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Signs of the Times #29 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
My cousin´s hubby is higher up in the Indiana State Police and spokesperson for ISP. We were talking the other night when he surprised me with the news that for the past several days. ISP officers have been put on ´special´ esscort duty shuffling VIPs and their families to and fro from the local private airports. He himself had to essort one Mrs. Lugar (wife of Sen Richard Lugar) to and fro, several times from their home here in Indiana. Mrs Lugar had some extensive packing already prepared. My source is pretty high up ISP. He was complaining that higher ups are being put on the escort duty instead of the usual grunt troopers and speculated that they wanted to keep this hushed up out of the press.
Signs of the Times #28 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
I have also noted that my two [atomic] watches have slowed by 6 minutes in the recent weeks compared to the time on my [non-atomic] computer. Never had this problem in the past ever! They seem to be slowing more and more with each day. [Note US Navy, master time keeper for the world and automatic atomic clock updates, has their UTC time web site ‘under construction’ now, so that getting the UTC time takes a few minutes, just enough to confuse the issue.]
Signs of the Times #27 (via email to Nancy)
I thought you would find this story interesting. A squadron of F-16 fighters moved [Jun11] to Denver International Aiport. ‘The 15 fighters are stationed away from home temporarily while their runway system is revamped. A number of the F-16s stand on constant alert as part of Operation Noble Eagle for homeland defense.’
Signs of the Times #26 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
I have been checking to see the airport traffic the past few days [Jun 12] here in Florida. The Helicopters have been heading South to the airport and then about 10 or 15 minutes later they are heading North again possibly to a larger airport nearby. This has been going on at least 5 times in the past 3 hours. There has never been such activity in this area ever and I have lived here now for 17 years. The Lear jet activity is also picking up big time. This airport is usually very quiet after the season is over here which is right after Easter. So very strange that this is occuring so frequently at this time. The helicopter activity started last night. We have the St. Pete and Tampa Int´l flight paths over us, as well as McDill. [and from another source] I live in the midwest for about a week now, there has been a tremendous amount of military vehicle traffic in and around St. Louis. Fort Leonard wood and Whiteman Air force base are in Missouri snd Scott Air Force base is relatively close by. I have not ever seen this much military around. And nothing on the news.
Signs of the Times #25 (via email to Nancy)
I am Korean. I live in Seoul. In 4 days the red star object flashing at night at the top of White Mountain [New Zealand volcano] has doubled in size! From June 7 to June 11, per the webcam there.
Signs of the Times #24 (via email to Nancy)
I don't know if I'm the only one seeing this, but tonight [Jun 11] there appears to be a small halo around the moon. The wierd thing is that it is of an orange-red hue. I want to rule out all 'normal' explanations first, so if this is a normal thing and I just have never noticed it before, please let me know. However, if it is not a normal or even rare natural phenomenon, It looks as if a little bit of red dust has begin to enter the atmosphere. [and from another source..] Red dust falling [Jun 11] in lower Michigan. Government agencies refuse to analyze same, call it dirt. [NOT: as this dust has been around, only in Wayne County, since Feb 2003. The Detroit News: 'Nearly two years after Wayne County dismantled its air monitoring program due to financial constraints, pollution is literally falling out of the sky in at least two southwestern Wayne County communities. A reddish-brown dust is coating houses, sidewalks and pool covers in Taylor while another rust-like fallout is eating paint off cars in Trenton. ... the red dust coating ... since February']