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Signs of the Times #689
Train derails; 26 cars land in Lower Valley yard [Feb 27] ‘A Union Pacific derailment in the Lower Valley Thursday morning -- the third train accident with El Paso ties in six days -- left a pile of 26 freight cars in the back yard of a home and knocked out power around the area for several hours. Officials don't know what caused the train to derail near Ivey and Kathy streets about 6 AM.’ [and from another source] I had a contact with someone from the Houston Police Dept CID on Feb 23. He told me a residential area near his home in Houston is now under three feet of water in some areas and the house slabs are tilting. He said the area was above water level until a couple of months ago when serious sinking started. [Note: the Houston Connection wobble has been in evidence since November in the Global Quakes section, this part of the globe breaking while the SE portion of the US drops. Of course, nothing in the media about this.]
Signs of the Times #688
Based upon these figure from USGS we should expect, from Jan 29 to Feb 27, about 1.5 per month for the 7.0 - 7.9 range (had 2); 11 per month for the 6.0 - 6.9 range (had 15); 110 per month for the 5.0 - 5.9 range (had 113). True that the averages were not that far off, however, the problem in getting together the figures was in the difference in the reporting between the USGS and EMSC (European site). On the USGS list for 6.0-6.9 they had 11, EMSC had another 7, this is a big difference. On the USGS list for 5.0-5.9 they had 69, EMSC had another 41, again a big difference. This makes the totals 1.5 per month for the 7.0 - 7.9 range (had 2); 11 per month for the 6.0 - 6.9 range (had 22); 110 per month for the 5.0 - 5.9 range (had 154). [Note: and this after the quakes have been reduced in Richter, and the databases stripped of all that can be avoided, not occurring in populated lands so local coverage forces reporting.]
Signs of the Times #687
We're having a lot of clouds and rain here on the Gulf Coast right now, but the morning commute [Feb 25] produced a glimpse of Planet X. Clouds thinned enough that I could see a white disc that I thought was the sun, but then more clouds broke and the real sun passes us by. The white disc was at the 5 o’clock position to the Sun, about 8 Sun diameters away. Size relationship was about that of a penny and a nickel. [and from another source] Just some observations from Scottsdale, AZ. The Sun further North and blazing more brightly than ever before. The size of the Sun seems to have tripled. The moon further North also. Sunrise yesterday was way early by about 20 minutes or more. One day this week could not access the internet from work which has never happened before. Telephones are going crazy, ringing, not working, cutting out. But the biggest change I have noticed is in the behaviour of people. They seem confused, bewildered, and angry. Everyone seems to be running around with the weight of the world on their shoulders. [and from another source] I left work last night [Feb 26] about 11:45 PM here in LA. I have never seen the Moon set so far North. It was in the Northwest just above the horizon.
Signs of the Times #686
Drop the Earth in her Ecliptic so the northern hemisphere gets more sun and warmth, confusing the trend with Spring. Calculate the Earth more in a December posture, lessening the differences with the Almanac and any time published by the Navy for a more radical reversal, as the offset from a dropped Ecliptic increases the day length. Pull the Earth in toward the Sun, a warning and prediction given by both an ancient astronomy chart and a recent crop circle, and as evidenced by the blazing sun and early spring on a northern hemisphere too long above the sun in a raised ecliptic, and therefore very cold. This also increases the repulsion force issues for both Earth and Venus. Thus, the weather and length of day would look, if not precise, at least similar to what man expects from a February date. ... Thus, when viewers saw the conjunction on Dec 25 approximately where they anticipated, this was taken to be an affirmation that the Earth’s orbit was normal. ... Thus, during the anticipated conjunction on Feb 25 of the crescent Moon and Mars, Mars was not present! [Note: New ZetaTalk: Venus and Mars.]
Signs of the Times #685
Topsy-turvy weather upsets people as well as birds and bees [Feb 21],2763,1152971,00.html ‘Britain is experiencing one of its weirdest-ever Februaries. Tulips were reported to be in full flower in Bedfordshire yesterday, swallows were nesting in Kent, frogs were mating furiously in Shropshire and bumblebees were flying around Scotland - even as forecasters predicted more freezing weather. This year's topsy-turvy weather, which has seen bitter arctic weather mixed up with record high February temperatures, is as confusing to people as to the birds and bees.’ [and from another source] Weather here in Poland is crazy. Yesterday was very hot, today [Feb 24] the snow is again everywhere, and very cold.
Signs of the Times #684
Its funny though as the day was lighting up from about 6:15 AM but the sun did not rise untill about 7:15 AM here [Feb 25] in Victoria AU. Also about six or so weeks ago the sunrise was approximately 5:30 AM then I noticed a rare sunrise time reported for the following day to be 6:13 AM on the news. There has been no sunrise times reported since that time on this particular TV channel. I hadn't been taken much notice lately and thought it strange that this mornings sunrise to be so late, or is it just me. [and from another source] The moon and whatever planet or star is always near the moon are way off, and Orion is too far south from my view here in Eugene, Oregon. Also, a couple of nights ago my roommate and I were both freaked out by how red the sunset was. It was apocolyptic to say the least. Power surges have also been more and more frequent, and even my computer speakers are starting to pick up stronger and stronger radio signals. The weather is all over the place, too.
