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Signs of the Times #1037
We have made our way north into the Himalayas and are now temporarily in beautiful Kashmir [Aug 9] having exodused from the flatsands of the Rajasthani desert. We wished to add our voice from this side of the world regarding the position of the Moon about one week ago [Aug 2]. For three consecutive nights we watched the moon rise over a very specific mountain-top. We don't know much about celestial matters, but we witnessed the moon rise from the very far southeast the first night, just after full moon. The next night, to our amazement, it rose at least 10 degrees to the left, more east. The third night it rose another 10 degrees to the left, again more east. [and from another source] Indianapolis checking in. There seems to be about a 5-10 degree difference in the position of the moon from last night. Something is strange here. I am a scientist. I work at the observatory at IU/Indianapolis. [and from another source] The Moon was just recently, in late July, shockingly far to the SOUTH and now, just as suddenly, is shockingly far to the NORTH! Where a 10° difference in one night, noted by both Indianapolis and in the Himalayas, is not normal. [Note: Earth Wobble increasing.]
Signs of the Times #1036
A pattern of 11-11-8-8-8 days between Sweep Sets with a One/Two/Three jolts in each set was noted from April through June but by mid-July the sweep pattern changed to include a Four/Five, almost continuous activity predicted by the Zetas, so it became difficult to discern the sweep sets. Henceforth, sweeps will be noted as big, medium, or a 12 hour wobble, but not clustered into sets. An Aug 10 Medium was accompanied by NEO increase. [and from another source] Reverberations of four, then five, then reverberations that pile on one another, so that one does not end before another is on top of it, creating echoes and a lateral spread under the Ecliptic that suddenly dissipates. For those wondering what a reverberation is, we suggest visiting the documentation gathered on what Nancy calls the Sweeps, where planets halted in their orbits before the monster Planet X, coming at them in its retrograde orbit, are battered by the various sweeping arms of the Sun as they are forced into each other and ricochet back and forth. [Note: from ZetaTalk: Timeline Clues.]
Signs of the Times #1035
Another Dead Astonomer and an Object Passing Close to Earth [Aug 5] Xing-Ming Zou: On the U.S. Navy´s SOHO discoveries chat page and the German Comet Section news page is word from August 5th that Xing-Ming Zhou of China died at age 39 in a car accident that day “on his way home from an astronomical conference.” He was a regular on the chat page and made many discoveries from the SOHO LASCO views, and was one of few who also worked from the SOHO SWAN view. [and from another] Wanted you to see this one I took today. 8-5-04 at around noon time. I am using a different kind of floppy disc film. It seems to allow more light to enter the camera lens, works great! [Note: but the incoming debris has not been a secret. Check the Photos in the Debris and Moon Swirls section. Known for months.]
Signs of the Times #1034
Thursday at 4:07 PM Eastern Time, an object estimated to be up to 73 meters in diameter will be within 614,400 kilometers from Earth, traveling at 11.37 kilometers per second, designated 2004 PZ19 on the NASA website. I also understand that this estimated miss distance has been revised downward twice in the past two days. And, that the arrival of it has also been moved forward from the original NASA estimates. [and from another source]August 10th news 0820 UTC — The Minor Planet Center has taken the unusual step of posting observations of a newly discovered near-Earth object in a Daily Orbit Update MPEC (Tuesday´s DOU) before issuing a discovery MPEC for it. A good preliminary orbit hasn´t been established yet for 2004 PZ19. From the orbit calculation that it does have, MPES is showing this to be a small object on a path that will bring it to about 1.7 lunar distances from Earth on Thursday. [and from another source] After a time of ´silence´, discoveries of so-called ´minor planets´ came in a hurry today - astronomers detected at least 10 new objects in the last 24 hours. These discoveries are being reported to the Minor Planet Center (MPC) and being published on the so-called NEO confirmation page. [and from another] Object AO89913 is very interesting. The MPC signed the trajectory at that point (08/07/04) with "***" which means the object will come close as 0.0027 AU or 1 Lunar distance in the following 100 hours. Beyond this object there are others which are also supposed to come ´close´ especially AO86297 because its trajectory has been confirmed and a MPEC bulletin with more information will be posted soon but at this stage I can tell you it´s also going to be a ´near miss´, 5 to 10 lunar distances is a first estimate.
Signs of the Times #1033
If you want my opinion this is PX. It is cleearly seen at the South Pole. I have looked on my sky map and the moon and other planets are not in that position. So! And it is too big to be a UFO. [and from another] Try this link: In the archive, you can try July 9 for example, and see the same object at about the same time it is seen August 6. [and from another] View would be dusk for Australia? Planet X sets to the left of the Sun, in Second Sun photos, so the placement would be right. The Sun angle is from lower left, and as the Moon orbits the Earth’s equator, this object seems a bit south to be the Moon. [Note: Inbound increasing, yet another mystery object.]
Signs of the Times #1032
The Hudson Bay cold spot, the cold Atlantic off Nova Scotia, have been noted since May. This persists, with many in the cold zone wondering if Fall and Winter will come early. Note that the northern coastline of Siberia and Alaska/Canada are at the same latitude! Theoretically they get the same amount of Sun. Yet Siberia roasts and Canada freezes! The Zetas have explained the Earth Wobble and what this portends for the hapless Earth during her coming encounters with Planet X.
