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Signs of the Times #1061
Texas gas facility explodes, dozens evacuated [Aug 19] ‘An explosion early Thursday at an underground gas storage facility forced dozens of residents from their homes, authorities said. The cause of the explosion was not determined. Moss Bluff is about 40 miles northeast of Houston. The area is dotted with manmade caverns inside salt domes, which are the world's largest storage site for explosive hydrocarbons. ‘ [and from another source] Second Explosion Rocks Texas Gas Facility [Aug 20] ‘A second explosion in less than 24 hours rocked a burning underground gas storage facility early Friday, prompting authorities to expand an evacuation zone around the site. The fire at Duke Energy´s Moss Bluff natural gas facility intensified overnight, an official said. The second explosion was reported at 1:15 AM and was seen as far as 20 miles away, witnesses said. Authorities had decided to let the fire ignited in the first explosion Thursday burn itself out, a process they said would take several days. The explosion was blamed on leaking gas. The second explosion Friday morning happened because the fire caused a valve to give way on top of the storage cavern.’ [Note: Texas is in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #1060
Shelter In Place Lifted; Fire Still Smolders At Queen City Barrel [Aug 20] ’No formal evacuation has been announced for areas near the fire, but officials are saying people in the direct line of smoke should shelter in place until further notice. Crews have been battling what is now being called a five alarm fire in the West End since 7 PM. Explosions can be heard near the scene. Fire officials believe the explosions are the lids of empty barrels inside being popped off by the heat of the fire. Red Cross and Salvation Army crews have also arrived on the scene to assist fire crews that have come from all over Cincinnati to assist firefighters on the scene.’ [Note: here’s that term again, Shelter-in-Place. In a roaring fire that is not contained and spreading? Humm.]
Signs of the Times #1059
National Preparedness Month-September 2004 ‘Throughout September 2004, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, American Red Cross, American prepared Campaign, the National Association of Broadcasters, the US Department of Education, and other partners will host a series of events to highlight the importance of citizen emergency preparedness. During National Preparedness Month, coalition partners will promote the basic steps all Americans can take to prepare for emergencies. A variety of activities will encourage citizens to heighten their awareness and preparedness. Get a Kit, then Make a Plan and Be Informed.’ [and from another source] September is now National Preparedness Month?? After 3 years?? Must be a lot more to it when the GSA site details what to do for volcanos, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.
Signs of the Times #1058
Frost hits Minnesota and Dakotas Shattering Record Lows for Date [Aug 19] ‘The calendar may say August, but in this northeastern Minnesota town early Thursday, it was cold. Plenty cold. The thermometer overnight fell to 25, while nearby Embarrass posted a reading of 27, the National Weather Service said. The Dakotas also had their share of shivering citizens. Fargo, North Dakota´s reading of 39 broke a record for the date of 40 degrees that had stood for 109 years. Grand Forks tied its record low of 39. As for South Dakota, record lows included 34 at Aberdeen, 35 at Mobridge and 39 at Sioux Falls.’ [and from another source] After driving 450 miles to the Arctic Circle and Inuvik in the Northwest Territory, Canada - it stayed light all night and was 85 degrees one day and freezing almost the next (with wind chill). That was the end of the road North from there you can only fly or float. [and from another source] I live at an elevation between 2 and 3 thousand feet, in the foothills of the eastern Washington Cascades. I have been farming a small parcel of land for well on 20 years now. I know the rhythms of my crops and the vagaries that can beset them. I know their patterns and I know what to expect [Aug 19]. One of my orchards contains Empress and President (variety) plums. I always harvest these plums in the 3rd or sometimes the fourth week of September. Always! Not this year! They will be ripe next week! My concord grapes are harvested in mid October, usually after most of the leaves have fallen. Not this year! They will be ripe next week! [Note: hot in Alaska, along the West Coast, and freezing in the Midwest. The Earth wobble, detectable from the weather.]
