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Signs of the Times #1591
Who is to be Detained? [Apr 27] Halliburton has been granted a $385 million contract for a most unusual project: building a network of detention centers across our country. Up to 5,000 people could be detained and held in each of these centers, which are to be run by homeland security authorities and possibly located on unused military bases. So, why does America suddenly need to spend a third-of-a-billion dollars to establish a new mass prison complex in our country? The feds and Halliburton cryptically say that the detention centers could be needed for some kind of mass migration or for the rapid development of new programs. When asked what is meant by the ominous term, new programs, a Halliburton spokeswoman said she could provide no additional information. Another curious aspect is that the Bushites refer to this as a contingency contract, saying that the detention centers might never be built, but that Halliburton will have the cash and authority to move quickly if and when given the go-ahead. But who is to be managed, and in support of what policy? [and from another] Poisoning soft city dwellers, used to social services, as they struggle from the coastal and river basin cities. Forcing them to stay in these cities, under quarantine or shelter-on-place orders, or blockade them there, so the force of water we have predicted during the pole shift will cause them to drown. Infecting the poor, crowded into run-down neighborhoods and suffering from inadequate nutrition and lack of health care, so they become the brunt of a bird flu pandemic, dying by the millions. The point of this? To have a worker base, a slave labor base, that is young and healthy and unlikely to complain. Early plans for a draft, during the days going into the Iraq War, called for men and women, 18-35, with many skills. This was to be a worker base, not a soldier base. Selecting out this base into camps, along with healthy and compliant unskilled workers from Mexico, would form the slave camps of the future. The rest would be poisoned, drown, sickened, or starved. ZetaTalk: Guest Worker Program, written Apr 12, 2006.
Signs of the Times #1590
Breaking The Da Vinci Code The book claims almost everything our fathers taught us about Christ is false. Why? Because of a single meeting of bishops in 325, at the city of Nicea in modern-day Turkey. There church leaders who wanted to consolidate their power base, called, anachronistically, the Vatican, or the Roman Catholic church, created a divine Christ and an infallible Scripture-both novelties that had never before existed among Christians. Until that moment in history, Jesus was viewed by his followers as a mortal prophet, a great and powerful man, but a man nonetheless. [and from another] Was Da Vinci giving clues in his artwork? What other means was available to him, with the grim hand of the religious elite determined to eliminate the truth from the evolving Bible? More secrets are in his artwork than have been discovered to date. Should this inflame those intent on uncovering the truth, there is another secret omitted from the Bible more important for those living today - the truth about prior pole shifts and the forthcoming shift. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Da Vinci Code.]
Signs of the Times #1589
This photo was taken on Apr 27, 2006, at 10:59am with a CASIO EX-M2 in Japan. [and from another] An excellent example of what it takes to capture Planet X in a photo. Cloudy day, with the clouds reducing the glare of the Sun, and an opening in the clouds in front of Planet X sufficient to let its light as an orb through. Planet X is currently to the right of the Sun, when viewed from the northern hemisphere.
Signs of the Times #1588
Airing now once a week on Wednesdays on the Blog radio, and in the Archives thereafter for free listening, The Connection featuring Nancy has broadcast or recorded the following information packed shows for the month of March. For those unable to listen to audio on their PC's, the scripts for the various shows become available as links from the ZetaTalk Media page as soon as the show airs. Currently available for the shows for Apr 5, Apr 12, Apr 19, Apr 26.
Apr 5- Judgement Day and the Reincarnation Process What happens when we die? What factors are taken into consideration during critique time, and who gets to judge. How selfish does a Service-to-Self need to be before graduating to the prison planets? How selfless the Service-to-Other before they qualify to graduate into their communities? How reincarnations occur, their role in the decision process. The polarization and division of the spiritual orientations during the Transformation process, and what life will be like on their different worlds for those who are selfish, selfless, or undecided. Saying goodby, during the separation process, talking with the dead. Why the selfish may be taken away in human form, to the prison colonies. What happens during a Near Death Experience, and what would have occurred had the death not been aborted. What one's life circumstances of tribulations have to do with spiritual growth, a surprising answer! Best advise on how to become Service-to-Other, and sort out hidden agendas.
