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Signs of the Times #237 (via email to Nancy)
At about 12:30AM on Sunday Morning [Aug31] while driving just North of Orangeville, Ontario I was stunned to see the sky suddenly brighten very quickly. It was a green hue. From pitch black night to a daylight intensity of green then, to the east, what seemed to be a meteor zoomed from the sky to the ground. I've never seen anything quite like this.
Signs of the Times #236 (via email to Nancy)
Over the last three weeks from Aug 15 estimated to current today Aug 29. There have been major intermittent signal fluxuations accross the entire Adelphia network. This covers all the way from East Coast to West Coast. Leaving thousands of cable and internet customers offline or with unstable intermittent connections. In training we learned that sun spots can cause cable outtages at certain times of the year. I am thinking that Planet X in its comming around is showing us just another sign of its presence with these ongoing cable outtages.
Signs of the Times #235 (via email to Nancy)
This is my first summer in Sweden, and many had told me it would be warm through September into October, but for the last two weeks we have had a cold snap that will not let up. Friends say this is early winter type of weather, but in August. And everyone is wearing a coat and no longer sitting in the outside cafes like before. Also, a couple of weeks ago I watched the full moon rise up over the hills and was absolutely shocked to see it colored red. I lived in Los Angeles for quite a few years and know all about pollution and things in the air, but never ever have I seen a red moon. It put a chill down my spine as I realized the implications.
Signs of the Times #234 (via email to Nancy)
I have been waiting for that ‘in your face’ sign and this has sure done it for me. I watch the sun set in the Pacific ocean near Mendocino, Ca. and the sunsets have been blood-red since early June. However, a month ago I began to notice that I had a second shadow that surrounds my Sun shadow, lighter and about 1/2 to 3/4 inch larger. This is noticable only in the filtered, non direct sunlight. I am now able to show anyone what I am talking about and of course they have no explanation. This makes three unmistakable signs for me. The unusually red sunsets, overly bright ‘monster sun’ and the double shadows. These are things that anyone can see! [Note: many have reported seeing this double shadow, distinct when a cloud moves in front of the Sun but not the Second Sun.]
Signs of the Times #233 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
FOX news reporting sightings of UFOS in the skies over Monterey Park CA over the weekend. Video was taken. Round, red, bright, then dim, dashing back and forth for over 2 hours. Three separate appearances. Second Saturday night in a row in same area. [and from another poster] CNN Headlines news this afternoon [Sep 1] so I saw the story. It was very short. 2,000 phone calls to the LA police and somebody got a shaky video. They´re blowing it off as Mars but several people said Mars was visible, too, in addition to the red light. [and from another poster] From my local paper in Pasadena Ca.,1413,206~22097~1603612,00.html [and from another poster] For want of a better description, it looked like a plate (dinner) on its side spinning and as it lost momentum it began to wobble. All the time, the red, green, and gold changes. It would wobble horribly and shudder as if it might go out of control and drop out of the sky. But suddenly it regained control, sat perfectly still. This sighting lasted about 30 minutes. This was Monday night [Sep 1], on the East Coast.
Signs of the Times #232 (via email to Nancy)
I wish I had a camera to show you some of the things I've seen recently [Aug 30]. I got the lucky chance to view the sun a few days ago at dawn. There was some fog laying around so it blocked out most of the harsh rays that would keep someone from looking at it. As much as I didn't want to see what was there, it appeared to be a large shadow on the lower right side. Like some kind of cresent shape, unnatural for a sunspot. And over the past few nights the sunsets have been blood red. You can't get any more red then the skies were. I feel bad, I don't want this to happen, but we’re all powerless when it comes to something of this magnitude.
