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Signs of the Times #564
Power Being Restored in San Francisco [Dec 21] ‘Crews were restoring power to thousands of homes and businesses early Sunday following a blackout that left a third of the city without electricity on one of the busiest days of the holiday season. The power outage started just before 6 PM Saturday when a fire broke out at a major Pacific Gas & Electric Co. substation. The cause of the fire was under investigation, Franks said. There´s no indication that it was vandalism or sabotage.’
Signs of the Times #563 (via email to Nancy)
I’m located in Cordoba, Argentina. I traveled many times over the Ltas Cumbres road. It runs over the mountains, 2800 mts ASL, and I never saw so many rocks falling over the way. It’s something normal to have some small pieces during the year, but not hundreds over a month. [and from another source] I am sitting at an encampment in the Andes [Dec 22] and there is red dust falling everywhere. I am living in Chile. There is dust everywhere. Red dust. [and from another source] In Wisconsin, and red dust is everywhere, you can go to any car that is left outside, and you can see the dust/dirt all over. I have 2 cars and they both have that shit on there, yeah they gave some bullshit story about winds that carried this from New Mexico, they said this has happened before. Yeah right! [and from another source] I just talked to my sister in Tristan Da Cuna and she mentioned that red dust was covering everything there. She did not know what it was. She has lived there for six years and has never seen anything like it.
Signs of the Times #562
Americans are warned [Dec 20] ‘Officials across the United States responded to the decision on Sunday from the Department of Homeland Security to elevate the national terror alert level to orange, the second highest level. It is the fifth time that America has been put on orange alert since the colour-coded system was introduced after the 11 September attacks in 2001. Tom Ridge, the director of Homeland Security, repeated his message of Sunday that the country should be especially vigilant. He said the warning was based on information which indicated that attacks might be imminent. He did not specify the sources of the information or where the attacks could occur. Mr Ridge called on Americans to be extra vigilant but added: If you´ve got holiday plans, go.’ [Note: the last Code Orange was called just after May 16, after the Zetas gave dates for rotation slowing to a stop to be on May 20. Dec 25-30 is anticipated to be the next Sweeping Arm of the Sun.]
Signs of the Times #561 (via email to Nancy)
The Sun is setting way too far to the south [Dec 23]. My Physics class and I were standing by the East River and everyone was pointing to the Sun setting behind the Citibank tower in Long Island City (which it does not do in December) and stating how the sky was too red. Not pink, not orange, but blood red.[and from another source] This view of Monviso mountain [Dec 22] in Italy 116 miles from Varese beaming 228° after sunset. [Note: per SkyMap, the Sun should set at 238°, a full 10° too far to the South.] The sky stays lit in the direction of the sunset for quite awhile lately. Wasn´t the sun supposed to set earlier and earlier as we approach solstice? [and from another source] In mid USA I also am seeing a citylike red/orange glow [Dec 22] in the same position at night as of just recently and there is no city large or medium in that direction. Also others report the same thing as far north as BC Canada. [and from another source] I can see the sky at sunset how the sunset lingers way past published times for dark; and I see blood red skys at sunset, and the winged globe too, just as described! [and from another source] Ah isn´t that something new, now, the nice half lit sky in the direction of sunset. I remember years past when it got dark around 5ish or even earlier. It got real dark. Now we have this nice light in the sky. Ah yep all is normal.
Signs of the Times #560 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Today I saw two suns at sunset [Dec 22] No floppy disk, no welders lense, no UV filter. There is something up there. [and from another poster] Last Thursday about 4:30 pm, I had a clear unobscured sky view in NW Georgia, traveling in a car, but riding as passenger. This day, there was a cloud cover in different layers, but not so heavy you couldn´t see the Sun. The Sun was a big bright yellow blur and at the 3 o’clock position, at arms length, approx 6 inches apart, was another bright yellow sun. It was about half the size of the other. They were evenly next to each other, although 6 inches apart. [and from another poster] I saw what is being described here as well one morning late in October. Something big is definitely around the sun. i didn´t expect to see it that morning, then when I saw 2 suns rise, the smaller one first, I almost lost it. Something big is lurking in our solar system. [and from another poster] I´ve noticed more and more regular folks paying attention to sunset. They stop what they are doing and looking to the sunset very carefuly. [and from another poster] On Friday there were clouds moving across the sun. I looked up and saw a really small sun, a bright disk shaped object like the sun. I thought, man the sun is sure small. Then the cloud moved off the real sun and covered the small sun. And voila, the normal sun. [and from another source] We were heading south with the Sun south and to the right and I saw a very bright object to the right of the Sun. It was three in the afternoon so this was kind of unusual.
