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Signs of the Times #524
Sydney Went Bang, and Nobody Knew Why [Dec 3] ‘Buildings shook, windows rattled and terrified residents thought their homes were crashing around them - but nobody has any idea what caused a mysterious explosion that shook Sydney´s north and west late last night. Police began receiving phone calls about 10.20 of an enormous explosion, with reports coming from an area stretching from Wiseman´s Ferry to the lower Blue Mountains. In about 20 minutes, Riverstone police station alone received more than 100 calls from worried residents.’ [and from another source] Freak Hailstorm Hits Melbourne [Dec 3] ‘Locals said the 20-minute storm hit the suburb about 4PM with hailstones the size of golf balls.’ [and from another source] Yesterday [Dec 2] the weather seemed normal for Oregon, rainy and a high in upper 40's. Today [Dec 3] the Sun is out and we are pushing 60. This is March weather not December, the grass is starting to grow again. [and from another source] Rare tropical storm spins in Caribbean [Dec 5] ‘A late-season tropical storm is threatening the Caribbean from Jamaica and Haiti to the Bahamas’ [Note: hurricanes this late, unusual occurrence.] While it is the first recorded tropical system to form in the Carribean in December; and while it is very rare to have a system form anywhere in the Atlantic in December; it is not the first ever occurance. The last named storm to form in the Atlantic was Lili in 1984 (which formed in the N. Atlantic and looped southward).
Signs of the Times #523 (via email to Nancy)
In Sacramento there were two visible light sources in the sky, one redder than the other at sunset. [and from another source] I saw the second sun again this morning in Philly at 8:45 AM. Another cloudy morning. It´s like a vertical strip with rainbow colors off the right side of the second sun. [and from another source] Two suns clearly visable from NJ on route 80.
Signs of the Times #522 (via email to Nancy)
Fox Creek is roughly 150 miles northwest of Edmonton, and as the weather has been unseasonably warm for this time of year, again the cold can not be blamed. They are very, very quickly blaming "pipeline fatigue" I've lived in this province my entire life and I've never heard of "pipeline fatigue" in a gasline break. [and from another source] Pipeline Blasts not Suspicious [Dec 3] ‘Energy Minister Murray Smith says two pipeline explosions in northwestern Alberta were not due to acts of vandalism. During the normal course of business the lines are checked continually. Flames from the ruptured line near Little Smoky were visible in the night from kilometres away, said witnesses.’
Signs of the Times #521
TransCanada says Alberta Gas Pipeline Ruptures [Dec 2] ‘TransCanada Corp, one of the largest natural gas transporters in North America, said its pipeline system ruptured twice on Monday and Tuesday in a remote area of northwest Alberta. The first rupture occurred late Monday afternoon on an underground gas pipeline in a remote area about 70 miles (110 km) southeast of Grande Prairie, Alberta, she said. The second rupture occurred early Tuesday about 10 miles (17 km) downstream of the first rupture. Both ruptures were accompanied by fire’
Signs of the Times #520
Cracks Let Solar Wind Disrupt Earth's Atmosphere [Dec 3];jsessionid=PISZ3VGFOHNJMCRBAEOCFEY?type=scienceNews&storyID=3933473 ‘The solar wind pries open immense cracks in the Earth's magnetic field, holding them apart while it gushes through to cause geomagnetic storms, scientists reported on Wednesday.’ [Note: once again, NASA, who holds all the data that can prove this one way or the other, attempts to explain why our compasses are going wild.]
Signs of the Times #519 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
In Alaska [Dec 3] my compass is pointing East.! Just happened! I have lived up here all my life and I can tell you that our compasses point north or a little northeast or west at times, but never never do they point 48 degrees from normal. It is pointing east, and a little south! Close to Anchorage, southcentral. I have 2 sources. One compass away from any interference, ie speakers, TVs and such. Also have a large computer magnet attatched to our ceiling with paper underneath to mark the degrees away from any other magnetic sources and they are reading the same variation. [and from another poster] Connecticut reporting in. I have a cheap floating compass and it is pointing east at the wall that should be North! I checked again, it has swung back toward normal, but still seems a bit NE instead of N. [and from another poster] In the Carolina Mountains, 33-34 latitude, 83-84 longtitude, tonight my compass is more than 25 degrees NE of usual! The past six months the compass swings back and forth 6-8%, but never as much as this! My compass is not a ´good´ one, but it lies in the same place on my desktop and there is nothing around to cause it to swing off. [and from another poster] I am in north central BC and mine is NE more east than it should be though. I am in the bush I do use my compass so do not think anything is wrong with it. [and from another poster] I took out my Army Engineers compass, the reading was still showing magnetic north a full 10 degrees off expected position. I also took to compass to an outside location to validate and remove any possible variables due to wiring etc. At this point in time, I see something terribly wrong with the earth´s magnetics. I have confered with many in the know. If what I am measuring is for real, and I suspect that it is, we are experiencing events which are a first for historically recorded human experience.
