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Signs of the Times #665
Starting at 12:00 noon [Feb 15] I took a welders lens outside and also wore 2 good sets of polarized sun glasses and looked up at the sun. An orb approximately 3/4 the size of the sun shows up right in front of the sun. It is still in front 2.5 hours later. It has an orange tint to it. The sun is whiter and behind. I just came back in and I saw it again, but it is now a little less obvious and you are right a little offset now. The yellow/orange orb in front of the sun was best seen at 12:00 noon. Keep your eyes on it and you will see the layered look it has. When your eyes have adjusted look away for a few seconds and then look up again, you should see it even more clearly. I used 2 sunglasses 1. zeiss sunglasses and 2. persol sunglasses, both of them over $200. [and from another source] I saw what he/she was talking about. I used a #10 welders glass and a pair of Revo sunglasses ( the best you can get- $400.00 ). I moved the welders lens around so no it is not a spot on the lens. Your eyes seem to try and adjust, but the disk in front of the sun is an orangy color, and it appeared a little offset from the middle of the sun.
Signs of the Times #664
BBC Newsnight [Feb 13] ‘Apocalypse now or at least apocalypse very soon! We think of global warming as something a bit distant and gradual rather than imminent and cataclysmic but Britain's chief scientist may be about to drop a bombshell. Sir David King thinks that climate change is one of the biggest dangers facing the world today - perhaps greater than the threat from al-Queda; and tonight he's giving a key note speech in Seattle. Tonight we'll be focussing on the phenomenon of abrupt climate change - when gradual tilting is overcome by a complete flip.’
Signs of the Times #663
The Guardian [Feb 11] ‘Scientists and officials confessed themselves unable to explain a string of fires and explosions which began in the middle of last month in the fishermen's quarter of a Sicilian village. A multi-disciplinary team of experts armed with measuring devices has been examining the area for clues to the spontaneous combustion of washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, electricity meters and cables. What makes the incidents all the more puzzling is that the area has been without an electricity supply since January 4. The regional civil defence chief, said the fires and blasts seemed to derive from a dispersion of electrical energy, but the origin of the presumed dispersion has yet to be determined.’ [Note: new ZetaTalk: Sicilian Fire, on the matter.]
Signs of the Times #662
Did any one notice that the star Arcturus came up too early last night [Feb 11]? It isn´t supposed to come up until 11 and it came up at about 10:20. [and from another source] Orion, here in Oregon, is way too far West [Feb 12] for the time of night. [and from another source] An orbit that halted around Dec 25 and then reversed, due to the Sweeping Arm of the Sun, would show the contellations out of place as rising early. Polaris is viewed as the North Star, regardless of where in its orbit the Earth may be, but other star systems would change as to the time they appear on the horizon. If timekeeping remained the same, atomic clocks not adjusted to hide to orbit change, a reversed orbit would show an earlier sunrise and sunset, as noted in the graphic at right, and the Earlier Appearance of the constellations in the eastern sky. This is being reported.
Signs of the Times #661
Causeway section drops 7 inches [Feb 5]
‘A section of the new Memorial Causeway Bridge, above the scaffolding, sank about seven inches Tuesday night. It is the second time in 14 months that a construction accident has threatened to delay the $69.3-million project, planned as a city showpiece and set to open to traffic this spring. In December 2002, an 80-foot section of the bridge sank one foot and twisted, forcing crews to demolish it and rebuild.
[and from another source] Moscow Roof Collapse Kills Some 25; More Missing [Feb 15] ‘Rescuers at a Moscow water park, where a roof caved in killing at least 25 people, pulled away the last big concrete slabs Sunday but feared more people were trapped under masonry, glass shards and icy water. The two-year-old Transvaal Park complex won a Moscow city award as a top investment and construction project in 2002, its Web site said.’
