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Signs of the Times #1296
Much discussion on the message boards due to the appearance of a possible Second Sun on Characteristics of a lens flare are that the flares fan out from the center of the Sun in a straight line, as these orbs do, and most often have some sort of flare on the opposite side of the Sun, for balance, which these orbs do not. Another characteristic of a flare is that is stands in front of, not behind, objects, descending down over land or water, for instance, not staying in the sky, which these orbs do not. These orbs, particularly the dim one, descend behind the clouds and mountains in the background. Yet another characteristic is that they are present while the light source making the flare in the first place is present, in this case the Sun, but when the Sun is still visible and strong, these secondary orbs disappear. For comparison, here are some typical lens flares and sundogs. Lens flare of not? You decide.
Signs of the Times #1295
NOAA Reports Record Number of Tornadoes in 2004 ‘The total number of tornadoes reported in the United States reached a record high during the year 2004, surpassing the previous record by almost 300 - 1,717 tornado reports in the US.’ [and from another source] We had a Tornado warning [Jan 8] for the northern part of Hawaii, Kauai to be exact. Highly unusual warning to make. I've been living here over 11 years, and many of my friends have lived here their whole life. All found tonights news a bit bizarre. No warning - just came in out of the blue and gone just as quickly. [and from another source] We´re 11 inches over normal rainfall already here [Jan 7] in South California. Tornados touched down in 5 locations. Long Beach, Inglewood, Costa Mesa, Ladera Heights and Whitier. [and from another source] String of storms gives parts of Sierra most snowfall in nearly 90 years [Jan 9] ‘The storm was the latest in a string of powerful systems that has dumped as much as 19 feet of snow in the Sierra and 6½ feet in the Reno area since Dec. 28. Forecasters called the series of storms the snowiest in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area since 1916.' [Note: the linear increased in erratic weather the Zetas predicted in 1995.]
Signs of the Times #1294
Seven killed, ferry runs aground as storm pounds northern Europe [Jan 8] ‘Seven people were killed, more than 1,000 homes were flooded and 330,000 others left without power as violent storms swept through northern Europe, bringing hurricane force winds and heavy rain. Denmark, southern Sweden and the British Isles bore the brunt of the conditions.’ [and from another source] Hurricane Kills Seven in Southern Sweden [Jan 9] ‘The most violent storm to strike Sweden since 1969 swept across the southern half of the country on Saturday evening, killing seven people and leaving 359,000 households without electricity.’ [and from another source] Strongest storm in 40 years lashes Russia and northern Europe [Jan 10] ‘The storm warning has been in effect for two days in St.Petersburg. The city in the north-west of Russia has been flooded; the water level in the Neva River is rising very fast because of the strong wind and unusually warm weather. The current thaw in Moscow may hit the absolute record for the first winter month. According to meteorological observations, the storm in Latvia was the strongest in 40 years.’ [Note: polar wobble has the atmosphere on the move as the Earth moves under the air.]
Signs of the Times #1293
Congress Passes 'Doomsday' Plan [Jan 9] The Boston Herald ‘With no fanfare, the U.S. House has passed a controversial doomsday provision that would allow a handful of lawmakers to run Congress if a terrorist attack or major disaster killed or incapacitated large numbers of congressmen. Usually, 218 lawmakers - a majority of the 435 members of Congress - are required to conduct House business, such as passing laws or declaring war. But under the new rule, a majority of living congressmen no longer will be needed to do business under catastrophic circumstances. Instead, a majority of the congressmen able to show up at the House would be enough to conduct business, conceivably a dozen lawmakers or less. The House could be run by a small number of lawmakers for months, because House vacancies must be filled by special elections. Governors can make temporary appointments to the Senate. The rule change contradicts the U.S. Constitution. Changing what constitutes a quorum in this way would allow less than a dozen lawmakers to declare war on another nation.’ [Note: 3+ years after 911, they are worried about this? It is not terrorism they are concerned about.]
Signs of the Times #1292
Today [Jan 7] went out to pick up my child from school in New York. On our way to the car, I glimpsed up at the sky, looking at the glaring Sun and to its left and right, looking to find what I've been searching for, a glimpse of Planet X. I finally spotted it but it was not next to the Sun. I believe I have witnessed, to the far left of the Sun, an amber-colored orb sitting in the sky. It's further away from the Sun now, not next to it as formerly said. It was around 3:00 PM in the afternoon. My child also saw it and was in awe as she finally understood what I meant about Planet X. There were others there, staring up at the sky at this anomaly, but yet could not comprehend what they were looking at. However, they went on with their lives, and even if I could have explained what it truly was to them, they would call me a head case and simply continued on in their denial. [Note: both this report and a photo from Italy show the location of Planet X to the left of the Sun, at present, as viewed from Earth.]