Signs of the Times #518 (from Veronique)
Gros Tom revient de la source avec un seau d’eau à la main. Les pompes sont arrêtées, et s’arrêtent sans arrêt du fait du courant qui arrive de façon irrégulière des lignes à haute tension, les commutateurs revenant à leur position à peine le bouton poussé. Gros Tom s’ arrête sur ses pas, sentant un tremblement léger mais continu du sol. Sa femme Martha sort en courant de la maison et se jette dans ses bras, faisant tomber les baquets qui sont à présent sur le sol, clapotant et débordant. Les enfants courent à sa suite, pleurant « Maman, Maman! ». Il y a de la panique dans l’air. Danny et Rouge sortent du coin de la maison, venant du jardin, avec des oignons et des tomates dans les mains pour le gumbo que Martha était en train de préparer. La pâleur du visage de Rouge accentue la nuance rouge de ses cheveux grisonnants. Il dit, « la Lune est en train de bouger! » [Note: the short story version of the Passage, written by Nancy, is now available in French!]
Signs of the Times #517 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
The Sun has been setting way too far to the South, so much so that people were pointing today [Dec 2] from the subway platforms in Queens. [and from another poster] Normally the Sun sets over my neighbor´ house and yard beside me. He lives to my west. Today the Sun set across the street which is basically south. It set very SW from normal this time of year. [and from another poster] Hey I noticed it setting 20 degrees too far South today [Dec 2] as well. How is this possible when it set pretty much on time? [Note: both in Slowing aberations and Ecliptic rise observations, Earth appears to be bobbling up in its Ecliptic, often.]
Signs of the Times #516 (via email to Nancy)
My compass is mounted on a desk to check for changes. In the past two weeks, it has moved further westward, 5 degrees the first time, then two days later about 4 more and then about 4 days later another 4 degrees. I also noted at the same time of the above compass changes there were world-wide quakes, listed at [Note: increasingly erratic Magnetic Flux.]
Signs of the Times #515 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
In Denver, Colorado, tonight [Dec 1] at 5:00 PM I noticed the moon directly overhead. When I left work at 7:00 PM the moon had not budged an inch! As I drove upto the driveway, the moon at 7:50 PM was still hanging in the same spot! [and from another poster] At 5 PM last eafternoon, I was driving east in Montana. The moon was at half moon, to my right, due south. At 9 PM the moon seemed to be swinging north to south to set lately. I looked and sure enough there was the moon, still due south, but about 1/3rd lower in the sky. At 11:35 PM I decided to get some wood for our stove. That moon was still due south, but had dropped to a position where it was about to go down.The moon appeared to be setting North to South. [Note: increasingly erratic Moon Orbit aberations.]
Signs of the Times #514
Water Main Break in Lincoln Park [Nov 30],1,1305076.story?coll=chi-news-hed ‘A stretch of Clark Street in the Lincoln Park neighborhood was flooded early Sunday after a water main broke. This afternoon, receding water left patches of sand from Wisconsin Street to North LaSalle Drive, and a hole in the road that stretched nearly the breadth of Clark Street. ... Firefighters and residents who did not wish to be identified said as many as 80 cars were in the lower level, and were submerged past the hoods. [and from another source] Channel 4 news [Dec 1] Three water mains break in Warsaw, MO. One of the lines was a sewer line. [and from email] In Napoli [Nov 30] Italy the ground in the street broke in many points. Has opened like a cake, so that cars and one person fell inside! No explanation has been given for what happened in Napoli. [Note: all these areas are in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #513 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Two Sunrises [Dec 2] this morning? This morning at work, it was 7 AM, partly cloudy and a beautiful red/orange eastern sky greeted my eyes. I sat watching it, while smoking a cig. After about four minutes, the color faded and twilight returned. Then at 7:27 AM, the official sunrise occurred with no color. What was the first sunrise I saw at 7 AM? Planet X? Reflected sunlight? [and from another poster] Double sunsets [Dec 3] seem quite interesting to me since it seems like we are having dual sunrises here in the far east. [and from another poster] It´s odd to see the sunset [Dec 3] and notice 2 of them, one far too the South/East.
Signs of the Times #512
Body Found Inside UN [Dec 1] ‘A body was found inside United Nations headquarters on Monday, a U.N. spokesman said. U.N. security and the New York police department are investigating the matter. The U.N. spokesman said the person had been shot, and that the body was discovered inside the building's third-floor lounge at about 11:30 AM.’ [and from a prior source] The Observer [Mar 23],2763,1084921,00.html ‘Details of the aggressive surveillance operation, which involves interception of the home and office telephones and the emails of UN delegates in New York, are revealed in a document leaked to The Observer.’ [Note: apparently a UN Security Guard was shot. Why?]
Signs of the Times #511
White House Version of Mid-Air Exchange Disputed [Dec 1] Reuters ‘British Airways said on Monday that none of its pilots made contact with President Bush´s plane during its secret flight to Baghdad, contradicting White House reports of a mid-air exchange that nearly prompted Bush to call off his trip. ... The White House had no immediate comment on the discrepancy. Bush aides recounted with excitement last week the moment during the flight to Baghdad when they said a BA pilot thought he spotted the president´s blue and white Boeing 747 from his cockpit.’ [and from another source] ‘Six more journalists - two wire-service reporters and a team from Fox - joined the group at the refueling stop. A little after 5 AM Baghdad time ... we touched down in Baghdad’ [and from godlikeproduction Message Board] CNN and others were not allowed. Actually, there were two stories. Photos, of early morning light streaming through the airplane windows. If Bush only stayed 2 1/2, he would have had to leave in daylight. FoxNews stated that they left after midnight Friday. Too many discrepencies in the stories to be believed. [Note: rumors abound that the flight never took place at all, as the only photos were from inside the plane and inside the tent.]