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Signs of the Times #4 (via email to Nancy)
NBC News with Tom Brokaw 6:30 PM said Thursday [May 29] the government withheld a budget report that stated the government is increasing speding and will not be able to pay national debt with reduced tax revenues soon. The debt amount was $446 trillion dollars growing exponentially, larger each year and soon the government will be bankrupt. Remember the dollar is backed by the federal reserve system, not gold standard anymore. The show also showed parallels to the Great Depression and dollar devaluing.
Signs of the Times #3 (via email to Nancy)
Whitley Strieber's at it again, this time [May 30] supporting ZetaTalk claims: [SGS Fails to Report Major Earthquake]
Signs of the Times #2 (via email to Nancy)
Out of all the dams in North Carolina that have withstood hurricanes and other bad weather, 4 dams break in two days [May 28-29] in North Carolina - due to record rainfall! According to NBC News affiliate there, WNCN-17.
Signs of the Times #1 (via email to Nancy)
On the Phoenix news this morning [May 25] there was a story and pictures of what was described as a planet by the sun (around 8:00 a.m.). After about 15 minutes of speculation on the part of the newscasters, a meteorologist came on and explained it as a weather balloon at about 100,000 feet. It did not look like a weather balloon.