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Signs of the Times #180 (from godlikeproduction Message Boards)
I and my sons saw a second sun with the naked eye. We were driving home from the mall [Aug 11] and low and behold there it was. It was around 5:30PM in Florida. The second sun was located about 1 o´clock. I am not saying it is Planet X, but we did observe an orb as bright as a sun. We know what we saw. Maybe CME? Are they completely round?[from another poster] The other day I saw a blob near the edge of the sun, and on the morning news we have those videocams out on location before they go into the weather forecast and they showed the sun and it was on there too. [from another poster] I have been seeing that blob near the sun in Ontario now for over a month. [from another poster] I, too, thought I saw something not right with the setting sun last week. It was Thursday, 8:05PM and as I was going home from the grocery store after getting off work the soon-to-set sun was directly in front of me. It was almost covered by clouds which appeared to be moving to the southwest. As the clouds thinned out, it looked as if there was an egg-shaped sun-like object at the 5 o´clock position beneath the orb of the sun. [from another poster] I saw exactly the same thing! At 1 o´clock too! It was around 7:30 PM Lisbon time. I was driving my way home. Ten to fifteen minutes later the Sun was normal again. I saw it with naked eye as the air is full of smoke from the forest fires. The smoke acted like a filter. I swear I saw it! Imagine that the Sun is a cell. Now imagine that that cell starts to divide itself. That´s what I saw. The Sun and behind it another Sun, same colour, same size. [from another poster] I have seen it too, same place, almost as bright as the sun. [from another poster]
Signs of the Times #179 (via email to Nancy)
The USGS and IRIS earthquake sites have not been updated for two days now [Aug 11]. No explanation given. They finally updated the two sites on Monday, but very little back-dated quake information for the two delinquent days?
Signs of the Times #178 (via email to Nancy and from godlikeproduction Message Boards)
I live in Central Utah [Aug 11] in a town of 100 houses, no polution. The sky looked murkey and had a redish brown tint. [from another poster] I was on the West Coast yesterday and saw it there as well. I am in Oklahoma now and the sunrise was very red and the sky is still hazy. [from another poster] In Dallas I see the same thing, a very red and hazy sky. It has been this way for 3 days now. The local news is not saying anything about it but it is obvious to see. [from another poster] The sky has the same red hazey look in Denver. I have noticed this for the last few days. The sunsets are very red too. [from another poster] Here in Edmonton the sky has a red haze to the west.
Signs of the Times #177 (via email to Nancy)
Up here on St Mary's river, Lake Superior, water temp coldest I can ever remember for this time of year [Aug 11]. (I'm a surfer, so I know.) Coldest nights ever also, many nights in the 40's, in August? Highly abnormal. Also compasses going goofy at odd times in different locations than usual. Yes, there are fixed anomalies in Lake Superior, but we knew where they are. Now they come and go. (I work on a research boat, so we are very aware of compass variations). Also, a friend of mine sent me info about a coming ‘close approach of the planet mars’. Give me a break, NASA!
Signs of the Times #176 (via email to Nancy)
I just was astounded when I saw on Friday [Aug 8] at approx 4:00PM from Victoria Australia a planet just above the Sun at 11 o'clock. At first I thought for a nano second that it was the moon but realised that this could not be so as the moon here it is seen starting out from the east and the Sun and planet were northwest. It really blew my mind. As I was travelling onto town this was seen and on my return at about approx 4:45-4:55 I watched as the planet set in front of the Sun. I could see this quite clear as the Suns brightness was dimmer although bright but dim enough to allow me to see it's outer edges. It was like there was a washer or for a better word a ring of light on the outermost around the Sun and you could easily look at the Sun as the planet was covering most of it. The following day I was able to show two friends the same thing.
Signs of the Times #175 (from godlikeproduction Message Boards)
There was a 3.0 EQ in northern Montana and a 3.4 EQ in Colorado this past week [Aug 9] both in areas where earthquakes of that magnitude are rare.
Signs of the Times #174 (from godlikeproduction Message Boards)
[Planet X official observations in 1989, contrary to denials. Note the RA and Dec are below and to the left of the 1983 discovery, but in the general vicinity.] A snippit from Ogura and MacAlpine Observatory log and link
03 89 MacAlpine 31869 eta Carina 10:43:00 -59:40 llla - J 30m
09 03 89 MacAlpine 31870* Planet X* 14:00:00 -45:35 llla - J 60m
09 03 89 MacAlpine 3187*1 Planet X* 14:59:00 -59:50 llla - J 50m
09 03 89 MacAlpine 31872* Planet X* 15:55:00 -40:00 llla - J 50m
09 03 89 MacAlpine 31873* Planet X* 16:50:00 -47:15 llla - J 50m
09 03 89 MacAlpine 31874* Planet X* 17:45:00 -41:48 llla - J 50m
10 03 89 MacAlpine 31875 LMC 05:40:00 -69:40 llla - J 30m
10 03 89 MacAlpine 31876 eta Carina 10:43:00 -59:40 llla - J
Signs of the Times #173 (via email to Nancy)
We live in New Mexico and for the past few days [Aug 8] just before dark, the eastern sky would get long streaks of red-brown color. Last night it was more than color, the sky actually (in the east) actually had what looked like red-brown clouds. We have had many forest fires here, but this was not smoke. I know what smoke is: had a chance to breath a lot of it while driving the fire fighters to the fire lines. [and from another email] The same vertical pink streaks in the sky at target="_top">White Island as in Vancouver.
Signs of the Times #172 (via email to Nancy)
I have a compass on my desk an have noticed 15 degree variations in north a number of times (5+) over a peroid of 15 min or so between 8 and 12 AM, Aug 8, 2003 in Jacksonville, FL. I also noticed that the HAARP Fluxgate Magnetometer is quite active in variations. It would be interesting to have a statistical or trend type analysis on this HAARP data. This spoils my old boy scout idea of being able to follow a trail by a compass. 15 degree changes in minutes would throw one off course. [Note: this is the time when the Atlantic Rift is facing Planet X and leaving this facing position, the 3rd Magnet influence at play.]