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Signs of the Times #634
Kay Resigns, Contradicts Bush on Weapons [Jan 23] ‘ David Kay stepped down as leader of the U.S. hunt for banned weapons in Iraq on Friday, and fired a parting shot at the Bush administration, while pressure mounted on Washington to hold early direct elections in Iraq. In a DIRECT challenge to the Bush administration, which says its invasion of Iraq was justified by the presence of illicit arms, Kay told Reuters in a telephone interview he had concluded there were no Iraqi stockpiles to be found. "I don´t think they existed," Kay said.’ [and from another source] Bush ´stole´ the presidential election: Cherie [Jan 24] ‘In a forthright view that is likely to embarrass her husband, Cherie Blair, wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair, is reported to have observed that George W Bush "stole" the US presidential election from Al Gore. "Cherie Blair still believed that Bush had stolen the White House from Gore," She believed Al Gore had been "robbed" of the presidency and was hostile to the idea of her husband "cosying" up to the new President.’
Signs of the Times #633
In the Jan 2004 issue of National Geographic there is an article headed Star Search on page 77 which states ‘Relic thieves, a 3,600-year-old disk of the heavens, and an intrepid archaeologist add up to a real-life thriller.’ This article I believe describes an attempt of a people 3,600 years ago to leave a map for those in the future of something they experienced. Having studied the Nibiru subject for 6 years, I think the disk sets out to describe the position of the setting sun both before and after the Passing, also the position of Nibiru in the sky relevant to well known celestial landmarks, ie the Pleaides. I believe the object was made of materials known to last an eternity, ie copper and gold so that it might last long enough for others to find it and to understand it's meaning. [Note: this Relic appears to show the Pleiades, Big Dipper, and Orion positions as they would be placed at noon in Germany or Iraq, 3,600 years ago in late March. It shows a Sun occulting intruder from Orion, a Solstice quide symbolized as a perfect quarter moon, and at this time a disturbed period where the orbit lifts and turns toward the Sun, reminiscent of the warning given by the Eastfield crop circle.]
Signs of the Times #632
[Jan 22] the weatherman on Channel 4 news was commenting on the strangeness of the weather. He said, 'I don't know if it is the Apocalypse, but it is weird.' This comment was made in Kansas City. More slips are being made by the media. [and from another] Every day here in Argentina more people are finding out about Planet X. You can hear it on the radios, but it is but not in the official mass media. [and from another source] We have sensed the urgency to warn the public here in Japan on Planet X and its effects. We are a nonprofit organization, composed of individuals in various fields of profession from doctors to smalll business owners.
Signs of the Times #631
Extreme Cold Forecast in U.S. Over Next 2-3 Weeks [Jan 21] ‘The United States east of the Rocky Mountains will see extreme cold in the next two to three weeks with at least one forecaster calling it the coldest in 25 years, meteorologists said on Tuesday. 11- to 15-Day Forecast: Northeast: Much below normal in northern New England, below normal elsewhere; Mid Atlantic: Below normal; Midwest: Below normal; Oklahoma/Texas: Seasonal to above normal. [and from new ZetaTalk: Precursor Drift] ‘In that the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift, in the southern part lying directly between S American and Africa, also wants to move toward the N Pole of Planet X, it likewise has moved to bring the crust along with the S Pole. This has moved the geographic N Pole toward Iceland, the Earth rotating around a slightly tilted Equator.’
Signs of the Times #630
We installed in the ground outside our building in Mississippi a 2"x2" post, checked for vertical with a carpenter's level. To us, at least apparent noon is when there are no east-west shadows. How else would you do it? Couple of months ago apparent noon was at 1:30 in the afternoon. Now [Jan 8] its at 11:30 a.m. What's with this?’ [and from another] Last night, Friday, [Jan 16], in South, South El Paso, at the intersection of The Loop and Alameda, I watched the sun set behind the mountains in Mexico. Much further South than any setset I have seen before. I did not check the maps until this AM. Now, I am thinking Sun set about 6/8 degrees South of my last report. [and from another] Yesterday, [Jan 3] Jan. 3rd, I have measured the angles here in Italy that the points of rising and setting of the Sun make with the N/S axis; the rising point is about 45° from the N/S axis, whilst the setting point is about 30°. Ergo, the N/S axis is no longer at the center of the cone formed by the Sun's arc during daylight. [ Note: all of this indication that the N Pole has moved toward Iceland, an recent tilt. The Sun is rising at 45° from South instead of 60° from South as per Skymap it should, too far north by 15°. It is setting at 30° from South instead of 60° from South as per Skymap it should, too far South by 30°.]
Signs of the Times #629
Freight ship capsizes off Norway [Jan 19] ‘A freight vessel capsized off southwestern Norway Monday and a crew of 25 may be in the water, Norwegian rescue authorities said. The official said the capsized vessel seemed to be Norwegian and was understood to have a crew of 25. Salvage workers are now searching for 15 bodies entombed in a capsized cargo ship in a west Norwegian fjord after a mysterious accident. Rescue workers abandoned the search for more survivors on Tuesday after the vessel, with a mostly Filipino crew of 30, suddenly capsized a day before. Twelve survived with the other 18 presumed dead. Rocknes' Norwegian owners Jebsen Management AS said the cause of the accident was not known. Witnesses said there were large gashes on the hull, indicating the ship might have run.’ [Note: no known cause for capsize.]
