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Signs of the Times #1309
I use a vertical stick as the Sundial which never lies and the shadow of both sunrise was charted this way. The drawing which includes the Sun was based on this but the drawing's sunset angle was an observation. I found it deviated very deep into the South as you can see. I also charted points taken from a Sundial compass for both Sunrise/Sunset. Also, from the Earth orbit drawing the N. pole is inclined towards the Sun when over Malaysia and its degree can be seen this. [and from another source] An excellent technique was used to determine this, using a Sundial method, a physical marker. Malaysia has the Figure 8 loop moving in a different direction than when the Sun was facing New Zealand, the lean the opposite, and this documentation confirms that! Sunrise is too far SOUTH, Sunset too far NORTH, where Australia consistently finds this the opposite! [Note: documentation from Malaysia showing the Earth wobble.]
Signs of the Times #1308
Natural Gas Explodes In South Side Shopping Mall [Jan 12] ‘The Ford City Mall in Chicago will be closed at least through Thursday morning and possibly into the afternoon because of a natural gas explosion Wednesday night. The explosion rocked the mall, at 76th and Cicero, at about 8:45 PM. The explosion appeared to have been from an underground natural gas line. Broken glass and other debris was strewn 150 feet from the restaurant parking lot. A piece of the gas main flew thorugh the air and came down through one of the buildings here. Peoples Energy crews capped off a 20 inch main. The gas company was investigating the cause of the explosion.’ [and from another source] Indiana Recycling Plant Fire Spews Toxic Fumes, Forcing Thousands From Homes [Jan 15] ‘A magnesium fire at a recycling plant that forced thousands to evacuate their homes may take days to burns itself out after firefighters gave up on trying to extinguish the blaze themselves. The fire erupted at the Advanced Magnesium Alloys Corp. plant around 5 PM Friday, but explosions inside forced firefighters out less than three hours later. Authorities evacuated about 5,000 people from an area about one mile wide and two miles long.’ [Note: Indiana and Chicago are both in a direct line for a rip during a St. Lawrence Seaway stretch, which the Zetas have predicted.]
Signs of the Times #1307
The affected satellite is: IntelSat Satellite 174 which moved out of position at about 11.52 AM on Saturday Jan 15, New Zealand time. This caused the almost complete isolation of the following Pacific Island locations and Scott Base, which rely on the satellite for International service. Scott Base, Cook Islands, Western and American Samoa, New Caledonia, Chatham Islands, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Saipan, Nuie, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Tonga. [and from another source] Snapped internet connection cuts Samoa off from outside world [Jan 16] ‘The small South Pacific territory of American Samoa was virtually cut off from the rest of the world Friday when its two telecom companies lost overseas phone and internet communication for several hours, officials said Saturday. The breakdown also brought a halt to automated teller machines, credit card services and bank online facilities and affected international flights. A failure on the Intelsat satellite covering the Pacific area disrupted communication with the outside world Friday morning. The satellite went off course and this affected the transmission of voice and data communication.’ [Note, as the Earth wobbles, the sea of air stays stationary, increasingly putting satellites and submarines out of position vs a vs the Earth surface.]
Signs of the Times #1306
Australia: Jan 5 Morning at 10:15 AM Azi 75° Alt 45° [Skymap expects Azi 83° Alt 48°.] NORTH by 8°. Jan 6 Sunset at 8.35 PM Azi 215-220° Alt 10-15° [Skymap expects Sunset at 8:40 at Azi 242°.] SOUTH by 22° [and from another source] Malyasia: Jan 15 I did confirmed that Sunrise is from SE. The direction Sunrise is from 43° of SE. [Skymap expects Sunrise for Singapore Azi 111°] SOUTH by 22° Jan 15 I did confirmed that Sunset is at SW. The direction of Sunset is at 12° to SW. [Skymap expects Azi 249] NORTH by 9° [and from another source] Measures from each of the zones shows that the forward loop over India has the Sun to the South on rising but North on setting, the reverse of a backleaning loop over New Zealand which has the Sun to the North on rising but South on setting. [Note: Earth wobble, the N. Pole in a distince Figure 8, consistently noted.]
