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Signs of the Times #676
From my location here in Guyana I recorded no change in the rate of slowing shortly after the December Sweeping Arm. Since early February the 'high noon' position has been reached earlier. Today, [Feb 10], the sun reached high noon at 12:50PM, 10 minutes earlier than a week ago. However the sun is setting by about 10 minutes later! What is really happening? The sun is shifting back to the North. [and from another source] The Sun was setting here in Canada [Feb 19] where the sunsets were maybe in July or August. [and from another source] Sunset has really moved from a SSW to a SW position here [Feb 19] in Missouri. [and from another source] Are you getting any reports of the sun rising too far north [Feb 20]? White Lake Hill is a 600 foot hill very close and directly southeast of me. I am close enough that it blocks my view of Mt. Rainier here in Seattle. This morning, at 7:45 AM, the sun was a good 15 to 20 degrees above the horizon and at least 15 to 20 degrees northeast of White Lake Hill. [Note: evidence of Ecliptic drop also from Italian photos.]
Signs of the Times #675
‘There have been a number of problems with routing on the internet over the last couple of weeks. A few of the major backbone providers have been hit with trouble in their routing services. We have experienced very abnormal internet usage including but not limited to the following. 1. Delayed and or rejected email 2. Not being able to download e-mail even though you can connect to the mail server 3. Web pages that start to load and won't complete the page load 4. Web pages being completely unavaible to one viewer while another is having no problem. 5. One or more of the following services not working or partially working while others on the same server work perfectly. FTP, SMTP, Web, POP3, Telnet & SSH’
Signs of the Times #674
Every day during my 40 mile commute to work, I listen to am talk radio. Yesterday morning [Feb 20], for the first time, the stations kept cutting out, static, etc. I never have a problem with static on my route. [and from another source] Mag field is quiet and calm and nothing out of the ordinary happening with the sun. The sun has very few sunspots and there has been very few flares above B in quite a while. There has also been very little aurora activity which points to a rather quiet sun. [and from another source] Have you had problems with your keyless car remote? You weren´t alone. It happened to hundreds of people here in the Valley. The problem is the remotes for car doors and garage doors didn´t work for many people Friday [Feb 19]. Why, is the big question. [and from another source] I disconnected from the internet and my phone rang. It´s never done that before. I have a dial-up and kept getting disconnected too. [and from another source] I have a DSL internet connection but the last couple days everytime I come home the connection is dead and I have to reboot the computer to get it back.
Signs of the Times #673
Japan On Highest Terror Alert [Feb 20] ‘Beginning in late December, police tightened security at hundreds of facilities nationwide during the New Year holidays, and officers went on round-the-clock watch at train and subway stations and shipping docks. But the precautions were later eased.’ [and from another source] Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry predicts major cataclysms in 2004 'Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry predicts natural cataclysms in several Russian regions in the upcoming year. The majority of natural disasters will most likely take place in Southern and Far eastern regions of the Russian Federation.’
Signs of the Times #672
‘Washington, D.C. has experienced a series of unexplainable manhole explosions since February 18, 2000. Fortunately, the explosions have not resulted in any personal injuries, but on some occasions several consumers in the District have been without power for several hours. As a result of the rash of explosions, the D.C. Public Service Commission has ordered the Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) to inspect its underground conduit system. Also, the cause(s) of the explosions has been and will continue to be investigated.’ [Feb 18]
Signs of the Times #671
Earth Changes Coming? [Feb 19] ‘What do two falling cranes here and a killer train derailment there have in common? Earth movement. According to the foreign language press, the train [Iran] involved in yesterday´s disaster was coming around a corner and the track simply parted by several inches, enough to force the derailment. In the case of the toppled cranes in the U.S., the same type of phenomena was reported - separated rails. You know since the first of the year, there have been something like 31-train derailments? That´s sizeable. And, what it means is earth movements are happening on a scale that´s apparently heretofore not occurred.’ [and from another source] This morning's [Feb 20] radio news report in Seattle: The Alaska Way Viaduct has moved again since the last inspection which I think was six months ago. They say if it moves another two inches, they will have to close part of it and do more reinforcing. It has been steadily moving since the Nisqually earthquake, two or three years back. It is a double decker freeway, similar to the types that collapsed in California.
Signs of the Times #670
Re: 5.2 Mag Quake in Kansas [Feb 20] 2004/02/20 11:16:22.0 37.3N 99.0W mb5.2 A GFZ KANSAS, UNITED STATES [Note, but not reported by the USGS] No they might not report it straight up. When that EQ hit close to that military base on the northern Alabama/Georgia border it was not reported until about a thousand people called in. It was felt over a 300 mile area. At first they said it was a small 1.2, then when it was pointed out that it knocked stuff off shelves a hundred miles away they upgraged it. [Note: the USGS live seismograph sites have been down since Feb 18, no explanation given.]
Signs of the Times #669
Tonight here in Canada I watched the sun set behind Planet X, I watched through my binoculars from the other side of the lake. Planet X was super orange so I could look right at it. I watched the sun set into it from the top, leaving Planet X as the sunset. It it was freakin huge. [and from another source] This evening [Feb 19] at work at approx. 5:45 PM in Ohio I saw a double sunset exactly like the two Lake Erie photos on the ZetaTalk website. It looked like one very large orange sun setting on top the other as sun went down. You could see the curve of each where they touched together. [and from another source] Today [Feb 19] on the Regional TV news here in Italy, the speaker talked about that a large shadow is at the moment in front of the Sun and is getting larger.
Signs of the Times #668
I spent an hour plus in front of my house watching the Sun at 45/50 degrees altitude through an air lens. I saw the spot in front of the Sun. Its dark, about 50% of diameter. Then, in between repeated viewings of the spot I watched the moon swirls. After my eyes adjusted I could distinguish many lines of same sized moons, graduated, like a multi-strand beaded necklace. Some strands were 25 beads long, others 100 beads long, then, a separate cluster was on much larger beads moving individually in circular orbits that rotated in all directions around a nucleus. The bead lines made circles, curves, horseshoes, figure eights. It is too much to describe, but fascinating to watch as the sum of it writhes and roils. The debris field is now very large. It is apart from the moons, smaller stuff I think. [Note: this description is very similar to what is captured on filtered photos, Moon Swirls and the like.]
Signs of the Times #667
Here in Brasil the weather is going nuts. It´s raining like never before in the north of the country, cities are under water as rivers rise over 8 meters high flooding large areas that usualy are dry. Cities that haven’t seen rain or water for years (normal) now have their citizens drowning in the floods. Damms are at max capacity for the first time ever, and dams are breaking everywhere. In the south where I live, one day the temperature is in the 30/35 celcius and the next day drops to 15/20 celsius. 2 days ago we had an ice storm that droped about 60cm on the ground in large ares of the city, and we are in the tropics! We had a 2 day blackout for cellphones, but nobody talked about it.
Signs of the Times #666
The two Wisconsin crop circles, shown at right, laid on July 4 in the Horicon Marsh area included the ZetaTalk Triangle, but the first formation shows an orb occulting the Sun, increasing in size, and the second formation shows this same increased size ratio. In that Nancy lives in Wisconsin, an hour away from Horicon Marsh, and is intensely active in posting photos and visual sightings of the Planet X personas, this orb size increase was interpreted to mean visible size at key points during the approach and passage. The ZetaTalk Triangle is formed at passage, per the Zetas. By early 2004, reports of such an Occulting Orb were emerging.