Signs of the Times #628
Crews Search for Lake Erie Plane Crash Victims [Jan 18] U.S. and Canadian crews on Sunday searched for 10 people believed to have been killed when a small regional airline plane crashed into Lake Erie shortly after taking off from a Canadian island. U.S. Coast Guard officials said the pilot of the plane, bound from Pelee to Windsor, about 35 miles to the northwest, made a frantic radio call for help shortly after taking off. The pilot was experienced with the Cessna Caravan and it is flyable type of weather. There are up to three flights daily between the island and Windsor in the winter, when ice prevents ferries from running. [Note: no known cause of crash.]
Signs of the Times #627
At Least 23 Dead in Algeria Blast; Refinery Shut [Jan 20] ‘Rescue workers searched through rubble for missing workers at Algeria's largest refinery and export port Tuesday after a blast at a nearby liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant killed at least 23 people, officials said. The explosion devastated the vast petrochemical complex in the port city of Skikda, 310 miles east of the capital Algiers Monday evening, caused at least 74 injuries and shut down all activity at the oil and gas refinery complex. Algeria is the world's second largest LNG exporter after Indonesia and a quarter of its shipments leave from Skikda, all to southern Europe. Officials at the scene said they believed a boiler at one of the gas units was the origin of the blast, which was felt for kilometers and destroyed three of the refinery's LNG plants and one maintenance building.’ [Note: no known cause of blast.]
Signs of the Times #626
Classrooms Collapse At Tri-State [Jan 18] ‘A collapse at local school early Sunday morning could have been much worse, had it happened when school was in session. Three floors in a wing at Summit Country Day School in Hyde Park fell just before 11 AM Sunday, WLWT Eyewitness News 5 reported. Footage from Sky 5 showed several classrooms collapsed on top of each other with the roof still hanging over the collapsed floors. The cause of the collapse is not known.’ [Note: no known cause of collapse.]
Signs of the Times #625
Planet X is now in front of the Sun [Jan 20] in Seattle! My biggest debunker is driving home to get his digital camera to photograph. Needless to say, he is crapping in his pants. Must be closer, as there is very little margin between circumferences now. Before, 2 months ago, it was like dime/nickle/ margin. Now penny/nickle ratio. Smack in the center of the sun. Opaque. Perfect definition. No mistake. I got neighbors out of their houses, and they saw it too. Everyone around here is abuzz. [and from another] At 9,000 feet looking south from the Lincoln National Forest situated in the Sacramento Mountains at 4:45 pm today [Jan 21]. The site was a well defined white circle no yellow or orange or red hue or color at all. Just bright white and in plain daylight situated well above the horizon as the sun was setting behind the mountains overlooking White Sands Missle Range in NM. Looked about double the size of the moon and the site was a full circle (full if you will). Since the moon is out of phase and essentially not visible what we saw had to be your Planet X. Visiblity lasted 3 minutes until cloud cover obscured it. I saw the second sun plain as the nose on my face and this was verified by my fiance who was with me. [and from another] You should see the sunset in Eugene Oregon tonight. It looks like clouds of red dust raining down from puffy white clouds and there is a very strange electric/metallic smell to the air. While the sun was out, I could see it through the clouds. It had a lump to one side.
Signs of the Times #624
I live in the Sierras about 100 miles north of Sacramento. The water from my well [Jan 21] has turned hot. The county inspector just left. He said he has been inspecting wells in this county for over twenty years and this is the first time he has seen this happen! [and from another] We got our hands on a 1980 almanac. Then we went to the US Naval Observatory online page and checked current sunrise and sunset times for our locale (northern Minnesota). US Naval site, no matter what year you type in for any given date has the same sunrise and sunset. The almanac says a consistent 14 minutes earlier for 1980. Can sunise and sunset vary year to year? [Note: the Navy has backadjusted so that their current adjustments do not look peculiar. Frequently noted changes. Where else did the Almanac's now considered a terrorist tool, get their times from if not the Navy, in the past?]
Signs of the Times #623
I just came back from the Andes [Jan 20] and the villagers are preparing for the return of what they call Herculobis. The skies are a brilliant red at sunrise and sunset. They are moving to higher elevations and stockpiling food and water. While I was there alot of foreigers in their private jets are landing and staying. They are planning on a long stay. Most of the locals there are paid by them. Some of the roads are becoming impassable because of the quake activity happening now on a steady basis. Santiago Chile was hit by a quake that did some damage but you didn´t hear that here in the USA. [and from another] And another observation from Spain [Jan 19]. The king Juan Carlos (himself) has just paid an official state visit to Chile. Among the different issues of his agenda there was an excursion to the spanish settlement at Antarctica. I suspect that the spanish government and comparny are looking for safe location areas there into their ex-colonies.
Signs of the Times #622
Real State Of The Union [Jan 20] ‘35: Number of countries to which US has suspended military assistance after they failed to sign agreements giving Americans immunity from prosecution before the International Criminal Court; $127 billion: Amount of US budget surplus in the year that Bush became President in 2001; $374 billion: Amount of US budget deficit in the fiscal year for 2003; 2.4 million: Number of Americans who have lost their jobs during the three years of the Bush administration; 1st: Rank of the US worldwide in terms of greenhouse gas emissions per capita; 43.6 million: Number of Americans without health insurance in 2002; 130: Number of countries (out of total of 191 recognised by the United Nations) with an American military presence; 40%: Percentage of the world's military spending for which the US is responsible; 0: Number of funerals or memorials that President Bush has attended for soldiers killed in Iraq; 100: Number of fund-raisers attended by Bush or Vice-President Dick Cheney in 2003; 10 million: Estimated number of people worldwide who took to the streets in opposition to the invasion of Iraq, setting an all-time record for simultaneous protest.’