Signs of the Times #1305
Satellite ´Gone out of position" [Jan 14] The telecommunications company I work for sent us all notification that: ‘We have a satellite that has gone out of position & this is causing a service outage for several places including: The Cook Islands, Chatham isl, Solomon isl, Kiribati, Saitan, Nuie, Vanuatu, and Scott Base Antarctica’ They expect it will be repositioned by 9 PM tonight (NZ time) Never heard of this happening before. And not only that, but this company (Leading NZ server) had all our dial up and Jetstream services down for most of the day, still working on restoring them. One of the managers stated the opinion that it was repositioned because the planet had shifted slightly from the quake and so was no longer targeting correctly. [and from another source] Presto from SIDC - RWC Belgium [Jan 15] This CME will arrive probably on the second half of Jan 16, early Jan 17. No LASCO or EIT-movie is yet available. Both sunspot groups 05 and 03 (NOAA 0720 and 0718) are the source for this extens flaring activity 5. [and from another source] This is what we call a Satellite Buster! Only a few days ago sunspot 720 was a barely-visible speck. Now it´s a behemoth seven times wider than Earth. You can see it--but don´t stare at the sun: safe solar observing tips. Giant sunspot 720 (see below) is crackling with solar flares. A powerful X-class explosion is likely this weekend. [Note: CME’s may disable a satellite, but they don’t move them ‘out of position’. Earth wobble is doing that.]
Signs of the Times #1304
Moscow Melts [Jan 13] ‘Moscow is enjoying the warmest January in recorded history. This winter is so warm that a bear in St. Petersburg Zoo has woken from her hibernation two months early, while another has not gone to sleep at all, Interfax reported Wednesday. A major hockey match was postponed in St. Petersburg on Tuesday because the rink melted, Sovietsky Sport reported.’ [and from another source] Moose runs wild in Clothing Store [Jan 9] ‘Two moose charged a dogsled led by 12 huskies over the weekend. The attack came just a day after another moose broke into a children's clothing store in Lillehammer. The two incidents were the latest in a string of unusual moose behaviour in Norway. There was no indication of what prompted the moose to attack, just as wildlife officials further south in Lillehammer were baffled as to why a fully grown moose ran through a plate glass window at a downtown shop on Saturday. That incident began about 11AM, when the store was open for business. Shocked customers and staff suddenly heard glass shatter and had a confused moose in their midst.’ [Note: confused weather due to the wobble, confused wildlife too.]
Signs of the Times #1303
Morning Sunrise on Sanible Island, FL, Thanksgiving week 2004. [Note: a dull red presence, dust cloud of Planet X, evident at upper right to the Sun.]
Signs of the Times #1302 Edgar Cayce´s prediction about Earth change activity in the South Seas also goes on to state that activity would coincide with activity at Mt. Etna. Within three months of these events you could expect the pole shift. ... Edgar Cayce most certainly did predict this Tsunami. He also said that a major sign to watch for, following this, was Mt Etna in Italy becoming active the same time as a volcano in the Caribbean. Yesterday 3 volcanoes in that area also became active. ... Question: How soon will the changes in the earth´s activity begin to be apparent? Cayce: When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Pacific and the sinking or rising in the Mediterranean and the Etna area then we would say they have begun. [and from another source] Gondolas stuck as Venice waters recede [Jan 13] ‘Gondolas are running aground and hotel docks hang in midair as Italy´s lagoon city Venice, more commonly awash at high tide, dries out.’ [and from another source] This is not normal at all. This is the flood season in Venice and there is NO record of the canals ever going empty like this. ‘Acqua alta (High tides): Generally Venice only has Acqua Alta in Autumn and Winter when some streets and squares flood. The city is well prepared with pedestrian routes equipped with special footbridges to avoid the high water and to reach the main parts of Venice.’ [and from another source] News on TV in Spain today saying the water level is down 65 centimetres in Venice. About 10 days ago there was also news on the weather report of one of the big channels here explaining to people why the level of the Mediterranean Sea on the shores of Barcelona was down 20 centimetres - they said it was due to an unusually high pressure area over the Iberian Peninsula and much of the rest of Europe. Seemed very odd. [Note: interesting correlation between Cayce predictions and present day occurrences, the tsunami in Indian Ocean, volcanic eruptions of late, and now a heaving floor in the Mediterranean.]
