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Signs of the Times #574 (godlikeproduction Message Board)
I have been making note of where the sun is at 12 noon my time (MST) for the last four weeks, taking a visual measurement by standing at the same spot and referencing the level of the sun against one particular tall tree nearby. To all appearances, the sun two days ago (Dec 27, 03) was slightly lower in the south than it had been on last previous measurement day (Dec 23). [and from another source] After Dec 21 the Sun is supposed to move North but it moved 5-6 degrees South. Okay what gives? [Note: Earth up in its Ecliptic noted from weeks now.]
Signs of the Times #573 ‘On Tuesday [Dec 30], the Pentagon will conduct a continuity-of-government exercise as part of the orange alert, officials said. Key officials will be told to move to secret alternative facilities. It was not clear how many people would be involved or whether they would move by helicopter or motor vehicle.’ [Note: over two years since 911 and they are just now getting to practice this? Not because of terrorism.]
Signs of the Times #572
Burst Main Floods Parts of Halifax [Dec 27] ‘Halifax resident Gwen Smith says she would rather go through Hurricane Juan again than what she went through with a water main break. Smith and her husband got a rude awakening early yesterday when millions of gallons of water flooded a west-end Halifax neighbourhood. A huge water main ruptured and the force of the water triggered flying rocks, shattered windows and shredded tree bark. It's unclear what caused the water main break.’
Signs of the Times #571 (via email to Nancy)
The tunnel under the Oslo Fjord are beginning to feel the stretch. Only in Norwegian:‘OSLO: Deler av taket i bunnen av Oslofjordtunnelen raste søndag morgen ned. Statens vegvesen opplyser at tunnelen blir åpnet for trafikk tidligst 2. januar.’ [Note: article dated Dec 29]
Signs of the Times #570
Bridge Collapse in Bolivia Kills 19 People [Dec 23] ‘Bolivian officials say at least 19 people are known dead, and another 40 are missing after a bridge collapsed into a rain-swollen river earlier this week. A search continues for possible survivors and the bodies of victims believed to have been swept away in the raging river after the collapse of the 350-meter-long bridge.’ [Note: This was a steel reenforced concrete bridge.]
Signs of the Times #569 (via email to Nancy and godlikeproduction Message Board)
My windows were shaking at the time, when the fatal EQ was rumbling Iran [Dec 26]! Even here, in Poland, I feel some tremors! Medium sized Red Dust clouds here, constantly. [and from another source] I went out this morning [Dec 28] at sunrise to see the sun rise and I could see more than one extra light source, other than the Sun. [and from another source] I walk my dog around the same time every night and it has been very dark lately being winter. Tonight it is very clear and there is no moon but, it is eerily light outside especially to the east. It reminds me of how it looks very early in the morning before the Sun rises, which will not be for very long hours from the time I walked the dog.
Signs of the Times #568 ‘Strong earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale rocks Indonesia, Sunday, [Dec 28].’,5744,8272821%5E1702,00.html ‘A strong earthquake struck off the east coast of the French island of New Caledonia on Sunday [Dec 28] the third in three days to hit the area on the Pacific Ocean island northeast of Australia. The magnitude 7.0 temblor was centred 350km east of Noumea. Quakes of similar magnitude hit the same area off New Caledonia's coast on Friday and Saturday without causing any damage.’ ‘Villagers on the Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh border are living in fear [Dec 28] because the repeated tremors experienced in the region. Seismological observatory said that the epicentre for the earthquake in Badwani, Madhya Pradesh was measured 6.6 on the Richter Scale.’ ‘An earthquake registering 6.0 on the Richter scale hit eastern Hokkaido, north Japan, on Monday [Dec 29] morning, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.’
Signs of the Times #567
China Gas Field Disaster Kills 191 [Dec 25] ‘At least 191 people were killed and hundreds poisoned when a natural gas well in southwest China burst and released a cloud of toxic fumes, medical workers, officials and state media said on Thursday. Officials said a gas well burst in the Chuan Dongbei gas field northeast of Chongqing city, releasing natural gas and sulfurated hydrogen "killing and poisoning many people," the state-run Xinhua News agency reported. Officials from the China National Petroleum Corporation, which owns the field, set fire to the escaping gas in an attempt to stop it from spreading, a CNPC official told Xinhua. A CNPC rescue team planned to pump 260 cubic meters of mud into the well Friday morning in an attempt to cap it, Xinhua reported. Details of the tragedy have been slow to emerge because of the area is remote. The gas field is 337 kilometers northeast of Chongqing city, rescue officials said. Rescue officials told CNN that rescue crews were still in the area, and that the gas leak had not been contained. The cause of the "blowout" was still unknown, they said.’
Signs of the Times #566 (Nancy)
By Dec 25, the next anticipated Sweeping Arm of the Sun date, a Heavy Hitter pattern ensued worldwide. Magnitude 6.4 - Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge 2003 Dec 21 07:40:45 UTC. Magnitude 6.5 - Central California 2003 Dec 22 19:15:56 UTC. Magnitude 6.3 - Panama, Costa Rica Border Region 2003 Dec 25 07:11:11 UTC. Powerful earthquake off NZ Coast, Dec 26 ‘An earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale has been detected deep on the Pacific Ocean floor off the eastern coast of New Zealand.’ Thousands Dead In Iran Earthquake, Dec 26 ‘A severe earthquake devastated the historic city of Bam in southeast Iran on Friday, and a preliminary estimate said the death toll could reach 10,000. Hasan Khoshrou, a legislator for Kerman province where the quake occurred, said there was still no precise number of dead from the magnitude 6.7 quake, but officials working in Bam had given him that figure.’
Signs of the Times #565
The Mountains Grew A Foot Today During The Quake [Dec 23] ‘The magnitude 6.5 quake hit near the coastal city of San Simeon almost exactly half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, setting high-rise buildings swaying in both cities. Today one piece of crust shoved beneath another about 7.6km beneath the surface of the earth and at the intersection of the Pacific and North American plates, US Geological Survey seismologists said. That sent tremors along America´s west coast and beyond. Thrust faults produce mountains, and the San Simeon quake probably improved the view from the nearby hills, Stein said because, mountains have probably been pushed up about a foot or so by this earthquake.’