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Signs of the Times #69
Pahrump Valley Times 'Radio host insists he's alive and Bell. He may have died almost a week ago, but Art Bell isn't letting it get him down. Pahrump's most famous resident reported Monday that he is actually feeling pretty good, despite recent rumors of a fatal heart attack on June 19. "No, I'm still here," Bell said when asked, as politely as possible under the circumstances, if he was indeed dead. "When it happens, I'll call you first." The origin of the rumor is unknown, but it gained some momentum after it was posted on the website, which is devoted to apocalyptic warnings from Planet X aliens - as relayed through earthling Nancy Lieder. Bell's untimely death was reported in the "What's New" section of the website. It appears in the form of a dispatch from the Associated Press and carries a disclaimer noting that it is "rumored to be a hoax."' [Note, this original AP newletter, forwarded to Nancy, was reported in Sign of the Times #51, and noted as a presumed hoax.]
Signs of the Times #68
Katkam, a most dramatic photo from target="_top">Vancouver 6-26-03: UFO Under Sun or Optical Phenomena? Excerpt from Filer's UFO Files ‘In an email report on June 16, 2003, at 11:05 p.m. the witness writes, "I think I saw a UFO as I closed my blinds on my window that faces north. I saw a single blue light traveling very slow towards the east. Then it flew slower and slower, and came to a complete stop, and that's when I opened my window to see if I could hear any sound and I couldn't. Then it flashed a big bright white, yellowish light and made a sharp left turn and moved faster towards the north, the light fading as it moved. I lost sight of it over the high buildings in the downtown area. Do you know of any aircraft that has this kind of lighting and can move like that?’ [Note, a comparison photos from KatKam on the same day, target="_top">19:45 UTC vs 19:15 UTC for the UFO shot, show this is not a camera reflection. Vancouver has had numerous mass sightings recently.]
Signs of the Times #67 (via email to Nancy)
It is predicted that because SOHO is down, massive satellite failure is possible in the near future. Clearly laying down an excuse in advance [Jun 23]. ‘Earth’s first line of defense against massive communication failures is expected to go offline this week, raising the very real possibility that should a giant solar flare occur, the disruptions of media broadcasts as well as consumer and military communications dependent on satellites could rise sharply.’ June 23, 2003 ‘The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft expects to experience a blackout in the transmission of its scientific data during the week of 22 June 2003. This is estimated to last for about two and a half to three weeks.’
Signs of the Times #66 (via email to Nancy)
A good shot of X with a bogus explanation on today [Jun 26]. Quote: On June 21st, the summer solstice, photographer Stan Richard was at the Pine Lake campground near Eldora, Iowa. "I was watching the sun set when suddenly this 'false sun' appeared," says Stan. What was it? It is almost certainly a fragment of a target="_top">Sun Pillar," explains atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley. "When the sun has set at ground level, it still shines on high clouds for some time. Here there are probably bands of cirrostratus containing plate-shaped ice crystals, which reflect the sun to form the patches of light. At this time of year, at middle and high northern latitudes, the sun lingers close to the horizon for a long time after setting. When there is a sun pillar like Stan Richard's, it's fun to watch it slowly creeping along the horizon northwards marking the position of the already-set sun." [Note: this of course explains the weather and global quakes ongoing, as well as moons of Planet X seen in the recent photos.]
Signs of the Times #65 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Folks should be aware Harrington went to New Zealand to view the Southern Skies and came back in a box c/o. Well take your pick from NASA and company [as to who assassinated him]. Harringtons NASA research paper on Planet X This proves that NASA knows about the planet labeled X
Signs of the Times #64 (via email to Nancy)
I am a raft guide in Canon City, CO. For the last 5 years , and long before that I am told, there was about a 90% chance of seeing Big Horn Sheep on our stretch of the Arkansas River through the Big Horn Sheep Canyon. Nobody has seen them yet this year. They’re just not there. But it’s amazing what people will ignore. No one is saying anything about it. I also had friends in Wyoming, where I grew up, tell me that there are no birds this year in the areas that they have gone bird hunting for the past 20 years and longer. Animals are really spooked.
