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Signs of the Times #212
‘According to the most recent estimates over 10,000 people may have died as a result of the extreme heat, which in some cases topped 40 C. The bodies of many elderly people who died during the heat wave still being found in their homes. The number of dead from the heat wave in the first three weeks of August would probably reach well above 10,000. The crisis has raised broader questions about elder care in French society. Many of the victims lived alone in their apartments.’
Signs of the Times #211
AP ‘A massive 7-magnitude earthquake struck under the sea south of New Zealand late Thursday [Aug 21], Japan's Meteorological Agency reported citing information from the US Geological Survey. New Zealand Press Association quoted one unidentified woman in the southern town of Invercargill as saying that the shaking lasted about three minutes. The report said the quake left pictures and blinds swinging.’ [Note: quakes all around the Indio-Australia Plate occurred.]
Signs of the Times #210 (via email to Nancy)
I have a David White model 8300 transit. This transit is considered to be the best transit ever made for its accuracy and durability. It is adjusted to perfect level while mounted on its tripod. I do not do azmuth readings so there needs to be no direct north allignment. Then I zero in to a specific degree ahead of the path of the star. When the star hits my crosshairs I imediately check the time to the second. The time I use is atomic clock time. It takes about one second to go from one side of my crosshairs to the other. I then go to the Starry Night program and put in that exact time and second to receive the location of where the star is supposed to be at that second. I am also timing the amount of time it takes for the star to reach the exact degree and minute of angle the next night. This is supposed to be 23 hours 56minutes and 4seconds. This is the Sidereal Day. My lat and logitude is put into the computer with a GPS. [Note: Data since the Summer Solstice available.]
Signs of the Times #209 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Rotation slowing has begun. Something is up. Based on my time [Aug 20] from the digital cable company and based on the numbers from this site: The Earths rotation is off. My data: 08/04/03 1:25 PM CT, 17´12´ N LAT, 94´55´ W LONG, 08/20/03, 1:25 PM CT, 12´24´ N LAT , 95´27´ W LONG. No lie. Just an observation. [Note: this has been documented by the Slowing Team also.]
Signs of the Times #208 (via email to Nancy)
Earth Tilt Readings: The readings in the Southern Hemisphere show about a 4.5 minute of angle South. The reading in the North North Western Hemisphere show about a 3.14 minute of angle too far South. ... North says we are to high in altitude about 4 minutes of angle and the South says we are too Low in altitude by 4 minutes of angle. These numbers concur that the Earth tilt is off by a small 4 minutes of degree of angle. Not a whole lot but something to watch. ... Mars is Consistantly going higher. On Aug 18th it was 6.1 minutes of angle higher then where it was supposed to be in relation to Skat Star. Now Aug 20 it is 9.37 minutes higher then where it is supposed to be from Skat Star. [and from another source] Your findings confirm what we´ve been observing too. .... The position shows that we seem to be facing more south. ... Today I read that the magnetic field was also coarsing south, and the aurora was visible as far south as California and Arizona, which would seem to confirm your findings.
Signs of the Times #207 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
The birds outside [Aug 21] have begun chirping earlier by 12 hours! It is 7:52PM MST. [and from another poster] Well, the birds have started singing between 2:30 AM and 3:30 AM all week. Normally they don´t generally start until between 5-6AM. [and from another poster] Usually the different kinds of birds we have pretty much stay to themselves - ravens, blackbirds, mockingbirds, assorted sparrows - but tonight they were all in one huge tree, gabbing all at once. Flocks of 20 to 30 birds from each kind. Never seen anything like it. [and from another poster] Lots of dogs barking. The cats are hiding. [and from another poster] I see a lot of agitation in people, not calm at all.
Signs of the Times #206 (via email to Nancy)
People became very agressive, will argue over small things easily. It is 10:18 PM now [Aug 21] and I feel like it is the morning, I am so full of energy but I am so tired during the day. Also, people at work complain they are tired as well during the day, they sleep a lot but do not rest. [and from another source] I´m very stressed out and have such a feeling of unease that I´m ready to pull my hair out. Many people that I have talked to have the same feeling, like something is coming, but no one can put a name to it. [Note: feeling dizzy and naseous during the day, when Planet X is between the Earth and Sun and addiing its influence, and this distress lifting at night, has been reported by many for the past couple months.]