Apr 12- Robots, Can They Take Over? Examples of thinking, feeling robots in our movies, including AI, I Robot, Wizard of Oz, Stepford Wives, Terminator, and Star Wars. Why we as humans are so fascinated with such a robot. The use of organic materials in alien computers, as demonstrated by the crash at Kecksburg, alien spaceships under mental control. Why these telepathic ships crash when in human hands. Why humans cannot be so controlled, as in the movie Manchurian Candidate. Telepathy in the human brain, the biological imperatives. Plans to use DNA in computers, how this works. Where is the line on the prohibition over enslaving life lie? The Kerala meteor red rain, living cells from outer space, which can propagate like life. What it means for life to have consciousness, be sentient, and have choice, and why robots using organic material do not have these features. Description of artificial intelligence goals for computers, and whether these goals have been met. Computer can outplay man in a game of chess, but can they truly think? Man's limitations, and the limitations of robots.
Apr 19- ZetaTalk Accuracy, Recent Examples Dramatic changes in the Afar Triangle in Africa, unfolding per the 2002 ZetaTalk Scripted Drama for pre-shift stretch zones. Recent mining accidents from Canada to Mexico along the diagonal pull in the N American plate, per 2004 ZetaTalk predictions. Groaning earth after tsunami quake in Sumatra, per the ZetaTalk 1999 predictions on this noise. Increase in number and locations of tornadoes, per 1999 ZetaTalk predictions. Increase in weather swings per 1995 ZetaTalk predictions. Weather extremes due to Earth wobble per 2004 ZetaTalk prediction. Storm clash examples per 2002 ZetaTalk predictions. High tides in India per a 2004 ZetaTalk prediction. Global warming models incorrect per a 1995 ZetaTalk prediction. UFO activity increase per a 1995 ZetaTalk prediction. Alien bodies sighted per a 1998 ZetaTalk prediction. Triangular UFO with English words per a 1995 ZetaTalk statement. Stardust probe heat generated comet dust particles per a 1995 ZetaTalk Oort Cloud statement.
Apr 26- Religions of the World, a Mixed Message Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha as Star Children, though very human. The Messiah theme, ie Madhi, Maitreya. The virgin birth and miracles performed by Jesus, the surprising answers. The message of Buddha, and how it got twisted. Can the Yogi levitate and live on light alone? The Nirvana and Heaven/Hell theme. Does the church have the power to damn one to Hell? Mohammed's intent, and how and why his message got twisted. The end times theme in Christianity's Revelations and Islam's Haddiths. The message of Jesus and how and why it got twisted. The Fatima secret. What pedophilia, as blackmail material, has to do with keeping secrets in the Catholic church. Sin, defined, and an analysis of rules against sinning compared to the Golden Rule.
Signs of the Times #1587
On Aug 15, 1995 the Zetas went on record stating that our Sun has a binary, and that Planet X orbits both on a long eliptical orbit essentially a sling orbit. On Oct 15, 1995 they gave more detail about this dark binary, which has never lit. On Apr 24, 2006 scientists were coming forward declaring that our Sun was indeed part of a binary twin set, based on the orbits of newly discovered planetoids Sedna and Xena (2003 UB313). Note, like the outer planets of the solar system and 13 long period comets, these long eliptical orbits lean in the direction of Orion, where the Zetas state the dark binary twin sun lies. [and from another] The path of Planet X is elliptical, making a long flat circle around its two gravitational masters, your Sun and a body you cannot see. Since it rivals the Sun in mass, the assumption would be that your astronomers would know about it. However, being dark, they stare past it and think it space. To use multiples of the distance from your Sun to its farthest known orbiting planet, which you call Pluto, this foci is from the Sun 18.724 times as far away. ZetaTalk: Comet Orbit, written Aug 15, 1995. [and from another] Should one wish to search for it, it stands at an angle of 11 degrees off the Earth's orbital plane around the Sun, in the same direction we have given for the approach of Planet X. ZetaTalk: Second Foci, written Oct 15, 1995. [and from another] Evidence mounts for sun's companion star [Apr 24] The Binary Research Institute (BRI) has found that orbital characteristics of the recently discovered planetoid, Sedna, demonstrate the possibility that our sun might be part of a binary star system. A binary star system consists of two stars gravitationally bound orbiting a common center of mass. ... In the May 2006 issue of Discover, Dr. Brown stated: "Sedna shouldn't be there. There's no way to put Sedna where it is. It never comes close enough to be affected by the sun, but it never goes far enough away from the sun to be affected by other stars. [Note: Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #1586
