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Signs of the Times #23 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
SOHO web site is down since 14:42 UTC June 10, 2003. Here is the explanation given on Jan Alvestad´s site Solar Terrestrail Activity Report: ‘Any CMEs in association with the major flares during the latter half of the day could not be observed as LASCO has shut its doors awaiting a SOHO spacecraft maneuver. No new LASCO images will become available until late on June 13.’
Signs of the Times #22 (via email to Nancy)
Most of the U.S. continental sites stopped recording data at 5pm June 9 (22UT). Florida, South Dakota, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Missouri, etc. The U.S. government is really playing games.
Signs of the Times #21 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
My husband is in construction and for the last 2 years, has been off on long jobs, but the pay is good. Well he finally told me what he was doing. He and his crew have been sent to Tennessee (the latest one), and drilling and constructing some sort of ´bunker´ type places. He really didn´t think anything of it. What he was told in the beginning, was that it was for the Very Wealthy, who do ´Extreme Homes´ like you would see on HGTV. Well, he isn´t sure now, since this is the 6th one he´s done. He does the prep and drill and that is it. Areas are remote, but then people like to live away from towns, no neighbors, their ´getaway´ homes I suppose. I´ve watched HGTV´s Extreme Homes and thought OK that is probably what it is, but this is his 6th one, and the same type that its getting me thinking. I don´t know, if they are some kind of bomb shelter or what, but it is bothering me. [Note: pattern is heading into the mountains of British Columbia and Alberta where enclaves drilled into the rock, enclaves drilled into the rock in Tennessee.] 
Signs of the Times #20 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
I live near the Sugar Land Municipal Aiport some 30 min outside of Houston. Well, it´s a small, Private Airport but now since I´m always outside in my pool, I started noticing a weird trend a couple weeks ago. This airport usually serves Cessnas and other small aircraft but lately I keep seeing jets arrive there and taking off all day every day. Sugar Land is a very rich city, where most of the Rockets, Astros and Texans make their residences, as well as other loaded people, but this traffic is definitely rare. [Note: pattern is flights in the wee hours of the morning, flying low, exiting Florida going north, exiting Palos Verdes in California to Elmont NY, arriving in Greenbrier WV and Wayne National Forest, arriving just over the border in British Columbia and heading into the mountains, exiting Houston in droves, exiting Paris and NYC in choppers, arriving in Alaska, exiting the Philly area heading south, but ignoring north central plains.] 
Signs of the Times #19 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
This is very interesting. A friend of mine runs a small moving business in Vancouver. He recently got offered a big job to move some stuff from the airport to a couple hours into the coast mountains. Nothing too odd. This kind of stuff happens quite a lot, he says, rich people moving stuff to/from their ski cabins. He takes the job, and when he gets to the airport it turns out that the stuff he´s moving up there is very odd, not the usual kind of cabin stuff at all. Rather, canned food, batteries, boxes upon boxes of bottled water (this is very odd since the destination is right by a glacier), that sort of stuff, and lots of it! When he gets to the drop-off, it gets even weirder. These places are literally Drilled into the side of the mountain! The woman who hired him pays him well (quite well, actually) and tells him if he doesn´t spread word around, they have more work for him, seeing as all their friends are coming up too. It looks like people with the means to do so are holing up deep and for the long haul. Maybe this is where all those Lear jets are going? It isn´t Whistler [ski resort mountain in Garibaldi Provincial Park]; that was the one thing he was clear about. Beyond it not being Whistler, I really don´t know.