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Signs of the Times #1489
Airing twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays on the Blog radio, and in the Archives thereafter for free listening, The Connection featuring Nancy has broadcast or recorded the following information packed shows as of the present date [Aug 31]. Audio questions are also being gathered to be featured on future shows. For those unable to listen to audio on their PC's, the scripts for the various shows are now available as links from the ZetaTalk Media page. Currently available for the shows for Aug 1, Aug 3, Aug 8, Aug 10, Aug 15, Aug 17, Aug 22, Aug 24, Aug 29, and Aug 31, some of these the shows noted in Sign #1487 below.
Aug 24 - Waterworlds, and Other Alien Habitats Percentage of planets that can bear life, or evolve intelligent life. Why intelligent reptiles or fish or even insects evolve. Description by Nancy of the many varieties of life forms she has been introduced to, and how they interacted. The variety of hominoid types visiting Earth, the Praying Mantis not an insect and the Zetas grays not reptilian. Which visitors have contributed their DNA during mankind's genetic engineering in the past. Why contactees often consider their visitors ugly, and what happens during a visitation when the contactee or visitor would normally eat the other. Why we have little contact with Earth resident neighbors like Bigfoot or the Men-in-Black. Whether some life forms are inherently cold hearted, and others warm hearted, and how this affects the evolution of the soul. Detail description of the waterworld where many souls on Earth will reincarnate into after the pole shift.
Aug 29 - The Double Lives of Contactees Clues that you are a contactee, such as allergies or ear problems or brain buzz or sudden loss of balance or sleep paralysis, and why these relate. Implants and how they operate as locating devices. Why the term abductee is not correct. Who resents the alien presence, and how this relates to why many contactees find they cannot recall their visits. What contactees need to fear from their government or others who might mistreat them. Why visitations are thus recorded only in the subconscious at present, and how to retrieve them. Hypnosis tips. Dream states as a means to recall. Typical visitation scenarios, with description of Nancy's first meeting with the Zetas. Nancy's unusual implant where her 3rd eye is sited, and the scar that resulted. Contactee groups and the synergy that occurs there.
Aug 31 - Survivors, a Matter of Mindset What will be left, of our civilized world, after the pole shift? The physical infrastructure will operate on the broken link philosophy, and be very broken. Rescue from governments or charities will not occur, as the whole world has been affected. Starvation, and how to deal with this when there is not enough to go around. The death rate, and what parts of the globe or society are most affected. Surprising changes of survival among the affluent or working class. What health problems will spell doom, and which may surprisingly disappear. In what way benign aliens will assist survivors, and which survivors qualify for this assistance. Why existing forms of government will likely collapse. How survival communities will govern themselves, the surprising leadership options, and how they should deal with demands from the self centered. And why the barter system will become the mode.
Sep 5 - Survival Solutions, an Overview Living through and after the pole shift, the likely situations survivors will find themselves in, and solutions on how to handle this. From being on foot with a backpack, eating bugs and weeds and wiping with moss and leaves, to settlements with electricity and tap water and gardens and herds and flocks. Information from the Troubled Times web site and suggested book list, in an overview format to help the listener understand the range of solutions that exist. Includes backpack contents, distilling drinking water, eating bugs and weeds, hunting and fishing methods, emergency medical procedures when there is no doctor, herbal medicine, saving seeds, flocks and herds, installing wells and hand pumps, outhouse options, 12 Volt electricity, wood gas powered cars, hand tools, making soap and vinegar, spinning and weaving cloth and tanning leather, housing options and recipe for cement.
Signs of the Times #1488
Four-star general sacked [Aug 10] 'In an extraordinary move, the Army sacked a four-star general who was the subject of a Defense Department investigation into alleged sexual misconduct, an official said Tuesday. Gen. Kevin P. Byrnes, commander of Army Training and Doctrine Command, was approaching retirement when the decision to relieve him of duty was. Byrnes, 55, a Vietnam veteran, ranked third in seniority among the Army's 11 four-star generals. In his position as commander of Training and Doctrine Command, Byrnes oversaw all Army training programs and the development of war-fighting guidelines. Among the four-star general or flag officers to have been relieved of command in recent years was Navy Adm. Richard C. Macke, sacked as commander of Pacific Command in 1995 for remarks he made about the case of U.S. Marines accused of raping a 12-year-old Japanese girl. Gen. Michael Dugan was fired as chief of staff of the Air Force in 1990 for comments to reporters about planning for the 1991 Gulf War. [and from another source] Bush may think that firing a top general will set an example to the rest, and stop what has become increasingly an open rebellion in the military, but the opposite will be the effect. For every head cut off, more will grow. Bush sees the grim military faces, forced to attend his frequent pep talks to the public using them as backdrops, and imagines this cooperation. Has he not noticed the smiles fading? The lack of applause, even on orders? The word gets down to the lower echelons, that the officers no longer consider Bush their commander, and rebellion is afoot. This flashes about on the Internet as rumors of a coup, but this is not the result. The result is increasing refusal to follow direct orders. Up and down the line. Just how many court martials can the military entertain, simultaneously? Historically, when a military turns against a king, the king has lost his footing and is doomed. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Decapitation Process]
Signs of the Times #1487
Airing twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays on the Blog radio, and in the Archives thereafter for free listening, The Connection featuring Nancy has broadcast or recorded the following information packed shows as of the present date [Aug 14]. Audio questions are also being gathered to be featured on future shows.