Signs of the Times #231 (via email to Nancy)
Last Thursday [Aug 28] at 11:40 AM a train derailed in Palmyra, New York. Officials said that the tracks just spread and the train just left the tracks on the straight of way, causing 15 of 90 cars to derail. Looks like more of the zeta's predictions coming true. [Note: these train derailments are increasingly occurring, but less often in any but the local news. New York and the East Coast are in the stretch zone, where these derailments have been happening. A 5.3 quake was recorded along the Seaway in New York state on Aug 29, 11:15 UTC time]
Signs of the Times #230 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I was wondering if anyone else noticed the lack of good fruits and vegetables these days? [and from another poster] Funny thing no one seems to notice and people buy rotting fly infested fruits and veggies like it´s normal. [and from another poster] I´ve noticed my lawn just hasn´t looked as healthy this year. We´ve had plenty of rain, but the grass that gets the most sunlight, seems to be dying quicker, and it´s not that green. I have a tree in the front yard that´s been dropping leaves all summer! It´s half empty! And I noticed around the beginning of August, another tree started to have it´s leaves turn color. Now, about 20% of the tree has changed colors. The trees also didn´t look like the leaves were very green, either.
Signs of the Times #229 (via email to Nancy)
Yellowstone has been highly active during the 12 hour Face-to-Dark time when the Atlantic Rift faces Planet X and is being tugged back, for several days. Madison River, Yellowstone Park, WY charts for Aug 27-29 show this clear pattern. Rotational Surging is caused by the Atlantic Rift being grabbed at the Dawn point, 6:00 UTC, and pulled forward rapidly to the Face point, 12:00 UTC where it is gripped and held, tugged back as it tries to escape at the Dusk point, 18:00 UTC. This activity would cause a pileup along the Continental Divide, shown on these Yellowstone charts.
Signs of the Times #228 (via email to Nancy)
I have been keenly interested since childhood in watching the night skies and also work shift out of doors so am watching the night skies on a regular basis, and things [Aug 29] are just not right. Moon risings and settings off. Constellations not in the right places at certain times of the night. Problem is while people in general seem to notice these things they just refuse to talk about them. Like they dont feel something like this could be possible and that if things were happening we would all be informed. Wish more people would open thier minds and begin to ask questions. Maybe then we would get the answers.
Signs of the Times #227 (via email to Nancy)
This evening [Aug 28] much of London took on a similar scene that was a feature in the United States earlier this month, when a power outage during the evening rush hour knocked out much of South London bringing both overground and underground trains to a standstill and creating havoc for around 1 million commuters and residents alike. Power has since been restored but the electric board is, at present, unable to explain the cause of the outage. [and from AP] Power Outage Brings London Trains to Halt, Aug 28, 2003 ‘Power went out in parts of the capital and southeast England Thursday, bringing much of the London Underground and many regional trains to a halt during evening rush hour. A spokesman for the Underground said 60 percent of the subway system had been halted by the outage, including the majority of services in central London. London Underground said the problems were caused by a failure on the national power grid. EDF Energy, which handles some power transmission for London, said it had lost electricity for large parts of south London.’
Signs of the Times #226 (via email to Nancy)
Last night we experinced our first metorite shower. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, and at approximately 1:52 AM Thursday [Aug 28] morning there were several loud whooshing sounds followed by WHUMPS!! as they hit the ground. Just as they hit the ground there was an enormous reddish coloured blanket of sheet lightning, followed by the sound of the impact.The spacing between each strike was only a small group of seconds, say 40 seconds, and all landed within a quarter of a mile of each other. There was also a smell of burnt metal, the cause no doubt due to the oxidisation of the object as it hurtled through our atmosphere. Any way, the smell only took 5-10 minutes to drift over. [and from another email] Last night [Pennsylvania] we had a clear sky, we watched meteors coming in from all over the sky with one large fireball that lit up the sky dramatically but with no sound. A few mornings ago we awoke to a sonic boom and there was nothing in the papers about it, no explanation. I checked the site and there is no meteor shower listed for this time of year, usually they have them posted. We watched for 2 hours and saw over 15 meteors, there were other bright ones but not as bright as the fireball that lit up the sky around 11:00 PM.