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Signs of the Times #18 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
Just wondering if anyone lives by a small airport notice any Strange Flights coming and going? The reason for this is I live by a small airport close to Palos Verdes in Southern California, Torrance Airport. It can handle some large aircraft but as I said I’ve never seen this much Lear Jet activity and I’ve been here for 18 years now. I live in an apartment with a direct view of the flight paths so I can see them clearly. The airport is mostly for private propeller planes that people just fly around. These last few days [Jun 9] however Ive seen lots of Lear Jets flying in. Now this may not seem strange but when you consider we only see about 2 of these a month flying in it starts to strike me as a bit odd. Now Palos Verdes and the surrounding immediate area of Rolling Hills is a very rich area. Everyone there is loaded. The houses are all mansions overlooking the Pacific Ocean. [Note: pattern is flights in the wee hours of the morning, flying low, exiting Florida going north, exiting beach enclaves of the rich in California to Elmont NY, arriving in Greenbrier WV and Wayne National Forest, arriving just over the border in British Columbia, but ignoring north central plains.]
Signs of the Times #17 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
The 2004 Treasury Report states that the U.S. govt will owe $44 trillion by 2008 and if income taxes are not raised by 60% the govt will not be able to pay its bills, debt! The baby boomers will be retiring soon and they will be getting Social Security checks and Medicare costs will skyrocket! It will be too much for the govt to handle. Look it up! Right from the horses mouth! The report was also withheld and shelved so Aamericans and other countries would ‘not find out’ just how deeply in debt the US govt really is! But luckily the report was released! There will be a 2nd Great Depression soon! Unemployment is at a 9 year high of 6.1%, and long term unemployment is at a 20 year high! Weekly work hours are posted on Bloomburg and its less than 40 hours, its 34 to 37 hours! Not even full time! Tax revenues are down because of this! But spending is up!
Signs of the Times #16 (via email to Nancy)
I keep a good compass on my hall table and have been watching it closely. I don't believe that I bumped it, but this morning [Jun 9] I saw that the pointer for north had shifted to the northwest by about 5 degrees. Does this go along with the pole shift,and have any others noticed this? I live in mid Missouri. [Note: the 3rd Magnet along the Atlantic Rift just emerged.]
Signs of the Times #15 (via email to Nancy and from godlikeproductions Message Board)
The Planet X and Jupiter connection is documented here. Interesting information on Jupiters North Pole that Planet X may be causing. ... Didn´t Sitchin say that Nibiru would come between Jupiter and the asteroid belt, or maybe its Jupiter and Saturn? ... This is a comparison of jupiters largest moon to jupiter: Not even in the target="_top">Same State. [Note: yet another NASA/McCanney attempt to get the public looking away from the Sun, where Planet X can be seen.]
Signs of the Times #14 (via email to Nancy)
Also, this black spot [SIGN #11] is nothing new, other people have been capturing it since before: this one is from 2002: I also have seen photos of the sun having that black spot from years ago. I have to say that I disagree with the mothership statement. Its just an target="_top">Effect made by the camera lens. explains the black spot on the sun phenomenon. [Quote from that site "At first, the displayed image will show the sun with a black spot in its middle. Next, the sun will be get lost within a dark background. The camera recovers about three minutes after the sun slips below the horizon." Note: no black background has been reported recently, but the Element of Doubt may be in effect.]
 Signs of the Times #13 (via email to Nancy)
I watch the weather channel frequently and they mentioned the May tornado's and actually lied about how many past tornados we've had. Last weekend the Weather Channel reported we had 567 tornados in May and an average of 350 tornados for May. They also reported 299 tornados in June of 1992 which is a lie! They said 500+ tornados in May was not unusual when we've never had more than 200 in one entire year! They showed a table where the current month of May had 500+ tornado's and a previous May had like 300 and I was thinking ... now wait a minute! I have a target="_top">Table (I copied from the Weather Channel site) which shows a different story! Geez, they think we are stupid!
 Signs of the Times #12 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
I have lived in Charters Towers [Australia] for 26 yrs or so and never have expierenced tremors since that time. Except for the last fortnight. These tremors are not big but are noticable and so is the moaning around the city. Being a concerned resident I rang the department of natural resources who put me through to the geographical survey. I discussed this problem with them and they said the information has been suppressed but there’s nothing to worry about. Correct me if I am wrong, but if there is no problem why suppress the information! This morning at approx. 5:15 AM [Jun 5] we had quite a big tremor it lasted for about 12 sec the ground is really starting to moan now. Things are not getting better around here, Isuggest its getting worse by the day.