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Signs of the Times #1268
I wrote to you on Oct. 27 and told you that Polaris was at 40° in North central Washington state. We are near the the 49th parallel and Polaris should be at 49°. Well now almost forty days later [Dec 14] we are at about 30° for Polaris. At the current rate of descent or wobble as the Zetas call it we should have three days of darkness in about six weeks. [and from another source] Note the rate at which the offset for Polaris has increased during the Polar Wobble! From Oct 27 where 9° was noted to Dec 14 where 19° is noted. This equates to a 22° drop to the South for Sunset noted in Wisconsin on Dec 14. [and from another source] My picture shows two analyses: with the ANGLES and the with PIXELS. Data [Dec 12] are different, but not too much. If the movement is nearly linear the period could be to mid January, if the motion is accelerated the period will be earlier, the year-end. ANGLES: 28”-25”=3” in 11 days. If Planet X has 15” to reach the Ecliptic then the big night will be in 55 days, if the speed is linear. PIXELS: The Moons have to go 100 pixels over the Ecliptic. 235-162=73 pixels in 11 days. 241 pixels for Planet X to reach the Ecliptic. If 75 is 11 days then 241 is 35 days. [Note: these predictions are NOT ZetaTalk predictions, but two humans who do not know each other, using different methods of computation, coming up with a remarkably close hypothesis.]
Signs of the Times #1267
Images of Earth-like Clouds on Mars [Dec 14] ‘New geologic and climatic discoveries being sent back by Mars rovers: It looks like they'll both be around for the anniversary next month. Asked if they robots will still be at work in May, Squyres alluded to his hard-working team, which for much of the early part of the mission worked on Mars time, by joking that "the rovers have a better chance of being alive then than we do." [and from another source] Is this in reference to the van crash of JPL and NASA scientists recently, or to the NASA analysis of when the Passage might occur? [and from another source] This photo (right) was taken at Izunuma, Japan, at 8:12 AM on 15 Dec 2004. Is this the Second Sun? [Note: there are two reflections on the water, one from the Sun, the second from the Second Sun. Note the Second Sun also is not a lens flare as the clouds around the orb are shaded. The Moon was but a sliver on this day and not in sight. Hazy days are often the best time to capture an image of Planet X as the Sun’s glare is reduced.]
Signs of the Times #1266
Russia's Primorsky Territory Having Unusually Warm Weather [Dec 14] ‘November 2004 proved to be the warmest and most humid of all Novembers throughout the 130 years that weather monitoring has been done in this part of Russia. In the city of Ussuriysk, an abnormal change of temperatures was registered during a single day – plus 14 degrees Celsius in the afternoon and minus 31 degrees at night.‘ [and from another source] As the Polar Wobble suddenly pushes the crust of the Earth in vertical thrusts under cold or warm air, those parts of the globe affected experience temperature extremes as well as high winds. [and from another source] I am sending you these images to show you the difference between the Sun rising today against previous. Giusmar [and from another source] A photo from the same time period in Dec 13, 2003 and Dec 18, 2003 is compared to the recent photo from Dec 14, 2004. The Sun at present is further North than in 2003. Sunrise for Italy has the Sun over the India Face, where the Figure 8 formed by the N. Pole during the Polar Wobble has the N. Pole pointed more South than would be expected, thus, Sunrise NORTH for Italy.
Signs of the Times #1265
[Meteor] in Gansu Province [Dec 14] ‘A strange shining object swept through the sky, following by earthshaking sounds like bombing. The local public security department confirmed that they have received more than 700 reports on the case, some aying it was an earthquake, and others saying it was an aerolite falling. Liu Yanan, astronomy professor at the Northwest Normal University, said that it might be a meteoroid entering the earth's atmosphere.’ [and from another source] Mysterious Northern Light Brightens Arctic Night [Dec 14] ‘The hunters of Resolute Bay talk of the strange light in the High Arctic sky. They started noticing it about five years ago, when the dark of winter's three-month night began to brighten, the horizon lightening into a thin band of blue, pink and red. Now a red cloud from the sun is always there. Perched just below the 75th parallel on Cornwallis Island, Resolute Bay is so far north that between November and February the sun disappears and darkness shrouds the hamlet's few houses, huddled on a gravel spit on the north shores of the Northwest Passage. The hamlet's mayor, Susan Salluviniq, says it's a sign of the Second Coming. University of Manitoba researcher Waldemar Lehn says thermal inversions - a phenomenon that flips the lower atmosphere upside down and places warm air on top of cold air, can actually reflect the light.’ [Note: thermal inversions on a daily basis?]