Signs of the Times #683
Two days ago [Feb 22] the big Red Dusting hits South Poland! The media [TV] reported this. In one of our cities it looks almost as panic, people thinked it was toxic leak, as the snow was ore coloured, everywhere. They took it to chem-labs and yesterday official explanation gived to the media was that this was only a sand, from Sahara desert. [and from another source] I write to you with the computer Translator. Today [Feb 24] on TV in Russia in Moscow have shown that in one of cities in Russia the snow with the pink shade has dropped out. You are absolutely right. [and from another source] In Zakarpatie region (state) in UA and East Poland [Feb 25] fall down pink snow.
Signs of the Times #682
Treasure Island [Feb 21] ‘Ambulances, large trucks and buses will be prohibited from using the Treasure Island Causeway Bridge because of severe surface cracking that led city officials Friday to lower the weight limit for crossing vehicles.’ [and from another source] 5.1 Rocks France [Feb 23] ‘An earthquake struck eastern France near the city of Lyon on Monday, the Interior Ministry said. French television station LCI said the earthquake registered 5.1 on the Richter scale. Reuters journalist in Lyon said the quake made "a dull sound and made the walls of buildings shake". The quake was also felt in Besancon, near the border with Switzerland. [Note: absolutely nothing on this quake was reported by the USGS, which shows the level of under reporting and suppression of quake news going on.]
Signs of the Times #681
BBC News Online [Feb 25] ‘Earth almost put on impact alert. Astronomers have revealed how they came within minutes of alerting the world to a potential asteroid strike last month. Some scientists believed on 13 January that a 30m object, later designated 2004 AS1, had a one-in-four chance of hitting the planet within 36 hours. It could have caused local devastation and the researchers contemplated a call to President Bush before new data finally showed there was no danger. The procedures for raising the alarm in such circumstances are now being revised. What to do? Tell the world about the uncertain situation or wait for more data? Many astronomers recognise that they a false alarm could have brought ridicule on their profession.’
Signs of the Times #680
Spaceweather featured the Venus/Moon conjunction of Feb 23 on its home page, with photographic results. The position of Venus for an Earth in a reversed orbit would show Venus rising early, in the SW sky, a bit too high for those expecting it to be in the same position as viewed from an Earth in an orbit proceeding normally. Venus has an orbital period of 224 days, compared to Earth with 365 days. Thus it moves more rapidly. Consistently, Venus is Too High in the sky, compared to the crescent Moon.
Signs of the Times #679
The July 21 Hackpen Hill circle shows Planet X in the Ying-Yang symbol in an increasing size ratio. Visual sighting reports show the a Planet X persona Occulting the Sun almost completely. Though not recognized at the time, the 32 balls around the outer circle, with an average of 11 balls for each span between Ying-Yang symbols, is Significant for a revesed orbit of Earth. The Sweeping Arms affect Earth 8 times as it moves forward in its orbit, but there are for this orbital period an additional 8 Earth has chased in front of, 16. In a reversed orbit, the Earth would encounter 32 sweeps, as it backs into these arms. Divide 365 days in the year by 32 Sweeps and the average period is 11.3 days between sweeps. The disproportionate size of the balls in the outer circle would indicate not all sweeps are the same size or time span.
Signs of the Times #678
The sun behind the sun: A Japanese myth ‘Amateras-Ohmikami, which means "the goddess who shines in the heavens," is the greatest Japanese god. She represents the sun, shining her daylight on the earth. Her brother, the god Susanoh , was always terribly mean to her. Angry, Amateras hid herself behind the big rock and the entire world lost went dark. When Amateras moved the rock slightly to see outside, one of the gods pulled her out from behind it and the daylight shone on the world again.’ [Note: consistent worldwide myths about the long night or day, for Japan a long night, and the an interloper seen in front of the Sun, the rock who blocked the Sun.]
Signs of the Times #677
‘What would happen if the Earth, backing up from Planet X which is coming at Earth in a virtual head-on orbit, reversed orbit?... How does the common man, given this confusing situation, sort out the truth of the matter? Fortunately, we have comets! When discovered, their orbits ascertained and computed, comets C/2001 Q4 and C/2002 T7 were declared to arrive at perihelion in May, 2004, and certainly not visible naked eye prior to that time, if ever! So what is it the common man is seeing, in droves, in the sky just after sunset! It moved, has a tail, and is in their face astonishing them! Comets come early, because the orbit of Earth has backed into them. Comets orbit the Sun in the same counterclockwise motion that the planets assume in their orbits. Thus, the May perihelion dates assumed an Earth running ahead of the comets, the comets needing this time to catch up to the Earth in her orbit. Earth stopped, reversed, and the dates have arrived early!’ [Note: new ZetaTalk: Comets Come Eearly]