Aug 1 -
The Passage in Prophecy and Legend. Covering Sitchin´s book The 12th Planet, Washington Post re 1983 discovery, intriguing graphic from 1983 encyclopedia on the Pioneer probes, Immanuel Velikovsky´s book Worlds in Collision, the Oashpe, a channeled book, the Kolbrin, a parallel Bible, books of the Bible such as Revelations, ancient Babylonian stellas, Islamic texts such as The Twelfth Iman and the Hadiths, the Visuddhi-Magga, NewsMax re a Pope John Paul utterance, Plato from his Politicus, Egar Cayce readings, and of course ZetaTalk.

Aug 3 -
The Kolbrin, Secrets Revealed. Extensive quotes from the Kolbrin and ZetaTalk comparisons, covering details on what occurred during the Flood and the Exodus, and what to anticipate this next time around. Includes what signs Noah used as a clue that he should start building his arc, what Noah included in his arc beyond the animals two-by-two, how extensive flood tides are during pole shifts and the Zetas advice re this, clues as to how quickly the last days descended on mankind prior to these pole shifts, descriptions of the horrific appearance of what the Kolbrin calls the Destroyer, how mankind reacted to the devastation by becoming mad or looting and lawlessness.

Aug 8 -
Who Runs the World? Discussing the Illuminati, and how they fit into a world dominated by the Puppet Masters and their Puppets. The role money plays in controlling the world's affairs. How those on top of the pile will react when a gobal financial crash finally occurs, and the methods used to maintain the house of cards in the mean time. How the elite try to keep the sheeple in the dark about the coming pole shift, and why the coverup is becoming more difficult to maintain. What those at the top fear the most, and their desire to use Martial Law to control the populace when the panic they fear finally breaks out, and the early tests used to determine the gullibility of the populace, who are to be led by sheep to their slaughter.

Aug 10 -
Whither the Weather? A summary of the increasingly extreme weather, broken records, from 1995 to the present. How this lines up with numerous ZetaTalk predictions. Why the weatherman has difficulty predicting the weather. Why an Earth wobble developed and how this affects the weather, including the recent development of jet stream tornadoes. The relationship of global shuddering that appears on live seismographs to the weather. Where all this is leading during the time remaining between now and the pole shift, just how bad will it get, and what steps mankind should take to brace for this extreme weather.

Aug 15 -
The Choice, Good or Evil. Birth of the soul and what causes it to spark. Soul abortions. Evil as immaturity, focus on the self with lack of empathy for others. Why all souls are not equal. Key characteristics of those who have learned caring and those who remain immature and self focused. Examples of both groups behavior. Why there is eventual separation of these groups, and how Hell and Heaven are the reality of living among ones own kind. How the brutal pecking order is established on the virtual prison colonies of the self focused. How those practicing the Golden Rule can get along without money. Why polarization of both groups happens as they begin to separate. And how survival groups, those who have survived the pole shift, can learn to differentiate potential team mates of good heart from users.

Aug 17 -
Season of the Second Sun. History of the rapid approach of Planet X toward the Sun, a gravity plunge stopped only by the gravity repulsion force. ZetaTalk coordinates on where to view Planet X in the sky as it approached proven astonishingly accurate. Located early 2001 by three observatories in France, Arizona, and Vancouver, with description of what was discovered and attempts to block the teams from looking. Located late 2001 to early 2002 again, this time recorded on infrared cameras in Florida, France, and South Africa, with description of threats and telephone tapping done in South Africa. Located again in late 2002 into early 2003 by a team using amateur Rent-a-Scope equipment, tracked against star charts showing this to be a new, moving, object. Naked eye sightings by Spring of 2003 and then, the Season of the Second Sun!

Aug 22 -
Safe Locations. Description of the hour of the pole shift. What locations are affected by rampaging water, which will assault coastlines, bore up ravines, flow for hundreds of miles inland over flat land, overflow river banks to turn the land into a moving wall of water, or clash with water trying to drain from the rivers. The problems facing survival in some large coastal cities. Sudden climate change near the new poles, and sudden warmth near the old, and how this affects survival. What crustal plates will be turned into gravel when the larger plates start slamming into each other. What to expect where mountain building will occurs, and which mountain areas will be exempt. Where new land will pop up from below the waves, and what land masses will be plunged under the waves. And finally, all the many areas that will not be devastated but can be considered relatively safe for surviving the pole shift.
Signs of the Times #1486
Astronauts Prepare to Undock, Return Home [Aug 5] NASA cleared Discovery to return to Earth next week, concluding Thursday that there was no need to send the astronauts out on another spacewalk to repair a torn thermal blanket near a cockpit window. NASA had been considering sending the astronauts out to snip away part of the blanket for fear a 13-inch section weighing just under an ounce could tear away during the latter stages of descent and strike the shuttle, perhaps causing grave danger. The astronauts had to step outside to repair the shuttle's thermal protection and reduce the risk of another Columbia-type tragedy during the trip home, when the spacecraft passes through the blowtorch heat of re-entry. [and from another source] Why then, if the Columbia was torn from the sky as it returned with fresh information on the position and trajectory of Planet X, was the Discovery allowed to return? During the two and a half years that the Shuttle was out of operation, NASA returned to transmitting information from the ISS, risking this information being captured and decoded by other countries or by members of the public. The information was NOT returned via the Russian ferry system, something the arrogant Bush administration could not stoop to, as they consider THEMSELVES the holder of the secrets, the source of information, and thus, in their minds, they consider themselves to be invaluable and irreplaceable in the Puppet Masters eyes. Sorry, Bush, the Puppet Master is not fooled, and has long been displeased with your performance and concluded the assets he has that are within US territories would be better off without you. The latest shuttle disasters are only a reminder. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Shuttle Discovery.]