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Signs of the Times #621
Freight Train Derails East of Toronto [Jan 14] ‘One man was killed Wednesday night when a freight train travelling over a bridge derailed and sent its cargo plummeting onto the road, crushing a van. It was unclear what caused the derailment, however weather conditions were cold and snowy at the time.’ [Note: cold and snow do not derail trains. A separated bridge, in the stretch zone, would.]
Signs of the Times #620
Meteor showers are on the increase [Jan 16] here in Poland, just about every day I can clearly see big balls of fire. [and from another] Our National Weather Service Online [Jan 17] here in Argentina is officially wrong 11 minutes compared to the local newspaper. [and from another] The earth satellites are in Earths grip, where Earth goes so goes it´s satellites. They have to be boosted now and again to keep them up there. [and from another] Didn´t you know that the government is launching new replacement satellites every day to keep up with all the one´s they´re losing? [and from another] I have had dish for years and earlier tonight I had 3 different drops. This seems to be happening a little more often. [and from another] I do happen to work for a DSS provider and I did notice [Jan 17] that dish alignment problems have been increasing a lil bit over the last couple days, and as for alignment of satelites and their ground stations, satellites can be quickly retasked for just such a thing as shifting of the crust. This type of thing happens a lot more than one would think. There are large areas on the globe that are on the move and have been throughout the whole of current human history.
Signs of the Times #619
I work security at one of the major U.S. military bases and recently [Jan 16] there was a rather large meeting regarding emergency services including the Chief of State Patrol, fire services, representives of the Dept. of Labor, and many other federal/state agencies and services. I checked many of these people's ID badges for getting on base, and a few of them were special badges that had the words TOPOFF 2 on them. This is the name of the original TOPOFF exercises. Is there going to be another operation TOPOFF and what does this mean? [Note: TOPOFF was called on May 12, just ahead of the Zeta date of May 15, and involved 100 different agencies in the US and Canada, coast to coast, supposedly terrorism exercises.]
Signs of the Times #618
‘The Supreme Court gave police leeway Tuesday [Jan 13] to use random roadblocks to track down criminals. Justices said in the 6-3 ruling that police checkpoint stops, when used to seek information about recent crimes, do not violate the privacy rights of other motorists. Justice Stephen Breyer said that "police appropriately tailored their checkpoint stops to fit important criminal investigatory needs." Three justices, however, expressed concerns that the ruling could open up motorists to police interference without yielding information about crimes.’ [Note: expect roadblocks galore when migration to safe places occurs.]
Signs of the Times #617
NASA To Abandon The Wondrous Hubble Telescope [Jan 16] BBC News ‘Nasa is halting all space shuttle missions to service the Hubble Space Telescope, a move that will lead to it becoming useless within four years. The US space agency took the decision because, under President Goeorge W Bush´s new space programme, the space shuttle will be retired in 2010. The United States will instead focus on voyages to the Moon and Mars. Flights have been halted since the explosion of the Columbia shuttle nearly a year ago. The telescope has ailing gyroscopes that were to be replaced on the next servicing mission - which has already been delayed by the Columbia accident.’ [Note: the Space Station is damaged by debris, has a leak, and both the station and Hubble will officially die soon so the incoming debris does not have to be admitted.]
Signs of the Times #616
According to EMSC we have had 13 earthquakes over 6.0 so far [Jan 10] for Jan 2004: 1/1 6.0 Mexico, 1/1 6.3 North Pacific, 1/1 6.1 Vanuatu Isl, 1/2 6.9 Loyalty Isl, 1/2 6.1 New Britain, 1/2 6.1 North Pacific, 1/3 6.0 Japan, 1/3 6.5 Mariana Isl, 1/3 6.7 Loyalty Isl, 1/3 6.4 Loyalty Isl, 1/3 6.1 Loyalty Isl, 1/8 6.2 Phillipine Isl, 1/9 6.3 New Britain. This NEIC list shows the average since 1990: 6.0-6.9 avg is 134 per year, that comes out to just over 11 per month [Note: even the reported quakes are three times the average rate, and reported quakes are below actual Richter, with quakes dropped.]