Would the Zetas care to comment on Bush's meeting with Hu Jintao. Is China giving Bush an ultimatum over Iran? [and from another] Before we even get started on this question, let me give as background that China gets much of its oil from Iran, as well as from Russia, and China and Russia are snugging up behind Iran, giving support and forming alliances. They clearly don't want the mess in Iraq to spill over into Iran. Then there's another side, which is that our debt is being supported by China sinking a lot of dollars into it. The trade imbalance is such that the US buys a lot of China stuff, it's cheap, but they don't buy a lot of our stuff. [and from another] They did not discuss the war in Iran. They did not discuss the trade imbalance or any kind of agreement to get more US goods purchased in China. They did not discuss oil wars or the threat of the US taking over in Iran, which is a major producer for China. They did not discuss the threat that China could dump US dollars or fail to buy bonds in the US in order to support the US debt, the thirst which requires huge infusions of cash on a daily basis to maintain the debt. None of these matters were discussed. They had been discussed via emissaries and thus their positions were already known and not new. Why would Hu travel all that way to discuss something that had been hashed over repeatedly. They talked about something more pertinent. We have repeatedly stated that the heads of major countries are aware of the pending passage of Planet X and what this means. ... These matters are not discussed on the phone. They are not discussed by email or any kind of electronic means that could be hacked or potentially spewed over the Internet. Face to face only. [Note: new ZetaTalk: China Visit, written during the GodlikeProduction Live Radio show.]
Signs of the Times #1585
I decided to take up the Zetas on their proposition of doing your own constellation homework. I bought an awesome 16 inch planosphere "David H. Levy's Guide To The Stars". I also bought Star Maps For Beginners because it was published in the 1950's. I went outside around 10:30 p.m. April 20. My main constellations of point are Orion and Big Dipper. What I noticed was that I had to tilt my planosphere clockwise in order to line up with the constellations perfectly. This occured for both Orion and the Big Dipper. It was a very small tilt, maybe 20 degrees. Noticable enough for me. I was hoping to bring my findings to light at the GLP forum but I feel it is just too small of a difference to really make people understand. Oh well, what can ya do. Just thought I would let you know that it is possible to note this slight variation, just like the Zetas said on last week's show. [and from another] The constellations vis a vis each other in a stalled orbit will appear to be skewed too far to the East or West relative to each other, but the N/S position will be correct in the view. For instance, for a Spring view, at dead of night, a viewer looking dead South would see a particular constellation toward the right hand side, but one taking this view in the Fall out see this constellation toward the left hand side, but to what degree? The Earth would have moved but a hair around the Sun, in her tiny orbit, but the constellations are a vast distance away, so their relative relationship to each other remains the same, as viewed from Earth. [and from another] My apartment's window is facing South/East in downtown Reno. Last year I could take Sunrise pics till April 30th, after that building blocked the view so I could not take Sunrise pics. This year Sunrise on April 19th was already moving to the April 30th last year's position. [Note: the stalled orbit, and the increasingly wobble, noted.]
Signs of the Times #1584
Nancy is live on GodLikeProduction Radio every Saturday night, since Nov 12, 2005. Call in line is 1-888-942-8686 Conf 7404173, with toll free International lines also. Where new ZetaTalk emerges during the hour, this is linked off an archive page. Audio archives do not exist at the moment. To date, new ZetaTalk emerged on Mar 4 on the Bush India Caper, Contactee Percentages, Assassinations of Musicians, and Israel Influence. New ZetaTalk emerged on Apr 8 on Nancy's Role as 911 facts, and 1957 Virus as Pandemic Nudge. New ZetaTalk emerged on Apr 15 on Schwassmann Wachmann comet fragments hitting Earth, Agents on Nancy's Posts, and Constellation Views from a Stalled Orbit. [and from another] We are telling you no such impact will happen on Earth that would cause an extinction level event, as it's often called. Secondarily we would like to emphasise that comets in the main are flashy and are seen because they contain a lot of water which melts and streams off as it rounds the sun, thus you have the tail of the comet. This is not the type of thing likely to rip open the crust of the Earth. Third, your Earth has more water than land surface so anything falling is likely to land in water rather than land. And fourth, it's likely to burn up in the atmosphere on its way down. You have today large chunks of rock, meteors that fall here and there and these meteors have been on the increase but they don't create an extinction level event. And fifth, we don't anticipate that there's going to be any kind of a close call for Earth with any piece of this comet.
