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Signs of the Times #582 (via email to Nancy)
The 5.5 earthquake [Dec 23] near nuclear repository site Yucca Mountain, NV, occurred on December 23, 2003. Other states reported it. 5.5 Nevada Quake Not Reported by USGS - Why? It is posted here: AutoLoc alert for event ev031223182946; Region: Nevada; Magnitude: 5.5; Origin time: 2003/12/23 18:17:43 UTC; Longitude: 118.7°W; Latitude: 40.9°N; Focal depth: n.d. [Note: coverup in action.] Willard Scott [weatherman] slipped up the other day [Jan 1] reporting and said something about the nice weather up north, then read a rote line about how this was common or known to occur and said "whatever" and had a look of "how stupid do you think I am on his face" then quickly got back into character and continued pleasantly with the forecast. [Note: coverup fatigue.]
Signs of the Times #581 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
So why are all of these sunset calculation time sites down? Is down now. It is moving to a bigger server. Here is another site that is down. What is up? [Navy site] Does anybody have a link to a NON US navy site that works? Works. Works too. [Note: Since Earth Orbit appears halted and even reversed, due to Planet X heading toward it, sunrise and sunset times will obviously inaccurate. The only solution, close down!]
Signs of the Times #580
FBI Urges Police to Watch for People Carrying Almanacs [Dec 29] ‘The FBI is warning police nationwide to be alert for people carrying almanacs, cautioning that the popular reference books covering everything from abbreviations to weather trends could be used for terrorist planning. ... The FBI urged police to report such discoveries to the local U.S. Joint Terrorism Task Force.’ [Note: since sunrise and sunset times are constantly Changing, and online references can be easily changed, printed times are not a national security risk.] Now, it is 2004 and look at the 'new' almanac. The times are printed differently! They are saying that daylight, everyday is 18 minutes less than the almanac said in 2003! [Note: the Earth has been up in its Ecliptic since Sep 21, giving the northern hemisphere a shorter day, the southern a longer day. But don't look! The information has become classified!]
Signs of the Times #579
Earthquake Disrupted Telecommunication Line [Dec 31] ‘An undersea telecommunications cable in the South China Sea, linking Indonesia with other Asian and European countries, has been damaged due to an earthquake in Taiwan waters and the South China Sea, causing disruption to telecommunications links. Due to the incident, both PT Indosat and other telecommunications firms in other countries that use the undersea network reported that their phone and Internet links had been disconnected since Dec. 18. Currently, Indosat is using a backup system to maintain service by transferring communication links to satellite and other undersea cable networks. The APCN cable network was built by a consortium of Asian telecommunications operators from nine countries, and has been in operation since January 1997, connecting countries in the Asia-Pacific region.’ [Note: like the Atlantic cable, laid in 1999, a virtually new cable!]
Signs of the Times #578
Magnesium-Fueled Fire Finally Smoldering [Dec 29] ‘A magnesium fire at Garfield Alloys continues to burn ... The fire broke out about 3:30 PM Monday in the Garfield Heights, Ohio, industrial park located about 10 miles southeast of Cleveland, destroying buildings. ... Officials have decided that the fire will have to burn itself out. ... Police recommended those living within a quarter of a mile of the plant evacuate that area. ... 2001 fire at the plant, when a 55-gallon drum of magnesium caught fire. Firefighters were able to contain that blaze with sand. There was also another fire in February of last year when more than a dozen barrels filled with magnesium caught fire. No one was injured.’ [Note: Cleveland, along the St. Lawrence Seaway, is in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #577
Washington AP [Dec 30] ‘The Defense Department is removing the Army Corps of Engineers from overseeing oil imports into Iraq, acting just weeks after Pentagon auditors said Halliburton - Vice President Dick Cheney´s former firm - may have overcharged taxpayers under the Corps´ supervision. The Defense Energy Support Center, which buys fuel for the military throughout the world, will supervise the replacement of Halliburton and the award of a new contract for the imports.’ [and from another source] Ashcroft recuses himself from CIA leak probe. [Dec 31] ‘In July, newspaper columnist and CNN Commentator Robert Novak reported the identity of Wilson's wife as a covert CIA operative in a column in the Chicago Sun Times. It is a felony offense to reveal the name of a CIA operative, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $50,000 fine. The leak infuriated Wilson, an outspoken critic of the Bush administration policy in Iraq who had discredited intelligence allegations on the supposed movement of nuclear materials to Iraq.’ [Note: White House in trouble, increasingly.]
Signs of the Times #576
Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field [Dec 29] ‘Earth's magnetic north pole is racing away from North America. Compass needles in Africa are drifting about 1 degree per decade. Globally the magnetic field has weakened 10% since the 19th century. What's happening to our planet's magnetic field? Researchers are seeking the answer. In this story we see what they've learned in recent years.’ [and from another source] Scientists Say Earth Is on Schedule in Regards to Rate at Which It Travels Through Space [Dec 30] ‘At the National Institute for Science and Technology in Boulder, spokesman Fred McGehan said most scientists agree the Earth's orbit around the sun has been gradually slowing for millennia. But he said they don't have a good explanation for why it's suddenly on schedule.’ [Note: why the need to protest that all is normal? Magnetic flux up to 30 degress has been noted recently, and Leap Minutes, not seconds, added.]
Signs of the Times #575 (godlikeproduction Message Board)
Last night [Dec 30] I also noticed very bright sky which was in the opposite direction of the low crescent moon. Moon has a red ringed glow around it last couple nights too. [and from another poster] Night sky for last couple months often has a red hue in the entire sky. [and from another poster] We were driving in the country and three people were trying to see the sun. It was about 12:45 and I could see a huge kinda opulecent object about the size of a full moon, and under it was the sun. I could look at the object no problem but I could not look at the sun. I had to try to block off the sun in order to see it. Why I even noticed it I do not know. After awhile it could not be seen. [and from another poster] Well I finally got to see a sunset today and I would swear there were 2 orbs setting. What I believe was the real sun was just past the horizon and redish orange, while the second, whatever it was, rode piggy back. The second orb was smaller and fainter, it appeared to be behind the sun with 2/3 of it showing. [and from another poster] I have also seen the various bulges that seemed to be protruding from the sun, but now I can clearly see totally separate objects that appear about the size of a full moon or half the size of what used to be our normal sun.