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Signs of the Times #774
Sicilian Blazes Put Science to the Test [Apr 5] ‘An endless flow of scientists, engineers, police and even a few self-styled "ghostbusters" have descended on the town searching for clues to the recent spontaneous combustion of everything from fuse boxes to microwave ovens to a car. Every time some new scientist comes to town, they arrive thinking the whole thing has been invented or that they're going to solve the mystery in two minutes. They've all been wrong. From the start, Gabriele Amorth, one of the Catholic Church's exorcists, suspected the devil was at work.’
Signs of the Times #773
New Geyser in Kenya [Apr 8] ‘A Geyser has erupted near Lake Baringo, Kenya, reaching a maximum height of 80m last Friday. The geyser has the potential to become a major tourist attraction, as the area has a number of other geothermal attractions in the nearby Lake Bogoria Game Reserve. Hundreds of tourists have traveled to the area to see the geyser that has overtaken the one in Yellowstone National Park, USA, as the world's highest. This geyser activity is a reminder of the volcanic nature of the rift valley. Geysers are produced when boiling water enters fractured rock at shallow depth, and then flashes to steam, producing the characteristic jet of hot water.’ [Note: Kenya is in the stretch zone, the African Rift area.]
Signs of the Times #772
Rebecca Jenkins and Erin Karpluk flee a building in "10.5." [Apr 12] ‘An upcoming TV miniseries about an impossibly large earthquake that strikes the West Coast has left seismic experts shaking their heads at what they called gross inaccuracies. In NBC's disaster epic "10.5," massive quakes topple the Golden Gate Bridge, send the Pacific Ocean sloshing over Los Angeles, swallow trucks and chase trains. An attempt to stop the temblors by fusing the San Andreas fault with a series of atomic explosions fails.’ [Note: this is not far from what is predicted!]
Signs of the Times #771
April 1, 2004 : Western Australia temperatures 11°C below normal. April 3, 2004 : New Guinea: more than one month´s rain in 60 hours, Ukraine: Simferopol temperatures 14°C below normal, Augusta Georgia temperatures 10°C below average, Mexico: nearly 17 month´s rain in less than two days. April 2, 2004 : More than one month´s rain in Mozambique in one day, Takaroa: more than three month´s rain in five days, South Africa: more than 2 1/2 month´s rain in one day.
Signs of the Times #770
I've lived in this same home since 1982. This is approximately 350 miles north-west of NYC. Whenever I've randomly checked it before, the north pole has always read in the same location on a compass. Today I checked it and It appears to have shifted sometime in the past year or so. It has moved about 5 degrees eastward. I'm located out in the country as shown in the attached target="_top">Satellite Photo. There aren't any towers, buildings, steel or anything new in the home to cause this change. Although the annotated picture doesn't have a calibrated scale, the measured shift is 5 degrees east. This shift appears to be outside the normal magnetic deviation one might expect over a geologically short period of time, such as 6 months. A friend of mine with a combination GPS and compass receiver did a measurement from his home near Columbia, SC today. He too, observed a shift of 5 degrees east. He is a former airforce officer and pilot, and tells me this is an unusual deviation over a short time period. He said his last check on this was about 6 months ago. Columbia is approximately 600 miles almost exactly due south of here. [Note: this excellent report from Rense site]
Signs of the Times #769
I decided to take the Moon shots tonight [Apr 9] here in Victoria Australia as it's position seemed out by 15°d too far to the South. [and from another source] It is 6:00 AM EDT where I am south of Buffalo, NY, near the border with Pennsylvania [Apr 10]. When I got up in the dark and went to the bathroom circa 5:30 AM, I saw an unusual shadow pattern on my bathroom window, which faces south, and then I lifted the venetian blinds to see what was causing it. To my great shock, I saw the moon south of where it had been when it was full. I have never seen it in that position before. [and from another source] My house in Mississippi faces East, and moonrise used to be over my neighbor's roof (along with sunrise). Friday and Saturday [Apr 10] nights moonrise was over the house to the right of that one, three houses from where I'm used to seeing it! We must have had a tilt that put the North Pole over Beijing! [and from another source] The Moon this morning, April 11, here in Missouri was very close to due South!
Signs of the Times #768
For someone wanting to determine how high the Arc of the Sun is, during the day, this can be done by the method above to get the angle from the Dome overhead, but also by Trig via shadows case from phone poles and the like. Pole height - one leg of triangle, Shadow length - other leg of triangle, Angle at shadow tip up past pole tip is the angle of Alt.
Signs of the Times #767
For someone wanting to see if Polaris and the constellations, are where they are supposed to be: 1. find a true North pointer, such as a street laid out dead N/S or a building survey’d and in that position per the survey. Survey’s must detail this, and any real estate transaction such as a home sale will have this in the paperwork received at/for closing. 2. if you don’t own a planetarium program such as Skymap, find an online site so you can get a picture of what your sky should look like for the date. The Azi (around the horizon 360 with N being 0° and 90° being East and 180° being South and 270° being West) and Alt (overhead being 90° up from any horizon) are marked. 3. go out side and look. You can measure Alt by holding a hand overhead, the second hand halfway at 45°, and determine the degrees inbetween. You can measure Azi by the same method. Knowing dead North you can do 90° angle from that for East or West, etc.
