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Signs of the Times #1344 [Feb 10] How can a reporter using a fake name and working for a fake news organization get press credentials from the White House, let alone curry enough favor with the notoriously disciplined Bush administration to get picked by the president in order to ask fake questions? [and from another source] [Feb 11] ‘Two Democrats in Congress are pressing for investigations into how a Washington reporter who used a pseudonym managed to gain access to the White House and had access to classified documents that named Valerie Plame as a CIA operative.’ [and from another source] [Feb 16] ‘One might wonder, indeed, how someone who doesn't work for a news organization at all, but instead a (to put it charitably) right-wing think tank, whose journalistic qualifications consist of a $50, 2-day seminar with the right-wing leadership institute, and who hadn't even published any "news" article until about one month beforehand, can manage to get a hard pass to the WH Press Room, while NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd cannot.’ [Note: under his real name, as the Internet and late night TV shows repeatedly report, Gannon ran a gay escort service, including his own services.]
Signs of the Times #1343
I live in the south of France, near the city of Cannes (where the film Festival takes place). We have been going through an unusually long period of very cold weather [Feb 19]. No one here can remember such a long consistent spell of cold weather. [and from another source] The institute of meteorology of the Free University Berlin registered an unusual record [Feb 20]. On the west coast of Greenland temperatures soared to 16 C (61 F) on the weekend (Feb 20). The inhabitants of Greenland wondered about this unusual heat wave. [and from another source] Today [Feb 20] is the coldest, in this year, in all Japan! [Note: the pattern through January had been for Europe to be warm, due to the wobble. Now a new pattern emerging.]
Signs of the Times #1342
I saw the Moon reverse course [Feb 22], and several of my friends saw the same thing. Other friends saw the Sun set only to quickly rise again and then sink below the horizon for the second time. [and from another source] I checked out published times for the Old Farmers Almanac on the Internet for Independence, MO. Sunset was 29 minutes late [Feb 21] and then 50 minutes late [Feb 23]. Has a new dynamic began, in addition to earth wobble? [and from another source] With a lean to the left, the globe falling on its side, the constellations would be found, in the northern hemisphere, to the WEST of where expected and the Moon simultaneously in a similar out of place posture. A report from El Paso, TX for Sunday evening, Feb 20 at 22:15 hrs MST, Orion's mid-belt mid star was WEST and LOW. [and from another source] I charted very heavy earth wobble tonight [Feb 18]. At 11 PM the scope that I have permanently sighted in on Polaris, held the North star dead center on the cross hairs. However by 3:30 AM this morning [Feb 19] the erstwhile rock solid star had wandered to the Northwest so far that it was nearly off the edge of the scope itself! I estimate that tonight, the star took at least a 2 degree hike, relative to it's normal position, within the stated period of time of 4 hours. [Note: Earth wobble increasingly becoming evident to the casual observer.]
Signs of the Times #1341 As of 3:30 this morning [Feb 23], it appears that yet another change is beginning to occur to the anomalous lunar patterns that first surfaced early last winter. These patterns, in one form or other, have been extant now for almost exactly one year. Back in July 3, 2004, the moon would each rise with its features in the historically correct positions. Upon reaching zenith, the features would appear to suddenly rotate in the space of several hours, approx. 90 degrees, Mare Crisium moving from 2 o’clock to 5:30 o’clock position! This went on for six months, occurring exactly the same way each cycle. Suddenly, in early Dec. the pattern changed, Mare Crisium moving from the 11:30 o’clock to the 4 o’clock position. This second pattern has been in existence now since early Dec., or for a total of 3 lunar cycles. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time it has ever noticeably rotated prior to reaching zenith! [and from another source] I was watching the moon Saturday night [Feb 19] here in Mississippi and making hourly observations. At the 12 o'clock position it stopped for an hour, and when it did start to move again, slowly, for every couple of degrees of westerly movement it would also move north about 5 degrees. Earth wobble, obviously.