Signs of the Times #1264
Gary Webb joins Mark Lombardi, J.H. Hatfield, and Danny Casalaro as the fourth “suicide” by a researcher who had a detailed understanding of the structure and function of the Bush crime family. Like Bush biographer J.H. Hatfield (Favored Son) and investigative journalist Danny Casalaro [The Octopus] who had nearly completed a book on Bush, BCCI and other topics, Lombardi [drew a] diagram called "George Bush, Haken Energy, and Jackson Stephens . c 1979-90", Lombardi shows that through his father and James R. Bath, George W. Bush Jr. had direct connections to or did business with some of the following: Sheik Salim bin Laden, relative and mentor to Osama bin Laden. On the verge of a major career breakthrough, Lombardi reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself. A mathematician calculated the odds of just three students of Bush malfeasance taking their own lives when J.H. Hatfield died of “suicide,” about 5 chances in one trillion. [Dec 13]
Signs of the Times #1263
Wind from the south, not in accordance with the prevailing westerlies, is increasingly being recorded. Sudden windstorms from the South have been recorded this past month in Europe on Nov 19, in California on Nov 22, in Japan on Dec 5, and in Nevada on Dec 8. Weather maps show the Figure 8 formed by the N Pole during the Polar Wobble push the globe under warm air for Europe and the Americas but under cold air for Asia, the Weather Wobble described by the Zetas. [and from another source] The skies were still clear in the morning [Dec 12], so I checked its position again around 6 AM, still dark, and fully expecting it to be right where it should be. But it wasn't. I had to place another marker 8" to the south to line it up to the top of the pole, and estimate the difference I experienced to be appx. 2 or 3 degrees of angle lower in the sky. [and from another source] Sunrise for BC has the Sun over the America's Face, with a tip of the N Pole away from the Sun already in process, thus Polaris lower in the northern sky. [Note the severe cold spot over Manchuria, same lattitude as oddly warm areas.]
Signs of the Times #1262
The Polar Wobble has the tipping away of the N Pole putting the Sunset too far SOUTH in the Americas, but the Figure 8 formed by the N Pole during the Polar Wobble has N Pole pulled South during the Australian Sunset, thus it is too far NORTH. [and from another source] Montana Dec 8: Sun is now setting due South here near Bozeman, MT at 3 PM in the afternoon! Skymap expects the Sun to be at Azi 218° Alt 12° at 3 PM. SOUTH by 38°! [and from another source] Central Chili Dec 10: Sunset for Summer Solstice should be about 24.8° South of West, and my compass reading of this evening was 34°. Considering declination of almost 3° I saw today a 31° South of West Sunset, almost 6° more SOUTH than it should be 11 days from now. [and from another source] Wisconsin Dec 11: at 3:33 PM Sunset SOUTH by 12° at 3:55 PM Sunset SOUTH by 14°. [and from another source] Australia Dec 12: At 7:45 PM last evening I marked the sun's shadow on a wall. This evening at 7:45 PM I marked the sun's shadow. This evening's shadow was one inch to the right of yesterdays, suggesting the sun is moving NORTH. Also, at 8:00 PM when I last viewed the setting Sun and when it was 10 degrees off the horizon, it visually appeared as though it was going to set 5-7 degrees further NORTH.
Signs of the Times #1261
The second Patriot Act is a mirror image of powers that Julius Caesar and Adolf Hitler gave themselves. The Second Patriot Act reorganizes the entire Federal government as well as many areas of state government under the dictatorial control of the Justice Department, the Office of Homeland Security and the FEMA NorthCom military command. [and from another source] Provisions of this bill are: The definition of what a terrorist is expanded beyond that already overbroad definition in Patriot Act II. Anyone U.S. citizen on the street can be grabbed off the street and thrown into a van never to be seen again. It´s illegal for anyone to tell anyone the location or anything about detainees. Law enforcement no longer has to tell the press whom they have arrested or release their names. (Beginning of secret police). Gives immunity to law enforcement engaging in spying operations against the American people. States clearly that any information gathering, regardless of whether or not those activities are illegal, can be considered to be clandestine intelligence activities for a foreign power. This makes news gathering illegal. Allows wartime martial law without a declaration of war. (Police state). Allows searches without search warrants. [Note: Martial Law, ready to spring, but will the Earth changes come first?]