Signs of the Times #766
On a night of clear skies near Madison, WI Polaris was located in relationship to the Big Dipper (Ursa Major). The streets in towns in the Midwest are laid out on N/S E/W lines, and the viewing location was one block from the corner of a surveyed 40 acre plot, which formed the cross roads of the town, no skew possible. All the buildings are likewise laid out to face N/S or E/W, precisely. Thus, in sighting true geographical North, a guide was at hand. The Big Dipper was too far to the WEST, due to a LEAN in the Earth's posture. Polaris was an estimated 7-8° to the West. In determining where the Earth is in relationship to constellations, one must consider the view from Earth. If the Earth is halted in her orbit at the Dec 25 point, as Planet X is in front of her, blocking her way, then a TILT forward would leave Polaris in the North position, but move it closer to the horizon. The LEAN toward Planet X would cause Polaris and related constellations to appear to move toward the WEST. [Note: graphics in the Polaris Askew page. Proof that the Earths orbit and tilt are not normal.]
Signs of the Times #765
I-20 Closed in Texas [Apr 4] ‘A bridge on Interstate 20 in West Texas collapsed Sunday night, sending eastbound lanes of the road into the churning waters of Salt Draw. No one was injured in the collapse, the Department of Public Safety said. Cox said the department´s maintenance staff believes the westbound bridge is unstable because of the large volume of water in the draw. Transportation officials estimated the section of bridge that fell in measured 300 feet. Authorities also shut down a nearby Union Pacific Railroad bridge, which also was over the Salt Draw. Trains on either side of the crossing were stopped.’
Signs of the Times #764
Refinery Explosion Reported Near Gallup, NM [Apr 8] ‘Two explosions followed by fire rocked a gasoline refinery Thursday, seriously injuring four people, officials said. Smoke billowed from the east side of the Giant Industries refinery about 15 miles east of Gallup in western New Mexico as rescue crews converged on the scene. It was unclear what caused the first explosion. Nearby Interstate 40 remained open, but authorities were discouraging travel in the area. Anearby propane pipeline was vented after the explosions and the gas burned off to prevent more explosions.’
Signs of the Times #763
One dead as Amtrak train derails in Mississippi [Apr 7] ‘An Amtrak passenger train derailed Tuesday night in a Mississippi swamp. The train went off the tracks in the Big Black River area. It was not yet known what caused the derailment, but Stessel said at this point, there was no information to suggest foul play.’ [and from another source] ‘Federal and state investigators photographed twisted rails and inspected dented Amtrak passenger cars in a swampy area of central Mississippi on Wednesday, searching for a reason the City of New Orleans train spilled down an embankment, killed one person and injured nearly 60 others a day earlier.’ [Note: it was later reported the engineer noted a twisted track ahead of him, and slamed on the brakes.]
Signs of the Times #762
Leaks: Baltimore's Water Main Breaks [Apr 8],0,3784989.story? ‘Whatever the reason, more than three times a day on average, a water main breaks in areas served by Baltimore. And lately, they've been breaking big. As many as 200,000 customers in northwest Baltimore County were without water for two days last month after two major mains blew. That was the worst incident in a season flush with bad breaks. This year, the breaks have been bigger. A 36-inch line ruptured in northwest Baltimore County March 15. Water was rerouted to a 54-inch main, which broke the next night.’ [and from another source] The KC area continues to be plagued by broken water mains. The last one poured knee high water into basements.About once every two weeks there is a broken water main.
Signs of the Times #761
Live seismos showed noted a strong Dark side Global Quake. on Apr 6. Nigeria noticed a strong TILT increase, putting the Sun 20° to the left. ‘Apr 9: This morning I noticed the sun is approx 20° to the left (looking at it) of where it normally is at the same time. I am in Nigeria. Something is definately amiss.’ Wisconsin noticed both sunrise and sunset TILT’d to the North also, now 7-15°. ‘The Ecliptic now seems to rise straight up at sunrise and drop straight down at sunset, not at all the angle expected.’ Missouri likewise noted a shift to the North 'Too cloudy to tell the exact time, but I did notice that the Sun has moved several Sun widths to the North in just the last week.' Arizona noted a sudden drop SOUTH of the Moon, which stays at the Sun’s Ecliptic, indicating a TILT of the Earth ‘Apr 7: Very surprised this morning at 5:30 AM to find the moon high in the sky and about 25-30 degrees (estimated) further South than it had been. What are we doing now?’ and New York noted the same ‘Apr 7: This morning, the moon seemed to be setting a whole lot further toward the south than it did yesterday morning, perhaps 30+° further south.’ [Note: each Sweep is changing the Tilt of the Earth, lately. Sweeps bump first the Earth, toward Planet X, and within a couple days Planet X hops over the Sweeping Arm, thus causing a second jolt to the Earth as the planets are again pushed into each other.]