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Signs of the Times #533 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
There has just been a newsclip [Dec 8] on the main New Zealand TV channel, post news show Holmes about New Zealand Planet X survivalists. There was a clip of Nancy, recent, and some explanation of the poleshift and subsequent disasters that ZetaTalk predicts. Some clips of interviews with Planet X’ers and their preparations. Then there was a denial/debunking from a mainstream astromomer. The tone was lighthearted and highly sceptical, but the info about Nancy/ZT was generally accurate. 500,000 + NZers have probably just had their first intro to Nancy and PX. [and from another poster] My wife was watching spanish speaking news last week cause she´s spanish and they announced that they were going to go into more detail about a weird sunset that was witnessed. The spanish stations are more open as well as media in other countries.
Signs of the Times #532
Tropical Storm Peter Nears Hurricane Strength [Dec 9] T.S. Peter Is Second Named Storm Since Season Ended ‘A near-hurricane strength Tropical Storm Peter formed Tuesday deep in the Atlantic Ocean, the second named storm to develop since the Atlantic hurricane season ended Dec. 1. ... This is the first time since 1887 that two tropical storms have formed in the Atlantic basin during December, the hurricane center said.’
Signs of the Times #531
Toronto Theater Collapses; 1 Dead, 14 Injured [Dec 8] ‘A disused movie theater in downtown Toronto collapsed into a next-door language school on Monday morning, killing one person and injuring 14, city officials said. The injured, including three children, were pulled from the debris and transported to nearby hospitals. About 100 rescue workers with dogs were searching through the rubble to see if anyone was still trapped.’ [Note: Tronoto is along the Seaway, the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #530 (via email to Nancy)
In Pennsylvania at 4:30 PM [Dec 7] the setting sun is behind a cloud, but shooting up from the cloud is a red-orange column at 12 o'clock, similar in appearence to the blue light tribute to the World Trade Center a while ago. Interestingly, the column is visible in the clear sky; not needing clouds to reflect off of. [and from another email] Also saw this weekend [Dec 7] in Missouri with my own eyes the fire dragon which was a pink spot to the left of a cloudy sun. This evening [Dec 8] the sun was very occulted and lumpy.
Signs of the Times #529 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I live on the East coast or the United States, and have an unobstructed view of the sunrise coming over the Green Mountains of Vermont [Dec 9]. I began watching the beginning of the sunrise at around 7AM this morning. A tractor beam of red light seemed to go out from the horizon hitting the clouds making it a more spectacular sight before the actual sunrise. All of a sudden, to the left of where the sun was about to rise, a large shining object appeared and shone most brightly. I ran and got the binoculars to see what it was. I was shocked when I looked in the binoculars. (around 50x power). What I saw was a distinct round object shining through what looked like dust or clouds. This object was well defined, and definitely looked like a planet. It was completely three dimensional, not fuzzy as if viewing a star thru binoculars. I have looked at stars in my binoculars before, and all you see is a bright light that´s diffused in many directions. This object was clearly round, could be seen clearly, and seemed to have a slight cloud or dust covering around it. It was definitely a planet or a moon. I can assure you it was not a sundog. When this object appeared it was very bright and concise. It was not a diffused glow.
Signs of the Times #528
‘Gus W. Weiss, 72, a former White House policy adviser on technology, intelligence, and economic affairs, died Nov. 25 of a fall from the Watergate East residential building in the District. The D.C. medical examiner ruled his death a suicide.’ [and from another source] ‘He served as assistant to the secretary of defense for space policy and on the Pentagon Defense Science Board and the U.S. Intelligence Board under President Carter. Mr. Weiss was a foreign affairs officer and member of the National Security Council under Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan. Mr. Weiss was involved in numerous intelligence projects, and friends said there were many aspects of his career he could never discuss with them. He was wired into the intelligence community ... and was very very opposed to the Iraq war.’
Signs of the Times #527
‘The Moon is currently the focus of an international program of scientific investigation. Current missions underway or planned will lead to the future use of the Moon for science and commercial development, thereby multiplying opportunities for humanity in space and on Earth. We need the Moon for many reasons: to use its resources of materials and energy to provide for our future needs in space and on Earth, to establish a second reservoir of human culture in the event of a terrestrial catastrophe, and to study and understand the universe. The next step in human exploration beyond low Earth orbit logically is to the Moon, our closest celestial neighbor in the Solar System.’ The Signatories: Niklolai Abrosimov, Marengo, Russia, James R. Arnold, NASA Ames, USA
Signs of the Times #526 (via email to Nancy)
This morning [Dec 9] in Italy my wife called me to have never seen the moon so high NNW 340°, at 8:10 AM I measured with digital compass, while sky map gave WNW 304°. Absurd ! The Earth turned again! I confirm that point is 340° at noon (no filter). Ciao [and from another source] Just look up and see the moon [Dec 8], ain’t right, up here it’s low, high, new path every night here in Canada. I know it changes, but it’s drastic change, you really can’t but notice, just have to look up, that’s all. A couple of diagrams I did up. [Note: reports of Moon Orbit aberations are neverending!]
Signs of the Times #525 (Nancy)
Nancy resided in the San Francisco area before coming to Wisconsin, and the California July circle has similarities to the July 4 Wisconsin circle containing the ZetaTalk triangle. Both are balanced on either side, like a mirror image. The Zeta description of the triangle does not specify if the point where Planet X pierces the Earth's ecliptic plane is to the right, left, above, or below where the Earth might be at that time. Starting on Sep 23, just after the Equinox, it was noted that the Earth was bobbling up in its ecliptic, placing its S Pole above the N Pole of the approaching Planet X in the manner magnets prefer. The Eastfield circle implies that after a Solstice or Equinox, the orbit of Earth will radically change. A lift in the Ecliptic is implied by the line being pulled into the center, a halted or reversed orbit is implied toward the end of this 13 week period. It may be that rotation stoppage find the Earth Above Planet X, above its Ecliptic plane, by that degree.