Signs of the Times #1057
Scientists working to determine identity of objects found in CA backyard [Aug 20] ‘Scientists are investigating an unidentified object that suddenly appeared in a California family's back yard. The Darmousseh family was watching the Olympics Monday night when they heard a loud thump. On Tuesday they found three pieces of a rock-shaped object in their backyard. The pieces were very hot to touch and made small burn marks in the grass. Family members say they've taken calls from NASA and other museums about the findings. So far, scientists haven't made an official conclusion on the object.’[and from another source] I just finished talking to my sister who works for NBC in New York and what she told me was that a half hour before this evenings newscast an ´order´ came to include in the newscast a report of a ´meteor´ hitting in California. The story ran on tonights Nightly News, NBC, but without any context. What she then explained to me was that they are getting around 50 stories from all over the world like this and have until today been ´ordered´ not to air these stories which come from their numerous affiliates. [Note: the worse it gets, the less you are likely to hear about it.]
Signs of the Times #1056
Photo of the sunrise in early July 2003, taken in New Jersey. There seems to be a faint, but large, round object at about the 5 o'clock position just above the horizon. [and from another] With welder filter [Aug 20], and again with welder filter [Aug 21]. Object zoomed [Aug 21] was stable, while other two fast unstable. I got this other with very clear sky [Aug 22], very incredible from steady object showing belt! Probably use of telescope. Ciao, Alberto. [and from another] This past evening [Aug 22] I saw Planet X with my own eyes. I looked up and saw it 10 o'clock, much bigger than most of the pics I've seen. It was obvious through the clouds, looking like a second sun. If you chose to really look, you just could not miss it. Slow mover, but it's definitely bigger now. [Note similar placement of an orb to the right of the Sun, increasingly over the year, having come closer.]
Signs of the Times #1055
Greenland Ice Core Project Yields Probable Ancient Plant Remains [Aug 16] ‘A team of international researchers working on the North Greenland Ice Core Project recently recovered what appear to be plant remnants nearly two miles below the surface between the bottom of the glacial ice and the bedrock. Researchers from the project, known as NGRIP, said particles found in clumps of reddish material recovered from the frozen, muddy ice in late July look like pine needles, bark or blades of grass. The sediment sampler was hammered into the ground under the ice in order to recover sediment samples. It is here filled with a mixture of mud and ice. The suspected plant material under about 10,400 feet of ice indicates the Greenland Ice Sheet formed very fast.’ [Note: sudden climate change, once again documented.]
Signs of the Times #1054
On May 8 it was noted that the Hudson Bay cold spot was colder by far than Siberia or Europe at the same latitude. On July 2 it was noted that an Alantic Ocean anomaly was colder near Nova Scotia that elsewhere. Per weather maps and weather reports, this cold spot has not migrated across N. America to be further West. On Aug 19, Minnesota recorded temps in the 20's, freezing, in August, a summer swelter month. This migration indicates a movement of Planet X, the cause of the Earth Wobble, to be more centered in front of the Sun, as crop circles have implied. [and from another] New Jersey: In July 2004, before I had even heard of Zetatalk, I visited the Jersey shore for vacation. Every year I rise at about 5 AM and walk the beach until sunrise. This year I noticed it way further north than usual, but just kind of scratched my head. I did some web searches and found other saying the same thing. [and from another] Utah: In an earlier email I sent to you, I mentioned that the Sun appears to be rising and setting way to far North. In the last week or so [Aug 14] I have observed that the Sun seems to be moving a little more South, even though it is still far North. [and from another] Wisconsin: I've noted that too [Aug 17], exactly. We are in an increasing Earth wobble, Japan roasting, our Fall early. [and from another source] Virginia: The Sun came out [Aug 18] long enough for me to tell that the Sun has moved so far South that it is almost off my measuring page. [and from another] Wisconsin: I have noted very rapid movement South! It was still North by over 10 degrees a couple days ago, but today [Aug 19] seems dramatically South at 8:28 AM is Azi 100 and Alt 53. Skymap expects it to be at Azi 105 and Alt 25. Still a high arc but moving rapidly South! [Note: for N. America, the sun suddenly and rapidly South, during an increased wobble.]
