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Signs of the Times #760
Does this mean that the last pole shift, during the Jewish Exodus, happened under circumstances similar to what the Earth finds itself in now? It does. Planet X takes its sling orbit in a retrograde orbit around one side of the Sun, and one side only, on its way out into dark space again, passing through the solar system in what is closer to a straight line than any other depiction. For at least the last thousand passages, Planet X has ALWAYS come in from the direction of Orion, ALWAYS reacted to the sweeping arms of the Sun such that it started to hop them and assumeed a retrograde orbit, ALWAYS dropped to a 32d position below the Ecliptic to avoid the crowded Ecliptic as it plunged toward the Sun, and ALWAYS, thus, is in the Earth’s orbit to create havoc where the Earth would be in the FALL and early Winter, not the Spring. So why the Spring flowers and grain set during the time of the Jewish Exodus? Planet X has also ALWAYS captured the Earth in a head-on staring contest when it happened to be on that side of its orbit when Planet X was passing through, and thus when a cataclysmic pole shift is reported, it can be ASSUMED that the Earth went into a halted orbit and tilted and leaning stance, as it is today. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Passover.]
Signs of the Times #759
The Safe Locations document is a composite of responses by the Zetas to questions regarding the safety of locations during and after the coming pole shift. This document is in Adobe .PDF format, and must be opened by an Adobe Reader. If you do not have an Adobe Reader, seek the same information in web format at the Zeta Locations TOPIC within Troubled Times. In Apr, 2004 Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Chad, Congo, Ethiopia, Libya, Mozambique, Sudan [Note: new info on African countries included.]
Signs of the Times #758
It was presumed a problem would occur around the time of the Mar 26 Sweep, and it did. Local communities were advised to issue a Shelter-in-Place order, and to monitor the traffic closely to determine compliance. This test has all the aspects not in the duct tape test, as an exploding refinery is an immediate danger, roads in the flat lands of Texas easily visible from the air and even from tall buildings, and the urge of those with any sense of self preservation would be to vacate, at least temporarily. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Shelter-in-Place test re the Texas City directives.]
Signs of the Times #757
Explosion, fire at Exxon Baytown, TX, Chemical plant [Apr 1] ‘A naphtha processing unit exploded at the Exxon Mobil Corp. Baytown, Texas, chemical plant early on Thursday morning but there was no indication of foul play, a company spokeswoman said. There is no indication of foul play. This is the second explosion at a refinery/chemical plant complex in Texas this week. On Tuesday night, an ultraformer at BP Plc´s 460,000 bpd refinery in Texas City, Texas, blew up and burned. The cause of that blast is believed to be accidental. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation warned refiners in Texas last week of an unsubstantiated threat to attack a refinery in the state before the U.S. national elections in November.’ [Note: no Code Orange alert level resulted from either explosion.]
Signs of the Times #756
Plant explosion in Texas City [Mar 31] ‘An explosion at the BP Amoco chemical plant in Texas City located at FM 519 East Tuesday evening had residents being told not to leave their homes. A shelter-in-place was in effect for Texas City and La Marque, but has since been lifted.The cause of the explosion is not yet known.’ [and from another source] Explosions, fire rock BP plant in Texas - TV [Mar 30] ‘Explosions and fire rocked BP Plc's refinery and chemical plant complex in Texas City, Texas, on Tuesday evening, Houston-area television stations reported. Residents of Texas City, about 30 miles south of Houston, were told to remain in their homes due to dense smoke from the flames. BP Texas City has a 447,000-barrel-per-day refinery. It is the 12th-largest refinery in the world. Houston-area television stations reported other nearby refineries were being evacuated.’ [Note: Shelter-in-Place directive given, but no Code Orange level alert increase..]
Signs of the Times #755
Nancy had predicted a Sweeping Arm on Mar 25-26, her best estimate, so a test was scheduled for this time frame. Anticipated to coincide with disasters from natural causes, during the sweep, the test would measure: 1.the degree of travel disruption 2.the alternate routes taken by those needing to travel 3.the degree of panic or anger such a blockage would cause quickly local crews reacted to and cleaned up the disaster 5.whether the public suspected terrorism at the core, or looked elsewhere for a cause. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Blockage Tests re the Bridgeport I-95 overpass meltdown.]
Signs of the Times #754
Fiery Truck Crash Shuts Down I-95 Portion [Mar 26] ‘An oil tanker truck crashed on Interstate 95 Thursday night and started a fire that burned out of control, possibly destroying bridges in both directions on the heavily used highway between New York and Boston, state police said. The highway may be closed for days or weeks because of the damage, Vance said. He said engineers would assess the damage. I-95 is a vital artery connecting the New York area, Connecticut and the rest of New England.’ [and from another source] Bridgeport: Terror Threat Targets I-95 [Mar 25] ‘A terror threat targets Connecticut´s busiest stretch of highway, the Interstate-95 corridor in Bridgeport. State police began stepping up security in the area Thursday. The response is a coordinated effort between local and state police, the Coast Guard, and Homeland Security.’ [Note: no Code Orange alert level resulted.]
Signs of the Times #753
Meteor fires up North [Apr 2] ‘It’s believed the mystery fireball-like object which sliced through the atmosphere on Wednesday night, bewildering its many North Queensland observers, may have crashed to earth just outside Winton. Reports of a large flaming fireball and small flashes of light were widespread across the State. Although witnesses estimations of the object's size ranged from as big as a flaming commercial airliner to "two fridges on top of each other", experts said it may have been as small as a football. Two flights reported seeing the phenomenon. A pilot on a Virgin Blue flight from Sydney to Cairns reported a sighting at 39,000ft in the Hinchinbrook area.’
Signs of the Times #752
As I watched the sunset tonight [Apr 3], I called everyone to the window. Five of us watch two suns set in front of each other, Nickle-Dime size effect. I asked everyone, they agreed that there were two. It’s huge. Got to be two-thirds the size of the Sun. You can definatly see there’s two orbs. [and from another source] I borrowed my friends welders helmet a couple weeks ago and around noon I looked at the Sun. It was still a little too bright and I used 1 pair then 2 pairs of sunglasses and I saw the Sun clearly and something else pretty big in front of it. It is a glowing orb in front of the sun, because this planet exudes it´s own light, obviously. I have seen it myself with this method and it is not dark it is just a different shade of light in front of the sun. It looks more orangy, even through the filters. I have shown other people this and everyone else sees it too. [and from another source] The first halo is normal and round with the sun in the middle [Mar 31]. Shortly after that I notice an even larger circle that was more north of the Sun with its bottom edge of the circle going through the Sun. I looked to see what was in the middle of that halo but there was nothing there. Then the third one showed up over the first one. It was oval in shape and just slightly larger than the first one.
[Note: the second halo has a different focus in the middle, not the Sun.]