Signs of the Times #660
Passadina [Jan 20] ‘City officials may soon know what to do about a foul-smelling spring that erupted after the San Simeon earthquake,officials said. The ancient hotspring burst through the surface just after the Dec 22 earthquake and began spewing water and sulfur into the City Hall parking lot. The water, which is flowing at 400 gallons per minute, is currently being pumped through a pipe into the city's sewer system. But the sulfer, after mixing with sewage-treatment chemicals, makes an acidic solution that can eat through metal and concrete, so diverting the water isn't a permanent solution.’ [and from another source] Pipe break cause remains a mystery [Feb 12] ‘Around 8 PM an 18-foot section of cast iron pipe on Conant Street erupted making it the second accident of its kind in the past four years. We're looking at forensic evidence for an explanation. There was nothing out of the ordinary that could explain why the pipe burst.’
Signs of the Times #659
Orange dust in Cape Breton Snow [Feb 12] ‘There have been some pretty strong wind storms in the Maritimes this winter, but this is ridiculous. An orange substance that fell during a snowstorm in western Cape Breton last month may be dirt from Prince Edward Island, official said Wednesday. Residents from Margaree to Richmond County reported a layer of thick orange dust encased in snowdrifts. Nova Scotia's Environment Department was brought in to investigate and a sample was sent to a laboratory in Sydney. Early results indicate the orange dust is not hazardous.’ [and from another source] The moon in Oregon [Jan 13] is extremely orange and about three hours behind where it should be. [and from another source] There has been a large red haze over the entire eastern horizon both days just after sunset [Feb 14].
Signs of the Times #658
I saw Planet X on national television today [Feb 7]. I was watching the Pebble Beach Pro/Am and in one of the magnificent photos as the cameraman panned out over Spyglass, there it was, two suns and a red globe a little ways above that. The sun was lower in the sky. It was occulted by an equally bright object close and just to the upper right, with a reddish globe further up to left that looked mutted but still bright enough to be obvious. It was there for all to see and they were not sun flares. It could not have been any clearer. [and from another source] I live in Santiago , Chile. For long I have noticed, without any special tools or devices, the changes in nature around us: the undenniable change of weather patterns, increase of seismic activity, the Sun halo which cannot speak of anything else but a large dust cloud located between Earth and the Sun which is acting as a diffuser lens, reddish sunsets, clouds more dirty and reddish than in the past, brighter planets of the solar system, sun setting farther south.
Signs of the Times #657
I got a good glimpse of the sunrise today, [Feb 9], in Ohio. The sun has moved further North. No longer is it anywhere near our neighbors shed it's coming up in our backyard. Also sunrise is early. [and from another source] We have our first sunny day in weeks today in HongKong. The weather is unseasonably cold and breaking records here. Current cold spell started [Feb 5] on the 5th Feb. [and from another source] Here on[Feb 10] in S. Florida, I notice the current status. The Sun rises in the SSE and sets in the direct west. I checked this with both a mechanical and electronic compass, same thing. [and from another source] In February, the geographic N Pole moved into Mongolia, as worldwide Weathermap photos show. Such a shift, with Mongolia as the geographic N Pole (while the magnetic N Pole points more toward the Sun), would put: 1. Australia into the Equatorial sun, warmer 2. pull southern Africa into the Equatorial sun, warmer 3. place S American out of the Equatorial sun, cooler 4. pull N American more into facing the Sun, warmer. 5. certainly pull poor China and Russia up into the cold, which it now is!
Signs of the Times #656
Quebec City [Feb 9]‘A viaduct collapsed east of Quebec City Saturday night, sending roughly 10 of 20 freight cars plunging into a river. The Transportation Safety Board is investigating the derailment near Montmagny, about 60 kilometres east of Quebec City.’ [and from another source] Tanker cars carrying acid derail [Feb 8] ‘ A train carrying hazardous material derailed Saturday, causing about 50 people to be evacuated, police said. Officials said they don't know what caused the derailment.’ [and from another source] Pakistan [Feb 5] ‘A number of Pakistan Railways trains had to be rerouted after five coaches of the Sialkot-bound Allama Iqbal Express derailed between Harappa and Mir Dad Moafi stations at 8.25AM on Tuesday, according to an official spokesman for Pakistan Railways.’