Signs of the Times #1053
The observations by many are 1. an intense Sun burning vegetation, 2. and early Fall on the East Coast of N. America with unseasonable cold, 3. heat on the West Coast of N. America. The causes are 1. a smoldering brown dwarf with dust cloud reflecting light standing in front of the Sun, and 2. an Earth Wobble that swings eastern N. America away from the Sun more than the rest of the northern hemisphere, but 3. pulls the N. Pole toward the Sun as to roast Alaska and Japan. [and from another] Norway: Started snowing here in Norway yesterday. Normally starts in October. [and from another] Japan: In Tokyo, new Temp record [Aug 15] is 40 days over 30C=86F. [and from another] Alaska: While here in Alaska its in the upper 70s and low to mid 80´s. [and from another] Oregon: I live in Portland, OR and the Rhodies are burnt to a crisp with this unusual hot weather. [and from another] New York: Earlier today I heard a blurb on the weather channel about a story coming up about leaves changing color early this year, but I didn't catch the story. The Daily Star Online, a NY newspaper has run an article also: ‘If you’ve noticed that leaves on trees are turning colors earlier than usual during this cool, wet summer, you are not alone. At the Otsego County Fair a week ago it was 39 degrees. People were talking and they could see their breath.’ [and from another] Kentucky: Here in Kentucky the trees and our ornamental grasses are turning yellow. We grow tomatoes and sweet corn. The tomatoes finished about a month and a half early and the sweet corn matured in 75 days instead of the normal 90 days. [and from another] Minnesota: Leaves already falling, ducks and geese headed south, winter weather advisory in mid Aaugust. August is a month in MN where the majority of residents wish winter were approaching, but we have yet to have a real summer this year. [Note: Minnesota had overnight temps in the 20’s on Aug 19, freezing.]
Signs of the Times #1052
Central Florida out of gas, 1 million still without power, water, etc. [Aug 17] We have semi-trucks loaded with supplies, but nobody to tell them where to go. We have hundreds of local tanker drivers not working, because of some ID permits, so we have gas stations with power but no gas. We have out-of-state electric lineman and supplies, etc. but nobody to tell them where to work. We have fuel distribution stations with fuel, but no power to pump the tankers. We have trucks with a semi-load of water, and they delay because of who´s going to pay for it. We have hundreds of thousands of people in hot Florida without power, water, phones, food, gas, ice and money because many of the banks are closed and the ATM machines don´t work, and they play music on the AM radio instead of broadcasting emergency information in a State of Emergency, and Federal disaster areas, and on top of that we have raw sewage coming out of the streets, and homes because the waste water plants have no power. [Note: a small preview of the upcoming disaster, called the pole shift.]
Signs of the Times #1051
Over 400 dead in Florida according to Rumor Mill News poster Michael Edward [Aug 16] What an eye awakening day this was. I thought that I had seen it all having been involved from Viet Nam to the beginning of Desert Storm in my military and civilian law enforcement career, but today I learned about a new part of the shame game. For those who won’t bother to read all this report, let me spell out the body counts that 6 of us (all retired military and/or law enforcement) went out to confirm today in different areas. These are confirmed bodies in the trucks, restaurant refers, or refer vans, and they are NOT “missing persons” or animals. These figures came from our own eyes, medical personnel, various county sheriff’s deputies, and eye witnesses or residents from the worst devastated areas. CNN and the rest of the world biased and controlled media are fooling none of us who live here. The current CONFIRMED body count in our 3 county area on the west coast of Florida is near 400 as I write this. As of this morning, our area has found the need to organize our own security 24/7. We have all found out that there is nothing better than a local community effort. Now, we have become a community family. We are strengthening each other and working with one another. There is no segregation or racism among us, and we represent a local community of many different races, nationalities, and colors. We have found that our daily hardships have made our spirits stronger. [Note: another small preview of the upcoming disaster, self help brings the best result.]