Signs of the Times #1301
Mystery ball of fire falls in Khopoli [Jan 12] ‘Like 6,000 other villagers, Waghmare is in a state of shock after the mysterious fireball explosions at around 8.30 PM. An almost twister-like effect was also detected in the jungle areas, which saw trees swaying. Officials from the Khopoli fire brigade were also not able to shed any light. Some are saying it’s a plane crash, while according to others it was an earthquake. While Air Traffic Control officials ruled out an aircraft crash, the Mumbai Meteorological Department ruled out any asteroid or meteorite fall, and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) officials in Mumbai dismissed the possibility of any part of a satellite falling.’ [Note: earthquake lights the only remaining likely cause, especially as the ground swayed.]
Signs of the Times #1300
E-Mail Shows Toll of Crash on Submarine [Jan 12] ‘The nuclear submarine that ran aground Saturday in the South Pacific hit so "incredibly hard" that about 60 of its 137 crew members were injured and the sailor who died was thrown 20 feet by the impact, according to internal Navy e-mail messages sent by a top admiral. The accident ... occurred 360 miles southeast of Guam. Navy officials have said that the submarine, which was headed for Australia, appeared to have smashed into an undersea mountain that was not on its charts.’ [and from another source] The net effect is a rigid network in the government and the military, even in industry, to ignore, rather than explore, the current Earth changes. Thus, the broken link applies. Submarines ignoring an Earth wobble that has the Earth moving under the sea of air daily, causing windstorms around the globe that have been evident for months, and in particular ignoring the sea of water that can likewise stand in place while the Earth moves under it. The earth moved, the water remained, and the submarine was in strange terrain just as an air balloon would be in the wind storms that assail Europe or the West Coast. How safe would a base literally at sea level be near the Indio/Australian plate, which we have predicted would plunge under the Himalayans to the extent that western Australia would be under water? A shortening Pacific pouring it’s tonnage of water through the Indian Ocean on its way to the Atlantic? Does this hint at tsunami for this area? Of course the Diego Garcia atoll was washed over, scoured, but this admission by the US is unlikely to be forthcoming. Will they position new bases in safer locations? Unlikely. The rigid find old habits hard to break.
[Note: new ZetaTalk: Old Habits.]
Signs of the Times #1299
Internet rumor of tsunami destruction of Diego Garcia [Jan 5] ‘Suspicion is emerging that the island of Diego Garcia with which Bush launched "Shock and Awe" on Baghdad has been annihilated. This island in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives is the United States strategic Asian base which controls the Middle East and is a secret installation with a no go zone for yachts, shipping and over flying aircraft. Housing B52´s and other strategic attack aircraft, the island has a maximum height above sea level of 4 meters, no sea walls and houses over 3000 military personnel. The wave passed over the island and struck the African coast thousands of kilometres to the west including Somalia and the Seychelles, causing massive destruction. News released today has declared 5000 deaths of Americans in the Asian Tsunami. Where?’ [and from another source] Tsunami spares U.S. base in Diego Garcia [Jan 4] ‘Diego Garcia, a 10-square-mile British island leased to the U.S. Navy, sits in the middle of the Indian Ocean, just south of the hard-hit Maldives. Bombers launched from Diego Garcia flew missions over Iraq in Desert Storm in 1990-91 and in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.’ [and from another source] Top US general asks Turkey to use key air base [Jan 11] ‘The United States would like to use a key Turkish air base to provide logistical support for its troops deployed in Iraq (news - web sites), the head of the US Central Command said.’
Signs of the Times #1298
Asked in 1980 why the Secret had yet to be released, Pope John Paul II told a German audience: ‘Because of the seriousness of its contents, in order not to encourage the world wide power of Communism to carry out certain coups, my Predecessors in the Chair of Peter have diplomatically preferred to withhold its publication. On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much: if there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish ... there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message.’ [and from another source] Those in the halls of power in the Church know otherwise, but comfort themselves that nothing can be done to save mankind anyway. Oh? Are they planning to do nothing for themselves? Nothing to place themselves on solid rock and away from coastlines? Such is the love of those in the halls of power in the Church. Are they following the advice of Jesus to love the least among them? Are they following the Golden Rule? [Note: new ZetaTalk: Fatima Secret.]
Signs of the Times #1297
What is the spot upright from Sun? I took care, that lensflare was at the center of the Sun. Picture taken Tuesday January 11, 2005 at Ljubljana, Slovenia. Camera is HP Photosmart 945. [Note the remarkable similarity of a corpus and dust cloud capture in Slovenia to a similar capture in Vancouver, featured below in Sign 1296. The Slovenian photo is most certainly not a lens flare.]