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Signs of the Times #37 (via email to Nancy)
Yesterday I called my father to wish him a happy fathers day [Jun 15]. He is living on the Oregon Coast at Depoe Bay. He told me that the weather has been great, but they are experiencing huge waves coming in from the coast for no apparent reason. So big are the waves that just the other day a large fishing vessel was capsized and those not using life preservers drowned. He feels the waves have got to be influenced by some heavenly body. [and from another source] No mention of 6.6 quake near Rat Islands Alaska [Jun 15]. Tsunami warnings finally mentioned it on their site. I have a strong feeling that the capsized boat in Tillamook, OR, was the result of the large quake from Solomon Is. But no mention on Tsunami warning site.
Signs of the Times #36 (via email to Nancy)
The new moon here in AZ has been rising at around 8:00 PM, or earlier. Last night [Jun 15] it was black out, clear night, but no moon. We waited, and watched patiently, and it finally rose at approx. 11:00 PM.
Signs of the Times #35 (via email to Nancy)
Last night [Jun 15] at about 9:15 PM towards the end of twilight I noticed that all of the clouds in the sky had taken on a red-pinkish look in all directions. I had heard about the red dust showing up on cars in Michigan in recent days so I thought I [in Florida] would check it out here by rubbing my hand across the hood of the car. When I looked at my hand I was amazed by what I saw. There was a fine black, pinkish dust covering my hands and my feet were also covered with this dust as I had gone out barefoot.
Signs of the Times #34 (via email to Nancy)
We live on the south coast of England and at 11 PM on Saturday 14th June, we were very surprised to see the moon, which was full, looking orange with a darker band of orange around its circumference.We had never seen anything like it before and we're not youngsters! Last night, 15th June, it was not visible late evening due to cloud but we saw it clearly at 3.30 AM and it was still tinged orange round the outside but more yellowy in the centre.
Signs of the Times #33 (via email to Nancy)
I work for a 911 emergency center in Wisconsin and have noticed the radios in which we talk to Police Fire and EMS have been acting up [Jun 15]. We had our radio repair in to check on it and they cannot find anything wrong. But clearly the transmissions are cutting out and making it had to communicate on the radios. I even called the next county over and asked them if they were having trouble with their radio transmissions and they said that they had the same problems and thought it was weather related.
Signs of the Times #32 (via email to Nancy)
[Note: this is asserted to be a joke, a spoof, but like the May 15 operation Planet X in Iraq, shows the government is aware of the Planet X discussions]. ‘Lynchburg is home to an unusual scientific facility, a rotational tuning station, part of a global network of twenty-four such stations operated jointly by NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey. Each station houses three powerful F-5 rocket engines which are fired in tandem with those at all stations around the globe when it becomes necessary to make minuscule corrections in the Earth's rotational speed (angular velocity). The global array was built in the early 1970's and has been used for two corrections, the most recent firing occurring on August 16, 1988 in which a synchronized burn lasted 8 minutes and 14 seconds. Another correction is scheduled for May 2003. Rotational Tuning Facility #9 is just south of River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg, however, the facility is within a government restricted area and visitors are not allowed.
Signs of the Times #31 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
Folks who know about the passage of Planet X are beginning to leave in droves from states like Florida and low lying coast line areas. I went to the Wal-Mart to grocery shop [Jun 14] and noticed that many of the canned goods and 1 gallon water bottles were absent from the shelves. I asked one of the employees why the shelves are empty and he replied that they have been having a hard time keeping up with the supply of water and various canned goods. He said this has been going on now for the past couple of weeks. People going in and loading up with canned goods and water, checking out and leaving. Off and on everyday for 2 weeks and they have no explanation for this. Very important food for thought there too. [and from another poster] I have seen the same things. We have a 24 hour grocery store here and I am noticing alot of rental vans loading up on goods late morning hours.
Signs of the Times #30 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
If this red dust were really just from a factory. I don’t know why this would be the first orange halo [Jun 14] I’ve ever seen. I’m a night owl, so I’ve seen a few moons. Tonight while driving south at about 1:30 AM I looked up and the moon had a normal looking whitish halo around it about 3 diameters out. But! About 3/4 of a diameter out was a very distinct and odd looking orange halo. Got to my friends and they all had seen it too. My friend said earlier the moon was pink. [and from another poster] That red dust is coming from space not some factory. If that was the case it would be showing up all the time, not just now. Also the moon as I saw it here in Florida last night: very large, very bright, and a luminating red, pinkish halo around the entire circumference of Moon. [and from another poster] Yeah, I´m over in Windsor saw it myself last night about 2:00AM. Very big halo orange brown in color. [and from another poster] Full moon last night in the Midwest USA had pale reddish cast to it, not at moonrise but high in night sky, kid u not. [and from another poster] I had the same obsevation from high in the sky also last night [Jun 14]. Large red halo around Moon. Have seen it now for 3 nights in a row. [and from another poster] Yesterday at midnight [in Sweden], the full-moon was completely orange and also around the moon it was very much orange among the dark background. Not sure but can't remember I've ever seen it that orange. However, I'm sure that I've never seen the moons surroundings so orange! Almost make you believe it was a late sunset. Don't beleive it could be light pollution.