Signs of the Times #1050
Dozens rescued from flash floods [Aug 17] ‘Rescue workers described the situation as "horrendous" as buildings and cars were washed into the sea, and up to 1,000 people may have to be evacuated.’ [and from another source] Violent storm batters lower North Island [Aug 18] ‘Air New Zealand this afternoon cancelled all flights in and out of Wellington International Airport for the rest of the day. Mr Tod said as well as the winds being too strong for planes to take off and land, it was too dangerous for baggage handlers to work. With winds gusting up to 198km an hour all but paralysed New Zealand's capital, Wellington, on Wednesday. The storm has halted ferries to the South Island, closed the airport and severed road and rail links both within the Wellington area and to the rest of the North Island.’ [and from another source] Huge waves eroding British coast [Aug 18] ‘The waves are increasing in size and frequency. Storm waves over 20m high are getting bigger, more frequent and eroding Britain's Atlantic coast, experts say. The waves rip huge boulders from cliff faces and sweep them up to 50m inland. This process creates piles of boulders tucked away inland behind cliffs. The study shows these are not deposited by tsunamis (tidal waves generated by volcanic eruptions or earthquakes) as had been thought, but by storm waves. Dr James Hansom, a geologist the University of Glasgow, told delegates at the International Geographical Union congress in the Scottish city that the erosion was expected to accelerate because sea levels are rising and the coastline is sinking.’ [and from another source] Some 17,000 people shall participate today [Aug 17] in government ordered tsunami simulation at Antofagasta City, one of the largest cities located in the northern coast of Chile. It is a civil defence exercise.
Signs of the Times #1049
Blue-green glow and booming noises are thought to be from a meteor [Aug 17] ‘An object believed to be a meteor brought a fireworks show to the area early Monday, lighting the night and causing sonic booms that had some people marveling over the wonders of nature and others scrambling to call 911. The bright lights and noise arrived just after 1 AM. and were especially prominent in the west and northwest parts of Chicago and the suburbs. Meteor showers are common, especially during the annual Perseid showers this month, but this was different, experts said.’ [and from another source] Woman hurt in 'meteorite' strike [Aug 15] ‘A woman believes she was struck by a meteorite while hanging out washing. Pauline Aguss, 76, from Lowestoft, Suffolk, felt a sharp pain in her arm and when she looked down there was a one-inch gash along her forearm. She blamed a peg bag but the next day husband Jack, 76, spotted a walnut-shaped metallic rock on a garden path. One meteorite makes it through the atmosphere and falls to Earth each week on average, according to David Fagg, secretary of Norfolk Astronomers. But there is a only one in a billion chance that anyone will be hit by one and there are no records of anyone being struck before. One hit a car in America a few years ago but, as far as anyone knows, that was the closest a meteorite has come to a human.’
Signs of the Times #1048
North Pole is Falling Apart [Aug 15] ‘The northeast passage across the siberian polar ice is open. The glaciers on Ellesmere Island and the northern and northeastern shores of Greenland are collapsing within a matter of days. The channel between Greenland and Ellesmere Isalnd is open. And only about 250 miles of ice remains on the north shore of Greenland connecting it to the polar ice. And that is breaking up. Vast stretches of polar ice are pulverized and floating free in the Arctic ocean. Thousands of square miles of ice are pulverized and on the edge of breaking up into a billion ice bergs. An immense rent has formed in the ice north of Queen Victoria Island. An even larger tear reaches up from Siberia poking at the north pole itself. The entire north shore of Akaska is Ice free, as is all of the northern Siberian shore - all the way to the New Siberian Islands and beyond. The last of the ice blocking the Northwestr passage at the east end of Queen Elizabeth Island is breaking up.’ [and from another source] Here is the brown ice photo from NOAA [Note: dirty snow, a sign of melting snow.]
Signs of the Times #1047
Extreme weather threatens to trigger aid crisis [Aug 15],2763,1283579,00.html ‘The world´s biggest international aid agency has warned that tens of millions of the world´s poorest people are threatened by an unprecedented wave of freak and extreme weather, and that aid workers may be unable to cope with the global humanitarian crisis that might result. Clouds of locusts, cyclones, massive floods and devastating droughts are wreaking havoc in many of the world´s poorest countries, and agencies don´t have the resources to cope, said John Powell, deputy executive director of the World Food Programme.´ [and from another source] It is raining in the Sahara desert [Aug 17]. I have been watching this since I first got on the internet. Every year it seems the satellite imagery of rain storms in the desert seem to be creeping further north higher into the middle of the desert. It rains almost as much in the desert now days as it did in the Congo (the middle part of Africa) back a couple decades ago. The storms seem to be getting more intense also from what I seen on the satellite imagery. [and from another source] In Tokyo [Aug 15], new Temp record is 40 days over 30C=86F. [Note: Earth Wobble increasing, affecting weather.]