Signs of the Times #1291
Moon's face is 25.06%, with shining face at 25.396% [Jan 6] per astro software. Asama Volcano with moon 3:31 AM on the same day. Please compare! [and from another source] Indeed Skymap confirms the Moon should be only a quarter Moon, but appears in the photo at better than half, and in the volcano webcam full. This could be due to over-exposure of the film, but is more likely an indication of additional light shining on the Moon due to a second light source or a disturbed Moon orbit reported by many where the Moon is in position to catch more sunlight than expected. [and from another source] Where the eye of the man in the Moon [Jan 1] was 2 o'clock and not rotating until zenith here in Washington State, it is now coming up at the 12:30 o'clock position. [and from another source] In El Paso [Dec 30] the Moon was NORTH by 10° and HIGH by 7° at 8:40 AM. By evening at 23:30 PM it was NORTH by 10° and HIGH by 23°.
Signs of the Times #1290
The Sun rotates every 4 weeks, so any solar flares or sun spots would move during the course of several weeks, and would not appear stationary on SWAN. In November a bright orb close to the Ecliptic, stationary showed up in the SWAN images available. The Zetas have said that the Planet X corpus, heavily shrouded in dust, reflects light back toward the Sun in the main, and this view is toward the rear and slightly to the side. Is this the reflected light from Planet X, bounced back toward the Sun, of the stationary Planet X which has risen to the Ecliptic, as the Zetas say? No further updates from SWAN were received after the ZetaTalk site noted this on Nov 25, and updating of the SWAN archives did not occur until well into January. The stationary backlit orb, though perhaps now heavily air brushed out, is still there.
Signs of the Times #1289
When World’s Collide, by Edwin Baldner, written in 1951 ‘What would happen if a rogue planet flew into our solar system and slammed into the Earth? That question is answered in this classic sci-fi tale. An astronomer discovers an object that has just entered the solar system. His calculations show him its big and head straight for the Earth. The only problem is convincing the rest of the world. This top notch sci-fi shows humanity at its best and worst’ [and from another source] Man from Planet X, by Aubrey Wisberg and Jack Pollexfen, released in 1951 ‘To study a rogue planet heading for a near-miss with Earth, Prof. Elliot sets up an observatory on the foggy moors of a remote Scottish island, with his pretty daughter and Dr. Mears, a former student with a shady past. Soon after arrival of reporter John Lawrence, a ship from Planet X just happens to land near the observatory. Is the visitor (who actually looks alien) benevolent? What are Mears´ real motives for trying to communicate with it?’
Signs of the Times #1288
Last time this happened, the space station dropped considerably out of orbit. What could be causing this [Jan 8]? There have been no strong flares lately or coronal holes that have been forecast to reach the earth. [and from another source] Noting a Magnetic Storm on NOAA that is out of keeping with the calmness of the Sun. The particle flow disruption described by the Zetas. [and from another source] Mankind is aware of particle flows emerging steadfastly from the Sun, which they term the Solar Wind, blowing the tails of comets outward and distorting the magnetosphere of the Earth. What man is aware of is but a fraction of the factors, but this concept suffices for the outbound push of particles. Yet other particles emerge at the Sun's poles and return in force at the Sun's middle, creating what we have described as a backwash of particles that the monster Planet X is attempting to fight its way through during its passage, and a major reason for the slow going as it rounds the Sun before heading out. Thus we have particles of the Solar Wind variety crowding behind Planet X on their way out, and particles in the backwash crowding in front of Planet X on their way in.
[Note: ZetaTalk: Solar Minimum?]
Signs of the Times #1287
Russian icebreaker to rescue U.S. base [Jan 6] ‘ A Russian icebreaker sent to rescue a U.S. Antarctic base is halfway there, Interfax news agency reported Thursday. The icebreaker Krasin left Vladivostock on Russia's Pacific coast on Dec. 21 and is scheduled to rendezvous with an American icebreaker on the outer edge of the Antarctic ice pack on Jan. 20, Interfax said. The two ships will then seek to rescue the McMurdo research base. The base at McMurdo Sound is the main scientific base of the Antarctica program of the U.S. National Science Foundation. The Krasin will clear the way for cargo ships carrying fuel, food and medicines. Otherwise the McMurdo station personnel would have to be evacuated, Interfax said The rescue operation was requested by the U.S. government. Traditionally, two icebreakers of the U.S. Coast Guard, Polar Sea and Polar Star, cater to the needs of the McMurdo station. However, their capacity is several times smaller than that of the Krasin and one of them is currently being repaired.’ [Note: rumors about the ISS needing to be evacuated and having oxygen and food supply problems. Now rumors about the Antarctica base needing to be evacuated due to food shortage problems. Humm.]
