] A surprise for me because the two objects are steady and I got this series of photos in 35 minutes. Alberto in Italy [Note: Planet X getting closer as the Moon Swirls are doing an fast dance with each other.]
Signs of the Times #1317
Sinkhole reports cropping up across Volusia [Jan 29] ‘Fears grow among residents who find low spots in their yards or cracks in their homes. Experts say there's still no reason to panic. The situation sounds unusual, said geologist Frank Rupert, of the Florida Geological Survey in Tallahassee. But, statistically, the odds are still that you are not going to have your house swallowed by a sinkhole. That doesn't reassure homeowners coping with gaping holes yards away or mysterious cracks opening in their walls. Sinkholes are extremely unusual in east Volusia with only two reported in the past 44 years. Griffis is getting five to 10 calls a day about suspected sinkholes. The suspicious sinking isn't confined to West Volusia. In South Daytona, the home of David and Renee Bethea started cracking Dec. 7. It's been a nightmare of frustration ever since, David Bethea said. Floors, walls and ceilings are cracked, and windows are askew.’ [Note: Florida is in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #1316
Blizzards paralyse Algerian city [Jan 26] ‘The worst snowfalls in more than 50 years have paralysed Algeria's capital, Algiers, and more than a third of the country, the authorities say.’ [and from another source] Boston sets snow record [Jan 27] ‘The 5.4 inches of new snow recorded at Logan Airport before the storm let up Thursday morning came only days after the blizzard that dumped more than 3 feet of snow. It brought the airport's January total to 43.1 inches of snow, more than in any month since the National Weather Service began keeping records for the city in 1892.’ [and from another source] Snow-deprived Europe gets walloped [Jan 27] ‘Fouling traffic and tempers, heavy snow fell on Thursday on much of Europe that had been spared winter's full fury for weeks, giving Rome and the Mediterranean island of Mallorca a rare white blanket.’
Signs of the Times #1315
Coast Guard sends help to stalled 'Semester at Sea' ship [Jan 26] ‘Coast Guard rescuers are rushing to a Semester at Sea research ship with 990 people on board that lost power in roiling seas Wednesday afternoon in the North Pacific south of the Aleutians. A 50-foot wave smashed through the bridge windows of the 591-foot MV Explorer around 2:30 p.m., pouring saltwater over electrical components on board and disabling all four of its engines. The Explorer, which was en route from Vancouver, B.C., to Japan, contacted the Coast Guard about five minutes after the wave toppled the ship. Semester at Sea is a university program sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh. It takes approximately 600 students from colleges and universities from across the United States and abroad, around the world for a semester.’
Signs of the Times #1314
Put your hand on the N. Pole of the globe, twisting to the right as though turning the cap off a jar. Put your other hand on the S. Pole of the globe, twisting to the left as you open the jar, in this case the Earth, her plates coming apart. You not only pop the Indio/Australian plate lose and plunge the Pacific and Philippine plates under Asia, you relieve stress along the entire N. American continent! This is the force of the push against the magnetic N. Pole whenever it presents a face to Planet X. Move on, push back, is the shove from Planet X, which is the cause of the Figure 8 wobble many are documenting. Why is it that Central and South America do not escape, as participants in the Ring of Fire, but the plate housing the magnetic N. Pole escapes? It is pushed out of the way! For those not following the Polar Wobble, mindlessly thinking all is right with the world as the Sun rises and sets and the world continues to turn, consider this. There is no other explanation for this earthquake spread. None. Once again, our words logical, precise, and consistent with prior messages. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Snap, Crackle, and Pop.]
