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Signs of the Times #45 (via email to Nancy)
I live in Tokyo. It must be that phenomenon [booms and flashes] predicted by early ZetaTalk. Many heard a boom from the sea and some saw a blue flash over the sea. ‘Mysterious blast rocks Chiba, Ibaraki prefectures’ Mainichi Daily News, Japan, June 17, 2003 ‘Experts have speculated a falling meteor could have caused the loud explosion, but investigators continue looking into the case. Police said 60 of the 80 reports of the noise came from Ibaraki Prefecture, including one person who claimed to have seen a flashing blue light traveling from west to east in the sky. Ibaraki Prefectural Police headquarters officials said transportation and meteorology authorities had confirmed there had been no reported cases of problems with airplanes or the weather.’
Signs of the Times #44
SOHO Experiences High Gain Antenna Problem, June 18, Goddard Space Flight Center ‘After a spacecraft offpoint maneuver late on the morning of June 18 confirmed that the high gain antenna (HGA) had in fact not moved more than a small amount (in comparison to the steps commanded) ... If we are unable to drive the antenna any further back toward the center of its E-W range, we will probably lose high-rate (i.e., scientific) telemetry this weekend or early next week. ... The HGA east-west angle is near the "sweet spot" that would allow maximum coverage ... With the help of the NASA Flight Dynamics Facility, we are also exploring the feasibility of changing the orbit in order to optimize the coverage period of the HGA.' [Note: in other words, SOHO is going down permanently as Planet X approachs for passage. No more doctored images required.]
Signs of the Times #43 (via email to Nancy)
Saw another military convoy in and around St. Louis around 9 PM [Jun17]. A friend of mine and I decided to follow it. The convoy comprised about 20 trucks painted in camoflauge green and they met up with another larger group of trucks approximately 50 miles due south of St. Louis. They drove to a very remote area south and west of Frederick town off of Hwy C. At approximately 11:30 PM. The trucks all turned into a very crude driveway on the back side of the Mark Twain Forest. The area was not marked with any type of military signs. My friend and I parked and walked into the drive on foot. For approximately 1000 feet there was a very crude grown over tractor path. After that was brand new black top road that appeared to go on for miles. Feeling a bit uneasy about this we did not go any further. Approximately 75 military vehicles dissappeared down this remote road in a very hilly, dense forested area of Missouri at almost Midnight. If we did not see where they turned we would have never known about this secret road.
Signs of the Times #42 (via email to Nancy)
I´m in Tampico WA. and there have recently [Jun 18] been all kinds of odd things in the sky here. Other than numerous strange blue,green red flashing stars, there have also been multiple sightings by multiple witnesses of a silent, bright, white, glowing object that often times vectors from 180 degrees off of Magnetic North on a heading of 10 to 15 degrees North, Northeast. That would put it´s point of horizen right over Mount Adams and in line with Portland. It has been seen traveling at different speeds and elevations. To the best of my knowledge, the first local sighting of this particular object took place last fall. It was closely followed by a Military jet. I have personally observed this light 7 times, six of those times were in the company of corroborating witnesses. There has been an great deal of similar light activity in the Spokane area. The Spokane phenomena has been investigated by MUFON, but I am not aware of a verdict on the subject.
Signs of the Times #41 (via email to Nancy)
I am in Japan now, at 3:50 AM [Jun 17]. I now hear a moan. It is a very quiet time,but this is like a moan or a groan, a very low sound. [Note: Global Quake patterns over the past two days occured first at the Aleutian Isl., then the Kamchatka Peninsula. Moving down along the Pacific Rim would involve Japan, next.]
Signs of the Times #40 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
I also drive a white car, and by the time I arrived in Seattle [Jun 16], it had a light pinkish / reddish dusting on it. When I washed my car later, it was like rinsing off Koolaid. It actually stained the paint.
Signs of the Times #39 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
I was driving down to Seattle today [Jun 16] from Bellingham, and noticed that what clouds there were, (it was a pretty nice day) were pink. Did anyone else notice this? [and from another poster] My brother witnessed a pinkish/red cloud cover on their way back from Erie, PA. The people who were with him also admitted that the coloring (for a cloud) was very odd. [and from another poster] I noticed the clouds were brilliant pink, really beautiful. I don´t remember a sunset such a bright pink. [and from another poster] The sunset tonight in Montreal looked strange too, much redder than I´ve seen. It was red, red red. [and via email] I live in Birmingham, England, and for the last 3 [Jun 18] nights the moon has been of a very distinguished red/orange colour. It has also been rising much later than usual.
Signs of the Times #38 (via email to Nancy)
We just had a huge jolt at 11:54 AM [Jun 16] from unknown source here in Bradenton, Florida. The house and windows shook for about 5 seconds. I used to live in San Jose, Costa Rica and I know what they usually feel like. I have never felt anything like this in Florida and have been here now for 17 years. [and later ..] Channel 40 news out of Sarasota, Florida is reporting that the jolt that was felt at 11:52 this morning in Bradenton, Florida (Manatee County) was a sonic boom from an unknown origin that rattled and shook many homes and buildings throughout the area. McDill Airforce Base in Tampa was contacted and they said there were no jets conducting manueavers in the area at that time and that they could make no other comments on the subject. Whatever caused such a loud and strong jolt is still being investigated.