Signs of the Times #559 (via email to Nancy)
I have to apologize to you, because for months I have been denouncing your every word and message, but yesterday [Dec 20] I saw something that will change my life forever. While out for a morning jog I saw what I thought was the Sun rising. I noticed that I could look at it without hurting my eyes, and also realized that while it did seem to give off some light, similar to the moon, it wasn't so bright that I had to look away. Well, about 30 minutes later on my way back home, I looked up again, this time seeing something that will be burned in my mind forever, I saw the Sun beginning to rise, and this other object just above it. At first I thought it was an oxygen high from jogging, but then I brought my wife out to verify it. She verified it to me, and today I went out and started purchasing survival equipment. Thank you for your message, and once again, I apologize. [Note: appology accepted, now go out and denounce the debunking!]
Signs of the Times #558 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
[Dec 19] beginning at 17:45 hrs to 17:52 hrs; sighted what appeared to be a large undulating cometary type tail above and to the left of the Sun. Was not visible until Sun had disappeared behind horizon. Tail was not stationary but moved relative to sunset (was not a cloud reflection). Location of sighting is S. Texas near Rio Grande City. [and from another source] Saw it two days ago [Dec 19] at sunset. Naked eye sighting driving West near Yellowstone. To the right of the Sun. About 50x the brightness of Mars at its brightest. At first thought maybe an airplane was flying low, then realized it wasn´t moving. Had to stop and look. Guy behind me stopped and looked too. Quite an extraordinary moment, all in all.
Signs of the Times #557 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I live in northern Canada I work in the forest industry. I spend lots of my time working at night. The last few nights have been different to the south east. There has been a red glow to the horizen almost like a summer twilight. In the summer months the nights are very bright and the northern twilight is very noticeable. Last night it was very weird to see the south eastern horizen to be so red until the sun came up, and as night turned into day the red sky´s disappeared. But last night [Dec 19] it was clear and very dark red. I don´t know whats happening but this is not normal. [Note: similar to the photos from New Zealand, showing a blood red glow to the night sky all night long. Not northern lights, in the SE, and does not look like auroras in the webcam either. ]
Signs of the Times #556 (via email to Nancy)
Early this morning, Thursday [Dec 18], in El Paso, the moonrise was way South. Last night the azimuth was about 110° . I usually stand in the same location. Dec 14-15 the moon came if way North of the street light pole. This morning it came up way South of the pole. I think Earth bumped up in its ecliptic yesterday. [and from another source] Used to be in December, sunrise was on top or right side of U-shaped building in these first two photos. This year several miles south! [Note: Moon rise at 3:00 AM per Skymap should have been 97°, and report of southern sunrise supported by photos from Japan.]
Signs of the Times #555
Train derailment cancels Amtrak service south of Washington [Dec 18] ‘A freight train derailed early Thursday just outside Washington, disrupting rail service for thousands of commuters and travelers along Amtrak's eastern corridor. About 13 cars on a CSX freight train from Richmond to Philadelphia came off the tracks just before 6 a.m. in Alexandria, about 10 miles south of Washington.’ [Note: cause unstated. DC is in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #554
NASA unveils 'Super Telescope' [Dec 19] release ‘NASA unveiled the first views from its space infrared telescope, a super-cooled orbiting observatory that can look through obscuring dust to capture images never before seen ... Among the first views from the Spitzer: A comet streaking through the solar system some 880,000 million kilometres from the sun. It is surrounded by a cloud about 20 times bigger than Jupiter, but the Spitzer sees to the comets glowing core. ... The new telescope completes NASA's original plan to orbit telescopes to study segments of the electromagnetic spectrum, the visible and invisible radiation that fills the universe, which are partially or completely blocked by the Earth's atmosphere. [Note: comets do not have a glowing core, but Planet X does. Is this another disinfo attempt to confuse the public, increasingly seeing Planet X next to the Sun, a statement that NASA has just now noticed?]