Signs of the Times #1313 I live [Jan 23] right beside what is called the Balcones Fault in Texas. It's a dead fault line, we are told. It is not moving and hasn't moved since the last Ice Age or thereabouts. I drive for a living, hours and hours up and down local roads. Roads that the worst of were all repaved and leveled, made pretty and nice and smooth after the last spate of very bad flooding in 1999. Every street in town is washboarding. Every highway, Interstates included, bobbled up and down, making the ride along them one jolt, bump, dip, lurch, after another. The city sends out crews to smooth and pave again and again. The roads over the Balcones Fault continue to swell, sink, twist, dip and drop again and again and again. One bridge over the Interstate sank from 16 feet high to 13'5. That immediately caused an automatic detour route to be made available for semi's travelling the Interstate because many of them are definitely over 14' feet high. The earth here is slipping and sliding. Houses move off foundations. Floors sink. Roof lines twist. Slab foundations slowly move southeast, sinking as they slide. Nobody roundabouts attributes these changes to any source. Me, myself, I think the whole Balcones Escarpment of Texas is slowly sinking into the Gulf of Mexico. The changes are right in front of our eyes. Think about it. [Note: Texas is in the stretch zone. Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #1312
Technically known as the Cornuto, (cornuto is Latin for horn) it is a well-established symbol of Satanism. The book, Satanism in America writes, ‘The 'Horned Hand’ is the sign of recognition between those who are in the occult’ According to The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects, is an ‘appeal to the devil’. Satanist Anton LaVey is shown forming the Cornuto on the back of The Satanic Bible. The Horned Hand is also flashed during the Satanic Black Mass. [and from another source] Horned God, represents the horned god of witchcraft. Pan or Cernunnos. Note the thumb under the fingers and given by the right hand. Horned Hand, the sign of recognition between those in the Occult. When pointed at someone it is meant to place a curse. [and from another source] This is not the ‘I love you’ sign langage where the thumb is extended.

[and from another source] Nothing satanic, He was giving the Hook 'Em Horns hand sign (University of Texas) his acknowledgement of victory. [and from another source] Begun in 1955, the `Hook 'em Horns' sign started by Harley Clark still motivates UT fans today. Is it mere coincidence that every Satanist in the world uses the same hand salute? [and from another source] Hey, people the sign of the Texas Longhorns is to put the thumb and little finger out, exteneded. The sign of the devil horn, or a Satantic signal is to stick the index and little finger up in the air while holding the two middle fingers inside the hand, held down with the thumb. A big differance. [Note: Bush family giving well known Satanic Symbol during the inauguration. Texas, and now the nation, gone to the Devil.]
Signs of the Times #1311
Beyond these reasons for not being explicit in detailing the sequence of events is the ever present need to keep the establishment from formulating firm Martial Law plans. This looms like a dark boot over the heads of children at play, the desire to stomp hundreds of millions of innocents to death during the hours of chaos ever present, to eliminate demands for food and shelter from those not considered suitable for work camps. The common man, to whom we speak in our compassion to see them informed of what is to come, emotionally prepared for what this will mean in their lives, and able to lay plans for how they may help themselves and those they love and feel responsible for, nevertheless gets the message. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Sequence of Events.] The cover-up will long since have become a casualty. A globe falling to its side during an increasing wobble and rolling its N Pole away from the Sun will get the attention of even those most determined to run from the truth. Certainly, the social infrastructure will break, jobs unattended or if attended mistakes made. We have described what signs the common man should look for, in order to time his escape to safety, and described in great detail what traps to avoid and how to prepare for the Aftertime. Regardless of what sequence of events will occur between now and then, he is armed. The breaches in the sequence of events, however, are designed to disarm the establishment, who will find themselves on a level, a par, with the common man they so disdain. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Clear Message.]
Signs of the Times #1310
Jumbo squid wash up in California [Jan 21] ‘Hundreds of dead large squid have been washing up on beaches in Orange County, California, puzzling scientists. The creatures - which can reach 1.8m long (6 feet) and weigh up to 7.7kg (17lb) - normally inhabit deep waters and only come to the surface at night. A similar invasion of jumbo squid was reported further down the coast near San Diego in 2002. Between 500 and 1,500 squid - thought to be Humboldt squid - are said to have strewn beaches in Orange County, including Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. Although aggressive predators underwater, with powerful tentacles and a sharp beak, scientists say the squid pose little threat to humans. A range of possible reasons for the sudden beaching of the squid have been suggested - from recent heavy rains, to plentiful shoals of fish close to the shore, to strong tides.’ [Note: high waves in Hawaii noted also, perhaps compression in the Pacific creating waves and tides.]