Signs of the Times #615
Oregon (Hood, 3 Sisters) and Washington (St. Helens, Rainier, Baker) volcanoes are all these are becoming active at the same time. not Normal. This morning [Jan 15] Hood had a 2.4 on the USGS but the siesmo´s are flat line, HUH? [and from another source] Truely, the USGS is pathetic! Around the globe, everyone is watching Yellowstone seismographs intensly. With all that attention, you´d think the USGS could do a simple thing like report an earthquake with accuracy and consistency. These guys have a FY 2003 budget of $919.3 million! Looking at the following seismograph plot (below), a quake occurs near old faithful at 7:29 UT on January 17: The following link shows it to be a 2.8 magnitude: while another USGS site shows it to be a 3.1 magnitude:
Signs of the Times #614
While having breakfast this morning [Jan 13] at IHOP 2 local meteoroligists sat at a table next to me. They are our local weather guys. I heard them talking about phone calls coming into the station about what has been showing up on the local webcams, the phone calls are getting pretty heavy and are diverted to a bogus answering machine that never returns your call. Anyway they were talking about how they call the Navy every evening for the sunrise and sunset schedule for the following day. They also were talking how the weather is completly wrong in most parts of the country. Then they said ‘ I wonder how long we have to keep the public in the dark.’ I´m in Portland Oregon. The sation is KGW 8. That´s all I heard Matt and Dave talk about. I do not know what this all means, But from the way they were conversing it sounded like something very bad is coming. Something that they aren´t suppose to talk about. Dave did notice that I was listening to them and they quickly changed the subject to the Packers overtime loss to the Eagles. Then they finished thier coffee and left.
Signs of the Times #613
I just check our state wide paper the Oregonian [Jan 13] and I see tommorrow then say 7:49, but it is off from the Farmer’s Almanac by 10-20 mins. The sun didn´t break the peak till well after 8:00AM today. I thought the sunrises were suppose to start getting earlier? They aren´t. They are getting longer. [and from another source] I´ve got the papers from the Oregonian since Nov 6, 2003 hadn´t gotten around to taking them to recycle. Started comparing the weather charts and sunrise charts to the Farmer’s Almanac and found the big difference in time displacement started in Mid-December. My 2004 farmers almanac and the sunrise and sunsets do not match with the Oregoian paper, they are off by 26 mins. [and from another source] The Farmer’s Almanac charts aren´t even coming close with the local papers here in Kansas either. Off by 18 mins. [and from another source] If you look in the 2003 Farmer’s Almanac you´ll find that for today one year ago your sunrise should have been 7:43AM not 7:59AM. One minute before 8:00AM? I still to this day have not seen a sunrise this late. Unless you’re Alaska. Somehow the earth is out of place as though we tilted more or something.
Signs of the Times #612
Five People Injured by Flying Debris; Blast Sparks Fire [Jan 13] ‘Two buildings were blown apart, five people were hurt and windows blew out of nearby businesses when an explosion rocked the downtown area Monday afternoon. The 4 PM blast at Lewiston Radiator Works [Maine] hurled debris for hundreds of yards. A vacant building next to it crumbled to the ground. The explosion sent a mushroom-shaped cloud billowing high into the sky over the city. Before inspectors could enter the blown out buildings to search for a cause, fire roared through the wreckage.’ [and from another source] Explosion Blows Man Out Of House In Royalton [Jan 13] ‘Royalton, Minn. authorities are searching a city block in Royalton - trying to find a possible gas leak after a house explosion this morning. Authorities say the house did not have natural gas or propane service.’ [and from another source] Explosion Levels Two Fire Halls in Southwestern Minnesota Town [Jan 12] ‘One of the fire houses all but disappeared in the blast, while the explosion knocked the other one down. The blast could be felt in Slayton, eleven miles away, according to an Associated Press report. There was no fire, just the explosion. The cause of the blast has not been determined.’ [Note: Meteor showers are suspected to be the cause, as in Spain recently, punching through buildings as well as landing in the country side.]
Signs of the Times #611
Central Texas is bombarded with contrail activity so thick that the setting sun was all but invisible. The cloud cover is created to exactly cover the sun's path from early afternoon to sunset. The horizon still shows up [Jan 12] orange to red/orange and we still see the double light of two sunsets. [and from another source] I am from Portland Maine and I was just there driving back [Jan 4] to Boston and I saw the most astonishing sunrise I have ever. The sun was already rising in the sky and shining its whitish light down through the cloud cover, and yet there was still something showering the horizon with a reddish-orange light. Once I saw this occurence with my own two eyes, I knew then that 99% of the debunking is designed specifically to throw everyone off the trail. ZetaTalk is a lot more accurate than all of you think. You are being deceived in a most sinister manner.