Signs of the Times #1340
Twin cyclones batter the South Pacific, could combine into 'Perfect Storm' [Feb 16] ‘Twin cyclones battered three south Pacific nations and weather experts warned they could combine into one giant, destructive storm center that would create havoc in the region. Olaf slowed down in the hours before it closed in on the main Samoan island of Savai'i and was a strong Category 4 cyclone, out of a maximum of 5, producing sustained winds over 250 kilometers (155 miles) per hour and 15 meter (50-foot) waves. Nancy had weakened from a category 4 to a category 2 cyclone as it passed through the Cook Islands, probably due to interaction with more powerful Olaf to the NW. The Cooks were still recovering from significant damage caused by a category 4 cyclone, Meena, which struck just 10 days ago.’ [and from another source] Water on the move, finding a blockage before it, mounts high, on land termed a tidal bore but in the ocean creating gigantic waves when the force of water moving in one direction meets another. These waves do not simply stand in place, they move in all directions, choppy, and huge. The storm surge anticipated during major storms is predictable, coming from one direction, as is the wind, but what would be the effect of surges and wind coming from different directions, simultaneously, during such storms. [Note: new ZetaTalk Storm Clash]
Signs of the Times #1339
Human scientists already know that the core of the Earth moves faster than the crust, rotates faster. The core pulls with the Sun, dragging the magma along with it, the crust of the Earth dragged along with the magma, and the atmosphere and oceans of the Earth dragged along with the crust. Sudden and violent wind storms from the South, accompanying the Polar Wobble, indicate the Earth jerked to the South at that point, the crust moving under the atmosphere and thus the winds, the magma pulling the crust under that point and thus at that point a magma void. Thus, the Mediterranean, which has experienced these sudden wind storms from the South, has a predictable magma void. Volcanic activity, increased eruptions in already active volcanoes, have been recently noted in the Kamchatka Peninsula. We have mentioned the sudden wind storms in Japan as being linked to anticipated Magma Slams against the spine of the Andes, and thus Japan is an area where a magma void could be anticipated. If these magma voids are causing vertical magma flows that clash with the normal horizontal magma flows, increased activity, would this not roil the magma up into volcanic outlets more aggressively? [Note: New ZetaTalk: Magma Voids]
Signs of the Times #1338
Today [Feb 9] in Sweden I was meeting a new client and the subject turned to Zetatalk, so I showed him the website, and second sun photos, and gave him an outline of the whole thing. Then when he was looking at the Sweden page posted, he went white and dropped his jaw. He said: ‘just this morning my mother called me into the kitchen to see the beautiful sunrise, and I said to her, wait a minute, the sun has never in all the years we have lived here come in through this window, it comes through the bathroom window and now was rising too far South, and I was stunned with confusion, and had no explanation, and now I am sitting here totally in shock that you are showing me a website saying the sun is out of place, because I saw it for myself this morning.’ [and from another source] Valentine's Day [Feb 14] about 5 PM my husband and I in one car and my 38 year old son and his kids in another car were almost blinded by the intensity of the sun. It literally was white, blinding white. I had almost black lens in my sunglasses and I could not see the road. It was kinda scary. [Note: the dust cloud becoming increasingly visible around the Moon Swirls, the complex coming closer, the Earth wobble more obvious.]
Signs of the Times #1337
In Hindustani paper Nicobar Islands report ground noise so loud people are moving away because they can't sleep at night. Of 9 million reads, there are 36 languages talking about ground noise! [and from another source] The moaning of the Earth is akin to material snapping, screeching rock strata pulling across other strata, and vibrations of rock strata under tension. [Note: vintage ZetaTalk: Groaning, written Feb, 1999. Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #1336
This is a little fountain. Water on the base is pumped to the top where a crystal sphere rotates all day. When I bought it in January 2005 its rotation was clockwise or like the planets from East to West. Now at the beginning of February [Feb 13] it stopped this direction and it rotates counter-clockwise North to South. [and from another source] Spin on the surface of the Earth reflects what is occurring in the core of the Earth. [Note: vintage ZetaTalk: Spin, written January 1997] The Earth’s crust is in an equilibrium with the normal magma surges driving the rotation. Now things have changed, and this change will accelerate. [Note: recent ZetaTalk: Magma Slam, written December 2004] We have explained in our Science section, Spin, that objects on the surface are affected by the magma under the surface, and also in the recent Magma Slam, that due to the polar wobble and the Earth simultaneous desire to rotate in the old direction while being tipped to its side so rotation is forced into a new direction, there are magma surges that collide and have voids under the surface. Your fountain is reflecting this, and the recent change is due to the globe falling over on its side, so rotation of the magma is essentially North to South, not East to West, a personal proof that this is occurring! [Note: a personal note from the Zetas on the fountain phenomena! The TREND to fall over on its side, the START of this.]