Signs of the Times #205
AP ‘A mild earthquake was reported near Yellowstone National Park on Thursday [Aug 21], the University of Utah Seismograph Stations said. The magnitude 4.4 earthquake, was felt at the park´s south entrance and at Grant Village, a tourist service area. No injuries or damage was reported or expected, seismologist Jim Pechmann said. The epicenter at 1:46 a.m. was Huckleberry Mountain, Wyo., eight miles southeast of the south entrance to the park.’ [and from another paper] UPI ‘An uncommon earthquake has shaken Wyoming, the World Data Center for Seismology reported Thursday. The event began just before 2AM. local time, and registered 4.4 on the open-ended Richter scale, the Denver-based center said in a news release. The epicenter was 30 miles southeast of Yellowstone Park in Montana, home of the Old Faithful geyser.’
Signs of the Times #204 (via email to Nancy)
Here on Mississippi Gulf last week [Aug 11-12] we had long straight streaks in the sunset sky running east to west, and nearby cloud formations had no influence on the streaks. Two days before that, on Friday [Aug 8] there was one hell of a lightening display going on east of here. I was on the cell-phone with a friend in Mobile 30 miles away and we were seeing the same lightening flashes, but the strange thing is that there was no thunder. Mean water levels in the Gulf have been up a bit lately, probably only a foot. You have to have lived here and know pretty much where the tide lines are supposed to be. [Note: sinking of the SouthEast US is predicted to occur during the stretch, ongoing as the St. Lawrence Seaway.] [and from another email] While on the New Jersey Turnpike I noticed that there was no beach along the Pike anymore. The Atlantic comes right up against the foundations of the highway now. That is due to a sea level rise, but I'm not sure how much, 3-4 feet, maybe?
Signs of the Times #203 (via email to Nancy)
This morning [Aug 19] at around 7:00 AM mountain time, the weatherman on a local TV station noted how the beautiful sunrise is with a live picture of the Sun. I was amazed to see the Sun looked like the photo's on your site with a huge vertical lense flare going through the middle of the Sun from light overexposure! Right there for everyone in Calgary to see, live. Looks like the increased brightness is now becoming to much for TV camera lenses. Never mind the huge cross of the sun which has become very profound in the last week. [and from another email] Last night was watching the news and the weatherman showed the sunset from the day before [Aug 19]. Had the same line through the sun we see in photos on the ZetaTalk site! I’ve never seen them show that before! They did not even acknowledge it, like it wasn't even there.
Signs of the Times #202 (via email to Nancy)
I know that Sign#194 is correct. I am 48, am not a drug or alcohol user, and above all I am not nuts! I am telling you that the moon (or earth) has moved. We have an inground pool, and the other night [Aug 19] my wife and I were admiring the moons reflection off the water (looking SSE). I was using my telescope looking at Mars, which is to the moon's right. Within 3 nights, the moon swung about 35' degrees to the east (from originally the SSE). And now to see the moon I must look to the left of my garage! It's moved. [and from another email] I checked the position of the moon tonight at 00:08 PDT ... Using a compass ... about 6 degrees further north than my skychart showed ... doing some basic trigonometry ... that would put the moon approximately 33 [azimuth] minutes behind the starchart position ... I took a second measurement from outside my patio at 01:31 PDT to see if I could confirm my earlier measurements ... approximately the same distance off north as I observed earlier ... The skychart showed the moon at 31.6 degrees altitude for the time of 01:31. So my more accurate altitude measurement shows the moon 9.4 degrees too low. [email correction] Looks like I've pulled a real dummy! I then took a look at the time scale time the program was using and with DST the moon positions line up to within a degree of my measurements. [Note: this discussion relates to Sign #194. Moon may be erratic or the public uneasy and suspicious.]