Signs of the Times #63 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Why are the suns rays burning and tanning worse these days? I was outside for just a few hours the last 2 days [June 25] and it wasn´t that hot and I got quite a tan, not really burned red like years past, but how can you get tanned so fast? I remember 20 years ago it took a good 6 weeks to get a tan. I was moving and not laying in the sun too. [and from another poster] Yes in Quebec Sun look more white and give tan so quick. Too bright and the summer just start. [and from another poster] This thing gets brighter every day at Much more than last week. Last week I could look at this and wait to make out the sun and see it. Now I cannot even see a Sun now with all of this brightness. Same as Santorini webcam.
Signs of the Times #62 (via email to Nancy)
A month ago something like this showed up on Mt Wilson's camera. And the moon stage is in last quarter [Jun 25]. We are 4 days from a new moon and it is still very bright. Same thing as last month? Only difference is the sliver moon is not visable. This Moon was visible between target="_top">3:20 AM and target="_top">4:20 AM
Signs of the Times #61 (via email to Nancy)
The White Island, New Zealand cam shows, predawn [Jun 24], a very red sky! What is that red? This is an inactive caldera, but at target="_top">1:00 AM and target="_top">4:00 AM the sky is red well before the target="_top">Sun Rises. ‘Images of White Island from the volcano camera situated at Whakatane, New Zealand.’
Signs of the Times #60 (via email to Nancy)
Crater Lake, an inactive volcano in Oregon, has had a line formation of UFO's appearing in the webcam on June 17 at target="_top">Sunset, a single large dark ship on June 24 in the target="_top">Morning, and the line formation reappearing that same day with the dark ship in the target="_top">Sunset.
Signs of the Times #59 (via email to Nancy)
One Person with 52 Registered Names [from Elaine, the webmistress at godlikeproductions Message Board] You know who you are. Clean it up. Release some avatars. [from another poster] Have you noticed that every Friday and usually into Satruday GDL has been spammed for at least the last four Fridays? Just like clockwork. [Note: about the lenght of time godlikeproductions has been quoted on ZetaTalk] [again, from Elaine] I found this one by checking a certain registered member. I looked for all the IP addresses (real or spoofed) ssociated with this member and there were about 20 of em. Then I looked up all posts by all of these IP addresses. There were a huge number of registered names associated with these IP addresses. I got the 52 number by looking for the highest number of names associated with most all of the IPs, in other words, a ratio. It is, by now, obvious to everyone that Viola is one of those names. [from another poster] Viola, huh? I had a feeling. Her posts have the sweet smell of HomeLand cooking.
Signs of the Times #59 (via email to Nancy)
At Jomtien beach Pattaya, Thailand last night [June 22, 2003] the rain and storm was so intense then the sea got over the beach almost 4m and made a big hole, almost taking out all the sand. I have pictures. I never sew that before here, even in bad storms.
Signs of the Times #58 (via email to Nancy)
Russian scientists say they have found the spot in Siberia where a giant meteorite came crashing to Earth last year [2002]. The researchers from the Kosmopoisk, or Space Search, research group told Rossiya state television Thursday that they believe a burned-out tract of taiga about 700 miles north of the city of Irkutsk is the spot where one or more meteorites fell on Sept. 25. Vadim Chernobrov, Kosmopoisk's coordinator, said the meteorite crash was ‘comparable to the force of a medium atomic bomb.’ ‘In other words, this is a colossal historic event,’ he told Rossiya. ‘I'm simply happy that we were the first at the epicenter.’ Chernobrov said that after examining the site, the research team believes two meteorites actually fell, not just one, as previously thought.
Signs of the Times #57
'Mars Express has lost communication with Beagle-2 lander: Rosaviakosmos Communication is down between the onboard computer of the Mars Express orbiter, en route for the red planet, and the Beagle-2 lander, the Russian space agency Rosaviakosmos said Monday. The European Space Agency (ESA) will attempt to reestablish contact with the Beagle-2 at the next planned communication session, set for June 27, said Rosaviakosmos, quoted by the Ria-Novosti news agency. Mars Express was launched on June 2 and is expected to reach Mars in December. Once there, it is to drop the British-designed Beagle-2 lander, which will collect and analyse soil samples in the hope of finding traces of water.'
Signs of the Times #56 (via email to Nancy)
New Crop Circle at Waden Hill, UK which includes half of a Ying-Yang symbol. Photo at Crop Circle Connector.