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Signs of the Times #188 (from godlikeproduction Message Boards)
Did you see Bush trying to give an unrehearsed speech [Aug 14] about the blackout? He couldn´t even form one sentence without pausing for long moments trying to collect his thoughts. What is wrong with him? [and from another poster] Yes I thought he seemed high on something or drunk. He couldn’t hide it. [and from another poster] It was not his speach that gave him away. It was when his left shoulder hit the door when he was going out of the room, that I knew. [and from another poster] The 4 hours it took before he made his speech was so they could try and sober him up and able to present himself. [and from another poster] His face looked red and blotchy. Here´s a photo of target="_top">Bush during his speech. [and from another poster] He seemed rather nervous though. Like he knew something, possibly worried. [and from another poster] And they would not air it live, it was pre-taped. [and from another poster] ABC news (in the initial stages of the blackout) said that they had tried to contact President Bush for a comment and was told the he was warming up for his fundraiser tonight. They went on to say that they then tried to contact VP Cheney and was told that he also was on vacation in Montana! Someone tell me when in history that the President and VP takes a vacation at the same time?
Signs of the Times #187
AP ‘An explosion rocked the Marathon Oil refinery, causing police to evacuate hundreds of people who lived nearby. Officials said the blast was linked to the nation´s massive power outage. The Thursday [Aug 14] evening explosion occurred in one of the plant´s vessels - smoke stacks that can be seen burning off gases produced by the plant, Melvindale Fire Chief Sam Pedron said. The widespread power outage that spread to parts of Michigan affected a pump at the 183-acre complex, which produces gasoline as well as jet and other fuels. That caused a buildup of pressure which ultimately triggered the explosion.’,0,5288203.story?coll=sns-ap-nationworld-headlines
Signs of the Times #186
Reuters: ‘A New York State official said the Niagara Mohawk power grid overloaded on Thursday, causing a massive power outage, CNN reported, and New York Major Michael Bloomberg said it was likely a natural occurrence. A massive power outage swept across swaths of the eastern United States and Canada on Thursday [Aug 14], leaving sections of target="_top">New York , Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto without electricity, witnesses said. It was not immediately clear whether the Niagara Mohawk problem caused the wider putage.’ [and from another source] AP ‘Canadian officials insisted a massive blackout Thursday across the Northeast and parts of Canada originated in the United States, though U.S. power workers denied that and American officials blamed Canada.’
Signs of the Times #185 (via email to Nancy)
On Aug 9-10 at about 6:30 AM I was looking at the sunrise. I opened a coffee package which was a semi transparent silver coated plastic and viwed the sun looking thru it. I was very surprised to see at 2 o’clock a very bright Planet X. I then had my wife look thru without telling here what I saw and she saw the same object at the same location. I live in South Carolina and have never been able to see any signs of planet X at any time, I don't know why this is the case while traveling away from home. I was starting to under stand the fustration of a lot of ZetaTalk readers, doubting the information as true. I have just tried to spot Planet X at 1:00 PM with the same filter and don't see anything as the sun is too bright.
Signs of the Times #184 (via email to Nancy)
They don't outwardly mention the colour of the dust but in a link from the article it shows pictures of what they are calling ‘False Dawns’ Looks like a reddish hue to me. [Note: another coverup story floated to confuse about the red dust from Planet X]
Signs of the Times #183 (via email to Nancy)
What's that at 1:00 close to center! target="_top"> 20030811_1518_c3.gif Looks like a tube with flames coming out of one end! [and from another email] LASCO C3, please view. A cloud around the sun and another comet? I missed checking this web-site last night, but the night before, the star or bright comet (at one-o'clock), was note there. Is this significant? [and from another email] I have followed Lasco images for some time and here is a weird anomaly. SOHO has been down since Aug 11. Check this out the last target="_top">LASCO C2 image [and from another email] Look/see the LASCO C3 latest [Aug 14] pix, and see the 'extra' star that's coming into the field of view. Venus is there also, hiding behind the 'arm' that holds the blocking disc for the sun. According to the 'Sky & Telescope' interactive sky-viewer, the only star next to the Sun is Venus. What is this other star. The SOHO web site showing LASCO C3 hasn't been updated for 3 days now, ever since this 'other' star showed up on-screen. [Note: Planet X is presumably behind the arm, and Venus misplaced. Earth’s rotation and orbit affected by Planet X.]
Signs of the Times #182 (via email to Nancy)
Look at the warning printed in red under the webcam photo! ‘Welcome to the Old Faithful WebCam. We have been warned about the possibility of a prolonged power outage in our area in the near future. This WebCam will cease functioning if that power outage occurs.’ Here is another warning this time from Mammoth hot Springs. ‘Welcome to the Mammoth WebCam. We have been warned about the possibility of a prolonged power outage in our area in the near future. This WebCam will cease functioning if that power outage occurs.’
Signs of the Times #181 (via email to Nancy)
I awoke this morning [Aug 14] at 5:05AM with the full moon glaring (extremely bright) through my bedroom window. It is usually in this position about 11:00PM or midnight. So we are talking a 5 hour difference. (It is a small window.) [and from another email] The nearly full moon is rising [Aug 10] in the SE and traveling in a very different path before setting in the low SW. Very odd for this time of year in Colorado.