Signs of the Times #1286
Given, then, that both Bush and Kerry were chosen for the race, with Kerry slated to be the winner according to the well orchestrated poll results going into the election, what changed the outcome? It was a Puppet Master decision, based on the mess laid out before him. His instructions to Bush and Cheney had been to lose, and Bush was anticipating this as his visage showed. But for some time, as we have mentioned, rebellion had been festering in the Bush Administration, with men such as Cheney and Rove ambitious for more than a Puppet status, wanting peership after the cataclysms with control of both Americas if not a larger chunk of the world. Israel also had been a rebellious Puppet of late, as a shakeup is an opportunity and the coming pole shift will be a shakeup bar none. A wise Puppet Master always has several alternative plans, and this was no exception. Contemplating a messy fight that would reveal to the public the extent to which they are manipulated, versus manipulation of the Bush Administration to in essence decapitate them when the time comes, he chose the latter. It is not a coincidence that Cheney has been in hiding, or that almost the entire Bush Cabinet has bolted. They know what is coming.[Note new ZetaTalk: Kerry’s Concession.]
Signs of the Times #1285
UAE gets first ever snow fall [Dec 30] ‘Snow has fallen over the United Arab Emirates for the first time ever, leaving a white blanket over the mountains of Ras al-Khayma.’ [and from another source] We still have no snow here in Sweden [Dec 31] for all of December, absolutely unheard of, last night it was 45 degrees, and today it was 55 degrees! [and from another source] Extremely High Temperatures In Alaska [Jan 5] 'You might expect January in Alaska to be frightfully frigid. But this year, in some parts, you barely even need a coat outside. South-central Alaska is so warm, an annual winter dog weight-pulling contest in Anchorage has been canceled because there´s not enough snow.' [and from another] 90mph winds close bridge [Jan 4] ‘Bridge control in Dundee [UK] took the decision for safety reasons at 6 am, and it was after 8 am before any cars were allowed to cross.’ [and from another] Temperatures Across The Heart of Carolina Breaks Record [Jan 4] ‘While California is dealing with snow and rain on the West Coast, Mother Nature seems to be shining down on The Heart of Carolina. This time of year our average temperature high is around 50 degrees, but today we broke the record high for January 4, with a high of 76 degrees, and the mild temperatures could stick around for weeks to come.’ [and from another] NZ: Coldest Temps in 59 Years [Jan 4] ‘Snow, frost, hail and a tornado marked the first month of summer, with the coldest temperatures recorded in December since 1945. The record-breaking low temperatures not only kept the summer clothes in the cupboard but slowed the growth and ripening of berries, stone fruit and crops. ‘
Signs of the Times #1284
Tornado Warning, National Weather Service Oxnard Ca., 10:34 PM PST Tue Dec 28 2004, The National Weather Service in Oxnard has issued a tornado warning for SouthWestern Los Angeles County. [and from another source] Tornado Warning, Statement as of 5:44 PM MST on January 4 2005, The National Weather Service in Phoenix has issued a Tornado Warning for northeast Phoenix and north Scottsdale. [and from another] IRAN Meteor weighing 16kg hits house [Dec 30] ‘A meteorite weighing at least 16 kilograms has hit a house in the southeast of Iran.’ [and from another source] Lincoln County WI says meteor probably caused lights, explosions [Jan 4] ‘Authorities in north central Wisconsin received dozens of reports Tuesday evening of bright flashes of light in the sky, as from an explosion, and they said it likely came from meteor activity. The Lincoln County officials said that at 6:34 p.m. people logging near the Lincoln-Taylor county line reported seeing a glow as from a fire after they saw a flash of light and heard an explosion.’ [and from another source] Extince Narcondum Volcano in Indai Erupts [Jan 2] ‘Narcondum volcano in India has started erupting. The volcano was previously recorded as extinct. Narcondum is the second volcano to erupt in the Andaman Islands since the great earthquake hit the area one week ago.’
Signs of the Times #1283
Weather Maps from WeatherUnderground show the polar wobble setting in. Europe far too warm as their tilt places the Sun North there. The Americas with a cold spot now over sub-zero in Minnesota with a melt in the Yukon. The cold spot over Manchuria persisting, while Siberia just to the West over India is warm by comparison. [and from another] TheFigure 8 of the polar wobble has been complicated by the lean to the left, which allows the Sun to be visible early over the curve of the Earth, appearing far to the North. Sunrise in Australia is North, Sunset South, both measures more extreme than before. In American, the reverse, with Sunrise South and Sunset North. [and from another source] The Figure 8 will become more extreme and vicious as the N. Pole of Planet X swings into view on its Eastern side as it turns in place in a clockwise motion, the slow 270° Roll we described in June, 2004. What will this increased angular intensity do to the Figure 8 and Earth’s attempts to simultaneously honor the Sun’s magnetic dictates? She will lay on her side, her magnetic N. Pole pushed to the West, a predecessor to the 3 Days of Darkness and Sunrise West laying her hemispheres out for an equal basking under the Sun but putting the Sun and Moon and especially the constellations in extremely errant positions, especially as the Figure 8 continues during this time. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Hell Unleashed.]