Signs of the Times #1031
Two Young Children See a UFO [Aug 6] ‘Two nine-year-old girls in Tennessee spotted a UFO. The drawings they made of what they saw that show the same strange craft in the sky.’ [and from another source] Soaring UFO sightings near record high [Aug 6] ‘From a translucent, saucer-shaped object in British Columbia to mysterious lights buzzing motorists in New Brunswick, Canadians are on their way to reporting a record number of UFO sightings this year. More than 400 stories of curious encounters were filed through the end of July.’ [and from another source] Things Are Looking Up With UFO Watch Tower [Aug 8] ‘Her San Luis Valley ranch sat in a region renowned for bizarre, unexplained phenomena. So Messoline erected what she believes is the world's first UFO watchtower. The last year has been her busiest yet. Thousands have pulled off Highway 17 near tiny Hooper in south-central Colorado to climb the tower and scan the skies over the craggy Sangre de Cristo Mountains.’ [Note: the increased Awakening, predicted by the Zetas, vintage ZetaTalk from 1995.]
Signs of the Times #1030
A new Sweep pattern has emerging, of almost continuous activity. Sweep days are only two days apart at most, with 12 hour wobbles in between those time. The Four on Aug 7 was accompanied by Yellowstone jitters and HAARP spikes with another 12 Hour Wobble following on Aug 8. Note the Yellowstone Jitters from the Face to Dark times, on Aug 7, a sweep day. Clear indication of stress on the N American Plate during this 12 hour period when the Atlantic Rift is being pulled back, creating a pile-up stress on land to the west of the rift.
Signs of the Times #1029
NASA Launches Spacecraft to Mercury [Aug 3] ‘A spacecraft named Messenger rocketed away Tuesday on a 5 billion-mile journey to Mercury, the closest planet to the sun and a stranger to camera close-ups for the past three decades. NASA launched Messenger in the pre-dawn moonlight on the roundabout ramble through the inner solar system. The spacecraft cannot fly straight to Mercury; it does not carry nearly enough fuel. So it will fly once past Earth, twice past Venus and three times past Mercury for gravity assists — and make 15 loops around the sun — before slowing enough to slip into orbit around the small, hot planet.’ [Note: sudden interest and need to have a probe in the inner solar system.]
Signs of the Times #1028
Where are the astronomers? I suppose you mean the Astronomers that have been denied access to all the major telescopes (that haven't been shut down, burned down, or otherwise intentionally incapacitated)? Those astronomers? Any that haven't sworn a FEMA oath not to reveal anything? Those are the astronomers you want to know about? Well, some of them, traveling to their observatory in a cable car, ended up dead in a ravine in France in July 1999. Now why do you think that would be? Maybe because they were about to tell the world about some amazing pictures they had taken with a new solar camera? Here is one of them for your viewing pleasure. The picture came from the webserver at pic du bir observatory. [and from another source] Could the French pic possibly be showing the same stellar phenomenon, the same dust cloud our very own SOHO camera taken on June 24, 2003, some four years later? Inquiring minds want to know. [Note: solar camera showing distinct orb at the 7 o'clock position, outside of the range of the SOHO.]
Signs of the Times #1027
Your beautiful bright Venus this morning, at 4 AM AZ time rose very bright. And just to the right of it, was the constellation ORION. [and from another source] Orion’s Belt would, per Skymap, have this appearance, with a vertical belt, for Arizona at 4:00 AM on August 8. So does Orion in on the dawn horizon, appropriate for Arizona in August, mean the Earth did not halt in her orbit on Dec 25, 2003? Quite the opposite. Given a 45° tilt/lean toward the Sun and Planet X described by the Zetas, the observer should be the N Pole, not Arizona, for planetarium programs such as Skymap. This view, for Dec 25, 2003 at 4:00 AM, shows Orion on the horizon also, but in the NorthWest. Does that compute? Given the dirrection of Orion from both these Earth orbit positions, that computes exactly. For those in the northern hemisphere, Orion is normally lost in the Sun's glare in the Summer, appears in the early dawn in the Fall, moves to be visible during the night in Winter, and is seen in the evening in the Spring. In a halted orbit, with a 45d tilt/lean, Orion would not be overhead but would be a horizon constellation, and visible when the globe turned toward the Dawn position, the NorthEast.
Signs of the Times #1026
The Moon was just recently, in late July, shockingly far to the South and now, just as suddenly, is shockingly far to the North! [and from another] I live in Northern Colorado. The Moon rose [Aug 7] way SE now it is a little NE. I know about the normal changes as I have lived 49 years but something is up! [and from another] Last week the moon was over one mountian when it came up and now It is over another. The change is huge and I know what I am seeing. [and from another] Indianapolis checking in. There seems to be about a 5-10 degree difference in the position of the moon from last night. Something is strange here. I am a scientist. I work at the observatory at IU/Indianapolis. [and from another] I saw the Moon the other night out my kitchen window that faces SE. Tonight [Aug 7] I can only see the Moon from my livingroom that faces NE. Is the Moon moving or is Earth moving? [and from another] I just walked outside and can see the Moon from my front porch on the North side of my house. Last night [Aug 7], I had to go out to the back yard to see the Moon. [and from another] From my back porch here in Arizona the moon follows the mountain range to the right. It appears to rise in back of the highest peak. To my absolute shock tonight (Friday Aug 6) rather then rising in its usual spot, this differance is nearly 40% of the visable sky from my vantage. I cannot stress how blatant and unerving this is. [Note: Orbit aberations, utterly ignored by the media, continue to be observed.]