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Signs of the Times #807
4 Dead, 8 Injured in Illinois Plant Blast [Apr 24] ‘An explosion at a plastics manufacturing plant jolted this central Illinois town, killing four workers, critically injuring two others and forcing the evacuation of the entire community. Dozens of firefighters Saturday night were still working to put out fires at the plant, about 25 miles east of Springfield. Illiopolis´ roughly 1,000 residents were evacuated after the explosion because of hazardous fumes created by burning chemicals. When vinyl chloride burns it emits hydrochloric acid. Plant manager Roe Vadas said the cause of the explosion was unknown.‘ [Note: no known cause. The danger of being near chemical plants during the shift is demonstrated here.]
Signs of the Times #806
Ammonia gas leak causes blast in Moscow factory [Apr 26] ‘A fire caused by an ammonia leak at a Moscow refrigerator plant on Sunday night. Firemen have finished going through the rubble and hosing down the collapsed building. A blast was heard in the plant at about 10 PM. Moscow time, when the ammonia gas concentration reached a maximum. An ammonia cloud formed at the scene.’ [Note, no cause mentioned. Amonia clouds, like hydrochloric acid, is not something to be around during the shift.]
Signs of the Times #805
NASA Curbs Comments on Ice Age Disaster Movie [Apr 25] ‘Urgent: HQ Direction, began a message e-mailed on April 1 to dozens of scientists and officials at NASA´s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. It was not an alert about an incoming asteroid, a problem with the space station or a solar storm. It was a warning about a movie. In "The Day After Tomorrow," a $125 million disaster film set to open on May 28, global warming from accumulating smokestack and tailpipe gases disrupts warm ocean currents and sets off an instant ice age. Few climate experts think such a prospect is likely, especially in the near future. But the prospect that moviegoers will be alarmed enough to blame the Bush administration for inattention to climate change has stirred alarm at the space agency, scientists there say. Copies of the message, and the one from NASA headquarters to which it referred, were provided to The New York Times by a senior NASA scientist who said he resented attempts to muzzle climate researchers.‘
Signs of the Times #804
108 Degrees in Los Angeles today [Apr 26] sure glad all is normal! [and from another] 40 years old and been pickin lilacs all my life. They opened here 3 days ago in the upper midwest. Normally in bloom at Mother´s Day, second weekend of May. Early, by about 2 weeks this year I figure. The blossoms triggered by the excessive light. [and from another] What I have noticed is that while riding in the car with the window up, the heat from the sun on my arm feels much more like what you get from the hottest summer day. The sun is definately hotter. [and from another] It topped out at 99 here in the San Gabriel Valley, CA. It hit 100 where I am in So. CA. So far this April we have broken five days of heat records. And things aren´t heating up? I hate to think what it will be like when it is summer. CBS News just reported LA hit triple digits yesterday. And the Valley was at 110 degrees plus. Its April folks. These are July-August temps. [and from another] Denver was in the 60s but it felt like 80 degrees. I got sun burn within minutes. We were hitting 70s and 80s back in Feb and Mar, then April came much snow. Blizzard last week in Denver. [and from another] Where I am, it was 86 degrees lastweek and 3 days later it dropped to 40 and we had frosts during the nights. Everyday it´s like a different season and country! [and from another] One day we have snow, 4 days later we have 70 degree temps. That´s New Jersey for ya! [and from another] People have noticed. Finally!
Signs of the Times #803
Might the odd Blue Persona seen in the Jan/Feb time frame might have been the Dark Twin emerging from behind the Sun? Captured in photos, this blue persona was assumed to be one of the Planet X presentations, a Moon Swirl perhaps. But Planet X emits light in the red spectrum, and the light reflected from the red dust cloud is likewise in the red spectrum. With the observations that the Dark Twin has a blue starlike appearance, as a light spectrum it reflects, the blue persona emerging from behind the Sun, along the Ecliptic in the proper counterclockwise orbit motion, could have been the Dark Twin, in plain view all along! Italy, Jan 11, 2004, close to the Sun. China, Jan 20, 2004, reflecting both the blue and yellow colors observed to be reflected by the Dark Twin. New Jersey, Feb 9, 2004, moving along the Ecltipic away from the Sun, a very blue orb. [Note: the Dark Twin is now coming up behind the Earth, is expected to stall there, but intensify the sweeps.]
Signs of the Times #802
More Dark Twin reports [Apr 24] I got off work late this evening [Iowa], and noticed something odd in the northwest. The brightest thing in that part of the sky. Bright white center, with a blueish cloud around it. It was after the moon had set, and it was very late in the evening, much too late for the object to have been Venus. As to it's position, it is near the ecliptic at about 300 degrees true. [and from another] Nothing should be bright and visible in the late night sky yet, so I find that strange. [and from another] So I’m watching this thing [Saskatchewan]. Clear skys and its orange. The thing has disappeared right before my eyes and now its back. Its a huge fireball! It's completely gone. Disappeared. Been about a minute now. Clear skies. Huh! [and from another] As far as I can tell I don't think any [evening] comets are suppose to be visible right now. [and from another] My wife and I saw it last Thursday night about 10:15 [Arkansas]. At first I thought it was a really bright star but it was way out of position for anything I was used to seeing. And suddenly, it vanished! It was about half the size of the moon best I can remember. My mouth was hanging open as I drove along the highway.