Signs of the Times #1335
Last of children to see Fatima Virgin dies at 97 [Feb 13] ‘Lucia Dos Santos, 97, who later became a nun, was the eldest of the shepherd children who in 1917 told of seeing apparitions of the Virgin Mary. She died at her Carmelite convent at Coimbra in central Portugal.’ [and from another source] The secrets were written down by Sister Lucia in 1944, at a time she thought she was dying, and sent to Rome where they were locked away in the Vatican archives. [and from another source] 'In 1957, the still-sealed envelope was transferred to the Vatican, where it was deposited in a safe in the papal apartments. In 1960, the appointed time arrived for the Third Secret to be revealed. To the disappointment of tens of millions, the Vatican withheld it. Sr. Lucia was strictly forbidden to speak about the Third Secret to anyone, and was allowed no visitors other than close friends and relatives.' [and from another source] 'Three Popes are reported to have read it in the years since 1960, but have decided not to publicize the contents.' [and from another source] Sister Lucia was told that she would not live to see the 3rd secret happen. [Note: see Sign #1298 re Pope’s admission on the Fatima Secret, where he admitting the cataclysm content.]
Signs of the Times #1334
These are really interesting photos we took. They have not been tampered with in any way except to add arrows to the first shot. The first was shot with a # 12 gold plated welders lense pressed firmly over the digital camera and pointed directly at the Sun. It was taken at 4:30 PM afternoon, Tuesday, Feb 1. When downloaded we spotted an orb just to the left of the Sun. So we decided to use a zoom with a lighter shade lense a # 10 gold plated the next morning at 9:00 AM Wednesday, Feb 2. And look what we have! As you can see the orb is pretty much in the same location and shaded on the side of the Sun. Is this it, or did we find something else?
[Note: per the description of Planet X Personas this dim orb is light refracted around the edges of one of the Moon Swirls.]
Signs of the Times #1333
GPS systems are being updated nightly. [Feb 1] GPS was updated 20 minutes after the quake. I work for the USN. Believe this, we are not done rolling either, we are updating everyday between 2200 and 0100 nightly, check your GPS at this time they will not be correct. [and from another source] Funny my GPS did act up last night, It was late but don´t know what time it was, I´d have to say around midnight does that fit the time frame given? Don´t know military time table. [and from another source] Mine acted funny the other night, couldn´t get it to work for a good half hour, then it just came back on and worked. Is something going on? [and from another source] Yes, what ´is goining on´ is called recalebration. [Note: Earth wobble forcing recalibration nightly.]
Signs of the Times #1332
El Paso, TX Jan 28 at 22:00 hours: Orion belt mid star was NORTH by 25° and HIGH by 13°. Pleiades was NORTH by 23°. Ursa Major was NORTH by 10°. [and from another source] Australia Feb 6 Sunrise 6:45 AM NORTH by 10° Sunset 6:35 PM SOUTH by 14° [and from another source] Note per the Figure 8 wobble, at 22:00 in El Paso, the Sun is over Australia, where the Sunset finds the Sun too far SOUTH, thus the globe is tilted such that El Paso would find the constellations NORTH. [and from another source] Today the sunset of Venice (Jesolo) was 10° too far South. [Note: this tilt for Sunset over Europe is appropriate for the Figure 8 wobble, confimed by reports from Sweden.]