Signs of the Times #1260
This morning at 7:17 AM I got this picture of Venus and the Moon in a very beautiful sky. But analyzing the picture I verified Venus be to left of the Moon instead of to right. Impossible!. In this case Venus RA must be greater than the Moon RA. Ciao. [and from another source] Zetas stated that Venus had not done a transit, but was caught in front of the Sun in a cup of particle flow turbulence. [and from another source] Though swept to continue in their orbits by the sweeping arms of the Sun, Venus and Earth and the Dark Twin are all caught in this cup, and cannot escape. Thus, Venus, not in a transit last June but only pushed past the midpoint, cannot escape, and remains so very bright and close in the morning sky. Thus, the Earth cannot escape forward in her orbit even should Planet X appear to be behind her in her orbit. They are all scooped, cupped, and held in place by particle flow crowding that will not ease until Planet X leaves the vicinity. ZetaTalk: Solar Minimum? [Note: Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #1259
Ever since the ZetaTalk noted that Planet X could be seen backlit behind the Sun in infrared on Nov 23, the SWAN archives have stopped updating! They thought no one was looking! No photo doctors available? All busy on the more popular C2 and C3 images? SWAN states: ‘SWAN performs three full-sky observations per week (usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays). Images of the solar flux spatial distribution are displayed on-line 2 to 4 days after the observation.‘ Planet X, as a smoldering brown dwarf, is imaged in infrared, and this is the SWAN speciality: ‘SWAN, short for Solar Wind Anisotropies, is used to map the whole sky in ultraviolet light. Infrared was the means for locating it in 1983. It showed up on infrared images of the sky in early 2002 moving in accordance with the Zeta coordinates. And here again, in the infrared images taken by SWAN, once again we saw Planet X just below the Ecliptic, just to the side of the Sun. Thus, SWAN must make its Swan Song!
Signs of the Times #1258
Russia Plans to Evacuate ISS Crew Due to Lack of Food [Dec 10] 'Provisions for the current crew on the International Space Station are running low. If for any reason the cargo spaceship does not deliver containers with products into orbit before the middle of the next month, perhaps an urgent evacuation of spacemen working there will be needed. The next delivery is scheduled for Dec. 24. A spokesman from Mission Control was quoted by the agency as saying the members of the previous crew overconsumed their provisions. The current ISS crew consists of Russian cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov and US astronaut Leroy Chiao.' [and from another source] There was a live internet broadcast of a panel answering questions, which I watched. Eight days ago, Expedition Team 10 arrived at the Space Station. Why would they not bring enough to last them? Not only that, but Russian Supply Cargo ships went up there during Expedition Team 9's stay, not one time but twice. Why would they still not have any food left over? And now, the video has seemingly disappeared. If you go to CNN, who actually broadcast the video on-line, you'll find nothing of the sort. NASA makes no mention of the breaking news on their website. All of the members of the panel displayed signs of extreme nervousness, of worry and of masked sorrow. They were skittish and fidgety, which seasoned public speakers are not. They could not look in one direction for long. They were lying through their teeth. So what's really going on?
Signs of the Times #1257
Those at the helm of the cover-up have not released those sworn to silence from their oath, so the news cannot be that debris, or any hint of a reason that might point to Planet X nearby, is the reason. If the meteors and trash slinging by the ISS cannot be mentioned, then what? Lack of toilet paper? A sick crew? Wear and tear on the ISS, causing unexpected breakdown? Lack of food is the least logical reason, yet was chosen. The reason for this is that any other excuse that might seem more reasonable had an association to the fireballs and meteor issue, which is a forbidden subject. Yet another death by accident of a van full of JPL and NASA employees just the day before this announcement was a reminder of what happens when the cover-up is treated lightly. A sick crew implies they are worried, potentially, so the crew must be strong and happy. Mechanical problems implies the ISS has been beset by unexpected stress, so despite a recent oxygen leak, the ISS must be in tip-top shape. [Note: New ZetaTalk: ISS Evacuation.]