Signs of the Times #1583
The Naval Observatory sun azimuth table always calculates as North 360° minus sunset azimuth equals sunrise azimuth within a third of a degree, throughout the year. For example our local 21 June Solstice is listed as sunset 303.6°, sunrise as 56.5, so North 360°. minus 303.6 equals 56.4. Here in Saratoga Springs NY, the sun's [actual] azimuth at sunset 11 Apr. 06 was approx. 304°. The sun's [actual] azimuth at sunrise was approx. 104°. Using the N.O. formula, North 360°. minus 304 should equal 56°. The actual calculation of 104° is a whopping 48° off! And the [actual] sunset azimuth today exceeds the government's own calculated azimuth more than nine weeks away! I simply used my Silva orienteering compass to get the approximate actual bearing for sunrise and set and compared them to the table calculated by the U.S. Naval Observatory website. [and from another] 'Altitude is the angle up from the horizon. Zero degrees altitude means exactly on your local horizon, and 90 degrees is "straight up". Hence, "directly underfoot" is -90 degrees altitude. Azimuth is the angle along the horizon, with zero degrees corresponding to North, and increasing in a clockwise fashion. Thus, 90 degrees is East, 180 degrees is South, and 270 degrees is West. Using these two angles, one can describe the apparent position of an object (such as the Sun at a given time).' [and from another] How long can ignoring something the general public notes go on, especially as the wobble is getting more severe? The cover-up is under duress. These are the options, for the Navy, the worlds time keeper, and the entity in charge of observatories worldwide: 1. continue to claim all is normal and stick to the old charts. 2. adjust the charts to reflect reality. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Navy Dilemma.]
Signs of the Times #1582
Immigrant Bill Fallout May Hurt House GOP [Apr 12] House Republicans rushed through legislation just before Christmas that would build hundreds of miles of fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, require that businesses verify the legality of all employees' status through a national database, fortify border patrols, and declare illegal immigrants and those who help them to be felons. After more lenient legislation failed in the Senate last week, the House-passed version burst into the public consciousness this week, as hundreds of thousands of protesters across the country turned out to denounce the bill. The hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets Monday vividly demonstrated the power of the issue. [and from another] The point of this? To have a worker base, a slave labor base, that is young and healthy and unlikely to complain. Early plans for a draft, during the days going into the Iraq War, called for men and women, 18-35, with many skills. This was to be a worker base, not a soldier base. Selecting out this base into camps, along with healthy and compliant unskilled workers from Mexico, would form the slave camps of the future. The rest would be poisoned, drown, sickened, or starved. Thus, the Guest Worker program was LONG planned, to facilitate the flow of workers from Mexico to the US. It has run amuck of the press to preserve US jobs, creating conflict in the political base Bush needs, the GOP, as reality has coming home to the GOP. Another setback for Bush, who will move even closer to declaring Martial Law without cause, as we have predicted is likely to happen, and failing at this maneuver also. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Guest Worker Program. See also Signs of the Times #1574.]
Signs of the Times #1581
Although the webcam at Katkam is subject to lens flares, these photos are not among those. Notice the reflection on the water from
the Second Sun captured on Apr 10, 2006. Lens flares are reflections of light on the lens of the camera, thus standing in front of object the camera is capturing, and do not manage to go out on the bay to cast a reflection on the water! Notice that Planet X is palpably moving closer to the Earth, compared to the Mar 31, 2004 capture at a time when Planet X was being viewed to the left of the Sun. In 2004, it is dimmer, farther from Earth, and not casting a shadow though captured on film with a couple moon swirls as the detail indicates. This is the second time in months that a strong reflection has been captured, the last Dec 21, 2005 in North Carolina. See Signs of the Times #1527 re that.