Signs of the Times #801
A Marked Photo shows that On Apr 23, due to a LEAN, the Sun is too far SOUTH at this time, followed by a TILT toward the Sun on Apr 25 (see Sign #800) putting the Sun too far NORTH. Per Skymap, the march NORTH of the Sun should be about equal at sunset in Greece between March 18 (Azi 268°), April 10 (12° step in 22 days, to Azi 280°), April 25 (10° step in 15 days, to Azi 290°), and June 9 (10° step, in 45 days, to Azi 300°). This was noted in Wisconsin also, on Apr 23. The Moon was at Azi 275° Alt 20-25° (Skymap expects Azi 295° Alt 12°) too HIGH and SOUTH, due to a strong LEAN. Venus Azi 280° Alt 15-20 (Skymap expects Azi 298° Alt 8¯) again too HIGH and SOUTH, due a strong LEAN. [and from another source] But where is the earth in this? She has Venus to her left, Mars to her right, and her dark twin bringing up the rear! The big squeeze, and Sweeping Arms throw them all at her, and bouncing Planet X toward her, regularly! [Note: this indicates a rapidly wobbling Earth, caught in the Big Squeeze, the erratice weather not the only sign of this.]
Signs of the Times #800
A sudden TILT toward the Sun on [Apr 25] was noticed by many during the Whiplash the Dark Twin produces during sweeps. [and from another] Your´re right! Sun coming in through my son´s bedroom window, instead of ours. [and from another] I also noticed it today [Apr 25] just too far North. [and from another] The sun woke me up here in Seattle, so bright in this window where it never is, or has been before. Way too far NORTH. It never comes directly into this window, it is always to the right of it. [and from another] I was awake this morning as the sun was rising, and it did appear to be farther north than I had expected. [and from another] The Sun rose 20 degrees North over last week [Apr 26]. I would like to know what is going on. It is way North today. [and from another] It has moved North quite a bit in the last week. Something is up. [and from another] If this keeps up,it´ll be straight overhead this summer. Better go find yourselves a cozy bunker. [and from another] People I think this is a problem. [and from another] I am worried. I just went and looked. I know of no explanation for the Sun jumping so far North when it rises. [and from another] The sun continues northward [Apr 25], setting in near June position here in Joplin. [and from another] In Wisconsin [Apr 26] it was at Azi 275 an hour before sunset, should have been at Azi 255, so 20 degrees too far North. The next morning I was shocked to see the sunlight on the was had moved, hard to miss as it shines through a stained glass window so that spot, cannot be missed. It appears to be 15-20 degrees too far North, again suddenly. The following morning [Apr 27], the Sun at 7:00 AM was at Azi 80 and Alt 30, where Skymap expects it to be at Azi 80 but only Alt 10. Thus, the Sun rose further North, as the Ecliptic angles from left to right. [Note: observations of the rapid wobble during the sweeps.]
Signs of the Times #799
‘Looking at the back pages of the Economist magazine at the Dollar Index of their Commodity Price Index, we note with alarm that, in the last year, All Items are up 32.8%, Food is up 27.3%, All Industrials are up 40.9%, Non-food Agriculturals are up 22.6%, Metals are up a blistering 58.5%, oil is up 22.6%, and gold 29.3%! How in the hell everything can be up between 22% and 58%, and Greenspan and the other Fed pea-brains can claim that inflation is low’ Richard Daughty [and from another source] In 2004, federal government outlays are expected to exceed $2.3 trillion, which is $500 billion more than in 2000. At nearly $500 billion, the budget deficit is close to 4.5 percent of gross domestic product, the sort of ratio usually seen in developing countries that are about to implode. [Note: all contrary to what is reported in the media.]
Signs of the Times #798
This strange response from NASA was spotted by Kent Steadman at About Comet Bradfield LASCO/C3 Images ‘Well, I'd like to be able to say it was some really outrageous conspiracy; that we've been told by Men in Black that we can't publish the images because they show incontrovertible evidence of extraterrestrial fast food restaurants; that some weird ray from Planet X interfered with our reception; or that the dog ate our images. Unfortunately, what happened was a lot more prosaic.' Joe Gurman US project scientist for SOHO [Note: at last, Planet X is addressed by NASA.]
Signs of the Times #797
Yesterday, Apr 20, I could see the stars after beyond a month of cloudy sky (in Milan). I have made approximate but meaningful measures. I waited for approximately 1 hour after sunset (9:10 PM) and I could see Orion at 260 degrees instead of 250. Therefore the sun is not between Fishes and Aquarius (as the season), but between Aries and Fishes. This is as described from Zeta, that the orbit has halted. Then all the pictures Lasco C3 are from archives, with the comet and planets superimposed, as I don't believe that SOHO has been moved. I have not been able to measure the Polaris star because the sky was not enough clear. [and from another source] If Earth is blocking the sun light from reaching completely the Moon, why can we see the entire face?[Note: pulling SOHO from the archives may fool the public about what is behind the Sun, but the Moon can be seen by all, directly.]
Signs of the Times #796
The Hopi are long known to be the "spiritual guardians" of this continent. They continue to inhabit the ancient homeland as a "center" and have been told that they will be safe from the waters when the Great Change comes to the earth. According to their lore, we are entering into the time of the "Fifth Sun". Similar to the Mayan lore, and it is possible they are descendants of the Mayan. The Mayan claim the Belt of Orion is their homeland and appears in all of their traditions, even today. There are stories about when one World Age ended and "the Sun was not in the heavens", temporaily replaced by an imposter. In the The Isaiah Effect by Gregg Braden: Chp 3, pp 65-67: ’One of the first Hopi visions to be disclosed were three signs denoting a timetable for the Great Shift. ... The fulfillment of [the first] remained a mystery until 1993, when lunar images began to appear as crop circles in the grain fields of the English countryside. ... The second sign was the appearance of the "blue star", a symbol that is common in the follore and myths of many Hopi traditions.’ [Note: the Dark Twin reflects blue light from its black surface, as noted in observations, a new blue star.]