Signs of the Times #1256
Six Moving Tractor-Trailers Blown off Area Roads [Dec 8] ‘A warm and powerful Pacific storm blasted into Northern Nevada on Wednesday with dangerous winds. The storm brought winds that at times reached hurricane force, with gusts of more than 140 mph recorded along the ridgelines of the Sierra. A building ridge of high pressure should push high temperatures in the Reno area to near 60, said Mark Deutschendorf, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Reno. The warming trend follows a frigid weather pattern that produced record-low, single-digit temperatures a little more than a week ago.’ [and from another source] Slovakia (Slovak Republic) experienced one of the most violent storms ever in mountainous area of High Tatras on November 19. The wind gusts over 220 km per hour, wiped the area of 330 thousand hectares (816 thousand acres) of the forest, which translates into 5 millions cubic meters of wood laying on the ground right now. Nobody seems to be worrying about what caused this. The wind arrived from the South. It would have to look differently, hould storm strikes arrive from the north. Southern parts were hit first too. For pictures and video check photo galleries at [Note: winds from the SOUTH, suddenly and violently, as the Earth lurches under her blanket of air during the Polar Lurch.]
Signs of the Times #1255
Caught in this group were many with good hearts, who longed to let the public know what they were privy to, so they could understand the current weather and earthquakes and volcanic restlessness in a proper perspective. These feelings, contrary to the purposes of those demanding the cover-up be maintained at all costs until the bitter end, are often noted at the workplace or elsewhere, or when resentful participants might express their feelings over a beer at a bar or during a commute. A second class of participants in the cover-up are those who were promised safety, security, a place in well stocked bunkers and a job working for those who would be kings after the pole shift. But as the cataclysm precursors heat up, and those promised safety make inquiries, it is apparent that no such inclusion has been planned. Both these groups are a concern for those at the helm of the cover-up as it is about to unravel. Those in the White House, in control of NASA, in control of time keepers in the Navy, rallying heads of state around the world to participate in the cover-up, withholding funds from observatories that do not keep their astronomers in line, cannot run from their liability. They can run from their roles, deny, but they cannot hide from the public, who will recognize them wherever they are found in the aftermath of the pole shift, vulnerable, out among those they lied to all these years. True karma, pending. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Dead Astronomers.] In the Photos section, Mt Wilson photo on May 26, 2003, and on May 28.
Signs of the Times #1254
Three killed in NASA van plunge [Dec 8] ‘A commuter van from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory tumbled 200 feet off a twisting mountain. The van was carrying six employees of the lab in Pasadena, two contractors and two NASA employees. The cause of the accident was not immediately known. Clouds and fog shrouded the site, at an altitude of about 1,500 feet. Snow dotted flanks of the mountain, but the road itself was clear.’ [and from another source] The Angeles Crest Highway is a two-lane road, with many sharp curves and very steep drop-offs (although there are guardrails). There is an obervatory, Mt. Wilson, up at the top. [and from another source] There have been quit a few scientist killed over the last 10 years. In fact the odds of so many of them being killed by accident within such a small time frame is extremely remote. [and from another source] French cable car crash kills 20 [Jul 1, 1999] ‘The car detached itself from the cable, but the cable did not snap. Most of the victims were reported to be employees of the observatory, which is run by French, German and Spanish scientists. The cable car was used only for the observatory and no tourists were believed to be on board. The chief representative of the cable car union said the cable car was built in the 1980s and had recently passed a safety inspection.’
Signs of the Times #1253
Japan has provided documentation that show the day growing shorter faster than expected, proof of the lurching wobble on the increase. The measure for Osaka, Japan shows a day too short, late sunrise and early sunsets, already in November, but this trend increases going into December. Sunrise went from being 23 to 47 minutes late during Nov 8 to Dec 7. Sunset went from being 9 to 28 minutes early during Nov 6 to Dec 6. The lurch putting the Sun SOUTH has increased. Per Skymap, Sunset on Nov 23 from Osaka should have been Azi 243° and on Dec 6 Azi 245, a difference of only 2°. The photo shows a more dramatic movement SOUTH. Photographic proof that the lurch into the 3 days of darkness has begun.