Signs of the Times #1580
Bird Flu Reports Soar, but Only One Remains Positive [Apr 8] ' Despite thousands of calls from the public and the examination of hundreds of birds, a single dead swan found in Scotland remained the only confirmed case of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu in the UK tonight. A total of 14 dead birds have so far tested negative for H5N1 in Scotland over the last few days. Officials said they had difficulty identifying exactly what type of swan the infected bird was because it was found in an advanced state of decay.' [and from another] 'A dead swan in a village in Fife was found to have the deadly H5N1 strain of the disease. The swan, which was washed ashore in the village of Cellardyke, had a strain similar to that contracted by 100 birds in Germany. Tests are continuing on hundreds of other dead birds, but none - apart from the swan - has tested positive for H5N1.' [and from another source] Quick! Infect birds, start a coincident pandemic among wild birds, and reap the benefits by declaring Martial Law! Oops, too late! If human minds are plotting, benign aliens are listening, and a meeting with the Council is not something as awkward as getting on the Supreme Court schedule. It's quicker than quick! New exception. Tag the birds infected as they are in the hands of the humans perpetrating the plot, by freezing all in the room, a common technique we use during visitations, and irradiate the infected birds when they sicken and are dying to eliminate the virus from their systems. Why not simply cure the birds at the start? There is a message here, meant to be delivered to those plotting and scheming. You will not succeed! Were the birds irradiated immediately, thus no dead birds, it would be reported back to headquarters that infecting the birds had not been done properly. In addition, the mass of evidence points to some mischief. Why so many birds laying about? Why just a single H5N1 bird, and this badly decomposed? The plot is not only obviously being countered, it is being exposed! Oops! [Note: new ZetaTalk: Nudging the Pandemic.]
Signs of the Times #1579
Some more Nibiru photos from Moscow. It looks twice bigger, for eyes, then could be visible on those photos. Already bigger than Moon. And still like white disk with outline, that could NOT have a Sun as a lighting object, but what is typical for an object that reflects light, like Moon at night for example. But for those who can call it Moon, I add that this object is visible EVERY day and all the time close to the Sun. It's not easy to catch a moment, as the weather's conditions must allow it. It's now in Moscow [Apr 5] a fog and very cloudiness - these conditions gives us a good chance to see everything, that usually could be overlighted by Sun in clear sky. [and from another] This report states this object is visible on cloudy days both naked eye and camera capture. Typical of Planet X sightings, this works best when the glare of the Sun is diminished. The date of the sighting, April 5, the Moon was no where near the Sun, morning, noon, or evening. Crop circles frequently predicted that sightings of Planet X would increase in size, as per the report.
Signs of the Times #1578
Columbia Disaster Revisited [Mar 31] 'On February 23, 2005 our topic was, "Space Shuttle Struck by Megalightning?" The accompanying picture shows the plasma trail of the shuttle Columbia on reentry about 63 kilometers above the earth, and it seems to show an electric discharge striking the shuttle's plasma trail. For anyone knowledgeable on the upper atmospheric electrical environment of the Earth the question raised is all too obvious. Could this discharge have caused the disastrous breakup of the shuttle, leading to the death of the seven astronauts? Shortly after we posted the story, the amateur astronomer who had taken the picture contacted us. He insisted that we remove the photograph. So we did. Now we are returning the image to our published files because it is not in the public interest that the image be ignored or forgotten--the fate of so many uncomfortable images in the space sciences. … One might have expected this image to catch the attention of media around the world. But before that could happen, both the camera and the photograph were examined by NASA scientists. Most shocking was the explanation given by experts who analyzed the photograph. They said that the luminous corkscrew trail was an "artifact" caused by a camera wobble. The explanation left critics aghast, since the Columbia trail in the photo is crisp with no evidence of camera movement. The Columbia trail brightens precisely at its juncture with the corkscrew trail. This brightening is an electrically predictable occurrence when two plasma channels merge.' [and from another] Plasma photo deleted by demand of photographer. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO REMOVE AND DELETE ALL COPIES OF THE IMAGE! LAST WARNING NEXT COMMUNICATION WILL BE FROM LEGAL COUNSEL To The Owner of Website: It has recently been brought to my attention that your website contains and presents a photograph of mine. I refer to the so-called "lightning bolt" photograph of the Columbia Shuttle re-entry taken in San Francisco on Feb 1, 2003. As stated, the photograph is my property and is protected under copyright law of the United States. Your display and transmission of this image without my permission represents a violation of federal and international law. Continued possession, display, and/or transmission of this image will result in legal action against you and your ISP. You must immediately remove the image and delete the image, including all digital or print derivatives thereof. Your compliance with copyright law will be monitored. The image is currently located on this URL: ../index/signar31.htm [and from another] A decision was made by the Council of Worlds, and the directive carried out by those visitors who carried their concerns to the Council. Those astronauts who go on missions know the dangers, the shuttle having blown up previously due to a faulty O-Ring. Thus, they had made their peace with death, to a one. The message of the disintegrating and finally exploding shuttle was to the Bush Administration, who will not fail to get the message. ZetaTalk: Columbia, written Feb 1, 2003 [Note: Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #1577
Vessel Measures Record Ocean Swells [Mar 31] 'A British research team has observed some of the biggest sea swells ever measured. A whole series of giant waves hammered into their ship that were so big, according to computer models used to set safety standards for ships and oil rigs, they shouldn't even exist. 155 miles west of Scotland, the tallest of these monster waves had hit nearly 30 meters (98 feet) at wind force 9, and waves for 12 hours. Even more astonishing, the giant waves had not appeared individually, but in a group. Previously waves of such size were assumed to only appeared alone. With a height of up to 29.1 meters (95 feet) from trough to crest, the single waves are the highest ever measured.' [and from another source] The increasing activity in the core of the Earth will eventually manifest itself in ways that will become difficult to explain. Erratic weather will continue to be explained away as global warming, the result of the atmosphere heating up to cause swirls in the upper atmosphere. VIOLENT WAVE ACTION THAT SWAMPS LARGE OCEAN GOING SHIPTS and the booms from clapping air caused by under water plate movements will be lumped in with earthquake activity. ZetaTalk: Manifest Clues, written Jun 15, 1997 [Note: Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #1576
Brighter sun adds to fears of climate change [Mar 26] 'The amount of sunshine reaching earth is increasing, accelerating the pace of climate change, scientists have found. Researchers will present their findings to the European Geophysical Union conference in Vienna next week. They reverse a 30-year trend. Measurements of sunshine levels between 1960 and 1990 had shown a decrease in the amount of sunshine reaching the earth, a phenomenon known as global dimming. This was thought to have been caused by dust, smog and other pollutants, mainly from industrialised western countries. Sunshine levels had been decreasing by 2% a decade between 1960 and 1980 - a total decline of about 6%. Now they are going up again. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich has collated measurements from 400 sites worldwide and found an increase in sunshine at 300 of them, sited mainly in Eurasia and the Polar regions.' [and from another] An ultra-glaring Sun was noted in 2003, when Planet X roared into the inner solar system from the direction of Orion. In the Summer of 2003, it was noted that people sunburned more readily, construction workers long used to working out of doors, noted an unusual tendency to burn. Crops likewise matured two weeks early that year in many places, and comments about the intense brightness of the Sun were common. What causes the Sun scald, the intense brightness that does not translate into increased heat and cannot be correlated to solar activity or sun spots? If the Sun is no longer yellow, it is because all light rays are scattered, and the steady state of yellow is interfered with. It is the loss of your yellow Sun that is affecting your eye's ability to look at the Sun, thus the perception of increased brightness, as the Suns rays, scattered, are presenting the same mix to your eye that high noon presents. Likewise with the rays that created sunburn, which normally are not bent toward the observer at sunset or at other than high noon, but now are scattered to arrive at one's skin. The time of day is no longer a protection from sunburn. ZetaTalk: Sun Scald, written Dec 11, 2005 [Note: Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #1575
The N Pole of Planet X is swinging round, the Earth falls on its side, as we have described, the N Pole of Earth to the left in the extreme, thence rolling into the 3 days of darkness as Planet X points its N Pole directly at Earth. This is a rapid and highly dramatic time for Earth, lasting but days at each stage, but what of the months leading into this drama? Earth scuttles back in her orbit, Planet X is seen to the right of the Sun, and increasingly coming closer and appearing larger and unmistakably not as a solar flare or sundog, and the Earth falls to her side, little by little. This makes for a lopsided arc of the Sun across the sky during the day, the Sun not where expected, hardly something the pat excuse for the Earth changes, global warming, could accomplish. During this slow 270° roll Planet X is steadfastly moving closer to the Earth, as the diagrams Nancy and friends have constructed show. It not only appears larger in the sky, it has a steadily stronger grip on the Atlantic Rift, creating a stronger and more violent wobble. This equates to stronger quakes and volcanic activity, wilder weather, and the populace starting to question matters in a shrill, not polite, manner. If this is global warming, what IS that to the right of the Sun, and why is the Earth falling to her side? We predict the White House will shutter their windows and refuse questions on the matter, if they are functioning at all at that time. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Dead on and Deadly.]